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Chapter 4424

In such a place, once there is a special symbol, it is either a trap or a secret entrance.

However it was too late.


Just as Lin Ping was about to approach, the ground beneath her feet suddenly collapsed. She screamed and fell directly.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was taken aback, and hurriedly rushed over to pull her, but the area of ​​the collapse was very large, Darryl not only did not hold Lin Ping, but also fell together.


I don’t know how long they fell, Darryl and Lin Ping fell into the water one after another. When they surfaced, Darryl looked around and was suddenly depressed.

What is this place? It was pitch black all around, and nothing could be seen clearly.

“Where is this?” At this time, Lin Ping looked around, feeling a little flustered at the time.


Darryl took a deep breath and responded, “I don’t know, it should be an underground river.” After speaking, Darryl slowly walked to the shore.

I saw that this is a natural underground cave, and it was an underground river that just fell into it. On the stone wall from the bank, there is an artificially excavated stone step that extends upward…

Darryl thought about the palace group on the top of the mountain that he saw before, combined with the current position, he instantly judged that the stone steps in front of him should lead to the palace.

“There is a way…”

At this moment, Lin Ping walked to the shore, and saw the stone steps road at this time, couldn’t help but exclaimed, and then said: “Walk along this stone steps road, you should be able to get out. You explore the road ahead. , my queen.”

The tone is unmistakable.

In Lin Ping’s consciousness, Darryl was always an ordinary person. He could at most know ventriloquism and run faster. When he was in real danger, he still needed her protection.

“it is good!”

Hearing the tone of her order, Darryl smiled secretly, didn’t care at that time, and immediately walked up the stone steps.

Lin Ping slowly followed behind.


This underground space is too dark and damp, making the stone steps slippery, and after walking a few steps, Lin Ping let out a coquettish cry. There was pain in his voice.

Darryl immediately looked back and saw that she was leaning against the stone wall, her delicate body trembling slightly, and she couldn’t help laughing: “What’s wrong?”

Lin Ping bit her lip and said angrily, “Can’t you see that I twisted my foot? You can still laugh, why don’t you come and support me?”

“it is good!”

Darryl responded and walked over to help him, but he thought for a while and said, “With this help, when are we going to get there?” When he spoke, Darryl’s eyes flashed with a bit of playfulness.

Just now, Darryl silently calculated that the stone steps should not be long, at most a few hundred meters. At this time, he deliberately said this, just to tease Lin Ping.

Who told her to be so willful all the time?


Hearing Darryl’s words, Lin Ping raised his eyes and looked at the dark stone steps with no head in sight. He felt a little bit troubled for a while, yes, the stone steps didn’t know where to go. He supported himself, what did he want to go when?

Thinking to herself, Lin Ping bit her lip and whispered, “How about… you’re carrying me?”

It’s not suitable to hold, so I can only carry it on my back, anyway, no one else sees it here.

Ha ha…

Seeing her take the initiative to say it, Darryl showed a smile and deliberately teased: “What? Don’t you think I’m taking advantage of you now?”


Hearing this, Lin Ping’s face became hot and flushed all of a sudden. She was ashamed and angry: “Shut up.”

“Okay… don’t talk about it.”

Darryl smiled: “Just kidding, why are you so serious.” After speaking, he walked over and squatted in front of Lin Ping.

At this moment, Lin Ping was a little hesitant in her heart, but thinking of the situation in front of her, she finally lay down on Darryl’s back.


However, feeling the soft feeling behind him, Darryl couldn’t help but take a deep breath and secretly warned himself not to think wildly.

Lin Ping’s body was also tensed up, she only felt that a heart was about to pop out of her throat, and her heart was extremely complicated. This Feng Tao, she hated him so much, and now she took the initiative to let him carry it on her back…

In order to cover up, Lin Ping couldn’t help but urged, “Why are you walking so slowly? Hurry up.”

