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Chapter 4094


Seeing this, Tracy exhaled softly and pondered.

This Rakshasa person also said the same, it seems that the situation is true.


At this moment, Nalan Hong was full of sullenness, and shouted angrily at Nalan Wushuang: “You bas***, you are still slandering the elders, watch me kill you with one palm.”

When the voice fell, Nalan Hong was raising his right hand quickly and hitting Nalan Wushuang’s head.


At this moment, Tracy did not hesitate in the slightest, and the delicate body flashed forward, and the jade hand raised, blocking the palm for Nalan Wushuang, and in an instant, a dull sound was heard, and both Tracy and Nalan Hongzheng were shocked. Take a few steps back.

Obviously, the palms collided just now, and the two sides were evenly matched.

At this time, Nalanhong was quickly stabilizing his figure, his eyes were fixed on the ice, and his heart was shaking.

This Tracy is so young, but his strength is unfathomable. As expected, it is very difficult to deal with as rumored in the arena…

Thinking to himself, Nalan Hong took a deep breath and said coldly to Tracy, “Girl Tracy, what do you mean? Do you want to interfere in the affairs of our Nalan family?”

“Senior calm down!”

Feeling Nalan Hongzheng’s anger, Tracy’s face was calm, his red lips parted lightly, and he said slowly: “I don’t mean to offend, I just can’t bear to watch it, tiger poison is still not eating children, she is your granddaughter, Why bother with this cruel hand?”

Saying that, Tracy’s eyes showed a bit of deep meaning: “Could it be that she said it right, you are really being controlled?”


At this moment, Nalan Hongzheng was furious: “Shut up, I’m fine, how can I be controlled, girl Tracy, if you can’t go away, don’t blame me for being rude.”

When he said this, Nalan Hongzheng was impatient.

There is indeed a problem.

Seeing that Nalan Hong was so excited, Tracy had already made up his mind, and said slowly: “Why are you welcome? I would like to see.”

“good very good!”

Hearing this, Nalan Hongzheng twitched the muscles on his face and said coldly, “Stinky girl, you really think this old man is afraid of you. If you don’t take the chance, don’t blame me.”


As he said that, Nalan Hong’s figure erupted, heading straight for the ice.

Tracy was suspended there quietly, her beautiful face was very indifferent, without the slightest panic: “Senior is so anxious, it seems that it is really not Nalan Wushuang’s problem.”

The last word fell, and the ice-cold body flashed, and he went up to fight with Nalan Hongzheng.


At this moment, the family disciples below could hardly help but take a deep breath, and saw that Tracy and Na Lanhong were fighting in mid-air.

bang bang bang…

In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought fiercely for more than a dozen rounds. At that time, Nalan Hong was looking for an opportunity. He slapped Tracy’s shoulder with a palm, and heard a muffled groan, and Bing Bing was shaken back by the volley.

To be honest, if the strength of the two sides is reckless, Nalan Hongzheng is not an opponent of Tracy at all, but Nalanhong is being controlled by Gone, and he has lost his mind at this time, and Hanbing respects the other party as a senior, and did not make a full shot. Nalan Hongzheng took advantage of it.

“Ha ha…”

At this moment, Nalan Hong was full of pride: “Girl Hanbing, the gossip of our Nalan family is not something you can manage if you want.”

Tracy sighed lightly and said seriously: “I will take care of injustice.”

“Before, I respected you as a senior, so I gave three points, but you are so aggressive, so don’t blame me for not being polite.”


The last word fell, and Tracy slowly raised his jade hand, and in an instant, an ice-blue light emerged around her.

Immediately afterwards, a huge ice-blue dragon coiled in the air in front of the ice.

I saw this ice-blue giant dragon, surrounded by cold air, it was obviously transformed from a powerful internal force, but every scale on its body was clear and lifelike, as if it were real.

In particular, the terrifying icy aura pervaded his body, as if freezing the surrounding air.

That’s right, what Tracy used was Han Ao Ran’s unique skill, the Big Bing Dragon Palm.

Back then, Monica was the head of Emei. With his big ice dragon palm, he became famous in the world, and Tracy was even better than the blue. Under the guidance of Han Ao Ran over the years, he has done his best, especially this move. The big ice dragon palm is even more amazing.

