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Chapter 4344

Countless red petals swirled and danced in the night sky, seemingly extremely beautiful, but everyone present felt a suffocating murderous intent…

chi chi chi…

In the blink of an eye, the red petals filled the sky, shrouding the crowd who rushed up, and they heard the sound of the skin being split, and many disciples of the Heavenly Dao, almost before they could scream, fell into the pool of blood one after another.

It can be clearly seen that these disciples, without exception, were killed by one blow.


Seeing this, Feixue closed her eyes in despair.

Chen Kuan was also shocked and angry, his face turned pale.

At this moment, Granny Honghua looked gloomy and looked at Chen Kuan and said, “Those who obey me will prosper, those who disobey me will perish, and those who oppose my old wife will end up like this. Those who are sensible, just obey me.”


Hearing these words, Chen Kuan’s eyes were instantly blood red, and he said coldly: “I am away from the Heavenly Dao Ministry and never compromise.”

With that said, Chen Kuan drew out his long sword, flashed his figure, and charged directly at Granny Safflower.

At the same time, dozens of disciples around looked at each other, and then they also gritted their teeth and surrounded Granny Safflower.

“Out of control.”

Granny Safflower smiled contemptuously, urging her figure to fight with Chen Kuan and the others.

clang clang clang.

Seeing that Granny Safflower’s figure was like electricity, constantly shuttled through the crowd, and after a few rounds, Chen Kuan became more and more shocked.

The strength of this safflower mother-in-law is too terrifying, I am afraid that if the suzerain comes, it will be difficult to win.

Just at the moment when Chen Kuan was stunned, Granny Safflower sneered, raised her hand and slapped her.


This palm was as fast as lightning, and it was extremely fast. At that time, Chen Kuan didn’t have time to dodge, he heard a muffled groan, and was knocked back ten steps on the spot.

Before she could stabilize her figure, she saw Granny Safflower rushing up quickly, raised her hand and tapped Chen Kuan a few times. In an instant, Chen Kuan’s body froze and he couldn’t move.

“Altar Lord!”

Seeing this scene, the surrounding disciples all exclaimed and attacked again.

At this time, the mother-in-law of Honghua was completely impatient, and said coldly: “With your strength, you dare to fight with my old lady?” The voice fell, and the figure quickly shuttled in the crowd.

Dang, dang….

Almost in the blink of an eye, before these disciples could react, all the swords in their hands were knocked to the ground. After that, Granny Safflower quickly raised her hand and moved a little faster on them.

In less than two seconds, dozens of disciples were blocked and unable to move.


Seeing this situation, Chen Kuan let out a long sigh, feeling extremely desperate. At the mother-in-law Honghua, he said, “You…you kill me.” A dignified altar master of his own, faced with the provocation of the mother-in-law Honghua, but he had no power to fight back, and he had no face to see the sect master alive.

“Want to die? It’s not that easy.”

Granny Safflower chuckled, then took out a jade bottle from her body, poured out a black pill, then opened Chen Kuan’s top, and quickly stuffed the pill into it.


The mother-in-law safflower shot very quickly, and Chen Kuan hardly had time to react, so he swallowed the medicinal pill directly into his stomach.

Afterwards, Granny Safflower gave the other disciples and also took the medicine pill. For a while, after everyone ate it, they were all inexplicably frightened.


Finally, Chen Kuan reacted and said to Granny Safflower, “What did you give us to eat?”

“Of course it’s poisonous.”

Granny Safflower said lightly: “If there is no antidote, after two hours, you will have a highly poisonous attack in your body, and one by one will go mad. If you don’t recognize your six relatives, you will kill anyone you see.”

Speaking of which, Granny Safflower looked at Chen Kuan closely: “You people are in Qizhou City, killing people indiscriminately. Guess what the rivers and lakes will say about you Li Tiandao?”


Seeing this, Darryl frowned secretly, this safflower mother-in-law is too sinister, knowing that Chen Kuanning would not yield, she used this method to force him to yield.

And when he heard Granny Safflower’s words, Chen Kuan was also shocked. This method is too poisonous.

Granny Safflower sneered: “How? Do you want to become lunatics and kill people everywhere, or do you follow my arrangement and deploy the auditorium immediately?”

