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Chapter 4118

I don’t know how long I cried, Su Xueying took a deep breath and turned to look at Darryl and Shennong: “How did my grandfather die? Who is the murderer?”

As she asked, Su Xueying couldn’t help but glanced at Li Wei’s body, her heart skipped a beat.

Who in the end did such a ruthless shot, not only killed such a person, but also killed his grandfather…


Facing the questioning, Shennong sighed, and the old face couldn’t hide the guilt: “Girl, your grandfather and these people were all killed by my enemies, it’s all my fault…”

“If the old man doesn’t come, they won’t suffer from such an innocent disaster. It’s all caused by the old man…”

When he said this, Shennong blamed himself.


Knowing the situation, Su Xueying was both angry and sad. She wanted to say a few words about her responsibility, but she only said one word, and her eyes went black and she fainted.

After all, Su Xueying was just a girl, and she couldn’t bear it at all in the face of such a change.

Seeing this scene, Darryl rushed over and hugged Su Xueying in his arms.

Shen Nong also hurried over to check, and after taking a pulse, he said slowly, “This girl is fine, but she was too sad and passed out.”


Hearing this, Darryl nodded and breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s alright, if Su Xueying has three strengths and two weaknesses, I’m afraid she will feel sorry for her for the rest of her life.

After confirming that Su Xueying was not in danger, Darryl carried her to the backyard room to rest and let Shennong take care of her temporarily. Then Darryl returned to the hall and buried the bodies of Mr. Su and Li Wei in the woods north of the town.



At this time, Darryl set up the last tombstone, clenched his fists, and his stern face was full of resentment: “Goni, if this revenge is not repaid, I, Darryl, swear that I will not be a human being.”


The voice fell, and the originally clear sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds, thunder bursts, followed by pouring rain.

Darryl stood there, allowing the heavy rain to wash away without moving.

The icy rain continued to fall, but it could not extinguish the anger in Darryl’s heart.

A few minutes later, Darryl bowed at the graves of Old Master Su and everyone, turned around and returned to Taihe Hall.


Just arrived in the hall, Darryl frowned. I saw a few cars coming quickly on the street outside.

At the entrance of Taihetang, the car stopped steadily, and then, Chen Shishi, dressed in tight black clothes, walked in quickly, surrounded by dozens of bodyguards.

“Brother Feng!”

As soon as he entered the hall, Chen Shishi saw Darryl and hurried up to meet him. With a delicate face, he couldn’t hide his worry: “I heard that something happened to Taihetang, so I quickly brought someone here.”

While talking, Chen Shishi looked at Darryl up and down, wanting to see if he was injured: “Are you all right, Brother Feng.”

When Chen Shishi arranged for Darryl to come to Taihetang, although he did not send someone to secretly protect him, he kept paying attention to the situation in the town. An hour ago, Chen Shishi got news that Taihetang had died.

At that time, Chen Shishi was very nervous, thinking that something had happened to Darryl, so he hurriedly brought someone over. At this time, seeing that Darryl was safe and sound, a hanging heart fell.


Feeling Chen Shishi’s concern, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and smiled bitterly: “I’m fine, but I killed you, a college classmate.” Thinking of the tragic death of Mr. Su, Darryl blamed himself.


Hearing this, Chen Shishi was stunned, and at the same time, he also found the blood stains on the floor of the hall.

Seeing this, Chen Shishi’s delicate face was extremely complicated.


Just then, a cry came from the backyard. Obviously Su Xueying woke up.

Darryl didn’t have time to think, and walked quickly towards the backyard.

Chen Shishi reacted, and hurriedly took the bodyguard and followed.

When I entered the backyard room, I saw Chen Shishi sitting there, crying non-stop, with trembling shoulders, which made people feel pity.

Shennong stood by, with a look of self-blame.


Seeing this situation, Darryl sighed and wanted to comfort him, but he didn’t know how to speak.

Chen Shishi stood at the door and saw the scene in front of him. He was not happy, and asked Darryl, “Brother Feng, what happened?”

