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Chapter 411

“Sunset, heartbroken people in the horizon.”

Hundreds of Wenzong elders kept recollecting this poem, and each of them looked intoxicated, admired, and talked about it!

“It’s really a good poem, how can Darryl write such a profound poem at such a young age?”

“Yes, this kid, how many things has gone through to write such vicissitudes of poetry!”

It is worthy of this year’s Furong talent, this title. He is worthy, worthy!

The whole hall was full of discussions. Finally, Elsa breathed a sigh of relief and slowly said, “Darryl. You are so talented at such a young age. It is rare that you can write such quatrains and you can be regarded as a “Furong talent”. Title.”

As he said, Elsa turned his words and said meaningfully: “But as a young man, you must always be humble, and remember not to hold your talents. No one is arrogant.”

Seriously, she admired Darryl’s talent. But I also feel that Darryl’s personality needs to converge.


Hearing this, Darryl’s mouth curled up, revealing a smile. He smiled and said: “Sect Master, I am a little bit frivolous in my youth. But I have this strength.”


As soon as these words came out, all the elders of Wenzong changed their expressions!

This kid is indeed a bit talented, but he is really ignorant!

On the phoenix chair, Elsa frowned. In fact, she wanted to recruit Darryl and make him an elder.

But the young man Darryl was really too arrogant. It’s like a piece of beautiful jade, which needs to be polished.

“Darryl, you are young and speak so arrogantly, who taught you? Do you really think that your literary talent is the best in the world?”

“Yes, we scholars, we must know how to be low-key, know how to be introverted, what are you, don’t you know that there are people outside the world?

There was a loud scolding, Darryl didn’t panic at all, standing there with a smile, behind the gauze curtain, quietly admiring Elsa’s figure.

It would be great if you could see the respectful face of Sect Master Wenzong.

I don’t know if it is as I imagined, the country is beautiful, and the country is all over the world.


At this moment, Darryl’s gaze fell on Elsa’s phoenix chair.

This phoenix chair is carved from white jade, which fits Elsa’s identity and is noble. Elegant. On the phoenix chair, dragons and phoenixes were dancing with two lines of poems.

[Jinfeng Yulu meets, wins but countless in the world. 】

Seeing this poem, Darryl was suddenly silly!

This poem comes from the land of the earth! It is a song by Qin Guan in Song Dynasty, “The Magpie Bridge Immortal”.

The whole poem reads: “The slender cloud makes a coincidence, the flying stars pass on hatred, the silver man is dark. When the golden wind and jade dew meet, they win but countless people. Tenderness is like water, good times are like dreams, tolerate the return of the magpie bridge. Two loves If it lasts for a long time, how can it be, day and night.”

On this phoenix chair, there is a poem about the earth round the mainland!

Also, why did you only engrave two of them?


At this moment, Darryl looked at Yupingfeng closely, and muttered in his heart. Could it be that… in Wenzong, there are people who round the mainland?

Thinking about it, a person suddenly appeared in Darryl’s mind.

I go….

Isn’t it Master Miaoyuan?

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help his curiosity, and asked Elsa: “Excuse me, Sect Master, who wrote the two poems on the phoenix chair?”


In an instant, everyone’s eyes fell on the phoenix chair, and their expressions suddenly became complicated.


Does this kid still want to evaluate these two poems?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that these two poems were extremely sacred in Wenzong!

Four hundred years ago, Wenzong was in charge of the twenty-ninth generation. Talented and talented, he has written countless great poems!

These twenty-nine generations of leaders, capable of literary and military skills, are unparalleled in talent! He managed Wenzong in an orderly manner. When he was in charge, Wen Zong disciples reached millions! The contribution of these twenty-nine generations to Wenzong is really high. It can be said that without him, there would be no Wenzong today.

It is a pity that these twenty-nine generations of leaders have been trapped by love all their lives, and finally died in depression.

Before his death, he left two fragments of poems: Once the golden wind and the jade dew meet, they will win but countless in the world.

For hundreds of years, there were many people in Wenzong who tried to complement this poem. Although some people made the next sentence, the artistic conception was too far away.

To this day, no one can match these two broken poems. These two broken poems are known as the two most sacred poems of Wen Zong!

Elsa, the current head, likes these two broken poems very much. It was engraved on the top of the phoenix chair by a skilled craftsman.

“Boy, don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask.” At this moment, Chen Sheng stood up and pointed at Darryl and shouted: “These two broken poems are left by the twenty-ninth generation of my Wenzong master Coming down. Could it be that an unknown junior like you can ask casually?”


