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Chapter 4250


A few seconds later, Yutong Xianweng frowned and said, “Little friend Darryl, your divine power is exhausted, and the injury is not light.”

When saying this, while Yutong Xianweng was worried, he was also secretly surprised.

He clearly felt that the power of the primordial spirit in Darryl’s body was exhausted, and the whole person was extremely weak. Even a child could easily kill him. In such a situation, others would have fainted long ago. He could survive until now.

Simply incredible.

Hearing this, Darryl smiled weakly and wanted to speak, but he didn’t have the strength to speak.

What Yutong Xianweng said is right. When he was outside, Darryl could not stand it anymore, but in front of the God King Haotian, he could only grit his teeth and hold on. Now that the God King Haotian has led the army to withdraw, Darryl is covered When you relax, you can’t hold on anymore.

At this time, Yutong Xianweng showed a smile, and his tone became relaxed: “Speaking of which, thanks to the old man, your luck is not bad.”

“The Ronin from Douluo”

“Now the old man casts a spell to help you restore the power of your primordial spirit. Just sit cross-legged and get rid of distracting thoughts.”


Hearing this, Darryl nodded and sat down with his knees crossed.

Yutong Xianweng also stopped talking nonsense, sat cross-legged behind Darryl, put his hands on his back, and used his mana to help Darryl recover…


At this time, outside the hall.

After Darryl entered the hall, Lorenzo, Peter, Xian Di and others did not dare to break in rashly, so they sat cross-legged to regain their strength while waiting for Darryl to come out.

However, an hour later, Darryl still did not come out.

Faced with this situation, everyone became suspicious again.

What did this Empress Hua Zhao say to Darryl, and it took so long?

“its not right!”

This is, Peter scratched his head and couldn’t help muttering: “Did Fengzi lie to us? He said that it has nothing to do with this Empress Hua Zhao, but what’s the matter? Can you talk about it for so long?”

Seeing him muttering non-stop, Lorenzo said with a wry smile, “What exactly are you trying to say?”


Peter stretched out his finger and touched the tip of his nose, guessing: “Fengzi has always been very beautiful, I’m thinking, is it that Empress Hua Zhao has a crush on him.”

As soon as these words came out, Lorenzo couldn’t help crying and laughing: “Don’t talk nonsense, how is this possible, the other party is Hua Zhao’s mother, who is rich in gold and has a noble status.”

Maria on the side also blushed and couldn’t help but said, “Yes, Big Sage, don’t talk nonsense.”

Darryl is his own man, how can he tolerate Empress Hua Zhao’s occupation?

At the same time, the surrounding Xian Di and others also looked at Peter, secretly laughing.

This Peter’s imagination is too rich.

He was able to link Darryl and Empress Hua Zhao together and said Empress Hua Zhao had taken a fancy to Darryl.


Hearing the rebuttal, Peter was a little embarrassed, but he still retorted: “What happened to the body of ten thousand gold? Fengzi is still the teacher of the Emperor of Heaven, and his status is no worse than that of Lady Hua Zhao.”

“Besides, the Nine Heavens God has been extinct for so long, Mother Hua Zhao must be empty in her heart…”

Seeing that the more he talked, the more outrageous he was, and Lorenzo was both angry and funny, so he quickly said, “Okay, stop talking nonsense.” As he spoke, he secretly paid attention to Maria’s reaction.

This great sage is also true, Maria is by his side, but he speaks unobtrusively.

At this moment, Maria couldn’t listen anymore, her delicate face was flushed red, she stomped her feet and broke into the main hall directly.

In fact, she also felt that it was impossible for Darryl to have something to do with Empress Hua Zhao.

But Peter’s words are not unreasonable. Darryl and Hua Zhao Niangniang are two, one is the Nine Heavens Profound Sage, the teacher of the Emperor of Heaven, and the other is the mother of the world, which is also considered a match.

More importantly, the two sides have been in the hall for so long, and they have not come out…

Thinking of this, how could Maria hold back?

“Brother and sister!”

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo was taken aback and wanted to stop him.

If Empress Hua Zhao was discussing business affairs with Feng Zi and was interrupted suddenly, no one would be able to bear the guilt.

However, it was too late.

