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Chapter 4044

Seeing Wang Xiaoman’s refusal again, Zheng Qiang lost his patience and laughed in anger.

However, Zheng Qiang still held back his face and said with a smile: “What can happen at such a late hour? If you have any difficulties, I’ll ask the assistant to help you later.”

As he was talking, Zheng Qiang opened the car door directly and grabbed Wang Xiaoman’s wrist: “I have already ordered the restaurant, Xiaoman, if you don’t appreciate your face tonight, I will be very disappointed, let’s go.”

At this time, Zheng Qiang had a smile on his face, but evil light flashed in his eyes.

In the past, there were also beauties who rejected them, but after using forcible means, the other party also half pushed them, and in the end, everything came naturally.

In Zheng Qiang’s heart, Wang Xiaoman in front of him is also of this type. On the surface, he is reserved, but he will soon become obedient.

“Mr. Zheng!”

Suddenly being pulled out, Wang Xiaoman couldn’t help exclaiming: “You…you let go, it’s not good to be seen by others.” The boss was so shameless, he started directly after being rejected..

In a panic, Wang Xiaoman wanted to curse, but thinking that the other party was the boss, he held back.


At the same time, Darryl, who was sitting in the back seat, also frowned.

This man is not too timid, he started to move so quickly?


Feeling Wang Xiaoman’s nervousness, Zheng Qiang smiled and comforted: “Don’t be nervous, I don’t mean anything else, I just want to have a meal with you, by the way, I went to the headquarters of Estee Group some time ago and saw them When a new product is launched, I will buy you a copy.”

Saying that, Zheng Qiang took out an exquisite small box from his body, took out an exquisite bracelet from it, and put it on Wang Xiaoman’s wrist.

As you can see, the bracelet has a novel style, and it is full of jewels and diamonds, and the largest one is at least dozens of carats. It’s worth a lot at first sight.


At this moment, Wang Xiaoman’s body trembled, looking at the bracelet on her wrist, her heart was shocked.

A new product from Estée? How much does this cost.

In the mainland of Kyushu, there is no girl who does not know about the Estee Group. At the beginning, the Estee company was only famous in the Diyuan mainland, and only made skin care cosmetics. The new products launched every year can cause many women to go crazy. buying spree.

Later, when the boundary of the continent of Kyushu disappeared, Estee took the opportunity to expand its business to various continents, and the company’s products also expanded from cosmetics to jewelry and clothing at the beginning. The company’s reputation has also completely covered the entire Kyushu continent.

It can be said that the current Estée company is the popular wind vane in Kyushu. As long as the new products launched, they can be wildly sought after by the majority of women.

Of course, Estée’s products are not affordable for ordinary people, but high-end luxury goods. Anything is astronomical. Just think of a professional elite like Wang Xiaoman, even if he has a lot of income, he is not strong enough to buy the products of Estee, and he can only take a look at it from a distance.

Such a beautiful bracelet.

At this moment, Wang Xiaoman looked at the shiny bracelet on his wrist and felt dizzy. To be honest, Wang Xiaoman was on TV at the press conference of Estée a week ago and saw this bracelet, which is said to be priced at 888 Wan Jiuzhou coins, but I never thought that Zheng Qiang bought a pair in order to please himself.


Seeing Wang Xiaoman foolishly there, Zheng Qiang showed a smile.

There is no woman who doesn’t eat this set. It seems that a good thing has happened tonight. I will call the hotel later and ask them to prepare a room with sentimentality.

Thinking to himself, Zheng Qiang smiled and said, “Xiaoman, do you like it?”

Hearing the question, Wang Xiaoman came back to his senses, quickly took off the bracelet, shook his head and said, “Mr. Zheng, this thing is too precious, I can’t take it, you should take it back.”

Having said that, Wang Xiaoman handed the bracelet to Zheng Qiang.

Naturally, Zheng Qiang would not accept it, so he took advantage of the situation to launch a sweet-talking offensive: “Xiaoman, you are now out of the picture. In the past few months, you have been responsible for your work and taught the students with all your heart. This is the reward I gave you on behalf of the company. “

“You are so beautiful and your skin is so fair. This bracelet is called ‘Galaxy Love’, and the gems on it are all natural, so they are perfect for you.”

