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Chapter 4128


Seeing this situation, many family disciples present were all furious.

This Darryl was really daring, and even kidnapped the eldest young lady.

What’s even more hateful is that the eldest young lady is about to get married, but now she is being held by Darryl, what does it look like?


“Darryl, put down our eldest lady.”

Amidst the angry shouts, the disciples rushed towards Darryl like a tidal wave.

Bunch of idiots.

Seeing the people behind him, Darryl was speechless and said loudly, “Your eldest lady is in my hands, it will be very safe, you should go back and take good care of Patriarch Nalan.”

The last word fell, and Darryl raised his hand and waved.


As the air vibrated, a purplish red flame erupted, and in less than a breath, a sea of ​​purplish flames formed behind Darryl.

Yes, what Darryl displayed was the Red Lotus Karmic Fire.

In the blink of an eye, where the sea of ​​​​fire permeated, everything turned into a fly ash.


Seeing the power of this flame, the disciples who were chasing after them couldn’t help gasping for air, and stopped one by one, with deep fear flashing on their faces.

Taking this opportunity, Darryl took Nalan to the sky with joy and disappeared from sight.

Darryl thought about it. After all, he was a classmate, so he couldn’t ignore it, so he took Nalan Xinran to Shennong and asked him to help him heal Nalan Xinran and get out of Gogne’s control.

After Nalan Xinran’s situation is resolved, go to Donghai City.

At this time, in midair.

Nalan was delighted to be tapped on the acupuncture point and could not move at all, but being held in his arms by Darryl made her very uncomfortable, her face flushed red, and she kept making a noise.

“Darryl, let me down!”

“Asshole, let me down…”

Darryl looked helpless: “We are now at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. If you let you down now, wouldn’t you fall to your death?”

While speaking, Darryl couldn’t help but admire Nalan Xinran up close.

I have to say that Nalan Xinran is truly stunning in the arena of Diyuan Continent. Thinking back to the time when we went to school together is still vivid in my mind.

But after so many years, she hasn’t changed at all, instead she has become more and more feminine.

At the same time, Darryl felt a little dizzy when he smelled the fragrance from Nalan Xinran’s body again.

At this time, Nalan Xinran, because he was controlled, didn’t notice Darryl’s strange eyes at all, but was simply caught, and he was very angry.

“let me go….”

“Did you hear me, let me go.”

Seeing her non-stop shouting, Darryl had a headache, and finally had to knock her unconscious.


The whole world was instantly purified, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, and sped up to the place where Shen Nong lived in seclusion.


On the other side, the small courtyard by the lake where Shennong lived in seclusion.

In the pavilion in the courtyard, Shen Nong sat there, dozens of medicinal materials and several prescriptions were placed on the stone table in front of him.

Su Xueying stood there respectfully.

“Art is broad and profound, and there is no end.” At this time, Shennong’s face was full of kindness, and he slowly said: “You must keep in mind the few things that I will teach you today.”

“Understood, Master.” Su Xueying nodded obediently.

When she and Shennong first came here yesterday, Su Xueying was still sad because of her grandfather’s death, but under Shennong’s teaching, she was immersed in the vast medical world.

It was only now that Su Xueying knew that her family’s medicine, in the thousands of years of medical inheritance, was just a drop in the ocean, and being taught by Shennong seemed to open a whole new door…


Seeing his apprentice being so well-behaved, Shennong nodded his head in relief: “Okay, take the prescription, take a look at it, and take a break for the teacher.” After speaking, he lay down on the chair and slowly closed his eyes.

Su Xueying responded, sat at the stone table, picked up the prescription and studied it carefully.

“Haha…Old Shennong…”

However, at this moment, there was a burst of laughter outside the yard, and then, a figure climbed over the wall and entered.

Dressed in black, his face is full of stubble, and his facial features are Zhou Zheng. At first glance, he looks like a calm middle-aged uncle, but there is a frivolous frivolity in his eyes.

It was Zhu Bajie.

Chapter 4129


Seeing someone breaking in, Su Xueying was startled, and then she stepped up with courage: “You… Who are you? How can you break in casually?”

