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Chapter 401

“Lily, let’s get off the boat and find a place to rest for a night.” Qin Shousheng said with a smile, and then jumped off the boat.

“I’ll help you.” Qin Shousheng stretched out a hand and said to Lily on the boat.

“Yeah..” Lily replied softly, supporting Qin Shousheng’s hand and stepping off the boat.

On the boat these few days, Qin Shousheng took special care of her. It’s almost meticulous.

At this moment the two got off the boat and looked around. Qin Shousheng clearly saw that there were some local fishermen not far away, looking at himself curiously.

These fishermen, dressed in ancient burlap and linen, give people a very simple feeling.

This place is so beautiful.

no pollution. Not the bustle of a modern port, but a quiet and quaint small fishing village.

Lily couldn’t wait to look at Qin Shousheng, “Where should we go.”

Before coming, Qin Shousheng said that he had been to the Apocalypse Continent.

Qin Shousheng scratched his head. The analysis said: “Clint followed the apocalypse army to evacuate before, so he would definitely go to the palace and see the emperor here. Darryl must have gone to the palace when he was looking for Bessie and others.”

Afterwards, Qin Shousheng smiled awkwardly: “The last time I came to the Apocalypse Continent, it was many years ago… The time interval was too long, and I also forgot how to get to the imperial city. I’ll ask.”

He has never been to the Apocalypse Continent, but in front of the goddess, he can’t be ashamed.

When the voice fell, Qin Shousheng walked towards a few fishermen not far away.

“excuse me….”

However, before Qin Shousheng approached, the fishermen left one after another. These fishermen, living in the lowest level of the Apocalypse Continent, had never seen the world at all. Seeing Qin Shousheng, they wore strange costumes and humble hearts, which made them afraid to approach.

Uh …

Seeing this scene, Qin Shousheng was very embarrassed. Returning to Lily, she smiled bitterly: “Look at this, the fishermen here are a little afraid of life. Let’s find a bigger place and ask someone for directions.”

“Hmm…” Lily nodded gently.

This is the first time she has traveled far, or came to another continent, she has no experience in the world, and can only rely on Qin Shousheng to make decisions.

After the discussion, the two passed through the small fishing village and walked along a dirt road.

Not long after walking, Lily was careless and almost stopped her feet. At this time, Lily was still wearing high heels and jeans.

Originally, she was wearing a wedding dress, but before coming to the Apocalypse Continent, she bought some clothes temporarily. But forgot to buy shoes.

The science and technology of the Apocalypse Continent is still in ancient times. Such small places are all dirt roads. Lily wore a pair of high heels, which was very inconvenient.

“Lily. Are you okay.” Qin Shousheng suddenly became anxious, squatting in front of Lily and rubbing her ankle.

“No, no need…” Lily bit her lip, her face resolute: “It’s okay.”

As long as you can find Darryl, this bit of pain is nothing.

Qin Shousheng felt distressed and said, “Lily, you are waiting for me here, and I will be back soon.”

When the voice fell, Qin Shousheng quickly walked towards the fishing village.

After a while, Qin Shousheng came back with a pair of flat shoes in his hand.

When he arrived, Qin Shousheng smiled and said, “It is very inconvenient for you to wear high heels. Put on these cloth shoes. Walking will be more comfortable.”

Qin Shousheng sweated profusely, knelt down and handed the shoes over.

Lily felt warm in her heart. Softly said: “Thank you… did you buy it from the fisherman?”

“I…” Qin Shousheng was a little embarrassed, scratching his head and smiling: “I stole it.”

When the fishermen saw

If you have a chance to buy it from them, if you have a chance. Besides, the money in my body doesn’t work here.

Upon hearing this, Lily smiled lightly: “Don’t do this next time.”

Although Qin Shousheng was doing it for himself, it was not good to steal things after all.

“Well, I listen to you, and I won’t steal it again.” Qin Shousheng smiled and nodded.

While talking, the two went on the road again. Along the way. Although there is no means of transportation, Lily is in a good mood. The landscape of this continent is really beautiful, like a landscape painting.

After walking for more than two hours, I finally arrived in a bustling town.

This small town is small, but it is very prosperous. There are food stalls everywhere on the street, as well as people selling candied haws and clay figurines.