Chapter 4425

Hearing the urging, Darryl didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “The stone steps are so slippery, and I’m still holding you, how can you walk fast? Otherwise, I’ll put you down first and go up to explore the way, and you stay here alone? “

When he said this, Darryl’s tone was relaxed, but his eyes flashed with slyness.

He could see that although Lin Ping was strong on the surface, he was actually very timid. This place was pitch-dark, and he definitely wouldn’t dare to stay here alone.


Sure enough, hearing this, Lin Ping bit her lip tightly: “How can I stay here alone?”

As she said that, Lin Ping concealed her inner tension and continued: “I don’t know if there is any danger at the end of the stone steps. Master asked me to protect your safety. If something happens to you, how can I explain to Master? ?”

“Fairy Wood”

Ha ha…

Hearing these words, Darryl couldn’t help but secretly laughed.

This Lin Ping is really interesting, she is obviously afraid, but in turn said she wants to protect me…

Thinking to himself, Darryl smiled and nodded: “I know, I will trouble Miss Lin for protection later.”

Hearing the ridicule in Darryl’s tone, Lin Ping’s delicate face suddenly turned red: “Since you know, why are you laughing? Are you laughing at me?”


“You don’t dare to measure…”

The bickering between the two continued to sound on the stone steps.


the other side.

The first elder and a few companions searched nearby for a long time, but still could not find Lin Ping’s whereabouts. In an instant, the first elder looked extremely ugly, and his heart was unknown.


At this time, the first elder couldn’t help but scolded: “A living person can still disappear?”

The pursuit of Li Suqiu failed before, but now the search for Lin Ping has also yielded nothing. The successive failures made the Great Elder completely impatient, and what made him even more angry was that his disciple Chen Yan also disappeared.

Feeling the anger of the elder, several people around also frowned secretly, and they couldn’t help muttering.

“Strange, I heard Lin Ping shout here just now.”

“Yeah, we’re not slow, why can’t we find anyone in a blink of an eye?”

“I think we should be careful. In this secret realm, there are many organs. Maybe, Lin Ping fell into a trap.”

The guess of the last person aroused everyone’s approval.

However, the elder’s face was still extremely gloomy, and he said coldly, “No matter whether Li Suqiu and Lin Ping fell into a trap, we must find their whereabouts.”

Li Suqiu is one of the nine elders. Although she is usually low-key, she also has a certain influence among the disciples of Mingyuemen. She has already torn her face just now, so she is absolutely not allowed to leave the secret realm alive.

“Big elder!”

At this moment, a call came from not far away, and then, the second elder came quickly with his accompanying disciples, his face could not hide the excitement.

When they got to the front, the second elder smiled and said, “The trap at the entrance of the palace has been broken by us, and now we can enter.”

The second elder and the first elder are the same raccoon dog. They have been secretly supporting the first elder as the door owner. After entering the secret realm this time, the first elder has two goals. One purpose is to win the competition, and the second purpose is to enter the palace on the top of the mountain.

However, many traps were deployed at the entrance of the palace on the top of the mountain. At that time, after the first elder tried unsuccessfully to enter, he handed over the task of breaking the trap to the second elder.

Ha ha…

Hearing this, the Great Elder was overjoyed and nodded again and again: “Okay, very good.”

The palace on the top of the mountain has always been very mysterious. Before the Mingyue Sect sent people to investigate, all failed, and even the sect master disappeared. And now, finally being able to enter the palace to take a peek, why is the Great Elder unhappy?

At this moment, the more excited the Great Elder thought, he raised his hand and waved: “Let’s go, let’s explore the palace first.” The voice fell, and he took the lead in walking towards the palace on the top of the mountain.

The two elders quickly followed.

Soon, at the entrance of the palace complex, I saw that the trap next to the stone gate had been destroyed. The huge one was behind the stone gate, and there was a wide passage leading to the front hall.

On both sides of the passage, there are some huge stone statues, which are very oppressive at first glance.


Seeing this, the first elder couldn’t help but took a deep breath and said slowly: “It is rumored that the palace in the Sunflower Secret Realm was once the site of Xianyumen, and it seems that it should not be wrong now.”

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