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Chapter 4444


However, at this moment, the Great Elder’s eyes suddenly became sharp, he turned around and raised his hand, hitting Yuan Rou’s heart with a palm.

The first elder was so fast that Yuan Rou couldn’t react at all. At that time, she was knocked back by a palm, her delicate face was instantly pale, and her breath was extremely weak.


Yuan Rou was furious and endured the churning of qi and blood in her body, and looked at the first elder coldly: “What are you doing?”

He was kind enough to help him, but he retaliates with kindness, which is really hateful.


The first elder slowly got up, looked at Yuan Rou up and down, and couldn’t hide the greed in his eyes: “I didn’t pretend to be pitiful just now, how could I let you be fooled?”

“Speaking of which, we didn’t have any grudges before, and I don’t want to do this to you, but I can’t help it. Now I can only integrate your ‘chivalrous skills’. Otherwise, how can I deal with them by myself?”

Speaking of the end, the first elder stared at Yuan Rou’s charming curves, and the corners of his mouth evoked a sinister smile.


Hearing this, Yuan Rou’s body trembled, she was ashamed and angry, she couldn’t help scolding: “Shameless.”

The chivalrous skills she cultivates are unique in the arena, and she needs to keep her virginity all the time. Once her virginity is tainted, the nine successes she has learned will be passed on to the person who has obtained her virginity.

At this time, Yuan Rou was very angry. She knew that the Great Elder’s palace was very deep, but she never thought that it would be so sinister and despicable.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

Facing Yuan Rou’s glares, the first elder looked proud: “You passed on the chivalrous skills to me, and it’s not bad for you to be my woman. When I become the sect master, you will be the sect master’s wife, and you will be prosperous and rich in the future. You can’t enjoy it.”

The elder at this time was very excited.

Speaking of which, Yuan Rou is charming, she is a famous iceberg beauty in Mingyuemen, and the elder has coveted it for a long time.

More importantly, after getting her knight-errant skills, his strength has greatly increased, and he is not afraid of Li Suqiu and the sixth elder joining forces. Even if he encounters that mysterious master, he can still have the ability to protect himself.

The more the elder thought about it, the more excited he became, he walked over quickly, raised his hand and touched Yuan Rou’s acupuncture point.


Yuan Rou was injured and couldn’t dodge at all. Suddenly, her delicate body trembled and she couldn’t move. At that time, she was extremely ashamed and scolded, “Go away, you shameless scum…”

Yuan Rou’s anger did not restrain the elder, but instead aroused his interest. At that time, he laughed again and again: “You have such a strong personality, hehe, I like to subdue a fierce woman like you…”

Saying that, the first elder raised his hand and grabbed Yuan Rou’s long dress, ready to tear it apart.


In the face of this situation, Yuan Rou was ashamed and angry, and kept yelling: “You dare to tarnish my innocence, I will not let you go if I die and become a ghost…” At the same time, Yuan Rou was very desperate.

You are so naive, why did you believe this scum just now?

“Ha ha..”

The more fiercely Yuan Rou scolded, the more proud the first elder became: “I won’t let me go if I’m a ghost, okay, since that’s the case, I’ll let you be a romantic ghost first.”

The last word fell, and the elder was ready to pounce.

At this moment, Yuan Rou closed her eyes in despair, and the tears couldn’t stop flowing.

If you are innocent for a lifetime, do you want to be destroyed by this scum?


At this critical moment, a cold scolding came from outside the side hall: “Shameless villain, dare to do evil?”

The voice fell, and a figure burst out from the outside, with a gloomy face and an amazing aura.

It was Darryl.

Darryl didn’t want to show his face, but seeing the First Elder so hateful, he couldn’t help it in the end.


Hearing Darryl’s voice, the Great Elder’s heart trembled, and he was so frightened that his soul flew out of the sky. Before, in the front hall, Darryl killed the Second Elder with one move, but the Great Elder still remembers it fresh.

Especially the low voice of Darryl, to the Great Elder, it is like a reminder of hell.

“Senior, spare your life!”

In the next second, the first elder shouted in horror, he didn’t dare to look at Darryl carefully, turned around and rushed out from the windowsill, and fled.