Look far away. That’s a lively!

After walking for more than two hours, Lily and Qin Shousheng were a little hungry. However, Qin Shousheng had a hard time touching his pocket.

The money from the earth round the mainland can’t be spent here either.

How to do?

What makes Qin Shousheng speechless is that people in this small town, seeing his and Lily’s clothes, are curiously pointing, which makes people very embarrassed.

“Lily, there is a pawnshop in front, let’s exchange things for some money.” At this moment, Qin Shousheng’s eyes lit up and he walked in with Lily.

When he arrived at the store, Qin Shousheng took off the watch from his wrist, put it on the counter, and shouted, “Boss, how much can this be?”

This watch is a limited edition Rolex. I found an acquaintance to buy it and spent more than one million yuan. Qin Shousheng couldn’t bear to sell it now. But for the sake of Lily, I sold it.

The boss saw this watch. Suddenly he was confused, touched in his hand for a long time, and said, “What is this? At most one hundred cents.”

“A hundred yuan?”

Qin Shousheng was stunned and couldn’t help asking: “One hundred yuan. Is it enough for the two of us, can I go to the imperial city from here?”

A hundred essays, not a lot of them, but they seem to be a lot.


From here to the imperial city…

The boss laughed suddenly. Shaking his head: “The money is enough for you to spend three or four days, but if you walk here to the imperial city, at least half a month, one hundred wen is far from enough.”


Only enough for three or four days?

Qin Shousheng was anxious, pointing to his watch and said, “Look carefully, do you know how expensive this thing is?”

The boss also had no patience, waved his hand and said: “If you say one hundred wen is one hundred wen, I also saw this thing as small and exquisite, so I was willing to accept it, otherwise you would take it away and don’t hinder me from doing business.”

“Yes, a hundred essays is a hundred essays.” Under depression, Qin Shousheng had to gritted his teeth and nodded.

Although reluctant in my heart, what can I do if I am away from home and have no money. Although these one hundred articles can’t last a few days, at least tonight, I can find a restaurant and sleep every night.

The pawnshop owner laughed, took out a hundred bronze characters, put them in a bag, and handed them to Qin Shousheng.

“Lily, let’s go.” Qin Shousheng took the purse and walked out of the pawnshop and said as he walked: “Let’s go find a restaurant, and then…”

Before he finished his words, he saw only a young man who appeared from nowhere, grabbed Qin Shousheng’s purse, then turned and ran!

“Grab the money? You…” Qin Shousheng was furious and chased after him with red eyes.

D*mn’s, in broad daylight, blatantly grabbing money? How can you live if the one hundred penny is gone?

Lily was also anxious, she also wanted to chase, but she was a girl, how could she catch up, she could only stay where she was, waiting for Qin Shousheng to return.

Chapter 402

Qin Shousheng chased to the woods outside the town. The young man who snatched the money suddenly stopped. Then, a few more young men walked out of the woods.

These people are dressed in ordinary clothes, but all of them have scorn on their faces. Obviously, three of them. They are all the poppi rascals in this town.

“Boy, a hundred cents, are you guilty of chasing it all the time?” The young man who snatched the money walked out slowly, looked at Qin Shousheng, and said with a sneer.

His name is Li Erzhu, a well-known rogue in the small town, and the few next to him are all his friends and dogs.

Qin Shousheng felt a little flustered when he saw that this kid had an accomplice. But still pretend to be hard-hearted: “If you are acquainted, please return the money to me! Otherwise, I will make you unable to eat and walk around.”

I am in Donghai City, and I am also a rich second-generation, and he has a good reputation. Those street bullies see themselves. Which is not polite. These little rascals in front of me dare to grab their own money!

“Your special code is scaring me? Hahaha, in my chassis, you are still so arrogant? Are you tired of the special code?” Li Erzhu kicked over, no extra nonsense: “Brothers, punch me!”


When the voice fell, the ruffians behind him immediately surrounded him, punching and kicking Qin Shousheng.

“That’s right, take you a hundred penny, is to praise you, shamelessly!”

“Fight to the death!”

“I want to see if your bones are hard or not!”