Chapter 4095


At this time, when the huge ice dragon appeared, both Nalan Hongzheng and the many disciples of the family below felt a chill to the bones, and their expressions were extremely horrified.

“This… This is the Emei faction’s unique technique, the big ice dragon palm?”

“It’s really strong…”

Under the shock, everyone looked at Tracy with deep fear.

This ice is worthy of Darryl’s daughter, the power of this big ice dragon palm is really amazing.


Under the shock of the crowd, Nalan Wushuang looked at Tracy closely, his eyes couldn’t hide the excitement.

I didn’t expect Sister Hanbing to be so powerful and even learned the secret skills of the Emei faction. Now I and Brother Bowen are saved. However, thinking that the other party is his grandfather, his mood becomes complicated again.

“Big Ice Dragon Palm?”

At this moment, seeing the huge ice dragon in front of Tracy, Nalan Hong was putting away his smile and his face became solemn.


In the next second, Nalan Hong didn’t have time to think, and quickly deployed a protective film in front of him.

At the moment when the protective film was formed, a huge ice dragon roared and slammed into the protective film…


An earth-shattering roar sounded, and I saw that the protective film was directly smashed. Then, the ice dragon’s sharp claws slapped Nalan Hongzheng fiercely, and he heard a miserable howl, and his body fell heavily from the air.

“Pfft…” After landing, Nalan Hong was spitting out a mouthful of blood, then his eyes darkened and he passed out.

Although Nalan Hongzheng’s strength is not weak, it is still a little powerless to resist the unique skills of the Emei faction.


For a while, the audience was silent. Even if a needle is dropped on the ground, it can be heard clearly.

The surrounding Nalan family disciples looked at the ice, in addition to being shocked, there was also deep fear…

The strength of this ice is too terrifying, and the patriarch can’t even catch one of her moves.


After being stunned for more than ten seconds, someone finally reacted, shouted and rushed over to check Nalan Hongzheng’s situation.


The others were also relieved and gathered around one after another.

At this moment, Nalan Wushuang was also unspeakably worried, and couldn’t help shouting, “Grandpa…” Tears streamed down before the words fell.

Although he almost died at the hands of Nalan Hongzheng just now, his life was hanging by a thread, but he was his grandfather after all, and he was only controlled, not really wanting to kill himself. How can you not worry when you see him in a coma at this time?

“Don’t panic!”

At this moment, Tracy slowly descended and said to Nalan Wushuang: “Your grandfather just passed out, and there is no danger to his life.” When he used the Big Ice Dragon Palm just now, Tracy only activated seven layers of skill. , that is, for fear of accidental injury.

Otherwise, if he burst out with all his strength, Nalan Hong was afraid that he would be dead.


Hearing what Tracy said, Nalan Wushuang nodded and felt a little relieved. She knew that Tracy would not lie to herself.

Tracy didn’t talk nonsense. Taking advantage of the attention of those family disciples, Nalan Hongzheng was on him. At that time, he quickly took Nalan Wushuang and Tie Bowen away without any hesitation.


On the other side, Taihetang.

In the hall, Darryl was humming a little tune and was sorting medicinal materials.

At this time, Darryl was in a very good mood. He had been here for two days. During the past two days, Darryl had calmed down and cultivated. With the elixir that Chen Shishi had searched for, his injuries were basically healed, and his strength had recovered by half.

According to this progress, it will be fully recovered in a few days.

However, Darryl was also a little worried. A few days passed, and he didn’t know what happened to Brother Wen and the others.


Suddenly, Darryl thought of something, took out a few tortoise shells from the medicine cabinet behind him, wrote symbols on them with a fine pen, and began to perform divination.

Divination is one of the oldest profound arts. When they were in the realm of the gods, Darryl and Guiguzi learned a little bit. Although the realm is not deep, it can be regarded as a first glimpse of the door, and a simple divination is still possible.

Darryl thought about it, since the phone could not be reached, he used divination to calculate the situation of Brother Wen.

To prepare for work last night, Darryl began to use tortoise shells for divination.


After divination three times in a row, Darryl couldn’t help but look solemn.

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