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Chapter 4306

“Damn, it’s so dangerous!”

At this time, Jia Laoliu sat on the grass, patted his heart, and said to himself, “I really carried it home today, I didn’t grab any property, and I even met someone from Heaven.”

“Fortunately, I am excited, otherwise this life will be gone today.”

As he spoke, Jia Laoliu patted the soil on his body and prepared to stand up to check the injuries of his subordinates.


However, at this moment, a crisp and pleasant voice suddenly came from behind: “What did you just say? Li Tiandao?” The voice was very pleasant, but it was a little cold.


There was a sudden voice behind him, and Jia Lao Liu was startled, his whole body jolted, and he quickly looked behind him.

Seeing this, Jia Lao Liu suddenly opened his mouth wide and his eyes were straight.

I saw that a few meters behind, a slender young woman stood quietly. The woman was about 20 years old, her facial features were exquisite and beautiful, and she was dressed in black clothes and black hats. Gives an indescribable sense of mystery.

Yes, this woman is Feixue.

An hour ago, Gu Qianqiu issued an order to let Feixue and others investigate the whereabouts of the young emperor. Feixue and his companions acted separately, and finally probed the vicinity.

Just now, what Jia Laoliu said to himself was clearly heard by Feixue, and he couldn’t help asking questions immediately.


So beautiful.

At this moment, Jia Laoliu looked at Feixue closely, his eyes were straight, and his saliva was about to flow down.

Unexpectedly, in this deep mountain and wild forest, you can meet such a top-notch beauty, with a slender waist, straight long legs, and especially her delicate face, which is like a fairy.

Feixue was very displeased by Jia Laoliu’s gaze, but she held back her attacks.


Finally, Jia Laoliu watched for a few seconds, and finally came to his senses. He smiled at Feixue and said, “Beauty, did you talk to me just now? Tsk tsk…you look really watery.”

Feixueqiang endured her impatience, and said sternly: “I ask you, just now you talked about Litian Dao, what the hell is going on.”

“You said this.” Jia Laoliu touched his chin, and while admiring Feixue, he said with a smile: “Why, the beauty also knows about Li Tiandao? Well, come back to the cottage with me and have a good drink. , I’ll tell you what happened just now.”

While talking, Jia Laoliu slowly walked towards Feixue.

Speaking of which, Jia Laoliu was very cunning and acted very cautiously. If it was normal, he would definitely be vigilant, but the flying snow in front of him was too beautiful, and Jia Laoliu was fascinated for a while, so he didn’t worry too much.

Moreover, the other party is only a woman, and in Jia Laoliu’s subconscious, there is not much threat.

“court death!”

Seeing that Jia Laoliu’s words became more and more arrogant, Feixue couldn’t bear it anymore, and immediately gave a coquettish shout, Yu hand pulled out his long sword, and suddenly waved, a cold light flashed.

Jia Laoliu couldn’t react at all, the whole right arm flew up instantly, bringing a rain of blood, and fell to the side.


When the severe pain came, Jia Laoliu let out a miserable cry, and fell to the ground with his broken arm, rolling non-stop, dripping with cold sweat, and twitching non-stop. The heart is also very frightened.

I thought I met Yan Fu, but I never thought I met a female evil star.

Feixue approached with an expressionless face, looked at him condescendingly, and said, “Do you know how to answer now?”

Speaking of which, although Feixue has a cold personality, he is not a cruel person who likes to kill. In addition, he has a moral restraint that is far from heaven, so he usually won’t take action easily, but Jia Laoliu in front of him is too wretched, and his provocation has intensified. Snow couldn’t bear it.

“I say…”

At this moment, Jia Laoliu was full of cold sweat and said in fear: “I said all… just now we robbed a man and a child, and all of them were knocked down by that man…”

In the next few minutes, Jia Laoliu explained the situation in detail at that time.

A man with a child?

Hearing this, Feixue frowned and asked, “How old is that child?”

“Probably…” Jia Laoliu grimaced in pain, but he recalled it, and said, “About eight or nine years old, he looks white and clean, and he speaks very well. Don’t panic, and tell us the big truth.”

Chapter 4307

Eight or nine years old, mature in speaking!