With his fist falling on his body, Qin Shousheng howled loudly. He has just become a cultivator, and his strength is extremely low. At this time, being slapped by these grounds, he has no power to fight back!


Qin Shousheng kept rolling on the ground, shouting loudly.

Li Erzhu’s people became more and more fierce, and after a long time, Qin Shousheng’s head was full of blood.

“Brother, brothers, please, give me the money back…” Qin Shousheng had completely lost his temper and kept screaming. No money. What should I do with Lily…

She can endure hardships, but Lily can’t endure hardships.. The money must be returned..

“Fcuk you! Your mind is caught in the door. It is your honor to take your money. Do you want to go back?” Li Erzhu cursed and kicked Qin Shousheng!

Qin Shousheng was kicked, but he still gritted his teeth and crawled to Li Erzhu’s side: “I beg you, brother, you are my brother, please return the money to me, this money is my life. .. I beg you, I beg you…”

“Haha, Brother Zhu, look at what this kid looks like. He’s really useless. For the sake of a hundred writings, the dignity is gone.” The ruffian next to him said with a smile.

Li Erzhu also laughed and grabbed Qin Shousheng’s hair: “Yeah, I said you are trash, you have no dignity at all, hahaha, a hundred yuan, you beg me like a dog. Hahaha. “

“Brother, I beg you. You give it back to me.” Qin Shousheng kept begging with red eyes.

If the money is gone, then tonight, myself and Lily will be sleeping on the streets. How can Lily suffer this hardship…

“Okay, I can give you the money.” Li Erzhu was also playful and said with a smile: “Well, let’s take a bath with spring water, and the money will be returned to you, how about?”

Spring bath?

Qin Shousheng’s mind was blank. He didn’t know what it was. In a hurry, he just nodded: “Okay, okay, brother, as long as you return it to me, let me do anything…”

Before he finished his words, I saw the ruffians and looked at each other. Then he unbuttoned his trousers with a big laugh, began to urinate, and licked at Qin Shousheng.

“you guys..”

Qin Shousheng was shocked, unprepared, and his whole body was choked. The young people laughed loudly. Throw a hundred cents on the ground.

“Haha, Zhentema met a fool. For a hundred dollars, I would do anything, hahaha!” Li Erzhu said with a smile, and left with a few friends.

“Huh, huh…” Qin Shousheng picked up the purse and placed it carefully in his clothes, tears streaming down his eyes.

He is also a rich second generation, when has he suffered such humiliation. But it’s okay. The money is back. Tonight, Lily can have a good meal and live in the restaurant comfortably.

Qin Shousheng took off his wet coat, wiped off the blood on his body, and returned to the town to look for Lily.


the other side.

Earth round mainland, the first hospital of Donghai City.

In the ward, Lorenzo sat leaning on the bed, covered with bandages, and some blood stains on the bandages.

A few days ago, the Palace of Longevity and Emei fought.

This battle. Lasted one day and one night!

After this battle, the Emei faction was greatly injured.

But the Palace of Longevity is even worse. Although there are many disciples in the Palace of Longevity, the head of Emei Han is proud. After a day and night of fighting, Lorenzo was chopped with dozens of knives on his body.

Afterwards, Lorenzo was sent to the hospital.

The First Hospital of Donghai City has a high medical standard. Although the hospital cannot cure internal injuries, the treatment of external injuries is still top-notch.

At this time, Lorenzo’s face was calm, and he looked at Evelyn, who was busy in front of him, with a smile on his face.

During the two days in the hospital, Evelyn, as the dean, has been busy taking care of herself in every possible way.

This makes Lorenzo very grateful.

“Dean Xue, you don’t need to be busy. Let the nurse below do these things about changing the dressing.” At this time, Lorenzo couldn’t help but said: “You have been taking care of me for two days, and you should take a break.”

Evelyn smiled lightly. He shook his head and said: “It’s okay, you are Darryl’s elder brother, don’t be polite with me.”

Darryl, Lorenzo, and Peter worshiped. It has already spread in the arena, Evelyn of course knows.

Lorenzo couldn’t help but laughed, and looked at Evelyn: “That said, I am exposed to the wind.”

While speaking, Lorenzo couldn’t help but look at Evelyn.

have to say. This Doctor Xue is really good. Not only is he beautiful, he has a good figure, but he is also gentle and virtuous.