Mad, still want to run?

Darryl scolded secretly, and without hesitation, he went after him.

Chapter 4445


Darryl’s speed was very fast, and he rushed outside in the blink of an eye.

Yuan Rou was lying inside with acupuncture points on her body. In addition, the sky was dark, so she couldn’t see Darryl’s face at all. Out of the corner of the eye, she could only see a figure flashing, and Darryl had already chased out.


For a while, where Yuan Rou was lying, her delicate face was full of doubts, and her heart was even more uncertain.

who came? To make the Great Elder flee with just one sentence?

There seems to be no such person in Mingyuemen.

Muttering in her heart, Yuan Rou frowned slightly, falling into a reverie…

At this time, outside the side hall.

After the first elder rushed out of the side hall, he was so frightened that he didn’t have time to look back. At that time, he pushed the figure to the extreme and fled to the rear of the palace group desperately.

While running, the first elder kept scolding bad luck in his heart.

How could luck be so bad, it was not easy to escape from the hall before, and it took less than an hour to meet that mysterious expert again.

To be honest, the first elder managed to control Yuan Rou, and he didn’t want to flee in such an embarrassing manner. But there is no way, before in the main hall, the second elder couldn’t even catch a move from the other party. Even if he is slightly stronger than the second elder, he still has no power to fight back against such a powerful and mysterious master.


Thinking of the tragic situation that the second elder was killed at that time, the first elder shuddered, only hating that he didn’t have two long legs, he took a deep breath and kept speeding up. He thought that he could get rid of Darryl with all his strength, but he did not know that Darryl was following him closely.

Ha ha…

At this time, at a distance of more than ten meters behind the Great Elder, Darryl followed closely with a relaxed expression. Seeing that the Great Elder was running away without returning, he suddenly laughed secretly.

This Great Elder is not only despicable and shameless, but the one who escaped is also first-class.


Finally reaching the cliff behind the palace complex, the Great Elder stopped abruptly and looked at the abyss beneath the cliff, his face turned extremely pale.

It’s over.. it’s a dead end.

Muttering in his heart, the Great Elder looked back at the direction he was coming from, and was even more desperate in his heart.

I saw Darryl walking leisurely, approaching step by step.

Because the sky was dark, the Great Elder at this time couldn’t see Darryl’s appearance at all, but when he felt the powerful aura coming from him, his fear intensified, and his words trembled: “Senior…Senior, spare your life…. “


Saying that, the Great Elder bent his legs, knelt down directly towards Darryl, and said in a trembling voice, “I was confused just now, and I asked the seniors to give me a chance and spare me…”

As the Great Elder of Mingyuemen, he has always been very conceited and has never bowed his head to anyone, but at this time, facing Darryl, his arrogance and dignity disappeared in an instant.

At this time, for the Great Elder, dignity is important, but it is not as important as life.


Seeing the elders kneeling down, Darryl not only did not forgive, but a burst of anger burst out in his heart.

This kind of cunning person is the most fickle. He has done so many bad things, and suddenly he has to change his ways. Who would believe it?

Thinking to himself, Darryl used ventriloquism and said solemnly: “You are such a scum, it’s impossible to change your mind, hurry up and explain your last words, otherwise, you won’t have a chance.”

“My Healing Game”


The last word fell, Darryl activated the power of Yuanshen, and the terrifying aura of coercion instantly filled the entire cliff.

Feeling this coercion, the Great Elder trembled all over, only to feel suffocated for a while, almost out of breath, and indescribably terrified in his heart.

Such a strong aura, the opponent’s strength, I am afraid that it has already surpassed the Xuantian realm…. And myself, but close to the strength of the ninth-rank, compared with the opponent, it is completely Yinghuo and Haoyue.

Under the shock, the elders said nothing, and kept kowtowing and begging for mercy: “I was wrong, I really repented, I beg the seniors to spare my life, spare my life…”

Although Darryl didn’t have much contact with him, he had a good understanding of his temperament from what happened in the hall before, and knew that he was only temporarily subduing, not really repenting.

Therefore, Darryl completely ignored it, but approached step by step.

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