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Chapter 4440

Damn…run away!

Seeing this scene, Li Suqiu and Lin Ping reacted and wanted to chase them out, but they were all tied up and could only watch.

The Sixth Elder was so frightened that he wanted to get up to chase, but it was already too late.


At the same time, Darryl also took a deep breath and frowned secretly.

This Great Elder is really cunning, he ran away when he saw the situation was not good, but he had to say that he slipped quite fast. Now that the crisis has been lifted, I don’t have to pretend anymore.

But the identity has not been revealed.

Thinking about it, Darryl planned to quietly leave behind the statue. However, Li Suqiu’s master and apprentice, as well as the Sixth Elder’s attention, were all here, which gave Darryl no chance at all.


For a time, Darryl was very embarrassed. When the sixth elder regained his strength, if he came to see him, he would not be able to hide it.

At this moment, the sixth elder reacted, looked away from the door, and respectfully said in the direction of the statue: “Thank you for your help again.”

It was time to speak, and the eyes of the sixth elder were full of admiration.

One move to kill the second elder in seconds, this strength is enough to disdain the rivers and lakes.


At the same time, Li Suqiu and Lin Ping also looked at the statue one after another, their exquisite faces could not hide their respect.

Fortunately, there is this mysterious expert, otherwise, the situation just now is really unimaginable.

Thinking about it, Li Suqiu couldn’t help but say, “Thank you, senior.”

Because he couldn’t see anyone, Li Suqiu relied on Darryl’s low voice just now, subconsciously identified him as an old man, and respected him as a senior.

cough cough…

Facing the thanks, Darryl cleared his throat and used ventriloquism to say lightly: “It’s not worth mentioning, you don’t have to be so polite.”

When he was talking, Darryl’s head turned quickly, and his heart was also a little anxious.

You have to find a way to leave quickly, or you won’t be able to hide when they all recover.

“Senior is polite.”

At this time, the sixth elder bowed at the statue and complimented: “Senior saved my life twice, it can be said to be the grace of re-creation, I beg you to see the senior.”

At the end of the day, the Sixth Elder’s eyes were full of anticipation.

Such a peerless powerhouse, if you can get to know him, it will be a lifetime honor.


At this moment, Li Suqiu and Lin Ping were also staring at the statue, and they were very curious in their hearts, wanting to know what kind of style this mysterious senior was.


Hearing this plea, Darryl was very embarrassed, scratched his head and said solemnly: “This… there is no need. The old man has been away from the world for a long time, and he has long since stopped asking about the rivers and lakes, so there is no need to meet.”

Now, in this situation, I definitely can’t show up to meet you.

After hitting a soft nail, the sixth elder is not embarrassed. In his heart, it is normal for the hermit master to be withdrawn, but he is still a little unwilling to give up, and continues: “If the senior is missing, I will feel uneasy, senior, rest assured, I just want to pay my respects. Show respect, no offense.”

If you don’t even see the savior’s face, then you will be a failure to live.

What the hell!

Hearing this, Darryl was a little dumbfounded. This sixth elder is too persistent. I can’t say it, but he still doesn’t give up.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl’s spiritual light moved, and suddenly said coldly: “Who is outside the door?”

In fact, there was no one outside the door. Darryl suddenly said this to attract the attention of the sixth elder, as well as Li Suqiu’s master and apprentice.

Is there someone outside the door?

Hearing this, whether it was the sixth elder, or Li Suqiu and Lin Ping, they all looked out the door subconsciously. They were all astonished at the time.

“Eternal God Emperor”

I saw that the door was empty, how could there be half a figure?


Taking this opportunity, Darryl used his body technique to quickly enter the secret door behind the wall with lightning speed.

That is to say, the three of the six elders calmed down and looked at the statue again.

The next second, the sixth elder said, “Senior, was there anyone outside the door just now?” In his subconscious, the mysterious senior behind the statue was omnipotent. He said that there was someone outside the door, and he couldn’t be wrong.

Li Suqiu and Lin Ping also looked at the statue again, waiting for Darryl’s answer.


There was silence behind the statue, and there was no response at all.