For a time, Lorenzo was very curious. I couldn’t help asking: “Dean Xue, what is the relationship between you and my brother?”

Just because she was Darryl’s eldest brother, she was so diligent and busy, she had to make people think about it.

Perceiving Lorenzo’s gaze, Evelyn’s face flushed faintly, and said softly: “Big Brother Wen, don’t think too much, I…I and Brother Darryl are just friends.”

It was not Darryl, and he would not sit in the position of the dean.

This kindness will never be forgotten for the rest of my life.

Hearing this, Lorenzo laughed and wanted to continue to ask.

As a result, at this moment, the door of the ward was suddenly knocked open!


Following the sound, I saw Peter standing at the door with red eyes.

“Great Sage, you…” Lorenzo looked over.

I saw Peter clenching his fists, very emotional: “Brother Wen, do you treat me as a brother!”

Peter was trembling all over, and his voice was hoarse!

“Peter, you, what’s the matter with you…” Lorenzo was dumbfounded, looking at Peter and asked.

Chapter 403

“Brother Wen, you didn’t treat me as a brother!” Peter’s voice was hoarse and his eyes moistened: “You took the Hall of Longevity to attack Emei, why didn’t you call me! If you hadn’t reported to me, I was still blinded. Here! Where is the promised life and death!”

Just now, Peter learned that Lorenzo attacked Emei and returned with a crushing defeat and was severely wounded. Sent to the hospital for treatment, Peter was frightened and angry, and came over immediately.

As soon as he entered the ward, he saw Lorenzo covered in wounds, his whole body wrapped like a zongzi, and Peter could no longer control it.

After being yelled by Peter, Lorenzo was also a sore nose, and his heart was touched: “Peter. You and Darryl are brothers in my life. Before our three brothers resisted the Apocalypse army, your Huaguoshan is also vitality. Badly injured. My grievance with the Emei faction. How can I bring you back? Also, my younger siblings are still recovering. If you are injured, what should the younger siblings do and who will take care of them?”

Hearing this, Peter wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes and couldn’t help cursing: “Don’t ask me for reasons. The death of my sister-in-law is not the grievance between you and Emei alone. Darryl and I were there at the time. If you really want to discuss it, Darryl and I are also responsible, because we did not protect the safety of my sister-in-law.”

After that, Peter looked dissatisfied: “Anyway, this is your fault…”

“Well, well, it’s because of brother’s fault.” Lorenzo couldn’t laugh or cry, so he nodded with a smile.

“It’s pretty much the same.” Peter finally smiled, and walked over to lightly beat the ugly shoulder. Immediately afterwards, Peter took out two bottles of liquor from his pocket like a trick, “Come on, Brother Wen, drink.”

“Haha, what a kid. You fight with me while I’m sick.” Lorenzo staggered and stood up: “Come on, if you don’t drink you down today, I am not your elder brother.”

“Brother Wen, you can blow too much now, come and come!” Peter moved two small chairs, and then took out a can of peanuts and a few chicken paws from his pocket.

Lorenzo opened the wine, and the two brothers were about to drink it. At this time, Evelyn walked up quickly and snatched the wine in Lorenzo’s hand.

“You…Isn’t this a nonsense… You are not allowed to drink…” Evelyn said, stamping her foot.

She has been in the doctor for more than ten years, and for the first time saw someone who was chopped dozens of times and still drinking. What kind of work…

Peter looked at Evelyn up and down, looked at it for a long time, and tentatively asked: “Brother Wen, this is…this is…my new sister-in-law?”

At this time, Evelyn was not wearing a white coat, just a short skirt and shirt.

“I… I’m not your sister-in-law…”

Hearing this, Evelyn’s heart was bumped against the deer, and she blushed immediately.

Lorenzo also looked embarrassed, and said to Peter angeredly: “You kid, don’t talk nonsense. Her name is Evelyn. It’s the dean here. You kid, the dog can’t spit out ivory.”

“Uh…” Peter smiled, scratched his head and said: “Doctor Xue, you give the wine to Brother Wen, he is tough, and it’s okay to drink some wine.”