The twenty-ninth generation of Wenzong?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned. Then he asked Elsa: “Dare to ask these twenty-ninth generation heads, what is their surname!”

Darryl was very curious in his heart!

After all, these twenty-nine generations of leaders who can write poems about the Earth Yuan Continent must have come from the Earth Yuan Continent!

Elsa sighed and said, “The twenty-ninth generation head is called Fulin.”


Hearing these two words, Darryl’s head buzzed!

Love Xinjue Luo Fulin! Emperor Shunzhi! Kangxi’s father, Yongzheng’s grandfather, Shunzhi!

Darryl took a deep breath, feeling excited. It’s hard to calm down for a long time!

In history, there are many legends about Emperor Shunzhi. He has a concubine named Dong E. After the death of Concubine Dong E, Shunzhi was heartbroken and passed the throne to Kangxi, and he himself disappeared in the Forbidden City.

someone said,

Shunzhi missed his concubine, committed suicide and passed away.

Some people say that Shunzhi retreats into the mountains and does not care about world affairs.

Others say that Shunzhi became emperor as a monk.

But who can think of it. Shunzhi actually came to Dongao mainland and became the twenty-ninth generation of Wenzong suzerain!

“Darryl.” At this moment, Elsa raised her eyebrows lightly, and slowly said: “The two fragments of poems you see have a profound artistic conception. Many writers in the world want to complete this poem, but there is not a single sentence. , Can be worthy of this: once the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will win but there are countless people in the world.”

Elsa looked at Darryl with a smile: “These two broken poems are particularly sacred to my Wen Zong. These two broken poems are the best two poems of my Wen Zong! You are young and frivolous, I It can be tolerated. But don’t comment on these two broken poems. These two broken poems are very sacred and it is not your turn to comment.”

“Oh oh oh.” Darryl laughed, and said to Elsa: “Head Su, according to my opinion, it is not difficult to complete this broken poem, otherwise, I will help you Wenzong, Complete this poem?”

“You, what are you!” Chen Sheng suddenly stood up: “You mean. You can complete this poem, our Wen Zong disciples’ literary talent is not as high as you?”

“Yeah, this kid, I really don’t know that the sky is so great!”

These two broken poems left by the head of the nineteenth generation. It is a two-line god poem recognized by the entire literary world! For hundreds of years, none of the writers in the entire Dongao mainland can make up!

You are a nameless man, but you are so arrogant to be a talented Hibiscus by fluke?

Darryl laughed. Slowly said: “Su Master, I’m telling the truth. It is very easy to complete this poem with my literary talent.”

“Okay, then you make the next sentence. I’ll listen to it.” Elsa said coldly: “Young man, it’s a bit too arrogant. For thousands of years of Wenzong, how many great writers wanted to write this poem , I’m not right. You are arrogant in this mouth, in what manner?”

Speaking of this, Elsa picked up the teacup and looked at Darryl coldly: “You mean, our Wenzong hundreds of thousands of disciples are not as good as you. You are belittling my Wenzong, unforgivable! If you cannot match this poem today, I will put you to death!”

Elsa, a woman who is usually dignified and peaceful, rarely gets angry. But this young man is really crazy.

Hearing this, Darryl frowned. D*mn, why? If I am not up to this poem, I will be put to death?

At that time, Darryl was also anxious, and said: “Su Head, if this is the case, then we might as well take a bet. Let’s bet on whether I can complete this poem! If I lose, you will beat me to death with a stick. No complaints. But if I win, you will wash my feet.”

what? !

As soon as Darryl’s voice fell, the hall boiled!

What kind of style, what kind of style!

The supreme head, the number one talented woman in the ages, how can she wash this kid’s feet? This bet is too much!


Elsa patted the table and stood up from the phoenix chair. The face is bad!

The lotus talents of the past dynasties are all gentle and elegant, with literary talent and connotation. But why is this Hibiscus talent so arrogant? !

Chapter 412

“Your bet is too presumptuous!”

“court death!”

Suddenly, hundreds of Wenzong elders, armed with swords, pointed directly at Darryl!

These elders of Wenzong wanted to put Darryl to death on the spot! This kid, daring to be disrespectful to the boss, really deserves death!

Darryl was also shocked at that time, he could feel these elders of Wenzong. The lowest strength is still a martial arts sage!

There are more than a dozen elders, all of whom have reached the strength of Emperor Wu!

Surrounded by so many masters, Darryl was also a little scared. At this moment, only Elsa waved her hand and whispered, “All back.”


Hearing that the headmaster had spoken, these elders had to withdraw.

