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Chapter 4024

I saw that the entire secret room is not big, only a few square meters, and there is nothing in it.

But for some reason, there was a disturbing aura in the entire secret room.

Hai Ling’er also felt something, gently took Gary’s arm, and said softly, “Brother Wuya, this secret room is so weird.”

At this time, the two of them didn’t know that this secret room was where Prince Aotian often practiced. Seemingly simple, but hidden secrets.


Gary nodded, and then began to investigate the secret room. After a while, he found a hidden mechanism in the corner of the wall.

In an empty secret room, there is still a mechanism, obviously, there is another mystery.

At this moment, Gary did not hesitate at all, and directly opened the mechanism.


The moment the switch was pressed, a slight vibration was heard, and then, a secret door appeared on the wall in front of him, and behind the secret door was a secret passage extending diagonally downward.


The moment the secret door opened, a powerful force rushed towards them. Gary and Hai Linger were both startled and dodged subconsciously.

“I Have a Scroll of Ghosts and Gods”

But after waiting for a while, no one rushed out.

At this moment, Gary’s curiosity was instantly aroused, and he turned his head toward Hai Linger and said, “This underground secret passage is so hidden, there must be some secrets hidden. If we find it, and the situation gets out of hand, we will I can negotiate with the other side.”


Hai Ling’er nodded heavily, her delicate face couldn’t hide her excitement and excitement.

To be honest, the situation outside at this time is very unfavorable to Darryl. Even if the two of them help, it cannot be reversed. If there is a secret treasure hidden here, it may be able to save Darryl’s life.

At this time, Gary and Hai Linger discussed and entered the secret passage.

The secret passage is not long, only a dozen meters long, and at the end is a spacious dark room, half the size of a basketball court.


The moment they entered the dark room, Gary and Hai Linger were both shocked when they saw the situation in front of them.

With the help of the dim light of the dark room, I saw more than a dozen people holding long swords standing inside. These people were wearing uniform black soft armor and characteristic leather hoods on their heads, with only two eyes exposed.

At this time, Gary could clearly see that the long swords in these people’s hands were extremely sharp, and they were all purple-rank weapons.

What shocked him, even more, was that these people were not weak, and the breath that filled their bodies was almost suffocating. When the secret passage was opened just now, the powerful aura that poured out was from these people.


For a time, Gary couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Unexpectedly, there were so many top experts hidden in the secret room of the Wudang faction. Moreover, each of them is holding a purple-order long sword.

Muttering in his heart, Gary held the Overlord’s Hammer tightly at the same time, ready to fight at any time.

Hai Ling’er is also unspeakably nervous. I thought there were treasures here, but who knew that there were so many masters hidden here. Now it’s troublesome. If there is a fight later, the two of you and Wu Ya will not be opponents. .

Feeling nervous in her heart, Hai Linger bit her lip, silently mobilizing her inner strength, preparing to cooperate with Gary to fight the enemy.

However, as time passed by, the strange black-clothed men in front of them were motionless, like sculptures, as if they had not noticed the existence of Gary.

In the blink of an eye, a few minutes passed, and both Gary’s palms were sweating, and the men in black remained motionless.


Seeing this situation, Gary and Hai Linger were full of doubts.

These men in black are so powerful, they don’t seem to be acupuncture, why don’t they move?

And… as if the two of us were not found.

“Brother Wuya!”

Confused, Hai Ling’er couldn’t help but whisper, “What’s going on here?”

Gary’s face was solemn, and he shook his head: “I don’t know either.” This is the first time that he has encountered such a situation for so many years.

At this time, neither of them knew that the dozen or so people in front of them were the ‘sword soul puppets’ that Prince Aotian had gradually become during this period of time.

At the beginning, Prince Aotian killed the Seven Swords of Wudang. After combining their powers, he found a lot of secrets of sword art and sword formation from them.

Chapter 4025

After returning from the Rakshasa tribe, Prince Aotian merged these sword formations and swordsmanship to create a new sword formation.

