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Chapter 4030

After hearing this, the surrounding Wudang disciples nodded in approval.

“Senior brother in charge really has foresight.”

“Yeah, it’s really a blessing for us in Wudang to have such a head.”

“With the sword formations of the seven masters, I won’t be afraid of this Darryl.”

For a time, many Wudang disciples sighed with emotion, and in their hearts, they respected Prince Aotian more and more, and they were even more disgusted and hostile to Darryl.

In their eyes, it is precise because this senior brother in charge is so excellent that Darryl created something out of nothing, fabricated the prince’s lie, and deliberately suppressed Wudang.


Darryl couldn’t help laughing when he heard the comments of the Wudang disciples around him.

These people….I help you Wudang faction to clear foreign aggression, you don’t understand, even if you don’t understand, and slander me in various ways.

Ha ha…

With the approval of the entire Wudang faction, Prince Aotian was even more proud. At that time, he was too lazy to talk nonsense, and issued an order to a dozen sword soul puppets: “Bu Jianzhen, take Darryl!”


Hearing the order, more than a dozen sword soul puppets waved their long swords at the same time and charged towards Darryl at the same time.

Seeing this scene, many Wudang disciples were extremely excited. But at the same time, many people also frowned secretly, and saw that there were two Sword Soul puppets, standing on the spot, motionless.

Yes, these two are Gary and Hai Linger.


At this moment, seeing those Sword Soul puppets and receiving the order to attack Darryl, Gary couldn’t help taking a deep breath, his heart sank, and he couldn’t help worrying.

Hai Linger was also anxious, and whispered, “Brother Wuya, what should we do? Are we going to help uncle?”

Gary glanced at Prince Aotian calmly, and replied in a low voice, “Don’t be impulsive, this person is the mastermind behind the scenes, let’s find a chance to deal with him later.”

His father was unparalleled in the world. Although these puppets left, it was difficult to hurt him.

The so-called capture thief first captures the king, and as long as you control this Aotian prince later, those puppets will not be a concern.

“Okay!” Hai Ling’er nodded knowingly.

During this period of time, the two were almost inseparable and had a tacit understanding. Even if what Gary said was not very clear, Hai Linger could instantly understand what he meant.

“Fairy Wood”

The voices of the two were so small that everyone around them could not hear them at all.


At this moment, Prince Aotian was also stunned, watching the two sword soul puppets motionless, he couldn’t help frowning secretly.

what’s the situation?

Are these two strong-willed? Out of my control?

When Immortal Venerable taught the Soul Control Dafa, he once told Prince Aotian that although human beings are weaker than gods, there are also people with strong willpower. Such people will only be controlled for a short time. Get out of control with great willpower.

At this time, Prince Aotian thought that these two puppets were out of control through willpower, but he did not know that these two were not sword soul puppets at all.

never mind!

Soon, Prince Aotian reacted, even if two puppets were out of control, it would not harm the overall situation.

At this time, in the square.

What a great speed.

Seeing more than a dozen sword soul puppets burst out, Darryl was secretly taken aback, but he didn’t panic, mobilizing the power of his primordial spirit to face it and fight fiercely with more than a dozen sword soul puppets.

bang bang bang…

The figures of the two sides shuttled back and forth in mid-air, and bursts of vibrations erupted. At first, Darryl was very confident, but after a while, his face became a little dignified.

It has to be said that the sword formation left by the Seven Swords of Wudang is really exquisite. Although these people are controlled, they cooperate closely with each other. , almost no flaws can be found.

Speaking of which, if Darryl burst out with all his strength, he could rush out of the sword formation, but in this way, these sword soul puppets would be severely injured and even lose their lives.

In Darryl’s heart, these people are controlled and they don’t know what they are doing. How can they bear to hurt their lives?

Chapter 4031

Ha ha…

Seeing Darryl trapped in the sword formation, Prince Aotian showed a smile and became more and more complacent.