Elsa frowned and looked at Darryl for a few seconds before spitting out a word: “Okay, I’ll bet with you.”

She didn’t believe it at all. Darryl completes this poem.

At this moment, the eyes of all the people in the hall gathered on Darryl’s body.

Darryl laughed: “Since the head of Su is betting with me, then I have to be willing to accept the bet.”

“Naturally want to bet and lose.” Elsa said coldly.

“it is good!”

Darryl clapped his hands and cleared his throat. He shook his head and said: “When the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will win but there are countless worlds…”

“Let me take another sentence…” Darryl paused, then slowly said: “If the two loves last for a long time, how can they be in the midst of the day.”

It is too cumbersome to read the entire song “The Magpie Bridge Fairy”.

Darryl directly read the most classic last two sentences!

After Darryl chanted, the whole hall was silent, almost audible needle drop!

Hundreds of people in the hall, including Elsa, are quietly savoring these two poems!

When the golden wind and jade dew meet, they win but countless in the world. If the two loves last for a long time, how can they be in the future?

“The number one poem in the world, the outstanding quatrain!”

A full ten minutes later, without knowing who it was, suddenly exclaimed. Immediately afterwards, all kinds of discussions came like a tide!

“Good poetry, what a good thing!”

“When the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will win but there are countless people in the world.” These two sentences mean that as long as two lovers are together, even if the time is short, it is lower than the countless beautiful happiness of the world.

“If the two loves last for a long time, how can they be in the future”. This means to say. As long as the two have each other in their hearts, why care about being company every day? !

The sentence is neat, natural and flawless!

Quatrains, quatrains!

At this moment, everyone’s heart is extremely shocked.

They didn’t expect that the last two lines of poems taken by Darryl could be so close to the first two lines in terms of artistic conception!


how can that be? !

At this time, Chen Sheng was also completely stunned, looking at Darryl blankly, petrified, and could not speak for a long time.

On the side, Chen Xia’s eyes are full of admiration and admiration! The quatrains left by the head of the twenty-ninth generation. My master is indeed a peerless talent.

If Chen Xia had resisted and even felt humiliated before admiring Darryl as a teacher.

So at this moment, Chen Xia was completely convinced of him.

“If the two loves last for a long time, how can they be in their turn…”

At this moment, Elsa was also trembling with her tender body, her red lips slightly opened, and she couldn’t help but chant silently, over and over again!

This is what kind of talent is needed. Only to come up with such a beautiful verse!

At this moment, Krista took Darryl’s arm and was already speechless with excitement.

The son is great!

These two lines of poems are really beautiful, and they are completely in line with the artistic conception!

Seeing the reactions of everyone around him, Darryl couldn’t help being amused.

Darryl looked at Elsa with a smile, and said deeply: “Su head, in fact

This poem mainly writes the word “love”. It is difficult to understand the true artistic conception of unswerving love that has not been experienced until death. “


As he said, Darryl sighed: “Ask what love in the world is, and teach you life and death!”

When the voice fell, Darryl looked sad. In this moment, he felt emotional, and couldn’t help thinking of Bessie, Kendra, and Lily in his heart.

Yuruo, Madam, Lily, how are you…

do not know either. How are they all.

“The advent of what love is?”

“Directly teach life and death!”


At this moment, the entire hall was boiling again!

This kid exported it into a poem, and then said a quatrain from the ages!


At this moment, only Elsa was seen. Standing up from the phoenix chair, his voice was trembling: “Darryl, really talented, come with me!”,

When the voice fell, Elsa stood up gently and walked into the palace behind.

Elsa’s bedroom was just behind this hall. From beginning to end, no man can enter her palace!

“Krista. You wait here first.” Darryl raised his leg, and the follower Elsa slowly walked into her bedroom.

The moment he entered the palace, Darryl was stunned.

This bedroom is beautifully decorated and magnificent!

Elsa was sitting on the bed at this time. This bed is made of white jade with dragons and phoenixes carved on it.


At this moment, Darryl’s gaze stared at Elsa closely.

It has been separated by gauze before. Can’t see her face clearly. Looking at her up close now, Darryl was really stunned.


What a nice view!

It was seen that although Elsa was 30 years old, he was full of charm. If the skin is condensed, the fascinating and compact figure is really charming with curves. With a silk cheongsam, it really looks like a fairy descending to the world!

More importantly, she has the temperament of being knowledgeable and gifted. I am afraid that any man will be unable to extricate himself after seeing it!

“Your name is Darryl, right?” Elsa opened her red lips, her voice soft and nice.

