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Chapter 4186

I go…

Seeing this scene, Darryl was completely dumbfounded, staring blankly at Zhu Bajie and Gonggong, unable to speak for a long time.

The child in Gonggong’s womb… Really Zhu Bajie’s?

At the same time, Su Xueying was also stunned, looking at Zhu Bajie puzzled.

He… wasn’t he poisoned? How can you be so sensitive?

“Go away!”

This is, Gonggong shook off Zhu Bajie’s hand and said coldly, “Don’t touch me. I still don’t know about your flowery intestines? What is serious business with Shennong? I think you are here to mess with flowers.”

As he spoke, Gong Gong grabbed Zhu Bajie’s ear and said angrily, “Pretend to be poisoned to lie to others, how shameless are you?”

At this time, Gonggong was almost so angry that he wanted to kill Zhu Bajie directly, but thinking of the child in his stomach, he finally held back.

“Oh My God…”

Zhu Bajie sucked in a breath of cold air, only to feel that his ears were pulled off, so he couldn’t help shouting: “Take it easy, take it easy, am I kidding Su Meimei?”

When saying this, Zhu Bajie’s face was embarrassed.


I thought that this time I would be able to get close to Beauty Su, how could I know that the Gonggong tigress suddenly appeared.


Seeing this situation, Su Xueying finally understood that she was being tricked.

Ha ha…

Darryl was overjoyed and couldn’t help but asked Zhu Bajie, “Brother Zhu, what’s your situation…?”

Having said that, Darryl looked at Gonggong: “She…is my sister-in-law now? And the child in her womb…”


Before Darryl could finish his question, Zhu Bajie said with a bitter expression, “Accident, accident…”

Seeing him say this, Gonggong was not happy, and his face became cold: “What do you mean? The words you told me before were all false, right? The child doesn’t want it anymore, right?”

Saying that, Gonggong grabbed his ear’s hand and tried a little harder.

“Oh, it hurts…”

Zhu Bajie couldn’t help crying, and the tears of pain were about to fall: “I didn’t mean that, I can’t bear you, let alone the child, let’s stop making trouble, in front of Brother Darryl, give me some face.. ..”

To be honest, with Zhu Bajie’s strength, he could forcefully break free, but for fear of hurting the child in his stomach, he could only let Gonggong grab his ears.

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help laughing again.

This Zhu Bajie is a self-proclaimed romantic, but he never thought that it would end up in Gong Gong’s hands. I have to say, Gonggong’s personality is too strong, and it completely suppresses Zhu Bajie.

Just having said that, Gonggong is also a goddess-like existence. Zhu Bajie seems to be at a loss, but in fact he has made a lot of money.

Thinking to himself, Darryl clenched his fists at Gonggong: “Darryl has seen his sister-in-law, and since she is his own, the previous grievances and grievances will be written off. In addition, I wish my sister-in-law a big fat boy.”


Hearing this, Gong Gong nodded and then let go of his hand.

At this time, Darryl smiled at Zhu Bajie and said, “Brother Zhu, my sister-in-law has a big belly. I came to you after all the hard work. You can go back with her. I’ll go back to see you when I have a chance.”

Hearing these words, Zhu Bajie’s face was full of bitterness: “Let my brother laugh, let’s have a good time together when we are free. Then I will go ahead.”

With that said, Zhu Bajie smiled and coaxed Gonggong a few words, then hugged her shoulders and left together.


Watching the two go away, Darryl couldn’t help but take a deep breath, secretly lamenting the impermanence of the world.

You must know that although Zhu Bajie and Gonggong are not mortal enemies, every time they meet, they have to have a fierce battle. Who would have thought that the two would come together in the end?


Just when Darryl was secretly sighing, Su Xueying slowly walked out of the yard.

When they got to the front, Su Xueying asked softly, “That color…”

She wanted to talk about a pervert, but she suddenly realized that something was wrong. She blushed and quickly changed her mind: “That Zhu Bajie is gone?”


Darryl nodded and said with a smile: “With Gong Gong watching him, you can rest assured that he will not pester you again in the future.”

