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Chapter 4100

This old man has such a unique temperament.

Muttering, Su Xueying politely said: “Grandpa, you…are you looking for my grandfather?”

This old grandpa is very good-natured. He is not a resident of the town. How could he know his grandfather?

You know, Grandpa has been practicing medicine in the town for decades, and he has basically never left the town. How can he meet friends from other places?


Hearing Su Xueying’s name, Shennong was stunned for a while, then realized something and laughed at himself.

Decades have passed, and the boy at the time is not old.

Thinking to himself, Shennong showed a kind smile, nodded and said, “Not bad!”

“Grandpa is resting in the backyard now, I’ll take you there.” Su Xueying didn’t think much, she said, and took Shennong to the backyard.

At this time, in the backyard, Mr. Su was sitting on the reclining chair with his eyes closed.


Before entering the backyard, Su Xueying shouted, “A friend from outside came to find you.”

Suddenly being disturbed, Mr. Su was a little unhappy, opened his eyes and said, “Grandpa has never left the town, where are the foreign friends?” As she was talking, Su Xueying walked in with Shennong.


At this time, Shennong’s eyes fell on Mr. Su, and he showed a smile: “Little friend, I haven’t seen you for many years, are you okay?”

At this moment, the old man Su stood up tremblingly and looked at Shen Nong in disbelief. He was completely dumbfounded.

“Mr. Jiang?”

After a few seconds, Mr. Su couldn’t hide his shock and said, “Is that you? Mr. Jiang?” When he spoke, Mr. Su’s voice trembled, and his eyes were filled with endless reverence and joy.

The scene of encountering Shennong decades ago, Mr. Su will never forget for the rest of his life.

He remembered very clearly that when he was only sixteen years old, he went up the mountain to collect herbs, and encountered a small-town resident who fell from the mountain. The resident was in critical condition at the time. He was dying, and dozens of bones were broken, and his internal organs were also injured by shocks. .

At that time, Old Master Su, relying on his family’s medical skills, rescued him on the spot, but the resident lost too much blood, and the situation was getting worse and worse. Just when he was in a state of anxiety, an immortal old man suddenly appeared beside him.

After his instructions, Mr. Su rescued again and finally pulled the resident back from the gate of hell.

Old Man Su admired the other party’s medical skills, but unfortunately, the old man just stayed for a while and left, and only told Old Man Su that his surname was Jiang.

At this time, Mr. Su never thought that after a few decades, he would be able to see this fairy-like character again.

Feeling the excitement of the old man Su, Shennong smiled lightly: “It’s me!”

Shennong is also known as Janis shi, but very few people know this nickname. When he met Mr. Su, Shennong didn’t want to make it public, so he said this surname.

Ha ha….

At this moment, Mr. Su was very excited and said with a big laugh, “Mr. Jiang, decades have passed, but you still have the same style.” After speaking, he politely invited Shennong to the house.

Seeing this situation, Su Xueying was stunned and couldn’t help saying, “Grandpa…this is…”

At this time, the old man Su was very excited, and introduced to Su Xueying: “Girl, do you still remember the story that grandpa told you? That old gentleman like a fairy.”

“Quick, come and salute!”


Hearing this, Su Xueying was completely dumbfounded and stared at Shennong blankly, her eyes filled with incredible.

When she was very young, Su Xueying heard from her grandfather. When he was young, he met an old gentleman with superb medical skills. However, in his grandfather’s account, when he met this old gentleman decades ago, the other party had already in a rare age.

And now, decades later, this old Mr. Jiang is still alive.

How old does this have to be.

After a while, Su Xueying recovered and bowed respectfully to Shennong: “Su Xueying has seen senior.”

“No gift, no gift.” Shennong raised his hand with a smile.

Having said that, Shennong looked at the environment here and was very satisfied. The place was secluded and secluded, which was very suitable for healing. Once the injury was healed, he would find a way to contact Darryl and tell him what happened to the Nalan family.

Chapter 4101

After all, in Kyushu, there is no one who has the strength to deal with the demons except Darryl.

Shennong didn’t know yet that Darryl was in this Taihe Hall.