The sixth elder realized that something was wrong, and immediately stepped forward and looked behind the statue. He saw that the statue was empty. Where is the figure of the mysterious expert?

Chapter 4441


Seeing this, the sixth elder was stunned, and then sighed in disappointment.

Li Suqiu didn’t know the situation and couldn’t help but said, “What’s wrong?”

The sixth elder smiled bitterly and said, “Senior has already left. It seems that he is really an expert from outside the world, and he does not want to show up.” He said this, and his heart was secretly shocked.

This mysterious senior is really unfathomable, and he didn’t even notice how he walked just now.

What? gone?

Hearing this, Li Suqiu was also stunned. This speed… is too fast. Three people are here, and the senior can leave without knowing it.


At this time, Lin Ping couldn’t help sighing softly: “This mysterious senior, it would be great if he could help us deal with the Great Elder. With his ability, the Great Elder, who can definitely beat him, knelt down and begged for mercy, but it’s a pity that they didn’t come out. thing…”

When speaking, Lin Ping looked at the statue with a bit of fascination in her eyes…

Hearing this, the sixth elder also smiled bitterly: “Yes, it seems that fate is not enough.”

Having said that, the sixth elder came over and released Li Suqiu.


Without the restraint, Li Suqiu breathed a sigh of relief, without any hesitation at that time, sat there cross-legged and recovered quietly.

I had almost exhausted my strength when I fought with the second elder before, so I need to hurry up and recover.

Lin Ping stood quietly guarding.


At this moment, Darryl walked out of the secret passage and circled in from outside the door.

The moment he came in, Darryl looked surprised when he saw Li Suqiu, and said happily, “Oh, Elder Li is also here. I’m relieved to see that you are all right.”

“Sword Comes”

With that said, Darryl looked at the corpses on the ground on the other side of the hall, and shouted in fright, “Oh my God, so many dead people…”


Seeing Darryl, Li Suqiu smiled lightly and nodded: “I’m relieved to see that you’re all right.” She was kind in her heart and was not at all displeased by Darryl’s intrusion.

However, Lin Ping felt angry when she saw Darryl.

This greedy thing that was afraid of death just fled in a critical moment, but now that the crisis is over, he appeared again.


Thinking to herself, Lin Ping took a step forward and accused Darryl, “You coward, you know how to come back to me? I thought you were eaten by Xunlang.”

“I ask you, where have you been just now? Why haven’t you seen anyone for so long?”

Lin Ping became more and more angry, especially when she thought of the scene of being held hostage by the Great Elder just now, her anger rose, and at this time she poured her anger on Darryl.

this girl…

In the face of accusations, Darryl was speechless.

If it wasn’t for my secret help just now, the three of you would have long since become the captives of the Great Elder.

Thinking so in his heart, Darryl scratched his head, looked very embarrassed, lowered his head and said: “I… I just found a way out in the secret passage behind, who knows that I got lost, and finally detoured a few times. The circle just came out.”

“Ha ha!”

Hearing this explanation, Lin Ping pouted and couldn’t help mocking: “You’re really a fool and a fool, you’re not trapped inside…”

In her heart, Darryl is just a drag on the oil bottle, a burden, and if she can’t help, she has to worry about his safety in turn, and naturally she will not have a good face.

Seeing that she went too far, Darryl smirked.

Li Suqiu couldn’t stand it anymore, and Xiumei frowned: “Okay, Ping’er, he broke in by mistake, and you can’t blame him.”

Seeing Master speak, Lin Ping snorted softly and closed her mouth.


At this time, the sixth elder came over, looked at Darryl up and down, and frowned, “Who is this?” After Darryl came to Mingyuemen, he rarely met other people, so the sixth elder never knew each other.

“His name is Fengtao..” Li Suqiu quickly introduced: “It’s a refugee I brought back from outside. At that time, he was seriously injured, so I brought him back to cultivate.”


Hearing this, the sixth elder suddenly realized: “People said before that Elder Li brought back a person from outside, and it turned out to be him.”

Having said that, the sixth elder continued to look at Darryl: “How did he enter the secret realm?”

This time, Darryl couldn’t help Li Suqiu to explain, so he quickly said: “It’s also a coincidence, I made a mistake…”

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