Darryl nodded, showing a slight smile. Looked at her up and down.

Elsa ignored his gaze and said softly: “Darryl, do you know why you are called to my bedroom?”

“I know.” Darryl laughed, sitting on the chair with a big grin, and said: “Aren’t you fulfilling the bet and want to wash my feet. There are too many people in the hall. You are embarrassed, so you called me to you.” The bedroom.”


Hearing this, Elsa’s chest trembled. However, he calmed down and turned the topic off: “Darryl, you are indeed very talented. I will give you a chance. Would you like to come to my Wen Zong sect? I can accept you as a closed disciple.”

When he said this, Elsa’s beautiful face was a bit cold and arrogant.

On this Dongao continent, I don’t know how many people there are. Squeeze his head and want to worship her as a teacher! But not everyone can be honored to worship her.

Darryl just amazed the audience, he is a manufacturable material. Meet the requirements of apprentices.

Haha, hearing this, Darryl smiled suddenly. He said: “Su, I am a person who is unrestrained and unrestrained. I have never thought about apprenticeship, so I’m sorry. I just want to ask, whether our previous bets are still counted? Su, you are Sovereign, with all his words, won’t you fail to admit defeat, right? Hahaha.”

After speaking, Darryl took off his shoes and said happily, “Oh, I want to soak my feet…”

“You…” Elsa bit her lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite!

As the head of Wenzong, she is aloof. The bet just now was just casual. But who would have thought that Darryl would actually complete this poem…

Elsa, the emperor of San Duan Wu, was hailed as the number one talented woman in the ages. As the Sect Master Wen Zong, she has hundreds of thousands of disciples under her! How can I wash the feet of other men…

Chapter 413

“Head of Su, you dignified head, why didn’t you keep your promise?” Darryl said with a smile, while pointing at his feet: “Isn’t it just a foot wash…”

“You…” Elsa bit her lip tightly, really couldn’t say a word!

I had known it just now, so I wouldn’t bet with him. What can be done now.

As the head of Wenzong, how can he put down his body and wash his feet?

“Open to the head, someone asks to see you.”

However, at this moment, a disciple walked out of the door. Speak respectfully.

“Who would you like to see?” Elsa asked softly.

“Back to the head, the person outside the door is the Jupiter elder of Danzong.” The disciple said again.

Elder Jupiter?

Elsa slowly said, “Invite him in.”

At this moment, Elsa secretly breathed a sigh of relief. This elder Jupiter came really in time, otherwise, how could he not know how to face this Darryl.

At the same time, Elsa was also a little surprised. Elder Jupiter, in the position of Danzong, one person is less than ten thousand people. Second only to the head of Danzong. His alchemy attainments are superb!

but. It is said that this elder of Jupiter has become idiotic in alchemy, has not left the altar of alchemy for more than ten years, and has been in retreat for alchemy.

Elsa had only heard of him. Never seen a real person. Why did he come to Wenzong suddenly today?


The door was pushed open, and then a man in a black robe walked in slowly.

This man is over fifty years old, with a thin face, stepped forward and bowed slightly: “Elder Danzong Jupiter, I have seen Su Master.”

“Elder Jupiter is polite, please sit down.” Elsa smiled slightly: “I have heard about the name of the elder Jupiter, and this is the first time I have seen it today. Dare to ask the elder Jupiter, what’s the matter with me?”

The elder Jupiter laughed and said: “Head Su, it will be your birthday three days later. On behalf of Danzong, I will send you a gift, a “Three Yuan Dan”.”

When the voice fell, the elder Jupiter took out a box and handed it over. I saw a red pill inside the box.

Three yuan pill?

Elsa was shocked and said softly, “How can I accept such a gift?”

That’s right, three days later, it will be her birthday. Every year on Elsa’s birthday, many people come to celebrate the birthday. Every year’s gift can be piled up into mountains. But a hundred congratulations combined together is not as good as this three yuan pill!

Three yuan pill. It is a superb elixir! After taking it, it can greatly increase internal strength, which is very rare!

It has been a long time since Elsa was trapped in the third section of Emperor Wu. No matter how you practice, you can’t improve your strength. Now that the elders of Jupiter sent this three yuan pill, it is undoubtedly a gift in the snow.

The elder Jupiter laughed and said: “Head Su, we Danzong and Wenzong have met from generation to generation. Of course we have to give a big gift for your birthday! Head Su, take this Sanyuan Pill as quickly as possible. This pill is Just refined, the sooner you take it, the better the effect.”

“it is good.”

