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Chapter 4088


Seeing these elite disciples rushing up, Nalan Wushuang was furious and shouted: “Are you going to rebel? Help a foreigner to deal with me?”

However, upon hearing the scolding, the dozens of elite disciples did not hesitate, but as the speed increased, their faces were cold, and there was no fluctuation.

Crazy, these people are crazy.

Realizing this, Nalan Wushuang was both angry and panic.

At this time, Nalan Wushuang did not know that these people were controlled by Gone, and would not listen to her at all.


At this moment, Shennong took a deep breath: “Don’t waste your efforts, these disciples are also controlled by him and won’t listen to you. The only way now is to break out as soon as possible.”

While speaking, Shennong took out two pills and handed them to Nalan Wushuang: “Take it quickly.”

Yes, Shennong was going to use his poison art. In the current situation, it was impossible to rush out with his strength, and he could only use some extraordinary means.


At this moment, Nalan Wushuang and Tie Bowen took over the medicinal pills and were stunned for a moment, but seeing the freshness of the pills, they didn’t hesitate at the time and hurriedly took them.

“Just at this point, you dare to get an axe in front of this old man?”

At this moment, Shennong said coldly, and immediately raised his hands quickly, a powerful breath burst out, and then, a white mist condensed in front of Shennong.

In the next second, the white fog seemed to possess spirituality and quickly filled the air toward the dozens of elite disciples who were rushing towards it.

In these white mists, there is a strong poison. Although Shennong is the ancestor of medicine, his method of poisoning is also superb.

puff puff…

In the blink of an eye, dozens of elite disciples were shrouded in white mist. After inhaling them, these elite disciples didn’t have time to react, their eyes darkened and they fainted.

Shennong has a kind-hearted disposition, and he has no intention to kill. Although the poisonous mist he unleashes is violent, it is not fatal.


But even so, Gogne was inexplicably frightened when he saw dozens of his subordinates lose their combat effectiveness in an instant. His face also became extremely gloomy.

I thought this Shennong could only heal people, but he really underestimated him.

Omg…that’s awesome.

At the same time, Nalan Wushuang and Tie Bowen were stunned when they saw this scene, and they couldn’t tell how excited they were.

As expected of the senior Shennong, he has solved so many people at the click of a button. It’s amazing.


Just when Nalan Wushuang was secretly excited, Shennong was full of anxiety and shouted: “Don’t be stunned, you and this Rakshasa clan boy hurry up, leave here first, this old man will block this Gone first.”

Speaking of which, although Shennong had determined that the ‘Nie Zhan’ in front of him was the one behind the scenes, he was unable to accurately detect the opponent’s true strength.

In this case, we can only take the safest way and let Nalan Wushuang and the two go first.

Shen Nong was very confident that even if he could not subdue this Nie Zhan, he could successfully hold him back.


As soon as the words fell, Nalan Wushuang shook his head, his delicate and delicate face was full of determination: “Senior, this is a family matter for our Nalan family, and I will not leave.”

Although Nalan Wushuang is unruly, he is very principled, and he must not retreat from the affairs of his own family.

Tie Bowen also had a serious look and shouted: “Yes, we won’t leave, and we won’t leave senior here alone.”

Two fools.

At this moment, Shen Nong was a bit dumbfounded: “This person’s strength is unfathomable. Even if you two stay, you won’t be able to help the old man. Hurry up, only leave safely and protect yourself is the best policy.”

“Furthermore, you don’t need to worry either. If you fight alone, this person can’t help this old man.”

When he said this, Shen Nong’s face was full of anxiety.


At this moment, Nalan Wushuang bit his lip tightly, hesitated for a while, and finally nodded: “Senior, be careful.” After speaking, he grabbed Tie Bowen and quickly rushed towards the secret room.

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To be honest, Nalan Wushuang didn’t want to leave like this. After all, both grandpa and aunt were controlled by this hateful ‘Nie Zhan’.

But what Senior Shennong said was not bad. Brother Bowen had just woken up and his strength had not recovered. Staying here would not help at all.

