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Chapter 4270

It was late at night.

When Darryl arrived at Yutian Palace, there were only a few divine soldiers guarding the entrance of the main hall.

“I have seen the emperor!”

Seeing Darryl appearing, several divine soldiers hurriedly saluted. After all, he was the master of the Emperor of Heaven. Who should be respectful?

Darryl nodded, and then asked, “Where is Your Majesty?” Haotian God King led the Qin Tianjian to rebel, and there was no time to delay.

Hearing the question, a divine soldier guard responded: “In two hours, it will be the morning court. At this time, His Majesty should rest in the back side hall.”


Darryl nodded, walked straight through the main hall, and walked towards the side hall behind.

When passing through the hall, Darryl frowned secretly, vaguely feeling that something was wrong. You must know that the Yutian Palace is the place where the emperor summoned all kinds of immortals and gods. It is the most important place in the entire God Realm. .

Today, apart from a few divine guards at the door, there are hardly any other patrolling divine soldiers.

But thinking that it was late at night, it might be time for a shift, so Darryl didn’t care too much.


When I was about to reach the side hall, I heard a burst of crying coming from inside, which was very sad.

Hearing the cry, Darryl was stunned, frowning secretly.

Why is there a woman crying in His Majesty’s room?

Thinking to himself, Darryl pushed open the door of the side hall and walked in slowly.


The moment he entered the side hall, Darryl was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that the huge side hall was lit with two candle lamps, the light was dim, and on the soft couch inside, a charming figure was sitting, covering his face and crying.

It is Empress Hua Zhao!


At this moment, Darryl was stunned, and his mind was blank.

Why is Empress Hua Zhao here? Could it be… have you gone to the wrong place?

No, this is the Yutian Palace, how could I have come to the wrong place?

After more than ten seconds, Darryl regained his senses. At that time, he walked over slowly with his courage, and tentatively said, “Niangniang?” While speaking, Darryl looked around and found that in the side hall, There is only Empress Hua Zhao, and there is no Ao Lin.


Hearing the voice, Empress Hua Zhao stopped crying and turned to look at Darryl, looking very surprised: “Didn’t you return to Kyushu? Why did you suddenly appear?”


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, and then said, “I have something very important to report to Your Majesty.” Empress Hua Zhao is the biological mother of Prince Aotian, and the affairs of Kyushu should be kept from her first.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that Ao Lin and Ao Tian were all dead.

“Really?” Empress Hua Zhao nodded, looking nonchalant.

“Yes!” Darryl nodded, and then couldn’t help but ask: “Dare to ask the Empress, where is Your Majesty? Also, Empress shouldn’t be in Yuyao Xianyuan, why is she here?”

“Your Majesty he…”

Hearing the question, Empress Hua Zhao bit her lip tightly, her delicate face was full of heartache, and she sobbed softly again: “Something happened to Your Majesty.”

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Saying that, Empress Hua Zhao picked up something from the soft collapse.


Darryl’s heart was shocked, and he was a little stunned. When he saw what Hua Zhaoniang was holding, he was even more stunned on the spot.

Yes, what Empress Hua Zhao took out was the Primordial Primordial Jade Token that sealed Ao Lin’s remnant soul. At this time, Darryl could clearly see that there was a vague figure in the translucent jade Token.

Although he couldn’t see his face, Darryl could feel that it was Ao Lin’s remnant soul.

This.. this is impossible.

For a time, Darryl was struck by lightning, and his brain was buzzing.

Ao Lin is kind and generous, and is a rare good emperor. How could something happen suddenly?

This is definitely not true.

Thinking in a mess, Darryl walked over slowly, trying to get closer to see clearly.


However, at this moment, Empress Hua Zhao burst into tears, suddenly got up from the soft couch, held Darryl’s hand tightly, and choked up: “Your Majesty is gone, and Tian’er is nowhere to be seen, now I am left alone. One, how should this be?”

At this time, Empress Hua Zhao’s delicate face was full of grief, but her eyes flashed with complexity.

Yes, she stayed in the side hall where Ao Lin was resting, which was deliberately arranged by the God King Haotian, the purpose was to wait for Darryl to appear.

