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Chapter 3595

In his heart, although he and Peter are sworn brothers, they are like siblings. How can he watch him die at the hands of these gods?


However, as soon as the figure flew up, dozens of divine soldiers burst out in unison, intercepting him in mid-air.

And at this moment, on Peter’s side, more than a dozen gods have rushed to the front.


Lorenzo roared, tears welling up in his eyes.

At the same time, Maria also cried out, “Don’t…” Like Lorenzo, she wanted to help Peter just now, but she was also stopped by the surrounding elite soldiers. At this time, she could only watch helplessly.


Seeing that Peter was about to be killed on the spot, suddenly, a powerful breath burst out, followed by a slender and charming figure, quickly rushed into the battlefield and blocked Peter.

A long dress could not hide the graceful curves, and there was a hint of weakness on her delicate face, but her eyes flashed with determination.

It was Liu Ruxue who was caught by the God King Haotian and brought along with him.

chi chi…

At this moment, Liu Ruxue bit her lip tightly, her divine power was activated, she slapped a few palms in a row, knocking back a dozen divine generals who rushed up, and then said to Peter, “Hurry up and stop the bleeding.”

Just now God King Haotian led the elite soldiers, and when he arrived here, he wanted to deal with Gone, so he temporarily left Liu Ruxue aside.

In the heart of the God King Haotian, although this woman has supernatural powers, but she can’t use it, and the acupoints are taped, there is no need to worry that she will escape.

However, what the God King Haotian didn’t know was that Darryl had taught Liu Ruxue the formula for using divine power before, so after being thrown aside, Liu Ruxue had been trying to mobilize the divine power to open the acupoints.

Finally, just now, Liu Ruxue rushed through the acupuncture point. Seeing that Peter was about to die tragically, she did not hesitate to make a move. Speaking of which, she and Peter didn’t know each other at all, but she was inexplicably caught by the Haotian God King, and was After torturing her, Liu Ruxue decided to help her on the principle that an enemy’s enemy is a friend.

At this time, hearing Liu Ruxue’s words, Peter was a little confused.

What’s the matter, who is this woman? Why help me?

And… she is a human, how can she have divine power?


At the same time, Lorenzo and Maria were all stunned.

Why did a beautiful woman suddenly appear?

Also, it’s so powerful…

While shocked, Lorenzo and Maria were also relieved, secretly rejoicing, and at the same time looking at Liu Ruxue’s eyes, they were also full of gratitude.

Without this woman, the Great Sage would surely die just now.


However, the Haotian God King and the surrounding elite soldiers were all surprised.

Especially the God King Haotian, his eyes were fixed on Liu Ruxue, full of incredible writing, wasn’t this woman sealed? How did you untie it yourself?

God King Haotian quickly reacted and shouted angrily at Liu Ruxue: “You remnant of the demon race, dare to ruin the affairs of this God King and seek death.”

“I’m not from the Demon Race.”

In the face of the anger, Liu Ruxue bit her lip, and responded coldly to the God King Haotian: “You don’t want to accuse me indiscriminately, but you, indiscriminately, just waste your life, I will not let you succeeded.”

The voice was soft, but unmistakable.


Hearing this, Haotian God King’s pupils shrank, almost going crazy, and roared: “Kill this woman who doesn’t know how to live or die first.” When he spoke, Haotian God King’s face was full of hideousness.

Today Sakura Country should be in control of the overall situation, but it has repeatedly failed, and no one can be calm.


The last word fell, and the eyes of all the magic soldiers in the audience suddenly locked on Liu Ruxue, and then they burst out with divine power, swarming over.


Seeing the magic soldiers rushing up around her, Liu Ruxue breathed a sigh of relief, trying not to make herself nervous, then picked up the long sword under her feet, mobilized her divine power, and injected it into the long sword.

“Sky Shadow Sword Art!”

In the next second, Liu Ruxue’s red lips lightly opened, coldly spit out four words, a golden sword shadow condensed, and burst out towards the magic soldiers rushing around.

