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Chapter 4366

Thinking about it, the generals looked at each other, and then said to Qingyu in unison: “My subordinates take orders.”

As soon as the voice fell, the generals were about to leave the hall and prepare to go out of the city to confront the enemy.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was about to stop him, but before he could speak, he was interrupted by another voice.


At this moment, a slight voice sounded, and then, Ying Kuang slowly approached the hall, with a dignified expression on her delicate face.

Seeing Ying Kuang, the generals were stunned for a moment, and immediately knelt down.

“See Your Majesty!”

At the same time, Qingyu hurriedly saluted: “Your Majesty!”

Ying Kuang nodded, walked slowly to the chair, sat down, and looked around: “I heard that Ji Beiye’s rebels have already invaded Qizhou City, how is the situation now?”

Qingyu bit her lip and quickly explained the situation.

At the end, Qingyu couldn’t stop her tears: “Your Majesty, my mother’s corpse is still in the hands of the rebels. No matter what, I have to snatch it back and let her go to the ground for safety…”

When saying this, Qingyu’s delicate face could not hide the grief and anger.


Hearing these circumstances, Ying Kuang took a deep breath and said solemnly: “The corpse must be taken back, but it is too risky to go out to meet the enemy at this time. The defenders of Qizhou are only tens of thousands, but Ji Beiye has hundreds of thousands of troops. Confrontation is undoubtedly hitting the stone with the egg.”

Having said that, Ying Kuang looked at the generals present and continued: “The corpse of Madam fell into the hands of Ji Beiye, which will damage the dignity of the royal family, but… Although the dignity of the royal family is important, these generals, as well as the entire people of Qizhou City life is more important.”


Hearing these words, the generals present were extremely excited and immediately shouted in unison.

“Your Majesty Shengming.”

“This subordinate must swear allegiance to His Majesty to the death.”

At the same time, Darryl couldn’t help but nodded in approval.

Although this emperor is young, he has a clear mind. At a young age, he can also know how to win people’s hearts, which is very good…

Facing the praises of the generals, Ying Kuang nodded.

Qingyu was embarrassed and couldn’t say a word.

At this time, Ying Kuang quietly looked at Qingyu and said slowly: “As the county owner, according to the ancestral rules, you cannot participate in the decision-making of war, but you use the tiger talisman without authorization, do you know the crime?”

Although Ying Kuang and Qingyu have a good relationship in private, the military law is not sympathetic.

Ying Kuang’s voice was not loud, but he had a suffocating aura of oppression.


At this moment, Qingyu’s delicate body trembled, and immediately knelt down: “I just want to get back my mother’s body as soon as possible. I didn’t think about it so much, and I ask Your Majesty to forgive me.”

When she spoke, Qingyu was full of fear.


Ying Kuang took a deep breath and raised his hand: “Forget it, you also made an unintentional mistake, and the situation is special now, so I won’t take your fault, get up.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Your Majesty.” Qingyu responded, then got up and stepped aside obediently.


At this time, Ying Kuang looked around the audience and said slowly, “The King of Shaoyang is temporarily unconscious, so let me temporarily command the power. Qizhou City is in danger right now, what are your best strategies?”

When speaking, Ying Kuang looked indifferent, but his heart was unspeakable.

After all, he was just an eight or nine-year-old child. He used to live in the imperial palace and had no idea how to fight, but he had no choice. As an emperor, he had to face the situation in front of him.

“His Majesty!”

At this time, a general came out and said loudly: “In my opinion, let’s take advantage of Ji Beiye’s rebels, who are not familiar with the environment outside Qizhou City, and send a cavalry to harass them. Send the main force to annihilate it.”

As soon as the words fell, many people nodded.

However, at this moment, another general came out and retorted: “No, Ji Beiye’s rebels are several times larger than me, how could a cavalry disrupt the formation? The subordinates think that we should follow the prince’s previous deployment. , stick to Qizhou City.”

“The city of Qizhou is strong. As long as we can’t defend it, the rebels will have nothing to do. When their military heart is dissipated, it will not be too late to think of ways to defeat the enemy.”

Many people agree with this strategy.

For a time, the generals in the hall were divided into two factions, one group advocated raids, and the other group advocated sticking, and they quarreled on the spot.

Chapter 4367

“Stand up? Do you hope that Madam’s noble body will always fall into the hands of Ji Beiye’s traitor?”

