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Chapter 3613

I thought that after these Jialan beasts went mad, they would be able to get rid of Darryl as soon as possible, but never expected that at the last moment, he took Liu Ruxue and left through the teleportation array.

Really, one wrong step and the whole game is lost.

During this day and night, almost all the members of Lihuomen died tragically under the fangs and claws of Jialan beast, and Prince Aotian was also attacked madly, and finally, with his powerful strength, he hid in On the pillar, there is a chance to breathe.


At this time, seeing the disciples of the sect not far away, constantly falling into the pool of blood, Prince Aotian took a deep breath and felt very anxious.

These Jialan beasts are powerful one by one, and when the masters of the major sects die, they will become their final targets.

No, you have to find a way to leave.

Muttering in his heart, Prince Aotian looked at the direction of the exit of the secret realm, his mood instantly sank to the bottom, and he saw that on the way out, there were ferocious and murderous Jialan beasts everywhere, and there was no chance if he wanted to pass.


Faced with this situation, Prince Aotian couldn’t tell the anxiety and anger.

Could it be that his ending will be the same as these people, and he will die here in the end? With fire in his heart, Prince Aotian subconsciously looked at the Chaos Teleportation Array not far ahead.

Two hours ago, Prince Aotian tried to open the teleportation array, but this chaotic teleportation array, seemingly simple, was very mysterious. Can’t find a way to turn it on at all.

What made Prince Aotian even more depressed was that when Darryl and Liu Ruxue were teleported away, he saw with his own eyes that Liu Ruxue injected divine power into one of the pillars, but waited until Prince Aotian injected divine energy into it. , the teleportation array did not respond at all.

Prince Aotian did not know that the Chaos Teleportation Array was changing all the time, and the starting position would naturally change accordingly.


At this moment, I heard a burst of roars, and then, several Jialan beasts rose into the air and rushed towards Prince Aotian.

Prince Aotian scolded secretly, without hesitation at that time, he rushed down the column directly. Under the continuous fierce battle, Prince Aotian’s strength was almost exhausted, and he was not the opponent of these Jialan beasts at all.

Seeing Prince Aotian flying down the column, several Jialan beasts let out a howl and came after him.

“Damn beast.”

Faced with this situation, Prince Aotian scolded loudly, without hesitation at the time, he rushed directly into the Chaos Teleportation Array, intending to use the complex environment in the teleportation array to get rid of these Jialan beasts.


However, Jialan Beast has a very high IQ. Even if it is in a violent state at this time, it knows how to cooperate with each other and directly chases into the teleportation formation. In less than a few breaths, Prince Aotian is surrounded by the center.


Seeing that he was surrounded, Prince Aotian’s face was extremely pale.

There’s really no way out now.

At this moment, a Jialan beast rushed over quickly, waving its sharp claws, and made several deep wounds on the back of Prince Aotian. In an instant, blood sprayed, and Prince Aotian trembled, almost kneeling on the ground.

“Bastard, get out of the way, give me a special code to get out of the way…”

Under the severe pain, Prince Aotian’s eyes were extremely blood red, he howled desperately, flew up, used all his internal strength, and slapped the Jialan beast in front of him fiercely.

Even if you die, you have to pull a pad on your back.

However, the Jialan beast reacted very quickly, and its huge body quickly dodged to the side, dodging the palm.


This palm failed to hit, but slapped hard on a pillar in the teleportation formation. After a roar, Prince Aotian was also completely desperate in his heart.

In despair, there is deep unwillingness.

Before he could recreate his primordial spirit, he would die in such a place, but that kid Ao Lin was sitting firmly on the throne of the Heavenly Emperor, aloof…why, why is God so unfair.

When Prince Aotian was unwilling to cry in his heart, several Jialan beasts around him also rushed up again.

At this moment, Prince Aotian closed his eyes and gave up resistance completely.


However, just at this critical moment, I saw a dazzling group of rays of light condensed from all around, directly shrouding Prince Aotian. It turned out that his palm was empty just now, but it also happened to open the teleportation array. strength.