At the same time, the God King Haotian, who had been watching in midair, also had his eyes flickering.

The situation at hand has been controlled by His Royal Highness, and it seems that there is no need to do it yourself.


At this time, Prince Aotian was proud and shouted: “Give me the life of the seven masters and die.” After the words fell, Prince Aotian burst out and rushed towards Darryl.

At this time, Darryl had been trapped by the sword formation, which was a good opportunity for a surprise attack.


Seeing Prince Aotian bursting out from behind, Darryl frowned and couldn’t help but scolded inwardly, and at the same time he was a little panicked.

If you rush out of the sword formation, you will inevitably hurt the innocent.

But if you don’t rush out, you will be raided by Prince Aotian…

How to do?

“Shameless, don’t hurt my father!”

Just at this critical moment, I heard a loud shout, and then, Gary, who had been standing there waiting for an opportunity, suddenly erupted.

Gary has been holding back, just waiting for this moment.


In the blink of an eye, Gary was in the air, a powerful breath burst out, he raised his hand to tear off the black hood on his head, and at the same time summoned the Overlord’s Hammer.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding Wudang disciples all changed their expressions and exclaimed.

“Overlord’s Hammer… Is he the current Lord of Heaven’s Gate, Gary?”

“Why is he here? He pretends to be one of us…”



At this moment, feeling the danger coming from behind, Prince Aotian was shocked, he immediately turned around and saw that it was Gary.

At the beginning, Prince Aotian was imprisoned in Donghai City in the appearance of Ren Pingsheng. He had been a prisoner for a few days, and he naturally knew Gary.

It’s just Prince Aotian, he never thought that this kid would pretend to be a sword soul puppet and take the opportunity to raid him.

“It’s me!”

Seeing Prince Aotian’s frightened expression, Gary said coldly: “I have already known your conspiracy, and now you want to harm my father, how can I spare you? Go to hell!”


The last word fell, Gary waved hard, and he heard a whistling sound that shocked the world. It came from the Overlord’s Hammer, and a touch of golden light ripped apart the world and burst towards Prince Aotian.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding Wudang disciples shouted loudly.


“Don’t hurt our head.”

During the shouting, many Wudang disciples wanted to rush over, but it was too late.

At such a close distance, Prince Aotian didn’t have time to dodge at all. He didn’t have time to think about it at that time, and quickly urged all his strength to deploy a protective film in front of him.

“The Guard is Here”


Jin Mang slammed hard on the protective film, and he heard Prince Aotian let out a muffled groan. The whole person was shocked and flew out, flying dozens of meters away, and finally fell heavily on the steps in front of the main hall.

The pain came, and Prince Aotian’s eyes turned black, and he almost fainted. He clearly felt that his Primordial Spirit was severely damaged, and the blood in his body was surging.

Speaking of which, Gary’s own strength makes it difficult to hurt Prince Aotian. It was just that he unleashed all the power of the Overlord’s Hammer under his anger just now, and this caused him to be severely damaged. After all, in the Kyushu Continent, the Overlord’s Hammer is the second Yu Kaitian Axe’s magic weapon.


At this moment, the Sword Soul puppet, who was fighting fiercely with Darryl, stopped almost at the same time.

Prince Aotian was hit hard, and these puppets naturally lost control.

Seeing this situation, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, and he was indescribably excited and unexpected, and said to Gary, “Y’er, why are you here?”

To be honest, at that moment, Darryl really thought that he would be attacked by Prince Aotian, but he never thought that at the critical moment, Gary would appear.

As soon as he finished speaking, Hai Linger walked over quickly and smiled at Darryl: “Uncle, we’ve been here a long time ago, but we haven’t had a chance to show up.” Beautiful face comes out.


Seeing Hai Ling’er’s delicate face, the surrounding Wudang disciples were all stunned for a long time, but they couldn’t get over it for a long time.

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