Elsa smiled lightly, took the pill in her jade hand, and gently put it in her mouth.

“Don’t eat!”

However, at this moment, Darryl on one side suddenly stood up and couldn’t help but reminded him.

Darryl could see that this medicine was not a three-element pill, but a three-poison pill!

That’s right, Sanyuan Pill is an elixir to enhance strength.

But Sandu Pill, that is poison!

These two medicines are similar in appearance. It’s easy to get confused! This pill. It’s the Three Poison Pill!

“Don’t eat it!” Darryl called again

Sound, but it’s too late! Elsa’s red lips opened, the pill melted, and it slipped into her throat in a blink of an eye.

Seeing her swallowing the pill, the elder Jupiter laughed at once: “Haha, Su, to tell you the truth, this pill, named Sandu Pill, is a highly poisonous thing. You can enjoy the torture slowly. , Hahaha!”

When the voice fell, the Jupiter elder laughed and turned and walked out of the bedroom!


At this moment, Elsa only felt sore and weak, and the internal strength in the dantian was disappearing quickly!

“Elder Jupiter, I have no grievances and no grudges against you, and I have a good relationship with your Danzong, why are you harming me?” Elsa asked in a low voice. But the elder Jupiter has already left the palace!

Elsa was in a hurry and wanted to chase her out, but at this time, how could she still have the strength? Haven’t waited two steps yet. Elsa felt that her legs were soft and she was about to fall to the ground.

Darryl’s eyes were quick and his hands were quick, and he walked over and hugged her waist.


smell good.

At this moment, Darryl felt the feel of the hand and the smell of fragrance, and the whole person was going to be drunk, and he couldn’t help but sigh in secret.


At that time, Elsa’s beautiful face turned red all of a sudden, as bright as a tide of clouds. Unspeakable charming.

His own dignified Wenzong Sect Master, noble and glamorous, had never had such close contact with a man, and now it is too shameful to be held in his arms by Darryl.

“Darryl, you, you let me go first, hurry.. chase the elder Jupiter back.” Elsa said in a low voice, anxiously!

This elder Jupiter has a problem, we must chase him back!

Darryl calmed down. Looking at Elsa with a smile: “Su Master, if I help you get people back, should you fulfill your previous promise and wash my feet?”

In a moment, Elsa’s body trembled and her beautiful face flushed.

When is this Darryl, he still mentions this matter!

“You, you go first!” Elsa’s face was already dripping with sweat, really anxious.

Darryl laughed and stopped teasing her. Instead, he hugged Elsa to the bed, then opened the door and chased him out.

When I got outside, I only saw the Jupiter elder, who had already flown away from Wenzong.

Darryl flew into the air and used all his strength to chase after him, but he could not catch up with him. Just when Darryl was about to give up. I saw the Jupiter elder in front of him, lost a piece of jade pendant in panic.

Darryl quickly picked up the jade pendant and stopped chasing him.

Anyway, with this piece of jade, the head of Su can go to Danzong to dignitaries. I am not afraid of denial by Danzong.

Darryl took the jade pendant and returned to Elsa’s bedroom. As a result, as soon as I walked to the door, I faintly heard a sound of pain in the room. It was Elsa’s low groan.

Darryl pushed the door open and walked into the bedroom. It is this moment. He took a deep breath, and the whole person was stunned!

In the room, Elsa was lying on the bed, sweating all over. The cheongsam on her body is messy. Jiao Chu kept trembling. There is endless pain on the beautiful face.

“Head Su, are you okay?” Darryl walked over at once.

Obviously, the toxicity of Sandu Pill had occurred.

Three Poison Pill, that is the medicine of strange poison! After taking the Three Poison Pills, the cultivator’s internal strength is completely destroyed, and he will never practice!

In addition, when the three poisonous erysipelas develops, there will be three feelings: the body of the poisoned person will burn like a fire for a while, it will seem to fall into an ice cave for a while, and it will be unbearable for a while.

Ice, fire, itching, the three feelings constantly alternate, which makes people unbearable, so it is called Sandu Pill!

Chapter 414

It could be seen that Elsa was uncomfortable. At this moment, she was lying on the bed, sometimes shivering with cold, sometimes sweating with fragrant heat.

“Darryl, the Jupiter elder… brought it back, did you bring it back…” Elsa’s lips were already dry, and she asked in a low voice. It seemed that she had used all her strength to say this sentence.

Darryl sighed: “I didn’t catch up. He ran too fast…”

Speaking of this, Darryl put the jade pendant on the table: “But the elder Jupiter dropped a jade pendant and I picked it up.”


