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Chapter 4432

“Come on, if you want to kill me, come.”

At this time, the fifth elder had a crazy face. Although he was shaky, he was still unafraid in the face of the enemy in front of him.

“Come on, aren’t you going to kill me? Come on…” The fifth elder’s eyes were blood red and he kept howling.


Seeing this scene, the two elders looked at each other in dismay, and a trace of fear rose in each other’s hearts.

It’s bloody.

It hurts like this, and he can still stand up!

“Go to Nima!”

In the next second, the second elder reacted and shouted, and the long sword stabbed the fifth elder in the abdomen. In an instant, blood splashed, dyeing the ground a blood red.

Immediately afterwards, other companions rushed up, and stabbed the five elders with the long swords in their hands.

puff, puff…

In an instant, the fifth elder was stabbed into a hornet’s nest, like a blood man, he swallowed his last breath unwillingly, and fell into a pool of blood, his eyes staring blankly.

“Five elders!”

At this time, the sixth elder was about to cooperate with Li Suqiu to kill the first elder. When he looked back and saw the tragic death of the fifth elder, he couldn’t help roaring wildly.

He and the five elders had the best relationship in the entire Mingyuemen, like brothers. Seeing him die unexpectedly at this time, his heart was like a knife.

Five elders….

At the same time, seeing the tragic death of the fifth elder, Li Suqiu also trembled, and a grief rose in her heart.

Although she didn’t have much friendship with the fifth elder, she also knew that the fifth elder had an upright personality and had paid too much for Mingyuemen for so many years. Seeing his tragic death at this time, she couldn’t help feeling sad.


At this moment, taking advantage of Li Suqiu’s sentimentality, the first elder hid behind a pillar, quickly took out a healing medicine from his body, and threw it into his mouth.

After taking the medicine pill, the first elder was full of pride, and mocked Li Suqiu: “b!tch, you want my life too? Hey, the fifth is dead, the next one is the sixth and you.”

When he spoke, the elder’s eyes were full of gloom and gloom.

Although several ribs were broken, after taking the healing medicine, he was able to fight against Li Suqiu.

The first elder has thought about it, and when he finds an opportunity, he must let Li Suqiu not survive, nor die. . . .


Hearing the ridicule of the first elder, Li Suqiu’s delicate face instantly showed a layer of frost. At that time, her red lips lightly opened, and she said coldly, “Even if you die, I will pull your back.”

Saying that, the delicate body erupted and came straight towards the Great Elder.

The Great Elder smiled and continued to dodge around the pillar.

At this moment, in the secret passage.

Entering the corner, Darryl continued to move forward and found the place where Li Suqiu rushed out. Sure enough, he saw that there was also a secret door here.


At this time, Darryl saw the fifth elder who had died tragically in a pool of blood through the gap in the secret door.

Unexpectedly, it was still a step too late.

Although he didn’t know the fifth elder, Darryl was also admired by his pride. Seeing his tragic death at this time, his heart was naturally very uncomfortable.

“I want you all to die… all die…”

At this moment, the sixth elder came back to his senses, roared wildly at that time, and burst out directly at the second elder.

At this time, the sixth elder, under extreme anger, lost his mind in an instant, and completely forgot to help Li Suqiu kill the first elder. At this time, he just wanted to avenge the fifth elder.


Seeing the sixth elder rushing over, the second elder grinned: “The fifth is dead, and you and Li Suqiu can’t make much trouble. I’ll send you two to reunite together in the underground later.”

“Kill him, I’ll help the elder.”

The last word fell, the second elder shook off the blood donation on his long sword, and his figure burst out, rushing towards Li Suqiu who was not far away.


The other people quickly dispersed and surrounded the Sixth Elder. In an instant, several long swords erupted in unison, intertwined into a dazzling sword net, blocking all the retreats of the six elders.


Faced with this situation, the sixth elder’s frantic face showed a bit of despair. Looking at the body of the fifth elder, he smiled bitterly: “Brother, I’m useless, I couldn’t avenge you…”

The voice fell, and the sixth elder closed his eyes in despair.