At this time, Old Master Su, still immersed in excitement, waved at Su Xueying and said, “Go and make tea.” Such a fairy-like character suddenly came, and he must be treated well.


Su Xueying responded and walked out quickly.


As soon as his forefoot left, Mr. Su said excitedly: “This is really like a dream. I didn’t expect that the younger generation would see you again in my lifetime.”

If there are residents of the small town present at this time, they will definitely be surprised.

You must know that Mr. Su is very prestigious in the town, but at this time, in front of Shennong, he is like a child.

Shen Nong smiled slightly, looked at the old man Su and said, “Looking at your state, you have also achieved good attainments in medical skills. It’s very good. It did not live up to my expectations of you back then.”

Hearing the compliment, Mr. Su had a humble expression on his face, and then he couldn’t help but say, “The old gentleman suddenly visited, is there anything you ordered?”


Shennong took a deep breath, and said a little embarrassedly: “I’m not afraid of the jokes of the little friend, the old man passed this place, and wanted to take a break in your place.” After speaking, Shennong couldn’t help coughing, and his face also showed a bit. weak.

Shennong was severely injured in the previous fight with Gone, and he fled all the way to the present, and he couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Old Senior!”

Seeing this situation, Mr. Su was taken aback: “You… Are you injured?”

Although Mr. Su did not know the true identity of Shennong, he was like a god in his heart.

And now, it is incredible that someone actually injured him.

Shennong nodded, but didn’t want to say more, just said slowly: “Excuse me.” That Nie Zhan, but a demon, has an ordinary identity fee, and the old man Su in front of him knows, there is no benefit at all.

“Old sir, you’re welcome.” Mr. Su is a wise man. Seeing that Shennong didn’t want to say more, he didn’t ask any further questions. He just said respectfully, “It’s an honor for the junior to come here. If you need anything, just tell me.”

Shen Nong nodded, and he was not polite at the time. He named more than a dozen kinds of herbs. With these herbs, the injury can be quickly healed.

Hearing the order, Mr. Su did not dare to neglect, and went to the prescription to get the medicine in person.


Seeing Mr. Su leave, Shennong breathed a sigh of relief.

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.


the other side.

At the foot of Mount Hua, Tracy brought Nalan Wushuang and Tie Bowen to the ground slowly.

Soon, at the entrance of Lu Bu’s ancient tomb, Tracy said slowly, “It’s very hidden here. You Nalan family won’t be able to find it in a short period of time, so let’s take a break here.”

Back then, Tracy had visited this ancient tomb and was familiar with the environment here.


Hearing this, Nalan Wushuang and Tie Bowen did not hesitate and nodded in agreement.

Tracy stopped talking nonsense and entered first, followed by Nalan Wushuang.

Soon, in a hall in the ancient tomb, the three began to rest.

“Sister Frost!”

At this moment, Nalan Wushuang couldn’t help but said, “I thank you just now. I used to treat your brother like this, I hope you don’t take offense.” He almost ruined Gary’s reputation, but just now, Tracy was able to ignore it. Nalan Wushuang was very grateful for the former suspect to help.

Tracy smiled lightly: “The past is over.”

With that said, Tracy took out two medicinal pills from his body and handed them over to Nalan Wushuang and Tie Bowen respectively: “This is Huiyuan Dan from our Emei faction. It is helpful for restoring strength. You should take it first.”

Nalan Wushuang nodded and took the medicine pill.

Tie Bowen said gratefully: “Thank you.” The voice fell, and he also took the medicine pill. Then sit cross-legged and begin to recover internal strength.

In a blink of an eye, half an hour passed.


At this moment, Nalan Wushuang and Tie Bowen slowly opened their eyes and exhaled at the same time, unable to hide the ease on each other’s faces.

They clearly felt that after taking Huiyuan Dan, the power of Dantian had recovered by 70% to 80%.

At this moment, Tracy stood up slowly and asked, “What’s the matter? Why did the old man Nalan pursue you? Also, you said that the old man was controlled by Nie Zhan, what is that Nie Zhan? people?”

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