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Chapter 4066

With that said, Mr. Su looked at the men around him: “You guys, go and inform her grandma to prepare for the funeral.”

All the means of rescue that I knew were used just now, but this girl has not responded, obviously it is hopeless.


Hearing this, both Su Xueying and the men around were stunned, and then they couldn’t hide their sadness.

Xiaoyou is still so young, this kind of thing happened.

It’s so pathetic.

In grief, several men gathered around to discuss how to tell the bad news to Xiaoyou’s grandma.

Su Xueying burst into tears and took a white cloth, ready to cover Xiaoyou.

However, at this moment, Darryl came over and said to Su Xueying, “Don’t cover the white cloth first, this little girl is not dead yet.”


Hearing this, Su Xueying was stunned.

At the same time, the old man Su and the men were stunned for a while, and then looked at Darryl.

Who is this kid?

Old Master Su said that there was no help, but he said that Xiaoyou was not dead?

Soon, Mr. Su regained his senses. He first glanced at Darryl up and down, and then directed at Su Xueying: “Xiaoying, who is this kid?”

I have practiced medicine for so many years, and I have never made a mistake. Now I am questioned by a kid, and I am suddenly a little unhappy.

“Grandpa!” Su Xueying hurriedly introduced: “He is a friend of my classmate. He came to us for a few days.”

Saying that, Su Xueying couldn’t help but glared at Darryl: “Fengtao, what are you doing? Don’t make a fool of yourself if you don’t understand.” This Fengtao had clearly warned him before that he was not allowed to make trouble in the medical hall, how could he forget it in a blink of an eye?

It’s just a soft meal, what can you understand?

Feeling Su Xueying’s displeasure, Darryl had a serious face: “I’m not messing around, the little girl is indeed not dead.” If there were other things, Darryl would not be uncomfortable, but life is at stake, so he can’t care about that much at this time. .

Su Xueying was so angry that she was about to reprimand, but was stopped by Mr. Su.


At this moment, Old Man Su looked up and down at Darryl, and said lightly, “I have already tried it just now. This girl has been drowning for too long. Even if a god comes, she will be unable to recover. Why do you say she is not dead?”

The voice fell, and several men around looked at Darryl closely, waiting for his answer.

You must know that Mr. Su’s medical skills are obvious to all. In the past few decades, I don’t know how many people in the town have been saved, but this kid actually doubted Mr. Su’s medical skills.

“My Healing Game”

It’s ridiculous.

Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and pointed to Xiaoyou’s face: “The reason why the little girl is unconscious is not because she was drowning for too long, but because she was poisoned. If I guess correctly, it should be caused by being bitten by a water snake. drowning.”

“Look at her face carefully, her face is pale, but there is a trace of blackness between her brows, which is obviously a sign of poisoning.”


Hearing this, whether it was Old Man Su, or Su Xueying and the men, they all looked at Xiaoyou’s face. Sure enough, there was a faint blackness on Xiaoyou’s brows. Can’t find it at all.


For a time, Su Xueying was shocked and looked at Darryl in surprise.

Neither myself nor my grandfather noticed such small details. How did he see it?

At this time, Su Xue didn’t know that the man in front of her had studied medicine with Shennong, and she was observant. It was not in her realm at all, and could be compared.

At this moment, Old Master Su also reacted and urged Su Xueying: “Xiaoying! Quick, check on Xiaoyou.”


Su Xueying responded, quickly opened Xiaoyou’s clothes, checked carefully, and soon found several small blood holes on Xiaoyou’s left leg, because the soaking in water for too long had stopped bleeding.

Seeing the blood hole, Mr. Su was shocked: “This was bitten by Qingshui Biao.”

Qingshuibiao is a kind of water snake. It is named Qingshuibiao because it can meander and glide on the water surface. This kind of snake has poisonous teeth and is not very poisonous, but if a child like Xiaoyou is bitten, it will still be fatal. .

At this time, Su Xueying had already run to dispense the medicine without waiting for Old Man Su to speak.

