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Chapter 4544

Nima, it’s coming so fast.

Darryl scolded secretly and wanted to find a place to hide, but he walked out of the woods not far ahead. Outside the woods was an endless grassland, and there was nowhere to hide.

“in front of!”

“It’s him, it’s this guy!”

“Quick, catch up…”

At this time, hundreds of Hu soldiers also found Darryl, shouting loudly one by one, urging their horses to chase after him.

At this time, Darryl, the whip wound had just healed, and his strength had not recovered, and he was quickly caught up.


At this moment, after surrounding Darryl, the leading soldier shouted at Darryl with a hideous expression: “You are not too timid, dare to sneak attack us and escape, now we will see where you run.”

The surrounding soldiers also looked at Darryl coldly, clenching their long swords and shouting.

“Go back with us obediently, and avoid the pain of flesh and blood.”

“Mad, can really run…”

“Kneel down and be captured!”

Facing the situation in front of him, Darryl did not panic at all, but sighed and smiled bitterly: “Masters, I am just an ordinary person, and I don’t know any peerless formations at all.”

“Your generals think highly of me completely. You have to forgive people and forgive them. You should let me go.”

When speaking, Darryl looked sincere.

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to be so low-key, but there was no way. Now that his strength has not recovered, and he is in another world, it is better to keep a low profile.

However, the soldiers present did not eat this set at all.

“Stop talking nonsense!”

At this moment, a soldier brandished a long knife and said coldly to Darryl, “Grind your hands again, make your head fall to the ground, and quickly kneel down and be captured.”

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As soon as the voice fell, the other soldiers dismounted and walked towards Darryl with ropes, ready to tie him up.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was very helpless, shook his head and said: “Forget it, I wanted to save your life, but now it seems that I am too kind.”

Hearing this, the surrounding soldiers looked at each other in dismay, thinking that they had heard it wrong.

What does this man say? spare our lives?

Ha ha…

After being stunned, all the soldiers burst into laughter.

“What did this kid say? Spare our lives?”

“I’m afraid it’s not an overnight escape, my brain is broken…”

“Interesting, haha…”

Looking at the contempt on their faces, Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, and immediately urged his Yuanshen to burst out the power of the Faye Red Lotus.


In the next second, Darryl slowly raised his hand, and saw a dazzling purple-red flame jumping out of his palm. In an instant, the surrounding air was instantly distorted by the high temperature.

Although he has not fully recovered his strength, it is not a problem to summon the Red Lotus Karmic Fire.


At this moment, the soldiers present were all shocked, their eyes fixed on Darryl, filled with incredible writing.

what’s the situation? This kid is so weak, how can he burst out with such terrifying strength?

Just when everyone was shocked, Darryl raised his hand and waved, and the purple flame suddenly threw out.

In an instant, the hearts of all the soldiers present suddenly tightened. At that time, I wanted to escape, but it was too late.


The next second, the flames burst in the crowd, and immediately formed a sea of ​​flames, shrouding all the soldiers present.


In the raging fire, hundreds of soldiers let out a miserable howl, and finally, the sound gradually disappeared, and they were all burned to charcoal.

Seeing this scene, Darryl’s eyes flickered, and he couldn’t bear it in his heart. He immediately said to himself, “It’s not that I am cruel, but you really pushed me to a dead end.”

Afterward, Darryl sat on the ground to rest for a while and then continued to walk towards the grassland.

The Red Lotus Karmic Fire was used just now, and the only strength in Darryl’s body was used up. Now he urgently needs to find a quiet place to practice and recover.


On the other side, is the Palace of Wang Tingjin.

The originally splendid hall was now covered with white gauze curtains, a coffin made of pure gold was placed in the center of the hall, and Wang Khan lay quietly inside.

Around the coffin, the queen and other concubines, wearing long white dresses, wept bitterly.

Beside, Nuliha and other generals also looked sad.

Of course, Nuliha was pretending. At this time, he seemed to be silent, but in fact, he had been quietly observing the situation of the queen. You must know that the queen was very thoughtful and would definitely doubt it.