Only got a piece of jade pendant, the person ran away?

Hearing this, Elsa suddenly despaired.

She clearly felt that her internal strength had completely disappeared, not only that. At this time, the body is hot and cold, and at the same time, it seems that there are thousands of ants crawling again, which is extremely itchy!

However, her character is cold and tough, and since Darryl came in, she resisted without yelling. But at this time I couldn’t help it anymore.

Seeing Darryl standing there, Elsa couldn’t help but yelled: “You…you go out.”

Darryl didn’t leave, he smiled and said: “Su Master, if you leave, no one can save you.”

After a pause, Darryl continued: “The person who just gave you the Three Poison Pill is a strange poison in the world. After taking it, the whole body will alternate with cold, hot, and itchy. And will lose his internal strength, so he will not take it in time. As for the antidote, you won’t be able to practice anymore from now on. But Su Zhang is lucky, so I will refine the antidote.”


Will he refine the antidote?

Hearing this, Elsa’s body was shocked, and she looked at Darryl incredulously.

At this moment, she subconsciously thought that Darryl was lying to herself. But after thinking about it, what he said just now coincided with his current symptoms.

Thinking about it, Elsa bit her lip tightly, weakly said, “Then…then you quickly help me refine the antidote.”

Darryl stood in front of her and saw her unbearable appearance. Slightly smiled: “Su, I’m not from your Wen Zong, but I don’t need to listen to your orders. Besides, you were out of office and promised to help me wash my feet, but in the end I didn’t admit it. Why should I help you? Refining the antidote?”

“Then…then what do you want!” Elsa couldn’t help but said in a hurry.

This Darryl, at this time, he still said cold words!

Darryl smiled and looked at her: “Unless…you beg me, but you have to be sincere, maybe I will agree.”


As the Sect Master Wen, aren’t you arrogant? I used to reprimand me for being young and frivolous, but now I want to make an antidote?

“You, you are too presumptuous!” Elsa bit her lip, resisting the hot, cold and itchy feeling, and whispered.

How can one of his own dignified Wenzong masters put down his body and beg others?

Darryl was not in a hurry, sitting leisurely, waiting for her decision.

Finally, a few minutes passed, and the poison on Elsa’s body became heavier and heavier, she really couldn’t bear it. Looking at Darryl, he said, “Darryl, you, can you help me refine the antidote…”

“Please!” Darryl said with a smile. I poured myself a cup of tea and drank it comfortably.

“You…” Elsa was already in pain, she could tolerate both cold and heat. But the feeling of itching all over her body is unbearable no matter how arrogant she is. Now that the itchy feeling is getting heavier and heavier, Elsa finally couldn’t help it and let out a low groan.

“Darryl, count me… count me please, refining the antidote for me…” Elsa looked at Darryl and finally let go of his dignity.

However, Darryl on one side did not mean to stand up and refine medicine? Still drinking tea happily: “No way, not sincere enough…”

“Darryl, you…” Elsa collapsed completely. She really wanted to slap Darryl to death, but she really didn’t have the strength! At this time, she no longer has the slightest arrogance: “I beg you. I beg you, please help me refine the antidote…”


Darryl laughed in his heart. Can’t help it anymore. I thought you could last a little longer.

Hearing the pleading, Darryl showed a smile on his face.

“Darryl, I beg you, is it okay to fulfill the promise…” Elsa pleaded, “As long as I take the antidote. I will fulfill my promise. Isn’t it okay to wash your feet? I’ll give it back to you. Pour tea and water, I will definitely serve you well, I beg you…”


On the other side, the Apocalypse Continent.

Qin Shousheng didn’t know how much he had drunk, so he got drunk. Drunk, he was walking around on the street, Lily was all over his head. It was not until the next night that I returned to the inn.

Arrived in the room. I saw Lu Jiechen sitting in the room alone, very relaxed and comfortable.

Seeing Qin Shousheng pushing the door and entering, Lu Jiechen smiled and said, “The good apprentice is back?”

Qin Shousheng looked around and didn’t see Lily. He panicked and asked subconsciously, “Master, where’s Lily?”

Although he didn’t know how to face Lily, Qin Shousheng was still a little worried when she was gone.

Lu Jiechen smiled faintly: “You have dedicated her to me, and what do you care about her doing? I just went out for a while. She is gone, I guess, she should be looking for her husband, haha…”

After laughing, Lu Jiechen stared at Qin Shousheng: “I, Lu Jiechen, always speak, and since you have dedicated all of your beloved goddess to me. It shows that your endurance is very strong, and you are plastic. Talent. Now I will teach you the exercises, you have to study hard…”


Qin Shousheng was overjoyed. He knelt on the ground and instantly forgot Lily’s head. He kowtowed in excitement, “Thank you, Master.


