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Chapter 4406


Seeing him go and return, Liu Yulei’s delicate body couldn’t stop trembling, and she said in alarm, “Who are you? What is your purpose lurking in our Mingyuemen?”


At the same time, Tong Shan also locked on Darryl tightly, his eyes filled with resentment and resentment.

Darryl smiled lightly: “Is your memory so bad? I said it before, I just came here to heal my wounds, and you have been having trouble with me.”

Saying that, Darryl walked over slowly and hugged Liu Yulei by the waist. Then he went to Tong Shan again, grabbed his collar and lifted him up.


Now Liu Yulei was completely panicked, and her voice trembled: “What are you going to do?”

At the same time, Tong Shan also shouted: “I tell you, if there is something wrong between the two of us, Mingyuemen will not let you go.”

In his heart, although Darryl is powerful, it is impossible to compete with the entire Mingyuemen.

Ha ha…

Seeing their nervousness, Darryl chuckled and said slowly, “Don’t panic, I won’t kill you. As for what to do, you will know later.”

When the words fell, Darryl sealed the dumb holes of the two and led them to the forbidden area of ​​the back mountain. The thousands of disciples gathered at the entrance were all focused on the entrance, and they did not find the three Darryl at all.

Soon, Darryl led the two of them into the pavilion.

On the second floor, Darryl threw the two of them on the floor, took out an elixir from his body, and squeezed Tong Shan’s mouth into it.

clap clap!

After packing the medicine pill, Darryl raised his hand to untie the dummy points of the two.


Darryl’s speed was very fast, and Tong Shan couldn’t react at all. At that time, he shook his neck and swallowed the medicine pill directly.


At this time, Tong Shan was inexplicably frightened and asked Darryl, “What did you give me to eat?”

Liu Yulei, who was next to him, was also watching Darryl closely, feeling unsettled in her heart. Not only was this person powerful, but his actions were also unpredictable.

This person is the most terrifying.


Facing Tong Shan’s question, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, did not answer, but said with a smile: “I am the beauty of an adult, I could see it yesterday that you like this Liu Yulei very much, so I will give you a good performance now. Opportunity.”

“Wait and do well, I have something important to do, so take the first step.”

When the last word fell, Darryl smiled and went downstairs quickly.

What Darryl gave him was ‘Xixin Dan’, which, as the name suggests, would lose his mind and do all kinds of crazy things after taking it.

This elixir was refined by Darryl when he was bored. He has been slack and has never used it on anyone. At this time, he wanted to use the two of Tong Shan to attract the attention of the disciples outside, so he decided to take it for him.

Ha ha…

Soon, Darryl walked out of the pavilion and found a hidden place nearby to hide with a smile on his face.

The show is about to begin.

At this moment, in the pavilion.

The two of Tong Shan watched Darryl leave, feeling inexplicably nervous.

Especially Tong Shan, thinking about what Darryl said before he left, he has a very bad premonition in his heart.

He said he wanted me to perform?

But… what is the relationship between performance and taking pills?

At the same time, Liu Yulei looked at Tong Shan closely, feeling unspeakably uneasy.

A few seconds later, Liu Yulei calmed down and said cautiously, “Senior brother, you took the medicinal pill, is there anything wrong?” From Darryl’s expression just now, Liu Yulei realized that what he was giving Tong Shan was not poison. But more frightening than poison.


Tong Shan took a deep breath, forcibly calmed down, and comforted: “Junior sister, don’t panic, I’m fine, that kid must be scaring us, I…”

Just halfway through the words, Tong Shan’s head suddenly buzzed, his face flushed red, and his eyes became strange.

Yes, it was the heartbreak pill that happened.

what happened?

Seeing the change in Tong Shan’s face, Liu Yulei realized that something was wrong and quickly said: “Senior brother, your face looks so scary, you… what’s wrong with you?”

However, at this time, Tong Shan couldn’t hear what she said at all, his face was red and he looked very scary.

