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Chapter 3591

“Today is my bad luck. When the deity recovers his strength, I will come to you to settle the account.”

The last sentence fell, and Gone looked around coldly, his eyes full of unwillingness. The original plan was to find the child and slaughter the entire Rushers.

In the end, I never thought that Rushers would actually form a great formation of Zhou Tianxingdou, trapping himself for a day and a night.

At the last moment, the God King Haotian also brought the elite soldiers to the scene… But fortunately, at the last critical moment, he sacrificed Muryen and formed a blood sacrifice array…


Hearing Gone’s mockery, the God King Haotian had a complicated expression, but he couldn’t refute it.

To be honest, God King Haotian never expected that Gone would be so ruthless, and at the last moment, he even sacrificed his capable subordinates to win a chance of survival.

The terrifying power that the two formations erupted just now directly hit the primordial spirit of the God King Haotian, and he had no ability to intercept Gone at all.

The surrounding elite soldiers were basically injured by the shock, and it was even more impossible to contain Gone.


However, at this moment, Lei Xingyu strode out, his eyes were blood red, staring at Gone and howling, “Return the lives of my three younger brothers.”

When the two formations erupted just now, Lei Xingyu suffered very little damage due to the long distance. Seeing Gone being so arrogant at this time, he couldn’t help it.


The last word fell, and Lei Xingyu’s divine power exploded, carrying a dazzling golden glow all over his body, like a cannonball, rushing towards Gone.

At this time, Lei Xingyu’s heart was completely filled with grief and anger. The four brothers lived and died together. As a result, all three brothers died tragically at the hands of Gone, and they were also sucked out of the power of Yuanshen, which was even better than killing him. uncomfortable.

At this time, I realized that Gone was at the end of the shot, and that the demon body around him was gone. It was a good time to make a move, how could he miss it?

“A mere watchdog wants to fight with me too?”

Seeing Lei Xingyu burst out, Gone’s mouth evoked a trace of contempt, without the slightest nervousness.

In Gone’s heart, Lei Xingyu never took Lei Xingyu seriously. Even if he was very weak at this time, Lei Xingyu was not qualified to be his opponent.

“Come on.”

Feeling Gone’s contempt, Lei Xingyu seemed to have been greatly humiliated. With a roar, his figure suddenly accelerated, and he slapped him fiercely, calling at Gone.

Ha ha….

Feeling the power of Lei Xingyu’s palm, Gone smiled lightly, not paying attention to it at all, but turned his head towards the God King Haotian and said lightly: “Haotian, we will have a future.”

The voice fell, and Gone’s figure rose into the sky and flew towards the sky in the distance.

Although Gogne was very weak at the moment, he still had the ability to escape.


Lei Xingyu slammed the air with his palm, and in anger, he completely lost his mind, and howled loudly: “Goni, the supreme demon of the dignified demon, will you only run away?”

Yelling, Lei Xingyu accelerated and chased after him.


Seeing this scene, the God King Haotian was full of anxiety, and couldn’t help shouting: “Lei Xingyu, don’t chase…” In the current situation, he was severely injured, and many elite soldiers around him were also killed. Shock.

It can be said that the only one who can shock the audience is Lei Xingyu. Only Lei Xingyu can eliminate Rushers and others in front of him.

Haotian God King has a cold and arrogant personality, but the situation is also very calm. In the current situation, it is impossible to kill Gone. Therefore, the most important thing at the moment is to take advantage of the weakness of the Rushers people and take them down in one fell swoop, instead of chasing after Gone.

However, at this time, Lei Xingyu was determined to avenge his three younger brothers, and he could not hear the words of the God King Haotian at all.

“Goni, don’t go, fight me for 300 rounds…”

In just a short breath, under the constant howling of Lei Xingyu, he and Gone quickly went away and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

This idiot.

Seeing that Lei Xingyu didn’t obey the command, the God King Haotian’s face was so gloomy that he almost fainted.