After a while, Su Xueying boiled the medicine and gave it to Xiaoyou. Soon, she saw Xiaoyou’s pale complexion, which gradually became rosy. Although she still hadn’t woken up, she had saved her life.

Chapter 4067

Seeing this scene, everyone present breathed a sigh of relief.

That’s great, Xiaoyou is finally okay.

At the same time, several men couldn’t help but look at Darryl, with complex expressions on their faces.

Speaking of which, thanks to this person today.

At the same time, Su Xueying looked at Darryl’s eyes with a bit of surprise. He could tell from Xiaoyou’s face that he was bitten by a water snake…

Have you studied medicine?


As soon as this thought flashed, Su Xueying shook her head. If this person has such great ability, how can he still eat soft rice and rely on Chen Shishi to work and support him? Masked, definitely masked.

“Wow…” At this moment, Xiaoyou woke up, and the moment she opened her eyes, she burst into tears.

Su Xueying and a few men hurried around, coaxing and persuading, and after a while, Xiaoyou calmed down and was sent home by a few men.

Su Xueying chased out the door, not forgetting to tell Xiaoyou: “It’s alright Xiaoyou, don’t cry, next time remember not to play by the water, how dangerous…”


Seeing this scene, Darryl smiled secretly, feeling very emotional.

Speaking of which, this Su Xueying is a good girl with a kind heart, but unfortunately she is a bit self-righteous and has some prejudice against me. I really don’t know where she came to the conclusion that I am Chen Shishi’s boyfriend, and I still eat soft rice…

Forget it, I won’t be here for a few days anyway.

“Little brother!”

Just when Darryl was thinking about these things, the old man Su came slowly and smiled a little ashamedly: “It was really thanks to you just now, otherwise, the old man would have made a big mistake today.”

To be honest, if it wasn’t for Darryl’s reminder just now, Mr. Su really didn’t realize that Xiaoyou was poisoned.

At this time, the old man Su was very ashamed. He has practiced medicine all his life and never missed his illness. If Xiaoyou lost his life due to his negligence today, but the evening festival is not guaranteed, how will he face the villagers in the town in the future.

“You’re welcome, old man!” Darryl smiled humbly.

Old Man Su waved his hand: “Don’t be humble, you can have such subtle observation skills, you should have studied medicine?” Although Old Man Su has never been outside in his life, he has a very accurate eye for seeing people.

In his eyes, the Darryl in front of him seemed ordinary, but his whole body gave off an indescribable unique temperament.


Darryl scratched his head and responded, “I have learned some.”

“Really?” Mr. Su became excited and looked at Darryl closely: “Did you go to medical school, or did you study in private?”

At this time, Su Xueying came back, and when she heard the conversation between the two, she couldn’t help but pouted: “Have you studied medicine? Why haven’t you heard Shishi before?”

“The Guard is Here”

Darryl smiled and responded, “A few years ago, I knew a traveling doctor in the arena, and I learned a little from him, and only learned a little bit.”

Since you want to hide your identity, you can’t really say what the situation is, so let’s make up one.

Are you a doctor in the rivers and lakes?

Hearing this, the old man Su was stunned for a moment, thoughtful.

However, Su Xueying couldn’t help but chuckle: “It turned out to be a medical student with Jianghu, those are all liars, what real skills can they have?” The words were full of disdain.

Seeing her like this, Darryl smiled without any excuse.

Old Master Su frowned, and said to Su Xueying a little displeased: “Xiaoying, don’t do this, how did Grandpa teach you when you were a child? You can’t be too proud in everything, you must know that many experts are hidden in the rivers and lakes. .”

“A mountain is still a mountain high. You are so arrogant and complacent, how can you treat people in the future?”

The more Mr. Su said, the more serious he became.

“Understood…” Su Xueying’s head was big for a while, and she said repeatedly: “Grandpa, you have said these words for so many years, my ears are going to have calluses.”

The old man Su looked solemn: “You stinky girl, every time you reason with you, you look impatient, let me tell you, this guy is good, let him fight you more, don’t let him always Do chores.”

While speaking, Mr. Su glanced at Darryl, his eyes full of approval. Nice guy, it’s really a pity to do chores here.

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