On the other side, Apocalypse Continent, a small village.

This small village is called Wangjiacun. There is a ruined temple at the entrance of the village. At this time Mateo was sitting in the ruined temple, carefully studying the seven “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing”.

In front of him, Patsy was busy cooking in a clay pot. Her face. Also with a bit of humiliation. A few days ago, the two successfully reached the Apocalypse Continent after a long voyage.

After landing, Patsy tried to escape several times, but was captured by Mateo. And every time it gets back. Mateo’s humiliation and beatings were indispensable.

“Really, what is the secret of this Taixuan Zhenjing?” Mateo clenched his fists, his heart angry inexplicably.

In the past few days, Mateo has been studying seven classics. But the secret can never be found!

Everyone in the world says that if you collect seven books, you can give orders to the world. But now there are seven books here, but I can’t understand the secrets in them.. Special code, these are obviously seven ordinary scriptures? !

Mateo was upset. Turning his head to look at Patsy, he asked loudly: “I ask you, do you know, what’s the secret of this scripture?”

These seven scriptures were obtained from her. She must have some clues.


Patsy panicked, walked over slowly, and whispered: “I don’t know, I got these seven scriptures from someone else, and I didn’t have time to read it…”

When she said this, Patsy dodged her eyes, trying her best to conceal the panic in her heart.

Of course she knew the secrets of Jingshu. At that time, the three brothers Darryl accidentally spilled tea on the scriptures, and then the scriptures showed a map. Then it was dried by Li Nan, and she could see it clearly.

It’s just this secret, how could she tell Mateo? In Patsy’s heart, she was still looking forward to meeting Clint again, and when that time came, she would tell Clint the secret of the scriptures.

“do not know?”

Mateo frowned, and he could see that Patsy was a little flustered. Yes, this woman must know the secret of the scriptures!


At this moment, Mateo slapped Patsy’s face! Hearing Patsy’s painful cry, her body trembled and she fell to the ground all of a sudden.

“b!tch, who are you fooling around?” Mateo’s eyes were gloomy: “Quickly explain to the truth, otherwise, I will let you die!”

When he said this, Mateo slapped again and slapped the past fiercely.

In Mateo’s heart, Patsy is Darryl’s sister-in-law, so I can’t humiliate her too much!

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped….

The crisp slap, the humiliation that Patsy couldn’t tell, she couldn’t stand it after a while, and said in horror: “I said, I said…”

Chapter 415

In the past few days, Patsy has really collapsed. She knew that if she didn’t tell the secrets of the scriptures, she would have to be beaten.

Mateo stopped and sneered: “Say!”

Patsy curled up and whispered: “These… these seven scriptures need to be soaked in water to reveal their secrets…”


That’s it!

Mateo was stunned. Then he looked up to the sky and laughed a few times, and saw Patsy trembling there, his face sank, and angrily said: “b!tch, what are you doing in a daze, why don’t you go get me water?”

“I see, I’m going now…” Patsy quickly stepped aside and filled a little water in a crock pot.

really. As soon as the water poured on, a map appeared on the seven books.

Mateo was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to look at the map. Place marked on this map. Isn’t it the Apocalypse Continent? !

Hahaha! God helps me too!

Mateo grabbed Patsy and walked out of the ruined temple quickly: “Quickly, accompany Laozi to hunt for treasure, haha!”

How dare Patsy speak more, she can only accompany Mateo, and follow the map’s marks to find the past.

I don’t know how long it took, Mateo and Patsy finally arrived.

Celestial Mountains.

This mountain range is marked on the map! The Tianji Mountain Range is located outside the Tianqi Imperial City.

This mountain range is huge and stretches for thousands of miles! The mountain goes straight into the sky! This mountain range was honored as a sacred mountain by the emperor of Tianqi Continent.

However, what made Mateo depressed was that he had explored this Tianji Mountain several times and found no treasure.

Halfway up the Tianji Mountain, lush vegetation is completely primitive mountain forest. Without a single figure, how can there be treasures?

But Mateo firmly believes that the map markers on these seven scriptures cannot be drawn randomly.

Mateo and Patsy stayed on this Tianji Mountain for several days. In the past few days, Mateo did not let go of any corner, looking for the so-called treasure. When you are hungry, catch the hare on the mountain and the pheasant to eat.

