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Chapter 4358

In this sleep, Darryl slept for more than ten hours, and when he woke up, it was almost dusk outside.


Darryl stretched his waist, took a deep breath, and couldn’t help sighing.

Since arriving in this strange world, this is the first time that I have slept so soundly.

At this moment, there was a soft knock on the door outside, and then a maid’s voice came: “Your Excellency Darryl, are you awake?” This maid was specially sent by King Shaoyang to serve Darryl.

Because Darryl was sleeping, the maid did not dare to come in to disturb her, so she stayed outside the door the whole time.

Darryl responded: “Wake up.”

Hearing the response, the maid said, “I’m going to prepare dinner.” After speaking, she left quickly, and after a while, she returned with a few delicate dishes.

Darryl tasted it and it tasted good.

After dinner, Darryl was a little bored, so he went for a walk in the garden at the back.

I have to say that the palace is very big, and the palaces of Qionglou are staggered. Under the background of the sunset, it gives people a different visual experience. The garden is also very elegantly decorated. It is midsummer at this time, and there are hundreds of flowers in the courtyard, which is very beautiful.

Darryl enjoys while walking.

Turning around a rockery, there is a pavilion behind. At this time, a slender figure is sitting in the pavilion. Several maids and many guards are guarding it. It is the Princess Qingyu.


Seeing Princess Qingyu, Darryl was stunned, how did he meet her?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl was about to turn around and leave, but before he turned around, he heard Qingyu coldly say, “Stop.”


Darryl was very helpless. He turned around and smiled at Qingyu: “What is the command of the county master?”

Qingyu’s delicate face was full of contempt: “Who do you think you are? You can also walk around in the back garden?” The origin of this person is unknown, but the third brother is still talking to him. more angry.

Darryl didn’t want to entangle with her too much, so he smiled bitterly and said, “I’m going to disturb the princess, I’ll leave now.”

With that said, Darryl was about to turn around and leave.

However, Qingyu didn’t intend to spare him at all, she chuckled at that time: “Did I let you go?” At the same time, Qingyu raised her hand.

Immediately, the two palace guards understood and hurried over to block Darryl’s path.

Darryl frowned secretly, and said calmly, “What does the county master want?” At this time, Darryl was already a little unhappy. There is something wrong with this county master. I have nothing to do with you, but I am always targeting.

“Fairy Wood”

Qingyu did not answer immediately, but said lightly: “I heard that before you and Your Majesty arrived at Xuangu Pass, you encountered a group of bandits?”


Darryl took a deep breath and said patiently, “Not bad.”

Hearing the answer, Qingyu’s face showed a bit of playfulness: “Your Majesty said, you have defeated dozens of mountain bandits alone, and your strength is not weak, so let’s let these guards around you compete with you, this county master I want to see how strong you are.”

This time the third brother is not here, we must take the opportunity to test this person.


Darryl frowned and said without hesitation, “I’m sorry, as a guest, how dare I take action in the palace? The county master should not be too hard on others.”

“I prefer to be strong.”

With an arrogant look on Qingyu’s face, she said without doubt: “In this gentleman’s place, you can’t do it!”


The last word fell, and the surrounding palace guards urged their figures to quickly charge towards Darryl.

None of these palace guards are weak. The lowest level is also the fourth rank, and most of them are above the fifth-rank. At this time, they erupted together, and the air around the pavilion was violently distorted.

Nima, you have to make an inch.

Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned and couldn’t help but murmured in his heart, but he didn’t panic at all.


In the next second, Darryl’s figure flashed, he quickly stepped back, grabbed a bonsai beside him, and placed it in front of him, and then grabbed another one and placed it on the left…

Seeing this, Qingyu was stunned.

What is this man doing?

At the same time, those palace guards were also secretly wondering. At the same time, continue to besiege Darryl.

Chapter 4359

However, Darryl was so fast that these palace guards couldn’t even touch the corners of his clothes.

While Darryl was avoiding these guards, he also kept moving the bonsai around the pavilion.

Yes, Darryl moved these bonsai and deployed a small five-element array.

Speaking of which, Darryl really wanted to do something, and he could easily defeat these palace guards, but he was a guest after all, so it would be inappropriate if he really wanted to do something.

Therefore, in order not to tear the face, it is most appropriate to use the formation method.


Seeing this situation, Qingyu County Master frowned and was very puzzled.

What the hell is he doing, wouldn’t he want to use these bonsai to deal with these palace guards?

The deployment of the Five Elements Array was completed soon. More than a dozen palace guards were trapped inside before they could react.

what happened?

At this moment, more than a dozen guards of the palace were secretly surprised. In their eyes, these bonsai seemed to move by themselves. No matter how they walked, there would always be a bonsai standing in front of them.

“What’s the matter with you?”

At this time, Qingyu couldn’t help but drink softly: “If you don’t hurry up, what are you doing in the same place?”

Qingyu saw that more than a dozen guards of the palace, like headless flies, were going back and forth between these bonsais, and Darryl was right in front of them, but they didn’t seem to see it.

In the face of Qingyu’s scolding, more than a dozen guards of the palace were all complaining.


The next second, one of the guards said with a bitter face: “These bonsai are so weird, I can’t rush past them at all.”

The voice fell, and the other guards also responded.

“Yeah, it’s too evil.”

“These bonsai seem to be alive.”

“I…I can’t tell the way right now.”

Hearing the words of these guards, Qingyu’s delicate body was shocked and completely stunned. She stared at the bonsai blankly, speechless.

Could it be….is this an array?

Impossible, just some bonsai, how can you form an array?


Soon, Qingyu reacted and was very annoyed. There were so many palace guards who couldn’t even catch a single person. Isn’t it a joke when the news spread?

Thinking to herself, Qingyu bit her lip tightly, and then said to the guards behind her: “What are you doing, hurry up and help.”

“Yes, the princess!”

After receiving the order, several guards mobilized their figures and joined the battle one after another.

However, Darryl did not give them a chance to move the bonsai quickly and change the layout of the formation. In the blink of an eye, these guards were trapped inside before they could react.


Seeing this scene, Qingyu stomped her feet in a hurry: “Hurry up and rush out.” These guards are really stupid, and they can actually be trapped by these bonsai.

Hearing Qingyu’s words, these palace guards immediately tried to break the formation.

However, ten minutes later, these palace guards were still trapped inside, sweating profusely and spinning around.


At this moment, Qingyu was completely stupid, and the maids next to her were also dumbfounded.

With some bonsai, you can trap people. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who would dare to believe it?

“The princess!”

At this time, Darryl looked at Qingyu with a smile, and said slowly: “Now I should believe that I was in Xuanguguan before, and I didn’t cooperate with that Wang Huacheng in acting.”

Qingyu opened her mouth and didn’t know how to respond for a while, her delicate face was also full of complexity.


It was at this time that there was applause from the path behind the pavilion, and I saw King Shaoyang walking slowly, with a smile of admiration on his face.

The King of Shaoyang came to the garden for a walk just now, and when he heard something going on in the pavilion, he came over to take a look. He happened to see Darryl using the bonsai to trap these palace guards.

When he got to the front, King Shaoyang couldn’t hide the shock in his heart, and smiled at Darryl: “It’s amazing, I heard your Majesty talk about the Xuangu Pass before, but this King didn’t quite believe it, but when I see it now, it’s really wonderful. “

Having said that, King Shaoyang said to Qingyu: “Little sister, do you still doubt the identity of Your Excellency Darryl? How can such a strange person be a spy? Apologize to Your Excellency Darryl.”

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