This person is really rude. Didn’t he see the door was closed and jumped in.

Moreover, this is the place where Shennong lived in seclusion.


Just when Su Xueying questioned, Shennong opened his eyes and saw that it was Zhu Bajie, and immediately sighed, shaking his head with a headache.

Why is this guy here again…


At this moment, Zhu Bajie stared closely at Su Xueying, as if he had discovered a new world, and said with a smile, “What a beautiful beauty, beauty, what’s your name? How old are you this year? Are you married?”

As he spoke, Zhu Bajie couldn’t help looking at Su Xueying up and down, the more he looked at it, the more it tickled his heart.

The beautiful woman in front of her has delicate facial features, and her figure is not to be mentioned. She has beautiful curves and s3x, especially this kind of Xiaojiabiyu’s temperament. Any man will lose his mind when he sees it.

Zhu Bajie was lecherous, and when he saw Su Xueying at this time, he immediately revealed his true nature.


Seeing him talk more and more, Su Xueying’s face flushed, she couldn’t help spit, and she said with a show of anger, “You are so bold, you speak frivolously and rudely, do you know where this place is?”

Zhu Bajie didn’t panic at all, and said with a smile: “Of course I know.”

As he said that, Zhu Bajie turned his head towards Shennong and joked: “I can’t see it, old Shennong, you look like a sane person on weekdays, but you are also doing a ‘golden house hiding arrogance’ behind your back. , where did you get this beauty from?”

Zhu Bajie and Shennong had known each other for a long time, and they had always spoken openly.

“Freeze said!”

Shen Nong looked depressed and said sternly: “What Jinwu Zangjiao, this is my new apprentice, Su Xueying.”

Female apprentice.

Hearing this, Zhu Bajie was stunned, and then jokingly said with a smile, “You old man has a good eye. Looking for an apprentice, and someone so beautiful.”

Afterwards, Zhu Bajie looked at Su Xueying again: “Su Xueying, ah, this name is not bad, very poetic.”


At this moment, Su Xueying realized that the person in front of her was Master’s friend, but seeing his hilarious smile, she was indescribably resisted.

“Don’t be afraid, apprentice!”

At this time, Shen Nong walked over slowly and said with a smile: “This is Zhu Bajie, who likes to joke with people the most. If you don’t like it, just ignore it.”

What? Zhu Bajie?

Hearing this, Su Xueying’s delicate body trembled, and she was stunned.

The man in front of him with a serious speech and a frivolous face was the famous Zhu Bajie who disturbed the Beiying Imperial City back then?

Although Su Xueying seldom left her hometown, she had also heard of some incidents on the rivers and lakes. Back then, the sudden death of Emperor Houyi was rumored to be caused by the rendezvous between Empress Chang’e and Zhu Bajie.

Although the rumor was later refuted, Zhu Bajie’s name also spread all over the country.

It’s just…. the person in front of him speaks so frivolously, and the impression of Zhu Bajie is 108,000 miles away. Also, according to rumors, Zhu Bajie is an extremely handsome guy, how does he look like an uncle?


Muttering in her heart, Su Xueying couldn’t help but asked Shennong, “Master, are you right, he is Zhu Bajie?”

Shennong smiled and was about to answer, but was interrupted by Zhu Bajie.


At this time, Zhu Bajie touched the stubble on his chin and smiled at Su Xueying: “There is no need to doubt the beauty, I am Zhu Bajie of real value. I was really distressed, so I asked old Shennong to change my face.”

When talking, Zhu Bajie looked proud.

Seeing his appearance, Su Xueying was a little amused, she couldn’t help but pouted, “I’m so thick-skinned, I’m bragging about myself.”

Hearing this, Zhu Bajie wasn’t angry at all, but leaned over and said with a smile: “Beauty, what’s so good about studying medicine with old Shennong, studying medicines here all day, how boring, why don’t you walk the rivers and lakes with me. “

“As long as you are willing, I will pass on you the most powerful secret in the world, and I will ensure that no one dares to bully you if you learn it.”

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