Chapter 4187

When he said this, Darryl thought of the scene just now, and couldn’t help but secretly laugh.

Someone like Zhu Bajie was actually with Gonggong. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, who would have believed it, but the two of them should be very interesting together.


Hearing this, Su Xueying nodded, and then asked curiously, “Darryl, how did you meet Zhu Bajie?”

“That’s a long story!” Darryl smiled, and then briefly recounted how he met Zhu Bajie.

At the end of the story, Darryl breathed lightly and said seriously, “Although Big Brother Zhu is usually a fool, his eyes light up when he sees beautiful women, but he has a good heart.”


At this moment, Su Xueying couldn’t help laughing out loud, and looked at Darryl up and down: “I thought of a sentence, people gather people by similar things, Zhu Bajie is so horny, but you have such a good relationship with him, it can be seen that you are the same kind of people. .”

“I heard… you also have a lot of confidantes around you, the princess from the Weather Continent, the little fairy from the Fuyao Palace, and Maria, the Sect Master of the Dan Sect from the East Ao Continent…”


Seeing her telling the truth, Darryl couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed. At that time, he scratched his head: “You know my situation very well.”

Saying that, Darryl couldn’t help looking at Su Xueying up and down: “You don’t like me, do you?”

Speaking of which, Su Xueying is also quite interesting. Seeing that the atmosphere is here, Darryl couldn’t help but tease.


Seeing Darryl’s half-smile, Su Xueying’s delicate face instantly blushed, and then spit: “It’s really shameless, who likes you? Don’t put gold on your face.”

Saying that, Su Xueying thought: “By the way, Zhu Bajie deliberately acted just now and wanted to take advantage of me, did you know from the beginning?”

Su Xueying is ice-snow and smart. Thinking of the scene just now, she only feels that there are doubts everywhere.

When Zhu Bajie was bitten by a snake, Darryl didn’t panic at all. Later, when Zhu Bajie continued to sell badly, Darryl watched quietly.

At that time, Su Xueying was so panicked that she didn’t pay attention at all. After calming down, she realized that Darryl was also doing makeup at that time.

Realizing this, Su Xueying was very angry.

If Zhu Bajie wanted to take advantage of me, forget about it, but Darryl, who was in front of him, was still helping Zhou to abuse him, which was really maddening.


Faced with the questioning, Darryl secretly complained in his heart, sorry, Zhu Bajie is gone, he won’t become a puffing bag, right?

Thinking to himself, Darryl shook his head, looked at Su Xueying innocently and said, “Don’t wrong me, what is Zhu Bajie thinking, how do I know?”

“Besides, you’re so beautiful, it’s like a fairy descending to earth, wouldn’t that man be moved? If I knew Zhu Bajie’s purpose, I would definitely stop it.”

When he said this, Darryl was serious, but his heart was secretly ashamed.

This Su Xueying is not easy to deceive, she almost revealed her secret.


Seeing Darryl’s serious face, Su Xueying did not doubt, but secretly rejoiced: “Really?”


Darryl nodded, and then laughed wickedly: “How can Zhu Bajie be cheap for such a good thing? If there is a chance, it must be cheap for myself.”

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to be so frivolous, but Su Xueying in front of her had a pretty smile on her face.


Su Xueying was originally happy, but when she saw Darryl’s sudden seriousness, her face instantly flushed, and she was ashamed and angry: “Shameless, you and Zhu Bajie are really the same raccoon dog.”

Saying that, Su Xueying stomped her feet, raised her hand and called towards Darryl.

Where would Darryl let her hit? At that time, the figure flashed, and he avoided it with ease. At the same time, he said with a smile: “Hey, how do you say it’s good to do it? How unlady is this?”

“If you’re not serious, you should be called.” Su Xueying called again with a stern face.

Darryl didn’t panic at all, and started to circle around the pavilion in the courtyard.

Going around in circles, Darryl did not forget to continue to tease Su Xueying: “Come on, I don’t know if you have heard the sentence, beating is kissing, scolding is love…”

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