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Chapter 4372

The tent is empty, where can there be a shadow of beauty?


Seeing this, Nuliha’s face sank, and the wine was half awake in an instant.

Beauty isn’t there? Mad, is it those bastards who enjoy my beauty in private?

Thinking of this, Nuliha got angry, and quickly walked out of the tent and shouted: “Here, where are the guards? Where did they all die?”


The words fell, and several guards rushed over, seeing Nuliha’s face full of anger, and they were all uneasy.

Nuliha looked hostile: “Who is responsible for escorting the beauty?”

“It’s Hu Laosan and two.”

“Where are they?” Nuriha almost growled.

“No…not sure!”

“Made, are you still looking for it?”

Seeing Nuliha’s anger, the guards didn’t dare to neglect them, so they hurriedly searched in private. Soon, they found the unconscious Hu Laosan and two people behind the tent.


Nuliha didn’t say a word, walked over, slapped Hu Laosan awake a few times, stared and said, “Where’s my beauty?”

Hu Laosan was beaten: “Yes, in the tent?”


Nuliha’s eyes lit up, and he slapped him in the face again: “Are you drunk as Lao Tzu? There’s no one inside.”

“The First Minister of the Ming Dynasty”

“We obviously sent it here.” Hu Laosan almost cried, covering his face and said, “It’s definitely not wrong.”

Nuriha took a deep breath and asked, “What’s the matter with you two?”


Hu Laosan glanced at each other and said hesitantly: “We were raided, and the other party was too fast to see who it was.”


Knowing the situation, Nuliha was furious and scolded: “It’s really two wastes. Look, go through the entire camp, and find someone for me.”

It is impossible for the enemy to infiltrate the camp of hundreds of thousands of troops.

Nuriha guessed that it was most likely someone in the camp who stole his beauty.

“Yes, General!”

Hearing the order, the guards present responded, and immediately led people to search the entire camp. In an instant, the entire camp became a mess.

At this moment, in the general’s tent, Ji Beiye hugged from side to side, enjoying the tenderness. Because he was too drunk, after Ji Beiye entered the camp, he didn’t find another beautiful woman at all.


Hearing the commotion outside, Ji Beiye was very upset, got up and shouted outside: “What’s going on outside? The defenders of Qizhou City are calling?”

As soon as the voice fell, the soldier guarding outside responded: “Reporting to the general, it seems that the woman of General Nuliha has disappeared. Are you searching the entire camp now?”

What? Missing woman?

Hearing this, Ji Beiye was very angry, Ma De, the brains of these Hu people are really muddled, and they made such a big noise for the sake of a mere woman.

Thinking to himself, Ji Beiye said angrily, “Call Nuliha to see me immediately.”

“Yes, General!”

A few minutes later, the soldiers took the angry Nuriha to the gate of the camp.

Ji Beiye walked out of the camp and said coldly, “Nuriha, what the hell are you doing? You disturbed the camp in the middle of the night, do you know the consequences?”


Nuliha took a deep breath and said slowly: “General, I don’t want to do this either, but my woman was taken away, I really can’t swallow this breath.”

“Nonsense!” Ji Beiye was stunned for a moment, and then scolded: “I gave you a woman as a reward, who is so bold, dare to rob?”


Nuriha opened his mouth and wanted to answer, but at this moment he saw the scene inside the tent through the curtain, and his face froze.

Nuliha clearly saw that the beauty that originally belonged to him was now on Ji Beiye’s soft couch…


In an instant, Nuliha was furious and looked at Ji Beiye closely: “General, you gave me the woman, but you took it back and enjoyed it yourself, what does this mean?”

The situation in front of him is obvious. It was Ji Beiye who stole the woman.

At this time, Nuliha didn’t know that he was caught in Darryl’s alienation scheme.

“What did you say?”

At this moment, Ji Beiye’s face turned gloomy in an instant: “Nuriha, you said that General Ben robbed your woman? Who is General Ben? Need to rob you of a woman? ?”

Chapter 4373

At this time, Ji Kitano was very angry.

Mad, this Nuliha just wanted to die because he dared to talk to me like that because he was the commander-in-chief of the Hu people.


