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Chapter 3617

“Miss Su Hong!”

At this moment, seeing Su Hong drunk, Liu Xudong knew that the time had come, so he stood up slowly and asked with a smile, “Are you alright?”

Su Hong shook his head: “I’m fine…”

Liu Xudong took the opportunity to ask: “Miss Su Hong, do you know where your master usually puts the blood wing armor?” His tone seemed casual, but his eyes were full of urgency.

Su Hong thought for a while, and said vaguely: “In the secret room in the forbidden area of ​​the back mountain…”

At this time, Su Hong, under the anesthesia of alcohol, was in a daze, and fell asleep on the table before finishing the last sentence.

Is this drunk?

Seeing this scene, Liu Xudong frowned secretly, this Su Hong’s drinking capacity is too poor, only a few glasses of wine to get drunk like this. But that’s fine, save yourself a lot of trouble.


At this moment, Liu Xudong excitedly rubbed his hands together and slowly moved Su Hong to the soft couch beside him.

I saw that Su Hong at this time, her eyes were slightly closed, her breath was like blue, her flushed cheeks were like a delicate rose, especially the fragrance from her body, which made Liu Xudong intoxicated. .

“You brought it to the door on your own initiative, don’t blame me.”

After saying something to himself, Liu Xudong couldn’t hold back, so he was about to untie Su Hong’s skirt.


It was just at this time that Liu Xudong suddenly shook his head, only to feel dizzy in his head, the wine rushed up in waves, and he could barely stand.

It’s just a wine made from fruit, so powerful?

Madd, forget it.

The next second, Liu Xudong rubbed his brows and tried to calm himself down. His eyes fell on Su Hong, who was on the soft side again, ready to stretch out his claws again…


But at this moment, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open, and then Darryl strode in, with a gloomy face and bright eyes: “You are not too timid, don’t pretend to be a hero of Kyushu, and now you still want to confront a drunken man. The woman is conspiring against evil.”

A word that is righteous and cannot be refuted.

Ten minutes ago, Darryl had completely integrated the power of several spirit beasts’ inner pills, and took advantage of the night to rush over immediately, just as Liu Xudong wanted to get his hands on Su Hong.


Suddenly seeing someone barging in, Liu Xudong was startled. When he saw that it was the ‘Dan Zong disciple’ he had seen in the main hall before, he immediately became furious and scolded, “Damn boy, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Outwardly angry, but inexplicably apprehensive.

Strange… I wear a mask and imitate it so vividly, even if a disciple of Tianmen comes, it may not be able to see through, and how does this person in front of him know that he is fake?


In the face of the reprimand, Darryl did not panic at all, and smiled coldly: “Is it nonsense, you know better than me, and you have the ability, you take off the mask.”


As soon as the words fell, Liu Xudong couldn’t help shouting angrily, pointing at Darryl and cursing: “What kind of identity do you have the right to point fingers at me? Get out of here immediately.”

“If I don’t get out.” Darryl stood there with a calm expression.

“Looking for death!” Liu Xudong stopped talking nonsense, roared, and punched him fiercely.

This punch is like thunder.

However, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and with a flash, he easily escaped.

To be honest, Darryl only merged a few Marquis-level Inner Cores, and he didn’t even recover 10% of his strength, while Liu Xudong was the strength of transcending tribulation. In this case, Darryl was not an opponent at all.

However, Liu Xudong had just drank a lot of wine, and the wine contained medicinal pills specially refined by Darryl, so the punch seemed very violent, but it was not much of a threat to Darryl.


Seeing that he punched a hole, Liu Xudong was very annoyed. After stabilizing his figure, he rushed towards Darryl again.

“You little disciples, dare to be mad.”

Darryl showed a sneer, dodged again, and then quickly shot, slicing the back of Liu Xudong’s head.


Liu Xudong’s drunkenness became stronger and stronger, and he couldn’t avoid it at all. After hearing a dull sound, his eyes darkened, and he fell on the ground and passed out.

