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Chapter 4552

Seriously ill?

Darryl didn’t say this, but when he talked about the serious illness, Princess Yiyi was moved and couldn’t help saying: “If that’s the case, you should go with us. In this vast grassland, there are occasional wolves. You are very alone. dangerous.”

“You still return to the royal court with us. When the time comes, I will find a doctor to treat you.”

When speaking, Princess Yiyi’s delicate face was full of sincerity.


Facing the situation, Darryl was dumbfounded.

I thought that she was seriously ill, this princess would be taboo, but I didn’t expect it to be self-defeating…

Depressed, Darryl opened his mouth: “This…”

Before he could finish speaking, Nie Hongxue, who was next to him, lost his patience, and frowned, “Why are you so talkative? The princess showed pity and saved you from suffering, but you don’t know how to be grateful, pushing three and four… “

“Hurry up and thank the princess for her grace, we still have to hurry.”

At this time, Nie Hongxue was very angry. This person really didn’t know what to do. The princess was all about saving her, but he didn’t take it seriously.

“Okay… okay!”

Feeling Nie Hongxue’s anger, Darryl knew that he couldn’t justify his refusal, so he nodded with a wry smile.

Afterwards, Darryl thanked Princess Yiyi, “Thank you, Princess, for your kindness and kindness, it would be better for the people to be respectful than clever.” In the current situation, we can only take one step at a time.

Darryl thought about it, and tried to leave without waiting for Dao Wangting.


Seeing Darryl thanking her, Princess Yiyi nodded, and then lowered the curtain.

Nie Hongxue waved his hand, motioning for the team to start anew, and then let the soldier let out a horse and let Darryl ride on it.

In fact, Nie Hongxue did this not to care about Darryl’s injury, but to observe it secretly.

After all, in this vast grassland, a person suddenly appeared, and he was still alive when he was out of breath. It was really suspicious. For the safety of the princess, he had to be cautious.

“Thank you!”

At this time, Darryl didn’t know Nie Hongxue’s intention yet, so he thanked him and got on his horse.

Nie Hongxue’s eyes flickered, urging the horse to keep up slowly, and looking at Darryl: “You said just now that you are a refugee, why? You can also ride the fierce horse of the Hu people?”

The words were full of doubts.


Hearing this, Darryl secretly complained, this woman is not easy to deal with.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl quickly turned his head and hurriedly made a haha: “Yes, I am indeed a refugee. I have helped people let go of horses before, so I know a little bit about equestrianism.”

Nie Hongxue nodded and continued to ask, “You really just fell asleep just now?”

Nie Hongxue, as an eighth-rank expert, is also well-informed, but she still couldn’t understand what happened just now. How could she still be alive when she was obviously out of breath.

But this person has no strength at all, and he doesn’t look like a master.

Could it be… he hides his strength?

When Nie Hongxue traveled around the rivers and lakes back then, she had heard that some masters had reached a certain level and could completely hide their own strength, and others would not be able to perceive it at all.

And the person in front of him, who just came back to life, is very likely to be the rumored hidden master.

But it doesn’t look like his outfit… Forget it, I’ll try him later when I get a chance.

After making up his mind, Nie Hongxue controlled the speed of the horse and followed Darryl slowly, ready to test it out for a while.


Noticing that Nie Hongxue’s eyes were always on him, Darryl couldn’t help but let out a secret sigh, “I’m going, this woman has been staring at me, she seems to be suspicious of my identity.”

Forget it, let’s do it later.

After walking for more than an hour, a lake appeared in front of me. The lake is not big and only half the size of a football field, but the water is clear, and many waterbirds live by the water. It is accompanied by the surrounding green grassland, and the scenery is extremely beautiful.

Seeing such a scene, Darryl couldn’t help feeling relieved.

At this time, the team was also a little tired, Princess Yiyi got off the carriage and let everyone rest by the water.

Darryl dismounted with everyone and took a sip of water by the lake.

At the same time, Darryl also secretly paid attention to Nie Hongxue behind him. The woman stared all the way, and subconsciously told Darryl that she would definitely do something.

Chapter 4553

Nie Hongxue did not go to the lake to drink water, but sat quietly on the horse, watching Darryl thoughtfully.

