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Chapter 4430

“It’s Master…”

At this time, Lin Ping saw this scene, her delicate face was very excited, but also a little worried.

The fifth and sixth elders were injured so badly, can Master alone save them?


At the same time, Darryl was stunned when he saw Li Suqiu. Speaking of which, when he was down the mountain, Darryl was still worried about her safety. Now that he is safe and sound, he is relieved for the time being.

However, in the current situation, she rashly attacked, and she was a little impulsive.

At this time in the hall.

Li Suqiu had already arrived in front of the Great Elder, and his delicate face was full of anger: “You are very ambitious, and you are killing your fellow sect, and now I will take out your scum under the name of Yumen.”

The last word fell, Li Suqiu accelerated, and the long sword flashed with cold light, completely covering the Great Elder.

“Master be careful!”

Seeing this scene, the second elder’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help shouting.

At the same time, the other companions around were also shocked, and together with the second elder, they wanted to rush up to intercept Li Suqiu, but Li Suqiu was so fast that it was too late.


Feeling the chill coming from Li Suqiu’s long sword, the elder was shocked and angry. At that time, it was too late to dodge, so he had to pull out his long sword to resist.

clang clang…

Almost in the blink of an eye, the long swords of the two sides collided, and there was a loud vibration. Because the elder was passive, these swords were completely parrying, and before there was time to counterattack, Li Suqiu struck again.


This palm was so quick and sharp that the Great Elder didn’t have time to dodge, and was hit directly on the body. He heard a dull sound, the Great Elder snorted, blood spurted wildly, and the whole person was shocked and flew out.


After flying for dozens of meters, the elder finally hit a pillar and fell heavily to the ground. His face was pale, and bursts of pain came, and he almost fainted.


At this time, the Great Elder’s anger rose in his heart, and he stared at Li Suqiu like a poisonous snake. This b!tch is really ruthless.

He clearly felt that Li Suqiu’s palm just broke several of his ribs. At this time, the blood in his body was churning, and his breath was all disordered.


Feeling the Great Elder’s glares, Li Suqiu’s delicate face did not fluctuate at all, but she felt a pity in her heart. The fierce battle at the foot of the mountain before has consumed a lot of strength, otherwise, that palm just now would be enough to kill the Great Elder.

Muttering in his heart, Li Suqiu shouted at the fifth and sixth elders, “How are you?”


At this time, the fifth and sixth elders were all blood-drenched and exhausted from the fierce battle just now. When they heard the question, they all gritted their teeth and shook their heads.

“Don’t worry, you can’t die for a while!”

“Elder Li, you are here at the right time, let’s eradicate this scum together.”

The fifth elder and the sixth elder are both strong-willed people, and even if they exert their last breath, they will never admit defeat.


Hearing the answers of the two, Li Suqiu nodded, then rushed towards the Great Elder again, and shouted tenderly, “Death!” She thought about it, even if she fought for her life today, she could not let the Great Elder leave alive. Secret realm.

What a crazy woman.

At this time, the Great Elder, the blood in his body was churning, and he had not yet regained his strength. When he saw Li Suqiu erupting again, he immediately panicked. At that time, he stumbled up and dodged around the pillar.

While dodging, the first elder shouted at the second elder and others: “Are you all blind? Why don’t you come and help?”

When shouting, the elder was very angry.

Ma De, his own dignified elder who was about to become the sect master, was chased and killed by a woman at this time, and he was simply embarrassed.


Hearing the call, the second elder and others reacted and rushed up with a shout.

“b!tch woman, dare to take action against the elders, courting death!”

“Kill her!”

Seeing this, the fifth elder and the sixth elder looked at each other, endured the severe pain from the wound on their bodies, and burst out at the same time, intercepting the second elder and everyone.

“Want to save people? Ask us first.”

“A bunch of scum, let’s fight again…”

Chapter 4431

Under the anger, the fifth and sixth elders, waving their long swords, fought with the second elders again.

They all knew in their hearts that both of them had said that they were seriously injured, and they were completely unable to kill the Great Elder. The only one who could kill him was Li Suqiu.

Therefore, we must intercept the two elders, otherwise, Li Suqiu’s raid just now will be in vain.

“Mad, court death!”

“Go away!”

Facing the obstruction of the fifth and sixth elders, everyone was furious.

However, the fifth and sixth elders at this time have put their life and death aside.

To deal with such a lifeless person, no one dares to risk their own life.

Beside him, Li Suqiu’s pursuit of the Great Elder continued.

The first elder was very cunning. Although he had received heavy damage just now, in the face of Li Suqiu’s pursuit, he was able to use the dozens of pillars in the hall to dodge and move around to avoid Li Suqiu’s repeated fatal attacks.


At this time, Lin Ping, who was hiding in the secret passage, saw the scene in front of him, and was immediately anxious: “This elder is too cunning, it is too difficult for Master to kill him alone, I am going to help.”

When the words fell, Lin Ping clenched the long sword and was about to rush out. It’s just that her sprained foot hasn’t healed yet. Just when she stood up, a pain came and she almost fell.


Seeing her like this, Darryl couldn’t help sighing secretly, and couldn’t help but say: “Your feet are not good, how can you help?”

This girl is really simple-minded, you really want to rush over, I’m afraid it won’t help, but it will make the situation more and more chaotic.

Lin Ping was already upset, and when she heard Darryl’s words, she immediately scolded angrily: “Shut up for me, if it weren’t for you, would I be able to twist my foot? If nothing can help, it will drag people down.”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned for a moment, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

This girl is really interesting. It was you who accidentally sprained your foot, so how can you blame me.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl didn’t care, but scratched his head and said, “I’ll go see if there is another way out. If the companions of the first elder find us, we can run away.”

With that said, Darryl walked towards the corner of the secret road not far away.

Of course, Darryl didn’t want to find a way out, but planned to help Li Suqiu’s three enemies, but in order to hide his identity, Lin Ping couldn’t see this, so he could only find a hidden place.

“Fear of death!”

Lin Ping’s delicate face was full of contempt, she muttered at Darryl’s back, and then sat on the ground, gently kneading her sprained foot.

In the past, when she sprained her foot, Master helped her knead it, but now the situation is urgent and she can only rely on herself.

At this time, in the hall, the battle situation became more and more tragic.

The fifth elder and the sixth elder, although they were determined to die, the disparity between the two sides admitting defeat was too great, and they were soon forced to the corner of the hall.


At this moment, a tear was heard, and the fifth elder was struck by a sword.

In an instant, blood donations spewed out.

The fifth elder had suffered a lot of injuries, and there was almost no intact place on his body. At this time, he was hit with a sword and could not hold it. At that time, his body trembled and he leaned directly against the wall, his long sword leaning on it. The ground propped itself up so that it wouldn’t fall.

“Five elders!”

Seeing this situation, the sixth elder was extremely sad and angry, and shouted to come over to help her.

However, before he could reach out his hand, the Fifth Elder’s face flashed with determination, and he pushed him away a few meters away, shouting, “I can’t do it anymore, go and help Elder Li kill that scum, hurry up.”


The last word fell, and the fifth elders exerted their last strength to burst out all the remaining strength in the body. He raised his palm and knocked out an enemy in front of him. With the other hand, he swung a long sword to force the second elders. retreat.

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the sixth elder were sour, then nodded, cast his figure, and rushed towards the first elder.

“Made, stop him!”

At this time, the second elder came to his senses and shouted, about to stop it with his companions, but was stopped by the fifth elder with a sword.

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