This sentence is correct, Lorenzo’s current strength is already Wu Sheng. Although these skin injuries are serious, they will be fine after two days of raising them, and they won’t get in the way.

“No.” As a result, Evelyn’s face was firm: “Brother Wen really can’t drink right now. When Brother Wen recovers from his injury, I…I can drink with Brother Wen, but now I really can’t…”

While talking, Evelyn snatched Peter’s bottle of wine and quickly left the ward.

“Yeah. Brother Wen, my sister-in-law really loves you.” Peter said with a grin.

Evelyn, who had already walked to the door of the ward, heard that Peter’s words made his face even more blush.


the other side. Dongao mainland.

On the wide avenue, a carriage was traveling leisurely. In the carriage, Darryl and Krista were sitting inside, talking and laughing.

Originally, two people drove a car, but after a short distance, the car ran out of gas. Darryl simply got a carriage. The two enjoyed the scenery along the road all the way. When she was bored, Krista would sing to Darryl, and she was very happy along the way.

At this time, not far away, a big city is getting closer and closer. From a distance, the two sides of the city gate are full of flowers, colorful and beautiful.

See this gate. Krista suddenly became excited: “My son, let’s go to Furong City.”

Furong City? Darryl muttered silently.

Krista smiled and said: “My son, this Furong City is named after it is planted with various varieties of Furong. Three miles beyond Furong City, there is a Baihua Valley, where is the main altar of Yuzong, Yuzong. Only women.”

Darryl smiled and said, “Then we will rest in Furong City tonight, and we will leave tomorrow.”

“Good.” Krista couldn’t help cheering, very excited.

Krista had also been to Furong City before, but came from wandering. Now I can finally take a good stroll around the city.

While talking, the carriage has entered Furong City.

This city is very prosperous. There are stalls on the street, some selling rouge gouache and some selling sugar. There are also monkey jugglers and storytellers, not to mention too much fun.

Don’t mention Krista being so happy, holding the candied haws in her left hand. Holding cotton candy in his right hand, he pulled Darryl and started shopping.

On the other side, the Apocalypse Continent.

On a mountain road leading to the imperial city, two figures walked silently.

It is Qin Shousheng and Lily.

The weather is sunny. The breeze was intoxicating, but Qin Shousheng looked extremely dull.

In that small town yesterday, Qin Shousheng was beaten to death and did not pee on himself. But it’s okay. A hundred cents were taken back. That night, Qin Shousheng took a hundred yuan, found a restaurant, and opened a room for Lily. He couldn’t bear to spend the money himself, so he opened a house.

After staying for one night, we set off the next day.

This time, Qin Shousheng learned to be clever, and put the money bag in his clothes so as not to be snatched by the ruffians again.

At this time, the two of them were tired after walking a mountain road.

From a distance, I saw a tavern under the mountain.

This pub is small, with a wine flag sign at the door, a pergola outside, and a few tables underneath.

“Lily, let’s go to the front and rest, drink some tea before heading on the road.” Qin Shousheng smiled at Lily with a happy expression on his face.

Walking this section of the mountain road is tired and thirsty. If you can drink a sip of hot tea, it is comfortable to think about.

“Okay.” Lily nodded slightly, she was also tired, and there was a few drops of sweat on her face.

Seeing her like this, Qin Shousheng felt distressed, and whispered softly: “Lily, there is still a long way to go from the tavern. Let me carry you on my back and come up.”

After speaking, Qin Shousheng squatted in front of Lily.

“No, no… it’s not good for us…” Lily replied softly.

Chapter 404

“What’s wrong, Lily, if you can’t walk, I’ll carry you.” Qin Shousheng said excitedly.

“Forget it… Forget it, I’ll go by myself.” Lily smiled lightly and walked forward slowly.

In my entire life, I only recognize one man, that is Darryl. How could it be possible for Qin Shousheng to carry himself?

Qin Shousheng sighed. Had to catch up with Lily.

After walking for ten minutes, I finally arrived at the tavern. When approaching the entrance of the tavern, Qin Shousheng touched a steel knife on his waist.

Ever since he was beaten by a few local bullies yesterday, Qin Shousheng knew that in this world, he would be bullied if he had no strength. This steel knife was bought by Qin Shousheng for twenty cents. He wanted to disguise himself as a quack master. Such hooligans don’t dare to mess around.