Seeing that it was hopeless to stop him, Lorenzo sighed and had to quickly follow.

Chapter 4251

Peter looked indifferent and followed Lorenzo into the hall.


Seeing this situation, Xian Di and the others looked at each other in dismay, and finally couldn’t help but enter the hall.


The moment they entered the hall, they were all stunned when they saw the scene in front of them, whether it was Lorenzo and Maria, or everyone from Xian Di.

I saw Darryl’s face was pale, and he was sitting cross-legged on the floor of the hall.

Behind him, there was an old man sitting cross-legged, helping him recover. The old man was full of silver hair, red light, and kind eyes. Although he had a strong aura all over his body, he gave people an indescribable sense of intimacy.

what happened?

For a time, everyone was blinded.

Isn’t that Empress Hua Zhao? How did you become an old man with a white beard?

Maria came in angrily, but when she saw this scene, her delicate body trembled and she was blinded.

what’s the situation?


Seeing everyone coming in, Yutong Xianweng was also stunned: “Why did you come in?” When speaking, Yutong Xianweng looked complicated and showed a trace of embarrassment.

As an immortal from outside the sky, although Yutong Xianweng has the temperament of a child, he is also very good-looking.

I only let Darryl enter the hall just now because of his own face. After all, a dignified immortal pretends to be a woman, and it is detrimental to his face when things spread out.

I just didn’t expect that Peter and Lorenzo would break in without permission.


At the same time, Darryl also slowly opened his eyes and looked at the people who came in. He was stunned for a moment: “Why did you come in?”

Hearing the question, Maria’s face turned even redder.

Lorenzo, Xian Di and others were also embarrassed.

Peter had a look of indifference. He reacted at this time and said: “I understand, it turns out that it is not the real Empress Hua Zhao, but this senior pretending to be. Haha…”

Talking and laughing, Peter said to Darryl: “Fengzi, we didn’t break in on purpose, it’s my brother and sister who are worried and want to come in and have a look…”

Immediately, Peter told the situation just now.

Peter is hot-tempered and upright, and what to say.

“Big sage…”

At this moment, Maria was very embarrassed, and hurriedly spoke to stop it, but Peter was blunt and had already revealed everything.

“Ha ha..”

Knowing the situation, Yutong Xianweng couldn’t help laughing: “I am an old man, what can happen to Darryl? Think about it!”

“First Evolution”

Darryl was also secretly funny, and looked at Maria with a smile.


Faced with this situation, Maria couldn’t help but feel shy, her face was like an apple, she rolled her eyes at Darryl and said in a low voice, “I…I’m going out for a walk…”

It’s really embarrassing to have such a big misunderstanding.

When the words fell, Maria walked out of the hall as if fleeing.


As soon as his forefoot left, Lorenzo smiled and took the lead to break the embarrassing situation: “What’s going on?”


At the same time, everyone’s eyes also converged on Darryl and Yutong Xianweng.

Darryl smiled and explained the matter in detail. With the help of Yutong Xianweng just now, the power of the primordial spirit recovered a lot, and his face became bloody.


Knowing the situation, everyone suddenly realized, and at the same time looking at Yutong Xianweng’s eyes, they also showed deep gratitude and admiration.

Fake Empress Hua Zhao and make Haotian God King retreat with just a few words. This kind of thing seems simple, but it is very difficult to do.

With emotion, Lorenzo took the lead to walk over and saluted Yutong Xianweng: “Thank you senior for your righteous help!”

The voice fell, and Xian Di and everyone also expressed their gratitude.

“Thank you senior!”

“Thanks to the seniors, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Everyone’s gratitude, you sent me a sentence, Yutong Xianweng said with a smile: “My friend Darryl and I are also friends of life and death. It is natural to help, everyone, please don’t be polite.”


Just as he was talking, a strong aura suddenly came from the air outside the main hall, followed by a flash of golden light, and the God King Haotian landed at the entrance of the main hall, his face was ashen, and his eyes flashed with anger and killing intent.

“Okay, you old man!” At this time, God King Haotian stared at Yutong Xianweng, his voice seemed to come from hell: “Dare to deceive this king, and I won’t put you into the eighteenth hell, this The king is not called Haotian!”

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