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Chapter 4378

When she got to the front, Ginger hugged her arm and shook it gently: “Auntie, why are you so unhappy, are you not used to being here?”

Because of his love with Tie Bowen, Ginger has adapted to the customs and environment of the Rakshasa clan, and at this time, he also hopes that his aunt can stay here.

After all, the Nalan family no longer exists, and there is no need to return to Kyushu.

“I’m fine!” Nalan happily replied softly.

Seeing her appearance, Ginger thought for a while, and said with great interest, “Maybe my aunt is a little bored after staying in the palace for a few days. Let’s go to the pasture. I heard that the grassland in the pasture is very beautiful.”

When he said this, Nalan Wu’s eyes were full of anticipation.


However, Nalan Xinran was indifferent. At that time, he breathed a sigh of relief and smiled lightly: “Auntie doesn’t want to go, so let Bowen accompany you.”

Saying that, Nalan Xinran looked at Tie Bowen: “Bowen, have you found that piece of jade?” At the same time as asking, Nalan Xinran’s eyes showed deep expectation.

The family is gone, the father is gone, and Wushuang already has support.

In Nalan’s heart now, the only thing he cares about is the piece of jade left by Gone after his death. If the jade is gone, I really don’t know how to spend the rest of my life…


Facing the inquiry, Tie Bowen and Ginger looked at each other, their expressions could not hide their embarrassment: “Aunt… I sent someone to search all over the Kyushu, but there is no news for a while.”

“Really!” Nalan responded happily, her beautiful face full of disappointment.

At this time, Ginger quickly comforted: “Aunt, don’t worry, we will definitely help you find…”

“Fairy Wood”


Before she could finish speaking, Nalan smiled bitterly, shook his head and said, “Finding a small piece of jade in Kyushu is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Forget it, maybe this is God’s will.”

With that said, Nalan slowly got up and said seriously: “Wushuang, Auntie is leaving. Now that you have support, Auntie is happy for you from the bottom of her heart. I hope you and Bowen will be happy in the future.”


Hearing this, Ginger trembled: “Where is Auntie going?”

“Home is the world.” Nalan said happily and leisurely: “Wherever you go, it counts. Wushuang, you don’t need to persuade me. Auntie wants to go out for a walk. If there is a chance, Auntie will come back to see you, okay?”

Having said this, Nalan happily stretched out his jade hand and touched Ginger’s head, his eyes full of love.


Ginger’s delicate face was full of reluctance, hugging Nalan Xinran’s arm tightly: “I think you are always here, with me…”


Nalan pursed his lips and smiled: “If you are going to marry Bo Wen in the future, you will naturally stay here. Aunt is different. How can I stay here all the time?”

Hearing this, Ginger nodded: “Okay, auntie’s words count, she must come to see me in the future.”


Nalan nodded happily, chatted with Ginger for a few more words, and left the palace.

After leaving the Rakshasa clan, Nalan happily began to travel around, intending to use this method to dilute the thoughts of Gone, but after traveling a few places, the thoughts in his heart became stronger.

This made Nalan Xinran very painful, and finally found a cave, intending to cultivate and break through the realm.

However, there was always the shadow of Gone in her heart, and she couldn’t get rid of the distracting thoughts at all. At the last moment, she failed to break through and gave birth to the fire of inner demons.

Is this his destiny?

At this moment, Nalan happily curled up in the cave, enduring the burning of the karmic fire, her beautiful face was full of despair. Finally closed your eyes slowly.

Just die like this, and you can see Gone when you get downstairs.

Thinking of this, Nalan smiled happily.


The karmic fire burned more and more vigorously, gradually covering Nalan Xinran completely.


Seeing that Nalan Xinran was about to be buried in the raging fire of karma, suddenly, a powerful aura wave came from outside the cave, followed by a low voice.

“Infinite Heavenly Venerate!”

The last word fell, and a figure slowly stepped into the cave.

Chapter 4379

An old man came.

The old man looked in his seventies or eighties, with silver-white beard and hair, a red face, a moon-white Taoist robe, and immortal style and bones, which made people admire.

