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Chapter 3609

Speaking of this, Chen Rou couldn’t help but glanced in the direction of the main hall, her eyes flashed with strange brilliance, and said with emotion: “If I have the character of Senior Sister, if I can summon the courage to talk to Sect Master Yue, that would be great. “


Hearing this sincere confession, Darryl was stunned, but felt a little embarrassed.

It turns out that this girl is also her own admirer.

Thinking to himself, Darryl smiled slightly and said, “Actually, you don’t have to be nervous. Although Darryl is famous in Kyushu, he is not so high up that people can’t get close to him.”

“Really?” Chen Rou asked thoughtfully.

Darryl nodded: “Of course, you are inexplicably nervous because you can’t see Sect Master Yue’s face. When he takes off the golden mask, you will find that he is actually very approachable.”

At this time, Darryl had already thought about it. With his current state, it would be difficult to unravel the true identity of the impostor, so it would be better to use this Chen Rou.

Once the golden mask is uncovered, the identity of the counterfeiter is naturally exposed.

“You…” Seeing Darryl’s words being so serious, Chen Rou was a little puzzled: “How do you know so much about Sect Master Yue?”

Ha ha…

Darryl smiled secretly, I am Darryl, of course I understand myself.

Thinking to himself, Darryl scratched his head and said, “My master and Sect Master Yue are close friends, of course I know.”


Seeing him say this, Chen Rou no longer thought about it, but frowned slightly, and said softly, “How can I see Sect Master Yue who is not wearing a mask?”

Darryl smiled and said meaningfully: “So, we have to find a way…”


However, at this moment, Chen Rou pointed to a pavilion in front and said with a smile: “This is our Huashan medicine store. There are a lot of spirit beast inner pills in it. As much as Brother Feng needs, just take it.”

Darryl was not polite, and followed Chen Rou in and began to choose the inner elixir of spirit beasts.


At this moment, the Huashan Hall is here.


Seeing Darryl being taken out of the hall, Liu Xudong secretly sighed in relief, Mad, this troublemaker was finally taken away. He has to stay for a while, and he really can’t stand it.

The next second, seeing the sun set outside the main hall, Liu Xudong cleared his throat and smiled at Su Yanlin: “Sect Leader Su, what are you thinking about the blood wing armor?”

It’s getting dark soon, you must get the blood wing armor as soon as possible, so that you don’t have too many dreams at night.


Facing the question, Su Yanlin smiled awkwardly.

I really don’t want to lend him such a treasure, but since the other party is a Kyushu hero after all, I really don’t know how to refuse.

Just when Su Yanlin was secretly struggling, he saw Su Hong walk in.

“Master.” When she got to the front, Su Hong’s delicate face was full of flattery: “Junior sister has already taken that person to the medicine store. I was afraid that there would be no one here to serve you, so I came here to serve you tea and water.”

While speaking, Su Hong’s eyes were always on Liu Xudong.

In her heart, it was a great honor to be able to serve tea and water to her idol, but what she didn’t know was that the one beside her was not Darryl at all.

Seeing Su Hong coming in, Su Yanlin’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly had an idea.

“Sect Master Yue!”

Su Yanlin squeezed out a smile and said to Liu Xudong, “It’s getting late today, why don’t you stay overnight in our Huashan for the time being. Regarding the blood wing armor, how will I answer you tomorrow morning?”

After saying that, Su Yanlin looked at Su Hong: “It just so happened that Su Hong came over. I’ll ask her to arrange a room for you to rest later. What do you think?”

The matter of the Blood Wing Armor should not be taken lightly. It is necessary to convene a few elders for a good discussion at night.

When the words fell, Su Hong’s face was full of joy, and she clapped her hands: “Okay.” If the idol stays overnight in Huashan, she will have the opportunity to be alone with herself. Can you be unhappy?


Hearing this suggestion, behind the golden mask, Liu Xudong looked embarrassed.

If you stay here, if your true identity is discovered, all your previous efforts will be in vain, and Huashan will not let him go.

But if he didn’t agree, he couldn’t find any other reason to ask Su Yanlin to immediately hand over the blood-winged armor.