Seeing this situation, the soldiers next to him were all too daring to come out. The atmosphere is also extremely solemn.

Feeling Ji Beiye’s anger, Nulihajiu woke up completely, and was even more annoyed in his heart.

Good you Ji Beiye, you robbed me of the woman you sent me, but you go back on your word, and you are so righteous, I really thought I was easy to bully.

The more Nuliha thought about it, the angrier he was, so he planned to turn against Ji Beiye, but he held back in the end. You must know that the Hu soldiers in his hands were only 100,000 people, and the disparity between Ji Beiye and Ji Beiye was too great.

More importantly, if we cooperate to attack Qizhou City right now, if we really turn our face, it will not benefit anyone.

Thinking of this, Nuliha suppressed his anger, and a smile appeared on his face: “What the general taught is that he drank too much tonight, and his mind was confused.”

“I will apologize to the general now.”

The last word fell, and Nuliha bent down at Ji Beiye and gave a military salute. However, in his eyes, there was a flash of coldness.

Seeing his apology, Ji Beiye showed a trace of contempt on his face: “Hurry up and go back to rest.” The voice fell, Ji Beiye didn’t look at Nuliha, turned around and approached the camp.


Nuliha responded, but secretly hated her teeth.

Ji Beiye, you wait for me. Today’s humiliation will be returned tenfold in the future.

Thinking to himself, Nuliha turned around and said to the guards: “Let everyone rest and stop searching.”

“As ordered.”

After a few minutes, the entire camp returned to calm.

On the other hand, Nuliha was so aggrieved, he returned to his tent and drank suffocating wine alone.

Soon, a confidant learned of the situation, walked into the tent and said: “General, then Ji Beiye went back on his word and robbed the woman given to the general. This is completely despising us barbarians. This tone, let’s swallow it like this. already?”

“Of course I can’t be this vicious right now.” Nuliha took a sip of wine, with resentment flashing in his eyes: “When you find an opportunity, settle accounts with him.”

At this moment, Ji Beiye is here.

Ji Beiye just lay down and was about to continue to enter Wenrou Township, but a soldier shouted outside: “General, it’s not good…”


At this moment, Ji Beiye was furious: “What’s the matter?”

The soldier stood outside the tent and said with sincerity: “The lady’s body, no…. is gone. It should have been stolen by someone from the Qizhou City defenders.”


Hearing this, Ji Beiye’s face turned dark, and he scolded: “What a bunch of waste, can’t you see a corpse?”


The barracks of the hundreds of thousands of troops have been quietly stolen and the corpses have been stolen. It is really shameful.

However, Ji Beiye quickly calmed down and said coldly, “Order the soldiers on patrol to strengthen their guard and attack the city early in the morning.” That lady’s corpse was originally used to deal with King Shaoyang.

During the day, King Shaoyang was comatose due to vomiting blood, and his goal had been achieved, so the lady’s body was useless, and if it was stolen, it was stolen.

Without the King of Shaoyang in Qizhou City, the battle will be successful tomorrow.

“As ordered.”


On the other side, Qizhou City.

After Darryl got the Tiger Talisman, he readjusted the entire Qizhou City’s defense deployment, and then went back to his room to rest.

bang bang…

The next morning, Darryl slept soundly when there was a knock on the door: “Your Excellency Darryl, wake up, Ji Beiye’s rebels are calling out outside the city again. Your Majesty asks you to come over and discuss the countermeasures.”


Darryl responded, got up and washed quickly, and then rushed towards the city gate.

When they arrived, they saw Ying Kuang and all the generals already waiting above the city gate, all with solemn expressions on their faces.

Outside the city, Ji Beiye’s army gathered at the foot of the city gate, with long knives brimming with amazing momentum.

“Ha ha!”

At this moment, seeing Ying Kuang above the city gate, Ji Beiye raised a trace of contempt at the corner of his mouth, and mocked loudly: “King Shaoyang can’t do it anymore, now it’s your turn, you stinky brat, do you take the seat in person?”

“Hurry up and surrender to Kaicheng, or you won’t be able to save your life when I break through Qizhou City.”

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