It was Lu Dongbin, the former Holy Master of the Holy Sect, who was known as the ‘Pure Yang Son’ on the rivers and lakes.

Ten years ago, Lu Dongbin established a new holy master because of his visit to the Taoist Church, so he closed himself in the back mountain of Shengzong, and did not leave the customs until half a month ago.

I passed by the neighborhood just now and noticed that there was a situation in the cave, so I came in to investigate.

This…is this a fairy?

At this time, Nalan Xinran was in a daze under the burning fire of inner demons and karma. When he saw Lu Dongbin, he thought he saw an immortal.

Are you already dead?

“The girl is so young, why did she commit suicide?”

At this time, Lu Dongbin came to the front, and just glanced at it, he was clear about the situation. You must know that with Nalan’s happy cultivation and strength, when he first went into trouble, he could completely save himself.

And she did not save herself, but let the fire of her inner demons burn more and more.


Hearing Lu Dongbin’s words, Nalan gladly opened her red lips, but only said one word, because of the pain all over her body, she couldn’t continue.

Lu Dongbin didn’t ask any further, and sighed softly: “Forget it, you and I are destined to save you once.”


When the words fell, Lu Dongbin sat cross-legged behind Nalan Xinran, running the Taoist Mysterious Art to help her drive away the karmic fire of her inner demons.

Time passed by minute by minute.

I don’t know how long it took, Nalan Xinran’s inner demon karma finally went out, and after going through this, she was also mentally and physically tired, and fell to the side and fell asleep.

Lu Dongbin did not leave, but quietly guarded him.


I don’t know how long it took, Nalan happily uttered a soft moan, and Youyou woke up and opened his eyes to see Lu Dongbin.

Although Nalan Xinran was groggy before, he also knew that the Taoist senior in front of him had saved him.

The next second, Nalan let out a sigh of relief and said gratefully to Lu Dongbin, “Thank you for saving your life, Senior.”


Lu Dongbin breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “It’s all right, no need to thank you.”

Nalan nodded happily, seeing his demeanor falling out of the dust, he couldn’t help saying: “Dare to ask the senior’s Dao name.” In the entire Jianghu, there are probably no more than three Daoist seniors with such aura.

“Lu Dongbin!” Lu Dongbin replied with a slight smile.


Hearing this, Nalan’s body was shocked, and the whole person was completely awake.

Is he the famous Daoist master in Kyushu, senior Lu Dongbin?

Shocked, Nalan couldn’t help but said: “It turns out to be Senior Chunyang.” Lu Dongbin’s name is Chunyangzi, so naturally he should be honored as Senior Chunyang.

Lu Dongbin nodded and asked, “Just now you let the fire of your inner demons burn, and asked for death with all your heart. Why is this?”


Facing the question, Nalan bit her lip happily, her heart was complicated and she didn’t know how to answer.

Lu Dongbin had an insight into the secret, and when he saw her appearance, he vaguely guessed something, and smiled at that time: “If the poor man guessed correctly, but for love?”

When his mind was guessed, Nalan Xinran was very embarrassed, and her beautiful face instantly turned red.

But soon, Nalan calmed down with pleasure: “He is dead and no longer exists, but his death has something to do with me, so I have been brooding and can’t let go.”


Lu Dongbin nodded and said slowly, “Let it go or not, it’s fine to follow everything naturally.”

Hearing this, Nalan happily recited it a few times in his heart, as if he understood something, but if he didn’t understand, he couldn’t help saying: “Senior, if everything follows nature, what is the ultimate meaning of a cultivator?”

Lu Dongbin smiled: “Experience all beings, the universe!”

Nalan nodded silently, silently for a moment, and then bowed to Lu Dongbin Yingying.

“The little girl Nalan is pleased. Today I want to worship the senior as a teacher, and I implore the senior to take her in.” Nalan kneeled there happily, looking up at Lu Dongbin, her beautiful face full of sincerity.

She didn’t want to be immersed in the pain of missing Gone all the time, so she wanted to follow Lu Dongbin and comprehend the Taoist classics, so that she could spend the rest of her life.

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