Hearing this message, Feixue’s eyes lit up, and she immediately took out a portrait from her body and handed it to Jia Laoliu: “Is it him?”

Yes, what Feixue took out was exactly the portrait of Ying Kuang.

Li Tiandao members are all over the entire Tianxin Continent, and they are well-informed. When Ying Kuang was just elected as the new emperor, Li Tiandao had already made a portrait inside.


Seeing the portrait, Jia Laoliu nodded again and again: “It’s him, the kid just now, it’s him.”

Speaking, Jia Laoliu became curious and couldn’t help asking, “Who is this child?”

Feixue put away the portrait and said coldly, “You don’t need to know this.”

His tone was cold and unmistakable.

“Yes Yes…”

Jia Laoliu nodded terribly, and then pleaded with a bitter face: “Woman…woman, I’ve said everything I know, beg for mercy.” At this time, Jia Laoliu was almost on the verge of crying without tears.

Today is really bad luck. First, I was taught a lesson for robbery, and now I have been cut off an arm. It would be tragic if he lost his life again.

Facing the begging for mercy, Feixue’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest, and said sternly, “As long as you answer my question honestly, I will spare your life.”

“it is good!”

Hearing this, Jia Laoliu was overjoyed, and nodded again and again despite the pain: “Excuse me, female hero. I must know everything.”

Feixue was too lazy to talk nonsense, and looked at Jia Lao Liu tightly and said, “You said just now that there is a man with the child, who is very powerful? And, is he who claims to be a man from Heaven?”

Jia Laoliu nodded and said, “Yes, that person is very powerful. We were beaten down by him before we could react to what was going on. The kid praised him for his greatness and wanted to be a teacher.”


Feixue let out a light sigh of relief, secretly grumbling in her heart, could it be someone from the same sect who found the Young Emperor before me?

If so, you don’t need to continue to track and probe.

Thinking to himself, Feixue asked again, “What does that man look like?”


Jia Laoliu pondered for a while, and responded, “In his thirties, he wears strange clothes and looks weird…” Then Jia Laoliu told Darryl’s facial features.

not good!

After hearing the description, Feixue’s heart shuddered, and she immediately realized that something was wrong.

The man Jia Laoliu mentioned was not a person from the Tao of Heaven at all. He pretended to be from the Tao of Heaven and brought the Young Emperor with him… This matter is no trivial matter.

Thinking of this, Feixue quickly asked, “Which direction did the two of you go?”

“Over there!” Jia Lao Liu pointed to the east.


The moment the words fell, Feixue urged her delicate body, flew up, and disappeared from Jia Laoliu’s sight in the blink of an eye.

so fast…

Seeing Feixue’s quick movements, Jia Laoliu stayed on the spot for a long time and did not recover.


On the other side, Dayan King Super Imperial Capital.

Inside the Longqing Palace, there was a lively celebration.

I saw that there were hundreds of seats in the hall, and many of Ji Beiye’s subordinates were sitting in sequence, all smiles on their faces, indescribably excited and excited.

Ji Beiye was wearing the armor of a general, sitting on the dragon chair, his face full of pride.

Two hours ago, Ji Beiye’s army completely occupied the imperial capital, and the rebels had been slaughtered. At this time, the imperial capital was under Ji Beiye’s control.

In order to celebrate the short-lived victory, Ji Beiye held a banquet at the Longqing Palace to reward the soldiers below.


At this time, a general stood up and raised a glass to Ji Beiye: “Congratulations to the general for taking control of the imperial capital, and the last general to give a toast to the general.”

When the words fell, the other generals got up one after another and toasted Ji Beiye.

“Congratulations to the general, you are about to achieve dominance.”

“I also salute the Great General. The Great General Wencheng has martial virtues, and he has a great impact on the world. Now he has conquered the imperial capital. This is God’s will.”

“Yes, in the future, we will follow the generals and enjoy the glory and wealth.”

The congratulations of the generals, you and I came, Ji Beiye felt indescribably comfortable, and immediately laughed: “Okay, okay, this time the imperial capital can be successfully broken, and everyone present has contributed to it.”

“Wait for me to become a great treasure in the future, everyone, you are all meritorious servants, come and drink.”

When the last word fell, Ji Beiye got up and raised his glass.

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