Chapter 4407


In the next second, Tong Shan’s heart-wrenching pill broke out completely, and the whole person became extremely crazy, staring at Liu Yulei closely, and shouting madly: “Junior sister, you are so beautiful, I… I really like you so much… .”

When he said this, Tong Shan’s expression was frantic, as if he had been hit by evil.


Seeing him like this, Liu Yulei was quite frightened, and at the same time her face flushed instantly because of his words.

Of course, she knew that Tong Shan had always liked her, but… it was too embarrassing to say this now. More importantly, outside the attic, all the disciples of the main altar were gathered there. It would be embarrassing to be heard.

Thinking to herself, Liu Yulei said to Tong Shan, “Senior brother, stay awake, stop… stop talking nonsense.”

However, at this time, Tong Shan had lost his mind, completely forgot where he was, looked at Liu Yulei obsessively, and continued to shout: “Good Junior Sister, do you know that when I first saw you, I thought Let you be my woman…”

“You know, when I saw you naked yesterday, my blood was boiling. I wanted to spend the night with you so much…”

Seeing him talk more and more blatantly, Liu Yulei was both shy and angry: “You…you’re crazy, shut up.”

While speaking, Liu Yulei wanted to get up and leave, but the dumb acupuncture point was not released, but the acupuncture point on her body was not released, so she couldn’t move at all.

And Tong Shan lost his reason and became crazier and crazier.

“Junior sister, be my woman, I want you to give me a son, a fat son…”

“As long as you are willing to be my woman, I will love you for the rest of my life. Let me tell you, my master is determined to win this sunflower competition, and he will definitely become the sect master at that time. After a hundred years, I will be the sect master, and you will be the sect master. Madam…”

The more Tong Shan said, the more excited he became. Because of the effect of the Heart Loss Pill, he said everything in his heart.

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Darryl, who was hiding outside, couldn’t help but laugh.

This Tongshan is quite ambitious, and actually wants to be the door owner.

Because Tong Shan’s voice was loud, all the disciples gathered at the entrance of the secret realm couldn’t help but turn their eyes to the pavilion.

“Who’s in there? To be so outspoken…”

“You’re not too timid, you dare to meet privately in such a place?”

“Go in and have a look…”

Under the doubts, everyone rushed into the pavilion.

At this moment, hearing the footsteps coming from below, Liu Yulei wanted to cry but had no tears. She wanted to die. She and Tong Shan were in such a hidden place, and they said such blatant words. It was hard not to be misunderstood by others. what.

At this time, Tong Shan was still in a frenzy and continued to express his admiration for Liu Yulei.


Soon, many disciples rushed to the second floor, and they were all stunned when they saw the scene in front of them.

This….is Senior Brother Tong Shan, and Senior Sister Liu Yulei?

Finally, a disciple reacted and asked Liu Yulei, “Senior sister, you are…”

At this time, Liu Yulei almost wanted to cry without tears: “He’s crazy, you guys should take him down…” Being seen by so many people, it’s really a shame today.


Hearing this, everyone’s eyes converged on Tong Shan, only to see his face flushed red, his eyes full of madness, and his mouth was chattering and saying unbearable words.

Why is Tong Shan so mad?

A few seconds later, a disciple who had a holiday with Tong Shan couldn’t help but scolded: “Tong Shan, you are very brave, you dare to hold your fellow student hostage, and you say these bastards, hurry up and take him down.”


The words fell, and many disciples rushed up to Tongshan, and they were about to tie him up.

However, at this moment, some disciples who had a good relationship with Tong Shan immediately came out to stop him and shouted.

“You are crazy. Senior Brother Tong Shan is framed at first sight. What are you doing?”

“Just… do you want to spark an infighting in the same sect?”

“Go back, all go back…”

For more than a year, because the sect master has been trapped in a secret realm, and his life and death are unknown, the nine elders have fought openly and secretly, causing the following disciples to be divided into several factions, often fighting endlessly.

At this time, Tong Shan, who lost his mind, became the fuse of the contradiction.

“Tong Shan violated the rules and should be arrested and interrogated severely. What are you doing? Do you want to protect him?”

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