“Hehe, according to what you said, if the raid fails, the city of Qizhou is destroyed, and the people of the whole city, what should they do?”

“You don’t make excuses…”

The more the two sides quarreled, the more fierce, Ying Kuang’s brows were also furrowed when he heard it, and his head was big for a while.

“All right!”

Finally, Ying Kuang clapped the table: “Don’t make any noise.”

Seeing His Majesty speak, the generals quickly shut up.

“The opinions of the generals are not wrong.” Ying Kuang looked around and said slowly: “It’s just that it may not be easy to implement. Is there a way to get the best of both worlds? It can not only save Qizhou City, recapture the remains of the wife, but also strategy against the enemy.”


Hearing this, the generals led you to look at me, and I looked at you, and all fell silent.

Seeing this scene, Ying Kuang secretly sighed, his eyes fell on Darryl at the door, his eyes lit up, and he said, “Your Excellency Darryl, do you have a good plan?”


At this moment, the eyes of the entire hall were all focused on Darryl.

Qingyu couldn’t help but pouted: “He will play tricks, what can he do?” Although in the garden, Darryl used bonsai to trap more than a dozen guards of the palace, but in Qingyu’s heart, it was nothing more than Just some tricks.

If you really want to use it on a large-scale battlefield, this trick is useless at all.

Hearing this, Ying Kuang frowned and couldn’t help but glance at Qingyu.

Qingyu quickly closed her mouth.

At this time, Darryl took a step forward and said slowly: “It’s not that there are no countermeasures, but there is a premise.”

Hearing this, Ying Kuang was overjoyed: “What premise?”

Darryl smiled slightly and pointed to the tiger talisman on the table: “Give me the tiger talisman, and I will take charge of the command of Qizhou City, so that I can deploy.” Darryl has experienced wars of this scale, I don’t know how many times, In his mind, there are already many ways to deal with Ji Beiye’s army.


However, upon hearing this, both Qingyu and the generals present changed their expressions.

This guy is quite popular, so he asks for the tiger talisman when he comes up. You must know that the tiger talisman is the supreme token in the army. It has always been in charge of the commander-in-chief.

After being stunned, Qingyu took the lead to react, and eagerly said to Ying Kuang: “Your Majesty, you must not give it.”

Saying that, Qingyu looked at Darryl vigilantly: “This person asks for a tiger talisman as soon as he opens his mouth, he must be deceived, I think he is really a spy sent by Ji Beiye, and asking for a tiger talisman at this time, he just wants to give random orders, so that Ji Beiye attacked Qizhou City.”

The voice fell, and the surrounding generals also spoke.

“Yes, Your Majesty think twice.”

“Tiger talismans cannot be easily given to others.”

Although these generals are not as complicated as Qingyu thought, the tiger talisman is an important thing in the army, and it must not be easily changed.


Hearing everyone’s advice, Ying Kuang frowned and hesitated.

Yes, the tiger talisman is so important, should you give it or not?

Seeing Yingkuang’s hesitation, Qingyu struck while the iron was hot, and quickly said, “This Darryl is asking for a tiger talisman with ulterior motives. Come and take him down.”


The voice fell, and several palace guards guarding the door rushed over immediately.

However, Darryl didn’t panic at all, standing there, looking at Ying Kuang with a smile: “If Your Majesty doesn’t believe me, then there’s nothing you can do.”

“Eternal God Emperor”

Hearing this, Ying Kuang made a decision in his heart, nodded and said, “Yes, I will give you the tiger talisman.”

“Your Majesty can’t.”

However, at this moment, Qingyu’s delicate body was shocked, and quickly walked over to stop: “This person may be a spy, and he must not be given a tiger charm.”

Facing Qingyu’s obstruction, Ying Kuang hesitated again.


Darryl is also a little depressed, this county owner is really interesting, and he is against me everywhere.

Thinking to himself, Darryl smiled at Qingyu and said, “County Lord, why do you keep saying that I am a spy?”

“Aren’t you?” Qingyu said angrily: “How can you prove that you are not?” When she spoke, her eyes were full of vigilance and hostility.

“All right!”

Darryl smiled bitterly and said slowly: “Otherwise, I will make a bet with the county master. If I can do it, I will take the tiger talisman. If I can’t do it, please ask Your Majesty to arrest me as a spy, how about it?”

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