Chapter 3596

The Heavenly Shadow Sword Art is one of Lihuo Sect’s stunts. If Liu Ruxue’s strength was before, it would be impossible to hurt these elite soldiers, but after obtaining Darryl’s divine power, it erupted at this time, and its power was astonishing.


In an instant, under the terrifying power of the sword shadow, many divine soldiers let out a scream and fell to the ground one after another, passing out.

Seeing this scene, the other elite soldiers around looked at Liu Ruxue’s eyes, unable to hide their shock.

Is this woman so strong?

Previously received the force of the Blood Sacrifice Great Array and the Zhou Tian Xing Dou Great Array, these elite soldiers were all severely injured. At this time, they felt Liu Ruxue’s strength and did not dare to rush forward for a while.


At the same time, the God King Haotian was also furious.

This woman actually knows how to use the divine power in her body. If she hadn’t been beaten by Gone just now, how could she be allowed to be presumptuous here?

And Lei Xingyu, the reckless man who insisted on chasing Gone, if he was there, the situation would not have turned out like this.

bang bang bang…

Just when Haotian God King was extremely annoyed, Liu Ruxue broke out with a sword shadow again, forcing the dozen or so elite soldiers back in front of him, then grabbed Peter, used his supernatural power, and sent him to Lorenzo.

At the same time, Liu Ruxue did not forget to shout at Lorenzo and the others: “You all go.”

The moment the words fell, Peter had already gently landed beside Lorenzo.


At this moment, Peter’s heart was extremely complicated, and he shouted at Liu Ruxue: “Thank you girl. Your great kindness and great virtue, I, Peter, will never forget.”

“I still don’t know the girl’s name, where is the teacher…”

To be honest, at the time of the crisis just now, Dasheng Sun was very desperate, and he was ready to die. He was able to save his life under such circumstances, and he was naturally very grateful to Liu Ruxue.

It’s just… This woman looks very unfamiliar, and I really can’t think of any sect with such a powerful woman.

“My name is Liu Ruxue.”

Liu Ruxue bit her lip lightly and responded, “You don’t have to thank me, I just can’t stand what they did.” After the voice fell, several more elite soldiers rushed up, Liu Ruxue did not hesitate, and went straight to Hit up.

Liu Ruxue…

Hearing this, Lorenzo and Peter looked at each other, and became even more puzzled in each other’s hearts.

I’ve never heard of this name before. When did such a powerful existence appear in the world?

However, Lorenzo quickly reacted. The situation at hand was so urgent that he didn’t have time to worry about Liu Ruxue’s origin. He immediately shouted, “Thank you Miss Liu for your help.”

After saying that, Lorenzo grabbed Peter and quickly converged towards Maria.

Originally, there were many elite soldiers around Maria, but after Liu Ruxue appeared, all these elite soldiers were attracted, so Maria and the surrounding disciples of Rushers also had a chance to breathe. And Lorenzo brought Peter over to meet, and he did not encounter any obstacles.

“Brother and sister…”

When he got to the front, Lorenzo looked serious and said to Maria, “Quickly bring the Great Sage, and Wu Ya and the others into the secret passage for refuge.”

While talking, Lorenzo turned back to watch Liu Ruxue’s situation, and saw that she was surrounded by many elite soldiers. Although she had divine power, the situation was very bad.

Lorenzo thought about it, and after covering Maria and the others to enter the underground secret passage, he came back to help Liu Ruxue.

Lorenzo Yi Bo Yun Tian, ​​although she met Liu Ru Xue Ping Shui, but she saved her brother just now, so she can’t leave her alone at this time.

“Brother Wen…”

Maria Bingxue was smart, she guessed Lorenzo’s thoughts at once, and immediately frowned, “You want to go back and help Liu Ruxue?”

Lorenzo nodded with a serious look on his face: “This girl Liu is helping her righteously, I can’t leave her here alone.”

“Not bad!” As soon as he finished speaking, Peter also nodded, with a heroic face: “Miss Liu saved me, I can’t just leave like this, Brother Wen, I’ll stay with you.”

Hearing this, Lorenzo was a little dumbfounded.

The fiery impatience of this great holy man has never changed. He was injured so badly that he still wanted to fight.

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