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Chapter 4500

Speaking of which, with the status of Zhan Wuji, people like Qiangwei would not be taken seriously at all, but after all, this is a different world continent, and it has to be guarded against.


Seeing his high-spirited attitude, Qiangwei was angry and disgusted at the same time, she couldn’t help spit, and scolded: “A scum like you is not qualified to know my identity. But let me tell you, I am Those of you who have followed you all the way in, you are killing innocent people, as long as you are a righteous person, you will be eliminated soon…”

When scolding these words, Qiangwei looked Zhan Wuji’s eyes directly, without the slightest fear.

Seeing Zhan Wuji’s strength just now, Qiangwei realized that she was reckless, but the matter has come to this point, and it is too late to regret it.

Qiangwei’s words made Zhan Wuji instantly feel relieved. It turned out that she was only one person, so there is nothing to worry about now.


At the same time, listening to her abuse, Zhan Wuji’s face was instantly gloomy and cold.

This woman really doesn’t know how to live or die. She is a dignified general of the God Realm, and her status is detached. In the God Realm, even those priests should be respectful when they see her, but at this time, she was scolded by this woman as a scum of the rivers and lakes.


In anger, Zhan Wuji suddenly raised his hand and slapped Qiangwei fiercely, and then heard a crisp sound, Qiangwei let out a tender cry, and her delicate body trembled suddenly, and her whole body was slapped to the ground.

Zhan Wuji felt displeased and wanted to do something, but after seeing Qiangwei fall to the ground, she had already passed out in a coma.

Speaking of which, Qiangwei is only in the arena for the first time. Compared with Zhan Wuji, her strength is completely one sky and one underground. When she raided just now, she was shocked by Zhan Wuji. At this time, she was slapped again, and she couldn’t take it anymore. .


Seeing Qiangwei in a coma, Zhan Wuji’s anger had nowhere to shed, so he scolded secretly, and then said to himself, “Although it’s a girl’s film that is disgusting, it almost ruined my big business.”

“You’re unlucky to meet me…”

After saying the last sentence, Zhan Wuji looked at Qiangwei closely, raised his hand again, and prepared to kill her with one blow.


Seeing that Qiangwei was about to die in Zhan Wuji’s hands, at this critical moment, a scolding came from behind Zhan Wuji. The sound was not loud, but there was no doubt about it.


Zhan Wuji stopped abruptly and looked back, his expression instantly gloomy.

It was Darryl.

Of course, in Zhan Wuji’s eyes at this time, Darryl was just a Mingyuemen disciple who didn’t know whether to live or die.

Feeling the coldness of Zhan Wuji, Darryl did not panic at all, and said slowly: “You are not ashamed to start with a woman, and I will be ashamed for you.”

While talking, Darryl couldn’t help but glance at Qiangwei.

Fortunately, this girl passed out in a coma, otherwise, her true identity could not be hidden.

“Good boy!”

Hearing Darryl’s mockery, Zhan Wuji’s face was gloomy, and he said coldly: “Dare to talk to me like this, do you know what the end is?” After speaking, Zhan Wuji couldn’t help but look behind Darryl, trying to find Huang Shihu Figures of several people.

It’s just that there is nothing behind Darryl, and there is no second person at all.

“I care about your consequences.” Darryl said with a cynical attitude, “Anyway, if I see injustice, I will take care of it.”

Having said that, Darryl continued: “Are you looking for your subordinates? You don’t have to look for them. They chased me into the large formation in the garden just now, and were already trapped inside.”


Zhan Wuji’s face changed, his brows furrowed: “Is there a sleepy formation in the garden?”

When he was talking, Zhan Wuji realized something, his anger rose, and he locked on Darryl: “Good boy, you already knew that there is no teleportation array…”

Ha ha!

Darryl smiled slightly: “If I don’t do this, how can I deceive you?”

Hearing this, Zhan Wuji was too lazy to talk nonsense, and shouted angrily: “Dare to tease us, court death!”


The last word fell, and Zhan Wuji erupted, carrying an unparalleled momentum, and slapped Darryl with a palm.

I saw that Zhan Wuji’s figure passed by, the air was extremely distorted, and the power was amazing.

Chapter 4501

At the same time, Zhan Wuji’s eyes also flashed with absolute contempt.