In order to exert the power of the sword formation, Prince Aotian secretly selected thirteen elites from the Wudang disciples, and controlled them completely through the Soul Control Dafa.

It can be said that the thirteen people of the Sword Soul puppet are completely the living dead, and only obey the orders of Prince Aotian.


After waiting for a few more minutes, still no movement of these people, Gary took a deep breath and walked over slowly.

Hai Linger quickly followed.

Arriving in front of him, Gary sensed the situation of these puppets, vaguely understood something and said slowly: “They seem to be under control.”

As he said that, Gary secretly sensed the surging power of these sword soul puppets’ dantian, and frowned: “Moreover, the power in their bodies is pure yang power, but it is evil.”

Hearing this, Hai Ling’er was stunned: “How could this be?”

You must know that the Wudang sect belongs to the authentic sect of Taoism, and the pure Yang internal power has been handed down for thousands of years, but how can the internal power of Zhiyang be so evil?

Just when Hai Linger was puzzled, Gary said slowly: “It seems that the current head of Wudang is really the Prince Aotian, he is the royal family of the Divine Realm, and it is not enough to be able to control these people. strange.”


Hai Ling’er nodded in agreement: “It’s just, what is he going to do to control these people?”

“It must be doing some shameful things.” Gary said without thinking, and then his eyes flashed with a cold light: “Now that we have bumped into it, we must destroy it.”

With that said, Gary waved the Overlord Hammer and smashed it towards the head of a Sword Soul puppet in front of him.

Although these sword soul puppets are not weak, they are standing motionless at this time, almost like dead people. Once they are hit by the Overlord Hammer, their brains will definitely burst.

“do not!”

However, at this critical moment, Hai Ling’er hurriedly stopped her, her delicate face showing a bit of unbearable expression: “Brother Wu Ya, these people are all being controlled, and it’s not what they want to be like this.”

“Speaking of which, they are also poor people…”

Hai Ling’er has a kind heart, knowing that these people have been controlled, how could Gary be allowed to do it?


Hearing this, Gary scratched his head and put down the Overlord Hammer: “Then what should these people do?”

Hai Ling’er frowned slightly, and couldn’t think of a good way for a while.


On the other side, the front hall square.


Under the criticism of the Wudang people, Darryl took a deep breath and his mind gradually calmed down.

Seeing the proud look on Prince Aotian’s face at this time, Darryl quickly realized something, Ma De, Wudang Qijian must have been killed by him, but he slandered me in turn.

This trick is really poisonous.

Thinking to himself, Darryl turned his head and said to the God King Haotian: “His Royal Highness God King, let’s do it, take Aotian first.”

No matter how cunning Prince Aotian is, he is doomed when there is a divine soldier who is diligent in Tianjian today.


Haotian Divine King pondered for a while, and said with an embarrassed expression: “Emperor, please forgive me, have you made a mistake? This kid in front of him doesn’t look like he was taken away by Prince Aotian.”

“Besides, the grievances between you and Wudang have not been sorted out yet, so I will let Qin Tianjian take action. I’m afraid it is not in compliance with the rules. You also know that the original intention of Qin Tianjian was to monitor the rivers and lakes of Jiuzhou. “

Darryl was stunned: “You don’t believe me?”


Haotian God King sighed hypocritically: “It’s not that I don’t believe in Your Excellency Di Shi, Ye Yun in front of me doesn’t have the slightest fluctuation of divine power, how do you prove that he is Prince Aotian?”

Hearing this, Darryl took a deep breath and sensed Prince Aotian. Sure enough, there was no fluctuation of divine power in this kid.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that after Prince Aotian got the news, he took the medicine pill to hide his primordial spirit and divine aura.


Darryl is not stupid. When he noticed this, he realized that Prince Aotian was taking medicine pills.

Good boy, it seems that someone sent him a letter.

“Ha ha…”

Just when Darryl was thinking about this, Prince Aotian couldn’t help sneering: “Darryl, Darryl, you are really interesting. You say what kind of prince I am, but you can’t come up with conclusive evidence.”

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