More importantly, the guards of the Golden Palace searched the whole city last night, but they couldn’t find the assassin’s whereabouts…

Chapter 4545

Concubine Yu, who was in the concubine group, was also nervous at this time. Standing behind the queen, her heart was like a deer, and she didn’t dare to look at Wang Khan in the coffin.

“Concubine Yu!”

At this moment, the queen’s eyes fell on Concubine Yu, and she said slowly: “I want to ask you, what happened to the assassin last night?”

Nuliha’s guess was good. In the queen’s mind, Wang Khan died last night. After careful consideration, she felt that there were doubts everywhere.


Concubine Yu was already nervous, but when she heard the Queen’s question at this time, she felt that her heart was about to jump to her throat, and she whispered: “I… I was talking with Wang Khan, and the assassin suddenly rushed over. come in.”

“Then… Wang Khan fought him.”

“Really?” With a hint of doubt on the delicate face of the queen, she said lightly, “What time was it?”

Concubine Yu thought for a while: “Yes…it’s Zi Shi.”

child time?

Hearing the answer, the queen’s tone turned cold: “If that’s the case, when did Nuriha arrive?”

When asked about this, the queen gave Nuliha a cold glance.

Half a year ago, the queen learned from the gossip that Nuliha and Concubine Yu had an affair, but it was just hearsay, and there was no evidence at all, but last night Wang Khan was suddenly assassinated, and the queen concluded that she must have an affair with Nuliha and Concubine Yu. related.


At this moment, Concubine Yu panicked, even more, first glanced at Nuliha, then lowered her head and said, “He came shortly after the assassin appeared.”

The queen sneered and stared at Concubine Yu: “What a coincidence?”


The eyes of other concubines and generals around her also focused on Concubine Yu.

Concubine Yu’s delicate body trembled, her red lips parted slightly, but she didn’t know how to answer for a while.


Seeing this scene, Nuliha took a deep breath, strode out and said to the queen, “What does the queen mean by asking this?”

After all, the queen’s aura was too strong, and Concubine Yu couldn’t stand it at all, and she had to go out in person.


Seeing Nuliha take the initiative to come out, the queen frowned and said coldly: “What do you mean? You entered the Golden Palace bedroom in the middle of the night, and you came soon after the assassin appeared. Is it a coincidence?”

“I suspect that Wang Khan’s death has nothing to do with any assassin, but a lie fabricated by you and Concubine Yu.”


As soon as these words came out, the entire Golden Temple was in an uproar.

Concubine Yu was so frightened that her face was so pale that she almost slumped on the ground. She knew that the fire could not be covered by the paper, but she didn’t expect it to come so quickly.

Nuliha looked calm, looked at the queen quietly for a few seconds, and said with a chuckle: “The queen speaks, but you have to be responsible. Last night, I was badly injured in order to intercept the assassin, but you said that I was a rude minister who committed the following crimes. Thief.”

“Okay, you said I lied to Concubine Yu, what evidence do you have?”

The queen looked at him tightly and said word by word: “The evidence will be found sooner or later, I suspect now that the assassin was arranged by you, come here, take down Nuliha and Concubine Yu, and wait for Wang Khan to be buried. Strict interrogation.”


The words fell, and several guards from the Golden Palace walked in quickly, and they were about to take down Nuliha and Concubine Yu.

Facing this situation, Concubine Yu was so frightened that she lost the courage to speak.


Looking at the guards approaching, Nuliha sneered and said to the queen, “You have no evidence, so you want to arrest me. You are so impatient, it seems that you are the most suspicious.”

“What do you mean?” The queen frowned.

This Nuliha is really bold, and he dares to be so rude to me without making excuses about murdering Wang Khan.

“Ha ha!”

Feeling the queen’s anger, Nuliha did not panic at all, and said slowly: “I, Nuliha, are upright, act upright, stand upright, and always pay attention to evidence.”

With that said, Nuliha took out something from his arms and said to the people around him: “When I fought the assassin last night, something fell from the assassin. The queen should be familiar with it.”

I saw that Nuliha was holding a delicate hairpin with gold threads wrapped around it in the shape of a bird. It was the queen’s thing.


Seeing the hairpin, the queen’s pretty face was startled.

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