Chapter 4045

However, at this time, Wang Xiaoman was very clear-headed, shook his head and said, “Mr. Zheng, I really can’t have it.”

As he spoke, Zheng Qiang wrapped his other hand around Wang Xiaoman’s waist.


Like a frightened rabbit, Wang Xiaoman hurriedly ducked, but at this time he lost his patience: “Mr. Zheng, please show some respect.”

When talking, Wang Xiaoman was very nervous. She really didn’t expect that Zheng Qiang was so courageous, and his hands and feet became more and more dishonest.

Wang Xiaoman’s words did not make Zheng Qiang restrained, but more stimulated his interest. At that time, he smiled and said, “Xiaoman, don’t refuse, to be honest, I really like you.”

“Do you know how many girls dream of being my woman, I don’t even look at them, I only see you.”

When the words fell, Zheng Qiang suddenly pulled Wang Xiaoman into his arms. He smelled the fragrance on her body, and his face was intoxicated: “It smells so good, did you just take a bath?”

At this time, Zheng Qiang was unable to restrain himself.

After all, this underground parking lot belongs to the company, and now that the off-duty time has passed, no one will know even if Wang Xiaoman is run here.


At this moment, Wang Xiaoman’s delicate face flushed with shame and anger: “You…you let me go.” As she spoke, she was about to break free, but she was only a weak woman and could not break free at all.


At this time, Zheng Qiang’s eyes flashed with evil light: “What’s wrong with me? I live the life of Mrs. Kuo every day, and I don’t have to show up to teach yoga. Don’t worry, I only love you one in my life…”

Before the last sentence was finished, Zheng forced his lips together.

“You let me go, let me go…”

Shame and anger, Wang Xiaoman struggled hard, but where did he break free, and in the end his heart was full of despair.

So grown up, haven’t talked about a boyfriend, is it going to be here tonight, sullied by this bas***?

Thinking about it, Wang Xiaoman couldn’t help but cry.


Just when Wang Xiaoman was in complete despair, the sound of closing the car door sounded behind him, and then, a hand clapped on Zheng Qiang’s body.

Hearing this news, Wang Xiaoman just remembered that Darryl was still sitting in the car, but he soon became worried. This man was seriously injured, and I am afraid that the matter could not be solved, and Zheng Qiang would take revenge.

“Made, who?”

The good thing was interrupted, Zheng Qiang was full of fire, scolded, and looked back at the same time.

Seeing Darryl, Zheng Qiang immediately frowned: “Boy, who is your special code? How did you get in?” This man dressed so shabby must be a homeless person or a beggar who entered by mistake.

Mad, looking after the security guard in the parking lot, how do you see the door? How did you put such a person in?

Darryl did not answer immediately, but took advantage of the situation to grab Wang Xiaoman and drag her behind him.

Afterwards, Darryl looked at Zheng Qiang up and down, with absolute contempt in his eyes, and said lightly: “Tsk tsk, the second generation of the rich is really becoming more and more shameless. It’s really shameless to force the action.”

After walking in the arena for so many years, Darryl has encountered many wicked people, but the most disgusting thing in his heart is this kind of playboy who bullies women.

“Anti-God Evil God”


Hearing Darryl’s scolding, Zheng Qiang’s face was instantly gloomy, his eyes spitting fire: “Boy, you are courting death, do you know who I am?” With the influence of his family in the local area, Zheng Qiang almost did whatever he wanted, who would dare to face insult him?

At this time, this guy in shabby clothes, dared to scold himself, and even in front of the beautiful woman, was simply impatient.


At the same time, Wang Xiaoman was also very frightened, and quickly pulled Darryl, biting his lip and said, “Don’t be impulsive…” To be honest, he was very grateful for his help, but the other party was Zheng Qiang.

He is a foreigner, how could he be the opponent of the local rich disciples?

Darryl smiled and signaled not to be nervous.

The next second, Darryl looked at Zheng Qiang and said indifferently, “I don’t care who you are, as far as your behavior just now, you’re not as good as a beast. Hurry up and apologize to him, then get out!”

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