On this day, Mateo hadn’t eaten all day and spent the whole day looking for treasure. In the afternoon, I only felt hungry, so I went to look for food. I just met a hare, Mateo chased it all the way, the hare ran very fast, and soon got into a hole.

Mateo reached into the hole, trying to catch it. As a result, the moment his arm stretched in, he was stunned!

Mateo could clearly feel that a burst of spiritual energy faintly spread from the entrance of the cave!


In the rabbit hole. How can there be aura?

Thinking about it, Mateo immediately squatted down and began to dig the hole.

Seeing this, Patsy came over. Patsy was afraid of being beaten, and didn’t dare to run away. At this moment, seeing Mateo digging and digging, he was curious, so he took a closer look.

After a while, I saw this rabbit hole, digging bigger and bigger! In a blink of an eye, the entrance of the cave is already half a meter high!

At this moment, Mateo and Patsy were both stunned!

What kind of rabbit hole is this hole? This is clearly a huge cave!

Mateo took out his cell phone, used only the remaining battery, turned on the flash, and followed the hole to take the photo. I saw layers of stone steps appearing in the entrance of the cave. Go straight to the depths of the ground!


found it! found it!

Finally found! This must be the entrance to the treasure! Hahaha!

Mateo was extremely excited and pulled Patsy: “Hurry up, go into the cave with Lao Tzu, hahaha. Lao Tzu will order the world immediately! Hahaha!”

Patsy bit her lip and had to follow in.


When he got inside, Mateo couldn’t help sucking in the air-conditioning. The steps in front of him couldn’t see the end at all, and didn’t know how long they were. They seemed to lead to the center of the earth!

The more you go down the steps, the larger the surrounding space!

This entire celestial mountain range. They are all hollow! The whole mountain has been hollowed out!

This cave is probably bigger than Donghai City! No, it’s bigger than ten Donghae cities!

Mateo was so excited that he walked down the steps. At first, the cave was dark, but after walking for half an hour, Mateo discovered the depths of the cave. Just like the day!

Not only that, the more you go down, the stronger the aura around you! This cave is like an aura pool! After walking for two hours, Mateo was pleasantly surprised to find that under the envelope of this rich spiritual energy, his dantian internal strength was rising frantically!


Originally, Mateo’s strength was a fifth-duan general. At this time, he unknowingly had reached the fourth-duan Wuhou!

Even Patsy next to her has reached the level of Wuhou!

Mateo was so excited that he couldn’t tell, he quickened his pace unknowingly, and walked deeper!


However, not long after I walked, I only heard a roar from below the cave.

This growl. It seems to be… Long Yin!

That’s right, it’s Long Yin! Mateo’s heart was plopping, there will be no dragons under this cave, right?

Mateo trembled with excitement. This dragon roar was very small at first, but the lower it went, the clearer it became.

I don’t know how long it has been. Finally, the two reached the end of the steps. What is presented in front of you is a huge open space! This vacant lot seems to be as big as a dozen cities!

In the middle of this open space. There is a huge white jade platform.

This jade platform is full of luminous white and crystal. It is 300 meters long, more than 100 meters wide, and more than ten meters high!

Above the Baiyutai, there is a huge rusty axe embedded in it.

This giant axe is more than two meters long and the blade is more than half a meter wide, revealing an ancient vicissitudes of life! Unspeakable mighty domineering!

Mateo heard that the roars of dragons came from this giant axe!

This…this rusty axe is the treasure mentioned in the scriptures?

With this axe, can you give orders to the world?

After a few minutes of stunned expression, Mateo reacted and leaped slightly to the white jade platform to observe closely.

Mateo saw that the giant axe was covered with rust, and it didn’t look like a magic weapon at all.

But he could clearly feel that there seemed to be a terrifying power in the giant axe!


Mateo couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, before thinking about it, holding the handle of the axe in both hands, he was about to pull it out.

As a result, what Mateo didn’t expect was that he mobilized all his internal forces, but he couldn’t lift this axe at all! This giant axe is as stable as a mountain, motionless!

After trying several times in a row, Mateo was sweating profusely, and still did not shake the giant axe at all!


The magic weapon is right in front of you, but he can’t pick it up?

“Slot!” Mateo screamed, kicked on the jade platform, turned around, and said to Patsy: “b!tch, come here, let us both lift it up, see if we can lift it up.”

Hearing this, Patsy bit her lip and walked to Mateo, holding the axe in both hands.

“I called one, two, three, let’s work hard together.” Mateo said coldly: “Have you heard, b!tch?”

“I heard…” Patsy agreed in a low voice.

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