In his heart, the person in front of him is just an ordinary disciple of Mingyuemen, and he has no resistance at all.

Moreover, it was his honor to die in his own hands.

“Murder and kill?”

Seeing the outbreak of Zhan Wuji, Darryl did not panic at all, standing there as steady as Mount Tai, and said something lightly.

The next second, Darryl slowly raised his right hand and collided with Zhan Wuji’s palm.


In an instant, the palms of the two sides collided fiercely, and a deafening roar broke out. At the same time, a terrifying power fluctuation swept out towards the surroundings.

In the roar, I saw Darryl and Zhan Wuji being shaken back ten steps at the same time.

Obviously, no one took advantage of the collision just now.

Speaking of which, if it is the peak strength, Darryl has already defeated Zhan Wuji with the palm of his hand just now, but it is a pity that the power of the primordial spirit has not been completely restored, so it is evenly matched.


At this moment, Zhan Wuji stabilized his figure, his heart was shocked, he looked at Darryl in disbelief, and only felt his brain buzzing.

This is impossible, the other party is just an ordinary disciple of Mingyuemen, how can he be so strong?

And…. the moment when the palm of the hand was just now, I seem to feel that the other party also has a primordial spirit…

No, this person is definitely not from Mingyuemen.

Realizing this, Zhan Wuji’s pupils shrank slightly, staring at Darryl and said, “Who are you…. Who are you?”

“Ha ha!”

Darryl smiled lightly, raised his hand to wipe off the dirt on his face, revealing his true face, and mocked: “Zhan Wuji, you are still the number one general of the Haotian God King, your observation skills are really uncomplimentable, even I can’t recognize it. already.”

This Rose has passed out, and there is no one else around, so there is no need to hide her identity.


Seeing that it was Darryl, Zhan Wuji’s face changed greatly, and he was also shocked.

Mad, it turned out to be him.

At this time, Zhan Wuji never thought that he would meet Darryl here. No wonder Huang Shihu and a few people would be easily trapped in the garden by him.

What he didn’t expect was that Darryl was also transported to this world by the chaotic vortex.

“Oh it’s you…”

Finally, Zhan Wuji calmed down, stared at Darryl, and said ruthlessly, “I didn’t expect that you would still be safe and sound if you were caught in the chaotic vortex.”

When speaking, Zhan Wuji secretly felt that the strength of Darryl in front of him had not fully recovered, and he was immediately excited.


In this peak state of Darryl, he is not an opponent at all, but now the opponent’s strength has not recovered, perhaps, this is a good opportunity to get rid of him.

“You’re all right, how could something happen to me?” Darryl responded coldly.

“Without further ado!”

Zhan Wuji was too lazy to talk nonsense, and shouted: “Darryl, today I will get rid of you for His Royal Highness the King of God!” The voice fell, Zhan Wuji’s whole body strength exploded, and he rushed up again.


Darryl snorted coldly and rushed forward with a fearless face. In the blink of an eye, the figures of the two sides shuttled back and forth, fighting fiercely together.

However, Darryl’s strength has not fully recovered, and he can’t suppress Zhan Wuji at all, but he is surrounded by the red lotus body of Dharma Karma, and Zhan Wuji can’t help him for a while.

bang bang bang….

In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought fiercely for dozens of rounds. No one could do anything about the other, and they suddenly became anxious.

Mad, no.

In the fierce battle, Darryl was very anxious. If he continued to fight like this, he was afraid that the victory and defeat would not be determined.

Soon, Darryl had an idea, and suddenly looked behind Zhan Wuji: “You are here? Quick, help me deal with him.” In fact, there was no one behind Zhan Wuji. Darryl shouted so deliberately to distract him. attention.


Zhan Wuji didn’t know there was a fraud, so he panicked and looked back subconsciously.

Seeing the empty space behind him, Zhan Wuji realized that he had been fooled, and immediately became furious, Ma De, this Darryl is really cunning.

“Zhan Wuji, go to hell.” That is, Darryl shouted, and when he flipped his wrist, he saw a purple flame that quickly condensed in his palm.

It is the red lotus karmic fire.

The next second, Darryl raised his hand and waved, and the red lotus fire quickly floated towards Zhan Wuji.

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