Chapter 4433

Seeing this, Darryl, who was hiding behind the secret door, didn’t hesitate at that time, and quickly broke a wooden block from the door and flicked it with his fingers.

The failure to save the life of the fifth elder just now made Darryl blame himself very much. At this time, the sixth elder must not be allowed to die.


In an instant, the wooden block made a sound of breaking through the air and flew out, heading straight for the people surrounding the sixth elder.


“what sound?”

The few people surrounding the sixth elder did not understand what happened, but when they heard the sound of breaking the air, they were instinctively vigilant.

clap clap…

In the next second, several people didn’t see what was going on, they only felt a huge shock from the long sword, and their arms suddenly became sore and numb, and the long swords flew out of their hands and fell to the ground.


In the face of this situation, several people’s expressions changed greatly, they clutched their sore arms and looked around vigilantly.

“What just happened?”

“It seems to be some hidden weapon that knocked out our long sword.”

“There seems to be a master hiding around…”

A few people said in surprise, carefully observed the surroundings, but in the huge palace in front of them, apart from their own people, how could there be any shadows of other people?

The secret door where Darryl was hiding was completely integrated with the surrounding walls, and it was extremely difficult to find unless he was in front of him.

Seeing no one, a few people panicked.

“There’s no one…”

“Mad, it’s really evil, you won’t be in hell.”

“Freeze said..”

what happened?

The sixth elder was already in despair. Hearing the movement, he couldn’t help but open his eyes. When he saw the scene in front of him, he was stunned.

I saw the few people in front of them, covering their arms with their hands, all their long swords falling to the ground, and their faces were full of horror.

How come the long swords in their hands were all knocked out?

Seeing this scene, the sixth elder was shocked, and his heart was inexplicably excited.

Could it be that there is a master hiding around, secretly helping me and Elder Li?

“Kill him first!”

At this moment, several people came to their senses, their eyes locked on the sixth elder, and then they went to pick up the long sword, ready to start again.

Still not giving up?

Seeing this scene, the corner of Darryl’s mouth evoked a sneer, and then he broke off a few pieces of wood again, used his divine power, and ejected it.

chi chi chi….

I heard a few piercing sounds, and as soon as a few people picked up their long swords, they were pierced by a block of wood through their hearts. All of a sudden, their bodies trembled, and they finally fell to the ground and died.

The moment they fell to the ground, the eyes of several people were filled with incomparable horror and doubts. They didn’t even know when they were about to die, by whom they died.


At this moment, the sixth elder was completely dumbfounded, and when he saw that the thing that killed several people turned out to be small pieces of wood, his mind was buzzing and blank.

“Gene Era”

Can kill someone with a small piece of wood.

Who is the other party? This power is too terrifying.

Shocked, the sixth elder looked around and said respectfully, “Thank you, Your Excellency, for your help. I am very grateful. If it is convenient, please come and see me.”

When speaking, the sixth elder had a respectful tone and a very sincere expression.

However, the surroundings were silent, and no one responded at all.


Seeing this situation, the sixth elder breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a little disappointed in his heart, but he was relieved quickly.

If the other party is a hidden master, he will definitely not show up easily.

Thinking to himself, the sixth elder slowly sat down with his legs crossed and began to recover his strength silently. Now that there is a hidden master around, he doesn’t need to worry about Li Suqiu’s safety. The most important thing now is to quickly restore his strength.

At this moment, not far away.

The second elder quickly rushed over and stabbed Li Suqiu with a long sword.

At the same time, the second elder did not forget to shout at the first elder, “Don’t panic, the sect master, I’m here.”


Seeing that the second elder stopped Li Suqiu, the first elder finally breathed a sigh of relief, but still said coldly: “It’s really useless, it’s still so long to deal with two people.”

Having said that, the Great Elder stepped aside and waited for the effect of the medicine to take effect.

In the face of the blame, the second elder was very embarrassed. In order to show his performance, he launched a fierce attack on Li Suqiu.

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