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Chapter 4238


Seeing this situation, Lorenzo and others, who were originally extremely worried, were relieved and excited at the same time.

Peter couldn’t help laughing, and praised Tie Bowen: “Good arrows!”

Hearing the praise, Tie Bowen smiled slightly and continued to guard around Darryl.


At this moment, Zhan Wuji’s face was ashen, and he almost yelled at him.

I can’t do this well, and I have spent so many years with His Royal Highness the King of God in vain.

Immediately, Zhan Wuji locked on Tie Bowen tightly, his eyes were like a poisonous snake. This kid is not very strong, but the giant bow in his hand is amazing.

Is there any way to stop his giant bow…


Just when Zhan Wuji was thinking about the countermeasures, he saw Tie Bowen’s figure rising into the air, holding a bow and an arrow, and the feather arrows with the power of the blazing sun, like flaming stars, exploded in the queue of divine soldiers.

Under the raging and terrifying power, many divine soldiers let out bursts of miserable howls, and fell to the ground and passed out.

Because Tie Bowen hadn’t fully understood the power of the Sunset Bow, he couldn’t use the Sunset Bow to kill these divine soldiers, but it would be no problem to defeat them.

These divine soldiers were trapped in the great formation, unable to break through the siege, and their morale was low.


Finally, some divine soldiers couldn’t hold on any longer, and shouted at Zhan Wuji: “It is hopeless to break Shenlong Island in the near future, why don’t you retreat quickly.”

The voice fell, and many divine soldiers agreed.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“It can’t be beat at all…”

The requests of the gods kept coming, Zhan Wuji was shocked and angry, and shouted angrily: “Shut up for me, how can I escape without fighting when I wait for the master of Tianwei?”

“Whoever is talking about withdrawing will definitely cut it.”

When he said this, Zhan Wuji was very angry. This time, the siege of Shenlong Island was a certainty, but he did not expect that the situation would become more and more out of control.

What’s even more abhorrent is that these magical soldiers under his command have a heart of timidity.

He was deeply trusted by the God King Haotian. If he led someone to escape, how could he have the face to meet His Highness the God King.

Thinking about it, Zhan Wuji’s eyes were blood red, and he howled like crazy: “All the soldiers, cheer me up, no matter how much you pay, you will break this great formation, kill Darryl, and take his head.”


The military orders were like mountains, and they had a firm attitude when they saw the battle. The gods and soldiers who were present did not dare to escape lightly. They gritted their teeth and tried to break through the siege of the Wanmu Xuanchong formation.

However, the Wanmu Xuan Chong formation, under the improvement of Darryl, was incomparably mysterious.

Tens of thousands of Divine Soldiers tried several times, but they were still unable to break through. Instead, many Divine Soldiers seemed extremely weak because they consumed too much Divine Power.


Seeing this situation, Zhan Wuji’s face was extremely cold, and his heart was even more incompetent and furious.

Could it be…. the situation is really irreversible?

“War Promise!”

At this moment, Xian Di’s delicate body flew up, and said coldly to Zhan Wuji: “You are unforgivable for breaking into my Shenlong Island, but I will give you a chance now and immediately order surrender, otherwise, you few Ten thousand gods and soldiers, none of them want to leave alive.”

“The Guard is Here”

The voice is crisp and sweet, but there is a chilling coldness.


Hearing this, the corners of Zhan Wuji’s mouth twitched, as if he had received great humiliation, and sneered: “Although you Qinglong clan is the head of the four divine beasts, you are not qualified to make me surrender.”

When he said this, Zhan Wuji had a firm look on his face, no doubt about it.


Hearing this answer, Darryl couldn’t help frowning secretly.

This battle is endless, although the means are sinister and vicious, but also has the backbone.

“it is good!”

Xian Di guessed that he would not surrender easily, and nodded lightly, with a bit of coldness on her delicate face: “Since you are so ignorant of current affairs, don’t blame me.”

In the battle just now, I don’t know how many warriors of the Qinglong family died in the hands of the opponent. This blood feud must be reported.

Thinking to herself, Xian Di said softly, “Go to hell.”


When the voice fell, Xian Di rose up, waved her jade hand, and called towards Zhan Wuji.

This palm contains 90% of Xian Di’s power, and wherever it goes, the situation changes.