When the princess is present, it is definitely not possible to do it directly.

I have to think of another way to test this man.


At this moment, a strange sound rang out from the grass next to her. Nie Hongxue turned her head to look, and saw a prairie scorpion, crawling quickly in the grass.

Got it!

Seeing this prairie scorpion, Nie Hongxue’s eyes flickered, and she suddenly had an idea in her heart.

The prairie scorpion is very poisonous. Once it is stung, it will die soon if it is not treated in time.

Nie Hongxue thought about it, using this prairie scorpion to test Darryl, if the other party responded quickly, or killed the prairie scorpion, it would prove to be a hidden master.

If not, even if he is stung, Nie Hongxue has the antidote to ensure that he will not die.


After making up his mind, Nie Hongxue jumped off the horse lightly without any hesitation, and the scabbard instantly lifted the prairie scorpion and landed behind Darryl.

Nie Hongxue shot quickly, Princess Yiyi and the surrounding soldiers did not notice.

However, Darryl could see Nie Hongxue’s every move clearly.


At this time, when Darryl saw that she deliberately picked the grassland scorpion behind him, he was immediately depressed. This woman must be crazy. In order to investigate my identity, she even brought a poisonous scorpion over.

Thinking so in his heart, Darryl remained calm and waited for the changes.


Soon, the grassland scorpion followed Darryl’s feet and climbed onto his back.

Seeing this scene, Nie Hongxue bit her lip lightly and looked at Darryl’s eyes with incomparable seriousness. This person didn’t react at all, could it be that he was being too cautious?

Forget it, wait a minute!


At this moment, Darryl pretended to be very frightened and called out: “What is behind me? Lords, help me take a look.”

Since this woman wants to play, I will play with you.


Hearing the shout, the surrounding soldiers immediately looked over. Seeing the scorpion on Darryl’s back, he suddenly exclaimed.

“The Guard is Here”

“Oh, what a big prairie scorpion.”

“Don’t move around, be careful not to get stung.”

“This thing is the most poisonous…”

Under the exclamations of everyone, Princess Yiyi was also taken aback, her delicate face was full of fear, she said to Darryl: “Don’t move around, there is a scorpion behind you.”

Nie Hongxue’s face was calm, and she quietly observed Darryl’s reaction.


Aware of Nie Hongxue’s gaze, Darryl deliberately made a panicked look and shouted, “Save me… I am the most afraid of these poisonous insects.”

When he shouted, Darryl also pretended to tremble.


Seeing Darryl’s reaction, Nie Hongxue frowned secretly.

Could it be that he is too suspicious, this person is just an ordinary person, not a hidden master at all?

Princess Yiyi was kind in her heart and couldn’t bear to hear Darryl’s cry for help.

“Miss Hongxue.”

At this moment, Princess Yiyi walked over quickly, bit her lip lightly, and said to Nie Hongxue: “Go and save him, this person is already sick, if he is stung by a scorpion again, I am afraid he will die…”

“Princess, don’t panic.”

Nie Hongxue nodded and reassured: “With me here, he will be fine.”

With that said, Nie Hongxue dismounted lightly and walked slowly towards Darryl. Originally, he planned to help Darryl get rid of the scorpion, but when he was about to approach, Xiu Mei frowned again.

This guy really has a problem.

He looked nervous, but there was no sweat on his face…

Noticing this, Nie Hongxue calmly said to Darryl, “You don’t have to be afraid, as long as you don’t actively threaten it, it won’t sting you.”

While speaking, Nie Hongxue deliberately slowed down.

This person dares to conceal his identity, it is really hateful, let him eat and suffer.


Seeing Nie Hongxue say this, she didn’t rush to help, but slowed down. Darryl couldn’t help but scolded, this woman is really cruel, she wants to sting me…

Even if you doubt my identity, you can’t do this, it will kill people.

It was at this time that the prairie scorpion on its back raised its scorpion tail high and stabbed Darryl on the back.


When the pain came, Darryl shouted exaggeratedly, and quickly shook the grassland scorpion off, then fell on the grass, and shouted in fear: “I was stung, I am dead, I am going to die…”

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