Chapter 4345

When she was talking, Granny Safflower’s smile was full of jokes.


At this moment, Chen Kuan was full of anger and unwillingness, but in the end he chose to compromise: “I will do as you said, and you will give us the antidote.”

To be honest, Chen Kuan was upright and honest, and he didn’t want to give in from the bottom of his heart.

But if it was true as Granny Safflower said, if he and these disciples were all mad, if they murdered indiscriminately in Qizhou City, Li Tiandao’s reputation would be seriously damaged.

In Chen Kuan’s heart, he could die, but he must not do anything that would damage Li Tiandao’s reputation.

“Ha ha!”

Seeing his promise, Granny Safflower was very proud and mocked coldly: “How good would it be earlier? It’s a waste of my old wife’s time, and you don’t have to kill so many people.”

“I will naturally give you the antidote, but not now, you have to get the antidote after you have finished the wedding and satisfied my wife.”

After finishing the last sentence, Granny Safflower untied the acupoints of Chen Kuan and everyone.


After being freed, Chen Kuan took a deep breath and instructed the disciples, “Go and deploy the auditorium.”

Hearing the order, the disciples began to get busy. Like Chen Kuan, they were all extremely humiliated and unwilling, but this mother-in-law was too strong, and everyone was poisoned, so they could only suppress their anger.

Facing this situation, Fei Xue’s delicate body trembled, her face was filled with indescribable humiliation, and she almost fainted.

“Master Chen Tan.”

The next second, Feixue almost burst into tears and shouted at Chen Kuan, “You guys stop, I… I must never marry Darryl…”

Chen Kuan sighed, came over and said in a low voice, “Miss Feixue, I don’t want to do this either, but you have seen the situation, if we don’t have an antidote, we will kill innocent people indiscriminately, and the reputation of Litian Dao will be ruined. Once, so….you still feel wronged.”

With that said, Chen Kuan stepped aside, not looking at Feixue.

Hearing this, Feixue was speechless for a while, bit her lip so hard that she was about to bleed.


At this time, Darryl couldn’t help shouting at Granny Safflower: “Don’t you just want to see Gu Qianqiu? I have a way, you let me go first.”

Darryl doesn’t know where Gu Qianqiu is at all. Saying so is just an expedient measure and wants to get away.


As soon as the words fell, Chen Kuan and the surrounding Litian Dao disciples changed their expressions and glared at Darryl.

This man is so bold that he dares to call the Sect Master by his name.

Granny Safflower saw through Darryl’s thoughts at a glance, and sneered at that time: “Boy, don’t play tricks for me, you are not from the heavens, how do you know where Gu Qianqiu is? Let’s be your bridegroom honestly.”


His mind was pierced, Darryl was very depressed, and he couldn’t help but curse.

Soon, the courtyard was decorated with lanterns and a new look, and the deployment of the auditorium was completed, creating a festive atmosphere.

“Good good…”

Granny Safflower was very satisfied, and nodded in approval: “Yes, it looks very festive.”

Saying that, Granny Safflower gestured to Chen Kuan: “Let’s start.”

Chen Kuan nodded and greeted the two disciples, each of them pressed Darryl and Feixue, forcing them to kneel on the ground. At the same time, a disciple came out to preside over the wedding.

“Worship heaven and earth.”

When the words fell, Darryl and Feixue were pressed and bowed to the sky.

At this time, Darryl couldn’t help holding back his anger. Mad, he was forced to marry on the third day of this strange world. If Brother Wen and the Great Sage knew about this, wouldn’t they be laughed at?


Feixue next to her was also in a hurry, her delicate body was trembling constantly, and the last mouthful of blood spurted out.

Ruined, his innocence is ruined, and he will be embarrassed in the future.

At this time, the side shouted again: “Two worship the high hall, the husband and wife worship each other…”

After the couple finally bowed to each other, Feixue glared at Granny Safflower fiercely, her eyes full of shame and resentment.

Noticing Feixue’s gaze, Granny Honghua was not angry at all, but smiled lightly: “Little girl, don’t look at me like you’ve seen the enemy, the old lady helped you find such a quick son-in-law, you should be grateful. .”

Saying that, Granny Safflower squinted at Chen Kuan: “Next, which part is it?”

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