Chapter 4239


Feeling the power of Xian Di’s palm, Zhan Wuji’s color changed in horror. He wanted to back up and dodge, but he was hit hard by Tie Bowen’s arrow just now. He was so weak that it was too late.

His Royal Highness the King of God, his subordinates are incompetent and have failed your trust.

Seeing Xiandi getting closer, Zhan Wuji closed his eyes reluctantly.


However, at this critical moment, a terrifying aura fluctuated from the sky not far away, and then, a golden figure burst out, blocking the palm for Zhan Wuji.


In the next second, a roar was heard, and Xian Di only felt a vast force coming. At that time, her delicate body trembled, and then she was shaken back by the volley.

After stabilizing her figure, Xian Di was shocked when she saw the person coming.

I saw that the other party was wearing a purple-gold armor, proudly in mid-air, and the powerful force surged, and the surrounding air was extremely distorted, majestic and majestic, making people dare not look at him.

Not the God King Haotian, who else could it be?

The God King Haotian was originally in the Qintian Prison for a retreat, and when he heard the news from the divine soldiers, Darryl appeared on Shenlong Island and deployed a huge teleportation array. At that time, the God King Haotian was shocked. .


At this moment, seeing the appearance of the God King Haotian, whether it was Darryl or Lorenzo, everyone was shocked.

As soon as the God King Haotian came, Shenlong Island was afraid that it would be in danger.

“His Royal Highness!”

However, Zhan Wuji was extremely happy and couldn’t help shouting.

Haotian God King nodded, his face did not fluctuate, but when he saw the scene in front of him, he was immediately furious.

At this time, the God King Haotian clearly saw that tens of thousands of divine soldiers were besieged by the warriors of the Qinglong family and the Rakshasa cavalry, and many divine soldiers were very weak.

“War Promise!”

In anger, the God King Haotian said coldly, “What the hell is going on?” Although the strength of the Qinglong clan was strong, it was impossible to beat the Divine Soldier of the Divine Superintendent so badly.

“His Royal Highness!”

Faced with the questioning, Zhan Wuji looked embarrassed and bowed his head in shame: “It’s because the subordinates are incompetent and they are not good at doing things.”

Then, Zhan Wuji quickly explained the situation again.


Knowing the situation, the God King Haotian was very annoyed, his eyes locked on Tie Bowen, and he said coldly: “Good boy, it’s you again, you were the one who injured the head of Wudang in the Nalan family before?”

The true identity of Prince Aotian has not been fully exposed on the rivers and lakes, so the God King Haotian still temporarily calls the head of Wudang.


Feeling the terrifying aura surrounding Haotian God King, Tie Bowen couldn’t help taking a deep breath, nodded and said, “It’s me.”

Ha ha!

The God King Haotian smiled indifferently, with absolute contempt in his eyes: “Boy, you are lucky enough to understand the power of the Sunset Bow, but if you are arrogant to the point that no one in the world is your opponent, then you are making a big mistake. already.”

“Also, I am in charge of supervising Kyushu, and my rights are supreme. You help Darryl fight against my army of Tiantianjian, which is against the way of heaven. Have you ever thought about the consequences?”

“Above the Sky”

I have to say that Haotian God King is too strong. Hearing these words, Tie Bowen only felt a suffocating pressure coming towards his face, and opened his mouth at that time: “I…”

After saying one word, Tie Bowen took a deep breath, tried to calm himself down, and then continued: “I don’t know the consequences, I only know that I am a Rakshasa warrior, and it is my duty to obey orders. The queen asked me to protect Darryl. Your Excellency, I will do my best.”

The last sentence, neither humble nor arrogant, is loud and clear.

However, upon hearing this, God King Haotian just smiled contemptuously: “Really? But what you don’t know is that this decision will bring disaster to your Rakshasa clan.”

Hearing this, Tie Bowen was shocked.

“Ha ha…”

At this moment, Darryl, who had been silent all the time, couldn’t help laughing: “God King Haotian, don’t you think it’s ridiculous that you violated the order of the Emperor of Heaven and said that you follow the way of heaven?”

Hearing Darryl’s words, the God King Haotian was furious: “Darryl, shut up for me. If you hadn’t been a hindrance at the beginning, it’s still unclear who the throne of the Heavenly Emperor would fall on.”

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