Chapter 3618


Seeing that Liu Xudong finally fell to the ground, Darryl clapped his hands and said to himself, “It’s finally done. If it wasn’t for my strength, how could I keep you arrogant for so long.”

With that said, Darryl was about to lift the golden mask on Liu Xudong’s face.


However, at this moment, Darryl glanced at Su Hong who was on the soft collapse, and frowned immediately, seeing that her long skirt was torn open by Liu Xudong just now, revealing a snow-white.

I have to say, this Su Hong’s figure is also considered to be the best.

For a while, Darryl stared blankly for a few seconds before regaining his senses. He patted his forehead and said, “Forget it, let’s wake her up first.” Although Su Hong had always been mean to him before, but After all, she is also a pure and clean girl. Lying here like this is really indecent.

After making up his mind, Darryl took out a bottle of potion from his arms and sprinkled it lightly on Su Hong’s nose.

The medicinal pills that Darryl had refined before could make people drunk quickly, and this bottle of potion was the antidote.


After sprinkling the potion, Darryl patted Su Hong’s cheek lightly and called out, “Wake up quickly…”

“Well…” After shouting, Su Hong faintly woke up, let out a sleepy hum, and rubbed her eyes.


The next second, seeing Darryl in front of him and Liu Xudong lying on the ground, Su Hong instantly woke up most of the time.

what’s the situation? Why did Sect Master Yue collapse to the ground? Also, when did this Pill Sect disciple break in?

Immediately afterwards, seeing her long dress being torn, Su Hong’s delicate face turned red all of a sudden, then she waved her jade hand and slapped Darryl fiercely.


With a crisp sound, five fingerprints appeared on Darryl’s face.

Darryl covered his face, both annoyed and depressed: “Why are you hitting me?”

“You shameless person.” Su Hong glared at Darryl fiercely, unable to hide the contempt and anger: “How come Dan Zong has become a scum like you, you got the spirit beast inner core, don’t be grateful for it , and sneaked back to attack Sect Master Yue. Then he plotted against me.”

“It’s not a pity for such a person to die 10,000 times.”

In the last sentence, Su Hong almost gritted her teeth.

In her heart, there is no need to guess the situation in front of her. It was this Dan Zong disciple who knocked Sect Master Yue out when he was drunk, and then planned to defile her. Otherwise, how could her skirt be torn apart?


At this moment, Darryl didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he still said patiently: “You misunderstood, it’s him who will defile you first, and I’m here to save you.”

“If it weren’t for me, your innocence would have been ruined by him just now.”

When he said this, Darryl was very depressed, Ma De, what is this called, this Su Hong really does not distinguish between right and wrong.

“help me?”

At this moment, Su Hong showed a bit of a sneer on her face: “Do you think I would believe your nonsense? If you want to destroy my innocence, I have to kill you.”

The words fell, Su Hong bit her lip tightly, raised her jade hand, and hit Darryl with a palm.

However, like Liu Xudong, she drank a lot of alcohol before, and at this time her body was completely paralyzed by the alcohol. This palm was soft and had no strength at all.

Darryl quickly dodged, and said, “Miss Su Hong, calm down and listen to me. Actually, this person is not Darryl at all.”

Not Darryl?

Su Hong was stunned for a moment, and said angrily, “How do you know he’s not Darryl?”

Darryl took a deep breath and said seriously, “Because I am Darryl.”

However, at this time, Su Hong didn’t believe it at all, and instead aroused the anger in her heart, and immediately shouted: “You still dare to talk nonsense, I have to kill you.”

The person in front of him is really terrifying.

Even if you want to defile me, you still dare to say that you are Darryl?

In anger, Su Hong used her internal strength again and attacked Darryl.


Faced with this situation, Darryl was speechless, and immediately circled around the table, dodging and shouting, “Hey, what I said is the truth, please calm down.”

Su Hong didn’t stop at all, chasing Darryl around the table.

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