Chapter 3614

what’s the situation?

The sudden change made Prince Aotian stunned.

In the next second, feeling the power surging in the teleportation array, Prince Aotian quickly realized something and immediately smiled.

Ha ha….

It seems that I should not die.

At this time, the rays of light became stronger and stronger, shrouding the several Jialan beasts that rushed up, and in the next second, Prince Aotian and several Jialan beasts were directly teleported away.


On the other side, on the mainland of Kyushu, Rushers.

On the top of the mountain north of the main altar, the fierce battle between Gary and several elite soldiers continued.

clang clang….

The sound of the collision of weapons kept coming, and he saw that Gary had no power to fight, and was forced to retreat again and again, his face was extremely pale.

Seeing this, Hai Ling’er’s delicate face was full of anxiety. At that time, she wanted to rush over to help, but she held back and moved the stones faster to deploy the formation.


At this moment, I heard a cracking sound, and I saw Gary was stabbed on the shoulder, and blood spurted out immediately.

At this moment, Gary only felt that all the strength in his body was taken away all of a sudden, the whole person was extremely weak and sluggish, and he directly half-knelt on the ground.

“Brother Wuya!”

Hai Ling’er exclaimed, the formation had been deployed at this time, and rushed up desperately, tears streaming down her face: “How are you? Hurry, the formation is deployed, let’s hide in.”

However, Gary smiled sadly and looked at Hai Linger affectionately: “Linger, I’m about to die, leave me alone, hurry up and hide in the formation, hurry up…”

When saying this, Gary’s eyes flashed with determination and reluctance.

Yes, just now he asked Hai Linger to deploy the formation, and the ultimate goal was to protect her and the child. You must know that his strength has not been completely restored, and it is impossible to kill the few divine soldiers in front of him.

The longer you delay, the worse it is.

The only way is to completely explode the power of the Overlord Hammer, and die together with several elite soldiers, but in this case, the terrifying power that erupts will definitely hurt Hai Linger and the child by mistake.

However, as long as she and the child hide in the formation, they will be much safer.

“Do not…”

Hai Ling’er Bingxue was smart. Looking at Gary’s decisive eyes, she immediately understood what was going on. She shook her head desperately at that time: “I don’t want to leave you, Brother Wuya, if we die, let’s die together…”

The child in his arms seemed to sense something and started crying.

“Linger is obedient.”

Gary smiled weakly: “This is the only way, you two, one is my beloved and the other is my younger brother. I will not let you die with me.”

As he said that, seeing several divine soldiers quickly surrounding him, Gary used his last strength to push Hai Linger to the edge of the formation and shouted, “Quickly enter the stone formation!”

The last word fell, Gary clenched the Overlord’s Hammer tightly, struggled to stand up, and roared at several divine soldiers: “You hypocrites, aren’t you trying to kill me, come, come… “

“court death!”

“Come on, go to hell.”

In the face of the provocation, the eyes of several elite soldiers showed fierce killing intent, raising their long knives and slashing at Gary.

At this moment, Gary did not dodge, but stood there proudly, ready to explode the last power of the Overlord Hammer.


However, at this moment, the dark sky above his head suddenly twisted violently, and then, a ray of light connected the heaven and the earth, and from that ray of light, a figure and several huge bodies suddenly landed.

When I saw the figure, it was covered in blood, and those huge bodies were a few beasts with golden hairs all over their bodies, giving them an oppressive aura.

It was through the Chaos Teleportation Array that Prince Aotian and a few Jialan Beasts were transmitted.


In an instant, faced with this sudden situation, both Gary and Hai Linger, who was in grief, were all stunned.

Several divine soldiers were even more startled, but soon, they were secretly relieved when they saw several Jialan beasts. After all, Jialan beasts were unique spiritual beasts in the Gods Domain, and these divine soldiers were no strangers.

It’s just that a few Jialan beasts suddenly appeared in the sky, which also made them very puzzled.

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