Go to the entrance of the tavern. Qin Shousheng looked around. There were a lot of guests in the pub at this time, but it seemed that there were no rascals. Qin Shousheng breathed a sigh of relief. Then I sat down and asked the boss for two bowls of noodles and tea.

“Lily, this table is a bit dirty. I’ll wipe it for you.” Qin Shousheng used his sleeves to help Lily wipe the table and stool.

Although the journey was difficult, Qin Shousheng took care of Lily very well.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the noodles and tea were served. Qin Shousheng smiled and said: “Lily, here in the wilderness, you can meet a tavern. If we are lucky, we will eat quickly, and then we will go on the road. When we reach the big city, I will find you the largest restaurant!”

Lily hummed softly.

In her heart, it doesn’t matter how much hardship she eats, as long as she finds Darryl early.

“Boss, come here!”

At this moment, only one shout was heard. Looking from a distance, a few people walked slowly, with swords and swords hanging on their bodies, and at first glance they were people of the world.

Entering the pergola, a few people sat down around the table next door. The headed man has a scar on his face. The scar was five inches long and looked shocking.

This person’s name is Gao Hu, and he is a famous mountain bandit.

After sitting down with a few brothers, Gao Hu patted the table and shouted: “Boss, bring it up with good wine and meat, right? It’s really exhausting after such a long walk!”

Hearing this, the boss hurriedly came out to entertain him, just for fear of angering these uncles.

Seeing this scene, Qin Shousheng trembled in his heart and didn’t dare to look up. He hurriedly lowered his head to eat the noodles and left here after eating.

Qin Shousheng was violently beaten yesterday, and he was really afraid of being beaten. At this moment, he could feel that none of these people were easy to provoke.

Soon, I finished the noodles. Qin Shousheng paid the money and got up and left.

As a result, when she passed the table next door, Lily couldn’t stand firmly, stumbled on a small rock, almost fell, and hit the Gaohu.


Seeing this, Qin Shousheng was shocked and hurriedly smiled with a smile: “I’m sorry, this big brother. She didn’t mean it.”

“It was she who hit me and not you. What are you talking about? Go away.” Gao Hu looked at Qin Shousheng coldly, blasted angrily, and then his gaze fell on Lily. The eyes are straight.



Unexpectedly, in such a place, you can still meet such a beautiful beauty.

Lily at this time. Although tired from running around, there are some weaknesses. But still can’t hide the splendor of that day.

The next second, Gao Hu suddenly grabbed Lily’s hand and took a closer look. He smiled and said:”

Beauty, you hit me, it means that we are destined, come, accompany me for a drink, I don’t care about this. “


“Brother Yanfu is not shallow today.”

Several brawny men nearby also followed suit. They are all bandits, and they are used to doing evil.

Lily was ashamed and angry. Want to break free, can be caught by Gao Hu to death. I almost cried at the time: “You…you let me go…”

Seeing this scene, Qin Shousheng panicked and walked over quickly: “What are you going to do? Don’t touch her.”

While talking, Qin Shousheng pulled out the steel knife on his waist and said: “I tell you, I am a disciple of Dao Tang, you better not mess with me.”

Qin Shousheng at this time. Unspeakable tension in my heart. Daotang, it was only made up by him… he wanted to scare this group of people.

Sword Hall?

Gao Hu was taken aback for a moment, and then he sneered: “What kind of sword hall, I’ve been around for decades, why haven’t I heard this name? Who are you kidding?”


When the voice fell, Gao Hu suddenly shot, knocking out Qin Shousheng’s steel knife! At that moment, Qin Shousheng only felt a strong force coming, his whole body was unstable, and he staggered back a few steps.


All of a sudden, several strong men burst into laughter.

“I thought it was awesome, it turned out to be such a waste.”

“Haha, pretending to hold a knife and scare anyone?”

The ridicule came one after another, Qin Shousheng was anxious and angry, and his heart was extremely ashamed.

When these people came just now. Qin Shousheng smelled a hint of danger and wanted to leave as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, he got into trouble in the end.