Chapter 4271


Suddenly being held by Empress Hua Zhao, Darryl was embarrassed and embarrassed: “That… Niang Niang, don’t be too busy to be sad, this… What the hell is going on?”

When he said this, Darryl looked at the Primordial Jade Card in front of him and felt a pain in his heart.

“Your Majesty he…”

Hearing the question, Empress Hua Zhao’s eyes flashed with the aids, and she bit her lip and said, “Your Majesty he…” She deliberately slowed down her voice, as if she was waiting for something.

Seeing her hesitating to speak, Darryl was in a hurry.

Swish swish!

At this time, outside the side hall, there was a sudden sound of neat footsteps.

The sound of the footsteps was uniform, giving people an inexplicable sense of oppression.

Hearing the footsteps, Empress Hua Zhao quickly shut her mouth.

Darryl was also stunned for a while, thinking in his heart that it should be the guards of the divine soldiers of Yutian Palace. Thinking to himself, Darryl was about to go out to check, but before he left, there was a chatter from outside.

“Your Highness!”

At this time, a respectful voice came from the crowd outside: “The side hall is here. Just now, my subordinates heard the sound of fighting inside. It’s just a humble position. I’m afraid of offending Your Majesty, so I don’t dare to enter and check easily.”

Fighting sound?

Hearing this, Darryl was secretly puzzled, and couldn’t help but look back at Empress Hua Zhao.

The guard outside said that he heard the sound of fighting here before. Could it be that the Empress and Her Majesty moved their hands?

its not right.

Although Empress Hua Zhao has a cold personality and is sometimes willful, she is not stupid enough to fight with His Majesty.

Just when Darryl was secretly puzzled, he heard a low voice from outside: “Your Majesty’s safety is the most important thing. With this king here, you don’t need to worry, just break in to check the situation.”

It’s not loud, but it’s unmistakable.

It was the voice of the God King Haotian.


Hearing the voice of the God King Haotian suddenly, Darryl’s heart was shocked. At that time, the whole person was blinded. Isn’t this God King Haotian a Diligent Supervisor in the Kyushu Continent? Why is it in Yutian Palace?

In his heart, the more Darryl thought about it, the more wrong it became.

Suddenly something happened to His Majesty, and the God King Haotian rushed back to God’s Domain in time… Could it be that all of this is a huge conspiracy?


At this moment, a group of elite soldiers swarmed in, headed by the God King Haotian, wearing purple-gold armor and holding the Moon God Halberd, his body was filled with a powerful aura, majestic.


The moment he came in, God King Haotian’s eyes locked on Darryl and Empress Hua Zhao.

The next second, the God King Haotian’s tone was cold: “Darryl, why are you in His Majesty’s side hall?” When speaking, the God King Haotian was aggressive.

“Ha ha!”

If others faced this situation, they would have panicked, but Darryl was unusually calm, and said lightly: “I am the teacher of the Heavenly Emperor, and it is most normal to come to His Majesty to say a few words. Do you report?”

“Also, shouldn’t the King of God be in Kyushu? Why did he suddenly come back?”

As he spoke, Darryl’s mind quickly turned.

When something happened to His Majesty, Empress Hua Zhao was there, and at this time, the God King Haotian also suddenly appeared. All of this is definitely not a coincidence.


Facing Darryl’s rhetorical question, Haotian God King’s face changed, and then he smiled lightly: “I naturally have no right to take care of what Your Excellency the Emperor does. Also, when I return to God’s Domain, there are some things that need to be reported to His Majesty. There is no need for this. tell you?”


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but chuckle: “Report what? Do you report that you led the crowd to rebel?”

Darryl still remembers what happened on Shellmound Island before. The Haotian God King killed so many people for his own selfish desires. Sooner or later, the account must be settled.


At this moment, the God King Haotian blushed and shouted angrily: “Darryl, don’t rely on yourself to be the master of the Emperor of Heaven, you can talk nonsense, I am loyal to Your Majesty, why would you say rebellion?”

“The Age of Rebirth”

Immediately, the God King Haotian looked around the lower side hall, and said coldly: “Just now, a famous guard heard the sound of fighting from the side hall, and he was uncertain for a while, so this king led his subordinates to come and have a look.”

At the end of the story, the God King Haotian looked at Empress Hua Zhao: “Goddess, what happened just now?”

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