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Chapter 4122

“You immediately lead your cronies and follow Lorenzo and this group. You must not expose them until they meet with Darryl. Once you find Darryl, report it as soon as possible.”

When he said this, there was a trace of wickedness in the eyes of the God King Haotian.

Yes, he said that Lorenzo was detained in Qintian Prison for a few days, and there was no interrogation. The purpose was to wait for Darryl to come to rescue, but he never thought that Darryl did not come, but his daughter came.

However, the God King Haotian was calm, and his plan was disrupted, so he decisively changed his strategy.

“Yes, His Royal Highness.”

After receiving the order, the god general hurriedly responded, and immediately, he summoned hundreds of elite soldiers and quickly chased in the direction where the people in the cold ice were leaving.


the other side.

In the rushing river water, Tie Bowen held Ginger’s hand tightly, not daring to let go.

At the same time, Tie Bowen and Ginger also paid attention to the shore from time to time.

Seeing that there were no magical soldiers chasing after the shore, the two people’s nervous mood relaxed a lot.


Finally, at a river bend, Tie Bowen emerged from the water and swam to the shore with Ginger.

Just after landing, Tie Bowen took a deep breath and said slowly: “Those gods and soldiers did not chase, they should have returned to Qintianjian, calculate the time carefully, that girl Hanbing should have sneaked in, but I don’t know. How is the situation now?”

When he said this, Tie Bowen’s eyebrows were solemn.

Although she bought time for Tracy, she is after all alone, and it is not an easy task to save people from Qin Tianjian.

At this moment, Ginger was also a little worried, and said softly, “How about we go back and check the situation?” If something happened to Tracy, he would not be at ease for the rest of his life.

“Okay!” Tie Bowen nodded without hesitation, and then rushed in the direction of Qin Tianjian with Ginger.

A few minutes later, the two came to the hillside north of Qintian Prison.


Seeing the scene in front of them, Ginger and Tie Bowen couldn’t help gasping for air.

I saw that the entire Qintianjian was in a mess, and patrols left from time to time to probe the surroundings…


Seeing this situation, Ginger’s delicate face could not hide the worry: “Sister Hanbing, must have been discovered, otherwise, Qin Tianjian would not be in such a mess.”

As he spoke, Ginger kept searching in Tiantianjian, trying to find the figure of Tracy. As a result, after watching it for a long time, I never saw the ice.

The more this happened, the more anxious Ginger became.

Tie Bowen calmed down a little, and couldn’t help comforting: “Don’t worry, look at it like this, that girl Frost Bing should have escaped. Let’s observe for a while.”



Hearing the consolation, Ginger nodded.

Soon, a few minutes later, Ginger still did not see Tracy, and at this time also agreed with Tie Bowen’s statement: “It seems that Sister Hanbing has escaped, what should we do now?”

At this time, Ginger was very confused.

The Nalan family will definitely not be able to go back. Both grandfather and aunt are under control, and Tianmen is targeted by Qin Tianjian, and they cannot seek their help for the time being. Under such circumstances, Ginger does not know what to do for a while.


Seeing her helpless appearance, Tie Bowen couldn’t help feeling a little distressed.

I can’t go home, how helpless it must be…

“Wushuang!” Tie Bowen couldn’t help holding Ginger’s hand and said earnestly: “Otherwise, you can go back to the Rakshasa clan with me. Now the situation in Kyushu is getting more and more complicated, and the two of us alone are powerless to change, why not Seek help from the Rakshasa.”

When he said this, Tie Bowen looked complicated.

After walking for so long, the Rakshasa clan didn’t know what was going on. Their father and family died tragically, and they didn’t go back to pay their respects.

“it is good!”

Ginger thought for a while, then nodded: “I’ll listen to you.”

After the discussion, the two quietly left the hillside, avoided the nearby soldiers patrolling, and quickly rushed towards the Rakshasa clan.

A few hours later, Ginger and Tie Bowen finally arrived at the Rakshasa clan.


At this moment, stepping into the realm of the Rakshasa clan, Ginger couldn’t help taking a deep breath, recalling the previous experience here, it felt like a world away.

Chapter 4123

At that time, I lost my memory, and getting to know Brother Bowen here was like a dream.