“Boy, now I’m in a good mood, uncle. Go away.” Gao Hu laughed, picked up a machete, and put it directly on Qin Shousheng’s face: “I don’t want to embarrass you and leave your woman behind. You get out of here. .”

Speaking of this, Gao Hu looked at Lily with a smile, and reached out to grab her waist.

“You, let me go. Let me go.” Lily wanted to struggle, but she was a girl, how could she break free.

Seeing this scene, Qin Shousheng’s eyes were red, and he rushed over with a roar!

Fight with them. Even if you die, you can’t watch Lily be humiliated by them! This is what Qin Shousheng thought at the time!


As a result, before he rushed forward, Gao Hu smiled coldly, grabbed Qin Shousheng’s collar, and then smashed it with two fists!

After these two punches, Qin Shousheng’s nostrils were bleeding!

“Slot you, aren’t you a disciple of Dao Tang?” Gao Hu yelled, with a few punches!

A punch is harder than a punch! In a blink of an eye, Qin Shousheng was beaten up and his body fell to the ground like a puddle of mud, unable to stand up at all.

“Slot, waste.” Gao Hu kicked him and spat at him. Then he looked at Lily with a smile, and put his arms around Lily’s waist: “Beauty, you just bumped into me. Why don’t you give me a k!ss and just apologize?”

While talking, Gao Hu leaned over.

At this moment, Qin Shousheng didn’t know where his strength was, and slowly grabbed Gao Hu’s trousers: “Brother, I beg you, don’t move her, I beg you… She bumped into you, it’s not intentional. , I will apologize to you on her behalf, but I’m not out of breath, you punch me again… Brother, I beg you, don’t move her, I beg you…”

Chapter 405

“Get off, don’t make me special!” Gao Hu kicked Qin Shousheng flying.

“Brother, I beg you, I really beg you…” Qin Shousheng’s face was full of blood, and kept howling: “Brother, she didn’t mean to hit you on purpose. You didn’t get angry. Just hit me a few more times. I beg you not to touch her…”

Hearing his words, Lily’s heart warmed, and it was particularly uncomfortable to see Qin Shousheng being beaten like this.

“Stains stains.” Gao Hu looked at Qin Shousheng with a smile, and said: “I can’t see it, you are a wasteful, very affectionate. Haha. Well, I don’t need to touch this woman, but I want you from here. Drill over.”

The voice fell. Gao Hu suddenly raised one leg, stepped on the stool, and pointed to his hip.

“Hahaha, there is a good show to watch!”

“Boy, drill!”

“As long as you get through, Brother Tiger will release this woman, hahaha!”

Several strong men laughed. The other guests in the tavern also looked sideways, watching this scene with great interest.

Qin Shousheng’s face was earthy, and he said loudly, “Brother, I beg you, don’t make it difficult for us…”

“Is it to you!” Gao Hu kicked over: “I see you are an affectionate species, so I gave you this opportunity. I will ask you one last time, whether to drill or not!” Remember to read for a second, .net

Speaking of this, Gao Hu grabbed Lily’s wrist and was about to k!ss him.

“Brother, I drill, I drill!” Qin Shousheng almost cried, choked and growled. Then he knelt down, gritted his teeth and drilled over.


“Brother Tiger, this kid is really a drill, hahaha!”

“It’s really like a dog, haha!”

Qin Shousheng trembled in his heart with a sound of sarcasm. After drilling through, staggered to stand up. My heart hurts to death. For Lily, I lay down all dignity! Let go of the dignity of a man!

“Brother, let her go…” Qin Shousheng had already burst into tears, tears streaming down with blood.

“Fcuk you, do you really think that you can let her go after you drill? Hahaha! The woman I am fond of, still want to run? Hahaha!” Gao Hu laughed and kicked Qin Shousheng’s chest. !


With this kick, Qin Shousheng only felt his chest feel stuffy, and he shouted, his body was kicked for several meters, and he fell heavily, smashing a table.

There is only one guest on this table. About thirty years old. Dressed in black.

There is a crescent mark on the person’s forehead.

At this time his wine and food was knocked over, the black man frowned, and said coldly: “If you are not clean after eating, get out of me.”

When the voice fell, the man in black stood up slowly, his eyes flashing as he swept across Gao Hu and several others.