Chapter 4119

Because she just arrived, Chen Shishi didn’t know the specifics yet.

Darryl took a deep breath and told the details. At the end, Darryl looked guilty: “It’s all my fault, if it wasn’t for me, this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened.”


Chen Shishi sighed lightly: “The world is unpredictable, and Brother Feng doesn’t have to blame himself.” After speaking, he slowly walked into the room.

At this time, Su Xueying was still immersed in pain, and she was stunned when she suddenly saw Chen Shishi appear.


The next second, Su Xueying choked up: “You…why are you here?”

Chen Shishi had a complicated face, walked up to Su Xueying, bit her lip and said, “Xueying, I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would be like this.”

“The Guard is Here”


Hearing this, Su Xueying was a little stunned: “Shishi, what are you talking about?”

Chen Shishi looked back at Darryl, and after being instructed by Darryl, she slowly replied: “Xue Ying, I won’t hide it from you now, he is not my friend, but my benefactor, and he is famous for Kyushu. The Darryl…”

“And I am not an ordinary company employee, but the boss of the Estee Group…”

In the next few minutes, Chen Shishi told the situation.

At the end of the story, Chen Shishi’s delicate face was full of shame: “I arranged for Brother Feng to come to you in order to restore Brother Feng’s strength as soon as possible, but I didn’t expect to hurt you.”

The last word fell, and Chen Shishi bowed at Su Xueying: “I’m sorry!”


Hearing these words, Su Xueying only felt a thunderbolt flashing in her mind, her whole person was dumbfounded, and her brain was buzzing.

This wind wave turned out to be the famous Darryl in Kyushu.

And Chen Shishi is actually the boss of the Ase Group…

For a small person like Su Xueying, these two identities are out of reach for her… I never thought that a big person like Darryl would come to Taihetang to do chores.

But all of this happened just like that.

“you go…”

Finally, Su Xueying calmed down and looked at Chen Shishi closely, her eyes flashing with anger and complexity: “You go, I don’t want to lose sight of you.”

With that said, Su Xueying’s eyes fell on Darryl: “You too!”

Although Grandpa’s death was not directly caused by them, it had nothing to do with them.

Facing Su Xueying’s anger, Darryl and Chen Shishi looked at each other, embarrassed to each other.


At this moment, Shennong, who had been silent all the time, couldn’t help but said to Su Xueying, “I understand your feelings. You are very sad about the tragic death of your relatives, but don’t blame Darryl.”

“Your grandfather, I killed him indirectly. If I hadn’t led the murderer here, your grandfather would not have been in trouble.”

At the end of the story, Shennong pulled out a dagger and handed it to Su Xueying: “It hurts people to die in vain. This old man has committed a lot of sins. I am willing to give Su Xiaoyou his life.”

At this time, Shen Nong was very depressed.

As the ancestor of medicine, a living miracle doctor, who has been respected by the world for nearly a thousand years, I don’t know how many lives have been saved, but recently, because of his own safety, Su Laoyuezi was innocently killed, which made Shennong very uncomfortable, and almost became There was a hurdle in my heart that I couldn’t get past.

In this state of mind, Shennong could only ask for death to relieve his inner guilt.


Hearing Shennong’s words, Su Xueying held a dagger in her hand, and she was stunned: “I…” Grandpa died tragically, she was very sad and angry, but she never thought of letting Shennong die. Faced with this situation, naturally Not sure how to be good.

What the hell!

At the same time, Darryl’s face was also on the side, and he couldn’t help but said to Shennong: “Senior Shennong, don’t be impulsive…. The murderer is Gone. Even if you die now, Master Su will not survive.”

“Besides, let Gone know that you are coming, he will only mock you for being pedantic, senior, calm down, there are so many righteous people on the rivers and lakes, waiting for you to save your life…”

When he said this, Darryl’s face was full of anxiety, because he clearly felt that Shennong at this time was really going to die for Mr. Su.


Hearing the consolation, Shennong’s face changed, and he took a deep breath and pondered.


Su Xueying and Chen Shishi were trembling, looking at Shennong tightly, speechless in shock.

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