At this time, Lorenzo, Peter, and Maria and everyone in the arena were also subconsciously relieved when they watched Gone escape.

Chapter 3592

However, when they saw the elite soldiers around them, and the God King Haotian who was sitting cross-legged, silently regulating the power of his primordial spirit, everyone felt inexplicably uneasy.

Especially Maria, with her delicate face, she couldn’t hide her nervousness.

She knew very well that once Gone left, the next target of the Haotian God King in front of her was Rushers.

“Everyone, go back to the back mountain.”

Realizing this, Maria quickly stood up and shouted at all the disciples of Rushers in the audience.

The terrifying power that erupted from the two formations just now, all the disciples of Rushers were not spared, and all were injured. At this time, there was no resistance at all.

Therefore, we must let everyone get involved in the secret passage in the forbidden area of ​​the back mountain as soon as possible before the God King Haotian reacts.

The underground secret passage in the forbidden area of ​​the back mountain extends in all directions, which can completely avoid the pursuit of the God King Haotian.


Hearing the order, all the disciples of the Xia Yin Sect at the scene took action one after another, supporting each other and withdrawing towards the back mountain. However, most of the disciples suffered shock injuries, and the speed was very slow.

“Ha ha…”

Seeing this situation, the corners of Haotian God King’s mouth evoked a hint of gloom, and then he roared with murderous aura: “All officers and soldiers obey the order and slaughter the entire Rushers, leaving no one behind.”

He failed to kill Gone just now, and he was already holding a fire. How could he let the people of Rushers slip away under his nose?

“Follow the orders of the King of God.”

The moment the voice fell, the thousands of elite soldiers around him all let out a howl, and then pulled out their long knives.

Speaking of which, when the two formations collapsed just now, many divine soldiers were also impacted, but compared to Rushers and others, the shocks they suffered were completely negligible.

In the blink of an eye, the elite soldiers of the gods rushed in like a tide. Many disciples of Rushers did not have time to dodge.


A scream was heard, and in less than ten seconds, nearly a hundred disciples of Rushers fell in a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, Maria’s delicate body trembled, staring at the God King Haotian, her beautiful face filled with anger.

At the same time, Lorenzo and Sun Da Sheng were also furious. Ma De, this God King Haotian was so shameless. He didn’t capture the Supreme Being of the Demon Race, so he used Rushers to vent his anger.

“God King Haotian.”

In his anger, Peter held the opening axe tightly and cursed at the God King Haotian: “You are really shameless, you were sitting on the mountain and watching tigers fight, but you were teased by the Supreme Demon, and you can’t catch them if they ran away. Stay, come and deal with us…”


The last word fell, and Peter’s inner strength exploded, and he drew a golden beam with the opening axe in his hand, rushed up directly, and fought fiercely with several elite soldiers.

Speaking of which, Peter at this time has not recovered his strength because of his previous breakthrough, but how can he bear it when he sees the disciples of Rushers being killed?

Even if you can’t beat it, you can’t sit still.

At the same time, Lorenzo summoned his long sword, flashed his figure, and rushed into the battlefield to fight with the surrounding magic soldiers.

“Ha ha..”

Facing the scolding, the corner of Haotian God King’s mouth evoked a sneer: “This time, this God King led the crowd to come here to clear up your Rushers and Gone. Rushers, as a remnant of Xuanyuan, fights against God’s Domain, one by one. All be damned.”

The moment the voice fell, a scream was heard around, and many disciples of Rushers were killed on the spot.


Hearing this, Peter was furious, and immediately stopped talking nonsense. Together with Lorenzo, they fought with the surrounding elite soldiers. However, their internal strength did not fully recover, and they faced the elite soldiers in the God Realm. In less than a few rounds, he was besieged by many gods.

“Brother Wen, Great Sage…”

Seeing this scene, Maria couldn’t be more anxious: “Don’t be in love, retreat to the back mountain…” Shouting, Maria wanted to rush over to help, but she was also entangled by several divine soldiers, and she simply couldn’t. no chance.

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