Tie Bowen was even more worried.

Tie Bowen wanted to go home and have a look, but after Timur’s death, the manor had been sealed off, and the gate was guarded by warriors specially dispatched by the queen, so they couldn’t get in at all.

In this case, Tie Bowen had no choice but to take Ginger into the palace to meet the queen.

Today’s palace has strengthened its defense. After the two entered the hall, they saw many warriors in armor standing neatly on both sides of the hall, each with a sacred expression and a solemn atmosphere.

Not only that, but the leaders were also present.

Queen Mona, sitting on the throne.

At this time, Mona, wearing a gorgeous golden robe, showed her graceful figure incisively and vividly, her facial features were exquisite and beautiful, and her body was filled with a powerful aura that could not be desecrated.

Feeling the majesty of the queen, Ginger’s heartbeat couldn’t help speeding up.

But seeing Mona’s face, Ginger couldn’t help but secretly admire.

so beautiful.

Rumor has it that the queen of the Rakshasa clan is an out-and-out beauty, with a dignified manner and a dazzling beauty. When I saw it today, it really lived up to its reputation.

“His Majesty.”

At this time, Tie Bowen took a step forward and gave Mona a deep salute: “Tie Bowen, see Her Majesty the Queen.”

“No gift!” Mona nodded, looked at Tie Bowen, and said with emotion: “I thought you were dead, but now that you are safe and sound, I feel relieved.”

When Timur was murdered, Mona felt very uncomfortable and guilty, so she kept sending people to look for the trace of Tie Bowen to ensure that Timur would have someone to follow, but unfortunately, there was no clue.

“Sword Comes”

Now that Tie Bowen came back safe and sound, Mona was very relieved.


At the same time, the surrounding leaders saw Tie Bowen, and they all talked about it.

“This kid is really big.”

“Yeah, but it’s good to be back. Timur finally hasn’t been cut off.”

“This kid’s qualifications are good, and he can be of great use in the future…”

Listening to the praise of the people around him, Tie Bowen looked humble and clasped his fists at everyone.

The next second, Tie Bowen saluted at Mona: “Thank you for the Queen’s love.”

Saying that, Tie Bowen asked tentatively, “Your Majesty, may I ask my father…” Tie Bowen couldn’t calm down when he thought of the tragic death of his father and his family.


Mona sighed, and her delicate face couldn’t hide the sadness: “It’s all my fault, I didn’t see through Ital’s ambitions at that time, and almost let him usurp power and kill your father…”

When saying this, Mona blamed herself.


Father and family, really all died…

Hearing this, Tie Bowen staggered like he was struck by lightning, he could barely stand still, and endless grief took over his heart.

Seeing his expression, Ginger couldn’t tell how distressed he was. He walked over silently, grabbed Tie Bowen’s arm, and whispered, “Brother Bowen, don’t feel bad, I will accompany you in the future.”


Feeling Ginger’s tenderness, Tie Bowen’s heart surged with warmth and nodded.

Afterwards, Tie Bowen calmed down and smiled bitterly at Mona: “Your Majesty doesn’t need to blame himself. Speaking of which, some things happened because of me. If I didn’t break into the forbidden area of ​​the ranch and take the sunset bow, Nor will it provoke the wild vengeance of Itel.”

Mona’s eyes flickered and she sighed: “Forget it, don’t mention the past.”

With that said, Mona’s eyes fell on Ginger: “This is…”


The voice fell, and the eyes of the surrounding leaders also converged on Ginger, and they were all attracted by her delicate face.

What a handsome, beautiful girl.

Feeling everyone’s gaze, Ginger felt a little shy, and subconsciously pulled Tie Bowen’s arm.

Tie Bowen patted the back of her hand, indicating that she should not be nervous, and then responded to Mona: “Go back to Her Majesty the Queen, this is Ginger, from the Nalan family of Diyuan Continent. She was chased and killed at first. Caused amnesia, was rescued by my father, and then brought to the Rakshasa clan…”

Having said that, Tie Bowen explained the situation at that time in detail.

I see.

Knowing the ins and outs of the matter, Mona and the leaders present were all stunned.

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