At the same time, a strong breath filled the body of the man in black!


At that time, everyone in the tavern felt a tight throat!

I have to say that the aura of the man in black is too strong, and the pressure person can’t breathe! Especially those eyes are chilling!


In a moment, Gao Hu glanced at each other. I couldn’t help taking a breath.


This person’s momentum is too strong.

At this moment, one of Gao Hu’s accomplices stared blankly at the crescent mark on the forehead of the man in black. Exclaimed: “You…you are the vice-master of Mingjiao…Lu Jiechen?”

Mingjiao, one of the strongest schools in the Apocalypse Continent! Mingjiao disciples are scattered all over the country, and they are strong!

Lu Jiechen in front of him is the deputy head of Mingjiao, under one person, above 10,000!

Rumor has it that Lu Jiechen, martial arts peerless! He was born with a crescent mark on his forehead.

This man has an unruly temperament. Both righteous and evil, cruel and cruel! None of the people who provoke him can survive!

It is rumored that a year ago, the pavilion master of Baiyun Pavilion inadvertently offended Lu Jiechen, and as a result, the entire Baiyun Pavilion, including 8,000 disciples, was broken off! The whole arena. Vibrate for it!

On the Apocalypse Continent, people regarded him as an evil monarch!

Rumor has it that Lu Jiechen likes to go alone and travels all over the mountains and rivers alone. Unexpectedly, I ran into him here!

All of a sudden, Gao Hu and several people were frightened and sweated all over.

“It has disturbed my interest in drinking, and the sin is unforgivable, you guys, do it yourself…” At this time, Lu Jiechen coldly swept Gao Hu and said coldly, beyond doubt!

Gao Hu looked at each other, all of them were frightened and horrified.

Just knocked over your food and drink, and made us commit suicide?

Gao Hu swallowed, patiently. Respectfully said: “Master Lu, it’s just a table of wine and food, the big deal is that I will accompany you.”

When he said this, Gao Hu was up and down.

Lu Jiechen’s expression. Without the slightest fluctuation, he said indifferently: “I will just say it once. I will judge myself.”


Hearing this, Gao Hu was in a cold sweat. At that time, he was full of heart and yelled: “Lu Jiechen, I think you are the vice-master of Mingjiao, and you are kind to you. Don’t be too aggressive, you really think I’m afraid you won’t make it? , Why should we dictate ourselves?”


At this moment, only Lu Jiechen slowly raised his hand, and a group of purple-red flames churned in his palm. At the same time, the air around him was instantly distorted by the high temperature!

Lu Jiechen raised his arm casually and threw the purple flame over.

It seems that this light and fluttering palm, everyone around, but their hearts are shaking!


I only saw a few people Gao Hu, screaming sternly one by one, and the purple-red flame ignited them all!

The screams were screaming and screaming, and finally the voice gradually subsided, and the Gao Hus were all burned to coke!


Seeing this scene, everyone in the tavern was stupid, unable to speak a word, it was surprisingly silent!

“Trash.” Lu Jiechen’s mouth coldly squeezed out these two words, threw a silver coin to the boss, and strode away.

At this moment, Qin Shousheng gritted his teeth and stood up and hurriedly followed.

Lu Jiechen suddenly stopped and looked back at Qin Shousheng coldly, “What are you doing with me?”

The moment he spoke, Lu Jiechen glanced at Lily behind.

This woman is really like an immortal, an inconceivable beauty. It’s no wonder that a few bandits just became lustful.

“Senior, hero… Thank you for your help just now.” Qin Shousheng thanked him and bowed deeply.

Lu Jiechen chuckled lightly and said lightly: “I killed them because they disturbed my interest in drinking, not to help you.”

With that said, Lu Jiechen was about to leave.

Puff through.

And at this moment, Qin Shousheng knelt in front of him, respectfully bowing to Lu Jiechen: “Senior, my name is Qin Shousheng, I hope Senior, accept me as a disciple!”

After the scene just now, Qin Shousheng knew clearly. In this world, without strength, anyone can ride on your head!

Lu Jiechen’s domineering is deeply imprinted in Qin Shousheng’s mind.

He wants to be stronger! Don’t want to be bullied anymore!

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