Chapter 3610

Thinking to himself, Liu Xudong’s eyes fell on Su Hong again.

This female disciple seems to admire Darryl very much. If she stays overnight, she might be able to feel the tenderness of the beauty tonight…

Liu Xudong was a womanizer, thinking of this at this time, he no longer hesitated, and nodded at Su Yanlin: “If that’s the case, then I’ll disturb you.”

“Sect Master Yue is polite.”

Seeing his unification, Su Yanlin breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, and then said with a smile, “It is an honor for our Huashan faction that you can stay in Huashan.”

After saying that, Su Yanlin ordered Su Hong, “You take Sect Master Yue to rest first, remember, don’t neglect, you know?”

“Master, don’t worry.”

At this moment, Su Hong, with indescribable excitement, nodded and said, “I will take good care of Sect Master Yue.”

Having said that, he took Liu Xudong out of the hall and went to the guest room at the back.

“Sect Master Yue!”

After entering the room, Su Hong said with a smile: “This is the room where you rest tonight. Our conditions in Huashan are poor, and I hope you don’t dislike it.”


At this moment, Liu Xudong admired Su Hong’s beauty up close and didn’t care about the environment of the room. He immediately said with a smile, “Don’t say that, girl, this room is very nice and warm.”

Su Hong smiled: “It would be best if Sect Master Yue didn’t dislike it.”

The two then chatted.

It has to be said that Liu Xudong is very talkative and makes Su Hong smile from time to time.

After chatting for a while, Su Hong was very interested in the golden mask and couldn’t help but ask, “Sect Master Yue, can you show me your mask?” After speaking, she stretched out her jade hand and took off the mask.

Liu Xudong was startled, and quickly avoided saying: “I’m injured and my face is not good-looking, so don’t pick it up.”

After speaking, Liu Xudong turned his eyes and changed the subject: “I’m a little tired, do you have any wine in Huashan?” After chatting just now, Liu Xudong knew that this Su Hong was mean, but he was not scheming.

And the easiest way to deal with this kind of woman is to get her drunk.


Su Hong nodded and said with a smile, “We in Huashan have a kind of fruit wine with a mellow taste. It’s made from several kinds of fruits. I’ll go get it for you.”

Saying that, he walked out the door quickly.

Seeing Su Hong walk out of the room, Liu Xudong showed a smile, and his eyes became sinister.

He thought about it. After getting Su Hong drunk, he first asked the place where the blood wing armor was stored. She was a direct disciple of Su Yanlin, so she must know. After asking about the armor’s hiding place, just enjoy the gentleness of no one…. After that, try to steal the Bloodwing armor.


On the other side, the medicine store.

“All right!”

It took ten minutes for Darryl to select a few Spirit Beast Inner Pills of the Martial Saint level and said to Chen Ju, “Let’s go out.”

A few Spirit Beast Inner Pills of the Martial Saint level are not enough for Darryl to completely restore his strength, but after integrating the power of these Inner Pills, they can at least fly in the air, which is enough for Darryl.


Chen Rou responded and walked out of the medicine store with Darryl.

As soon as he got outside, he saw Su Hong coming from a distance, with a smile on his face and a very good mood.

“Why hasn’t he left yet?”

However, seeing Darryl, Su Hong’s face suddenly sank, she walked over quickly, and asked angrily, “Have you given Neidan?”

“Yes, he chose it himself.” Chen Rou responded.

Su Hong frowned, seeing the spirit beast inner pill in Darryl’s hand, and immediately snatched it over with a cold snort: “You are just a disciple of the alchemy sect, what qualifications do you have to use an inner pill at the level of Martial Saint?”

After saying that, Su Hong turned around and returned to the medicine store. After a while, she took out a few Wuhou-level inner pills and threw them to Darryl: “What place do you think of our Huashan? You can take whatever you want? You also It’s only suitable for Marquis-level, understand? Take it and leave quickly.”

When she said this, Su Hong couldn’t hide the disgust on her face.

This person is really annoying the more he looks at it, he is just a disciple of the alchemy sect, he actually took the inner alchemy of the martial sage level, as if his status is high, it is really disgusting…

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