Chapter 4089

Moreover, Senior Shennong is the ancestor of medicine that the world admires, and his strength is strong. It should not be a problem to deal with this Nie Zhan.


Seeing this scene, the corner of Gone’s mouth evoked a hint of gloom, and the figure erupted, rushing over to intercept Nalan Wushuang. The strength of the whole body exploded, and the surrounding air seemed to plummet a few degrees.


Feeling the explosive breath of Gone, whether it was Nalan Wushuang or Tie Bowen, they were all shocked.

Especially Nalan Wushuang, who stared blankly at Gone who was getting closer, his heart was full of horror.

Why did Nie Zhan’s strength suddenly become so terrifying?

This man is too hateful, hiding so deeply.

“Wushuang be careful.” Tie Bowen was also secretly shocked, and couldn’t help but shouted, he wanted to protect Nalan Wushuang behind him, but he just woke up and his strength has not recovered, so he can only watch and worry.


“Come to the old man for something.”

At this critical moment, Shennong shouted angrily, rushed over quickly, and fought fiercely with Gone.

While fighting, Shen Nong did not forget to urge: “Girl, you two go quickly, go…”

“Senior, you must take care!” Nalan Wushuang came to his senses and shouted. Without thinking, he quickly left with Tie Bowen.


Gone wanted to stop him, but was entangled by Shennong and couldn’t get out for a while, and his heart was very suffocated.

However, Gone quickly calmed down, and secretly gave Nalan Hongzheng an order to intercept through the soul control technique. Then, he seriously dealt with Shennong in front of him.

bang bang bang…

I saw the figures of Gone and Shennong, constantly shuttled back and forth in the secret room, bursting with roars. At first, Shennong was a little confident, but gradually he felt that something was wrong. No matter how fierce the attack is, it can be easily resolved by the opponent.

Not only that, Shen Nong could clearly feel that the power that pervaded the opponent’s body suppressed him to such an extent that he could hardly breathe.

Who is this person? This power is too terrifying.

Even Darryl has not reached such a state.

Just when Shen Nong was secretly shocked, a smile appeared on the corner of Gone’s mouth: “Shen Nong, you can’t stop me at all, don’t waste your time.”


The last word fell, Gone broke out the power of the demon soul, and the surrounding air quickly froze.

The terrifying breath made the suppressed heart panic.

Immediately afterward, Gone struck with lightning and slapped Shennong with a palm.

This power…is the power of the demon soul….

Feeling the overwhelming power of the opponent, Shennong was taken aback. At this time, he finally realized that the opponent did not belong to Kyushu at all.

At this time, Shen Nong, knowing that the other party was from the Demon Race, did not dare to have the slightest carelessness, and tried his best with this palm.


In an instant, the palms of the two sides collided, and a roar was heard. Shennong groaned, and was directly knocked out. Finally, he hit the stone wall of the secret room and fell down.


Shen Nong only felt the qi and blood in his body churning, but he still held back and stared at Gone: “Are you from the Demon Race?” No wonder the other party was able to easily control Nalan Hongzheng and Nalan Xinran.

Ha ha!

Gone smiled slightly, and no longer concealed it at this time: “Yes, the deity is the supreme god of the demon race, hidden here, just waiting for the opportunity to make a comeback.”

“The Supreme Being of the Demon Race?” Hearing this, Shennong’s body trembled, his brain buzzed, and he couldn’t help but mutter to himself: “The leader of the Demon Race, Gone…”

No wonder Darryl and Qin Tianjian couldn’t find him. It turned out to be hidden in the Nalan family.

“Shen Nong..”

Seeing the change in Shennong’s face, Gone’s tone was relaxed, and he said slowly: “I didn’t want to kill you, but if you have to meddle in your own business, then you can’t blame me.”

When the words fell, Gone’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, and then he raised his hand suddenly, and a red glow erupted towards Shennong.

To be honest, Gone really didn’t want to make extra troubles, but his identity had been exposed, so he could only get rid of Shennong. After all, Shennong and Darryl had a close relationship and couldn’t stay.


Feeling the power of Hongmang, Shennong’s face turned pale, and unprecedented despair surged in his heart.

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