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Chapter 4568

Hearing this voice, Darryl immediately turned his head to look, and when he saw it, he couldn’t help but take a breath, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

I saw that the queen was curled up there, and the charming curves under the long skirt were looming. Sweaty all over. Her beautiful face was extremely red, her eyebrows were tightly locked, she seemed extremely painful, and she was indescribably charming.

Oops, this queen must have taken some medicine, no wonder her body was so hot before.

Darryl has been through the rivers and lakes for a long time, and he immediately understood what he was doing. He quickly stepped forward and said, “Queen, don’t panic, I…”


However, before he finished speaking, the queen saw her eyes confused, and suddenly stretched out her jade arm and hugged Darryl tightly!

Yes, at this time, the queen’s body’s medicinal power has completely attacked, her mind is confused, and her whole person has completely lost her mind.

“Queen, calm down…”

Being hugged all of a sudden, Darryl only felt his brain buzzing, but he quickly reacted and spoke to dissuade the queen, while trying to break free.

However, Darryl’s strength did not recover. He attacked Nuliha just now, tried his best, and then fled with the queen all the way. At this time, he was almost exhausted. He was hugged by the queen and couldn’t break free at all.


For a while, Darryl was dumbfounded, and spoke again, trying to wake up the queen: “Don’t be impulsive, be calm…”

Just before the words were finished, the queen suddenly came up and kissed Darryl with her red lips!

At this time, the queen felt that her whole body was about to burn.


In the next second, without waiting for Darryl to continue to dissuade her, the queen completely lost her mind and rolled onto the secret road with Darryl in her arms.

“Queen…” Darryl was impatient and wanted to break free, but at this time, the queen had torn his clothes…

At this time, the queen’s face was flushed, her mind was blank, she bit her lip and slowly sat down.


Whisper, echoing in the secret passage.


On the other side, outside the princess’s bedroom.

The fierce battle between Nie Hongxue and Xing Tiance continued.

clang clang…

I saw that the figures of the two kept moving back and forth, the swords burst into bursts of gold, and they fought dozens of rounds in a blink of an eye, but no one could do anything.


Seeing this scene, the guards around were also anxious.

Finally, a captain of the guards summoned his courage, pulled out a long knife, and attacked from behind. Xing Tiance’s attention was all on Nie Hongxue, unable to dodge at all, and was severely slashed on the shoulder by the knife.


In an instant, the blood donation was sprayed out, Xing Tiance endured the pain and glared at the captain of the guard: “The rat dares to attack from behind, courting death!”

As soon as the words fell, Xing Tiance slapped a lightning strike, hitting the captain’s heart.

The captain of the guard let out a tragic howl and was directly knocked out by the shock, flying dozens of meters away, and finally hit the column outside the palace and slid softly.

This palm directly shattered all his ribs and shattered his heart, but the moment he was about to die, the captain of the guard did not forget to shout: “He is already injured, don’t be afraid, let’s help Guard Nie kill him together.”


Seeing the captain’s tragic death, the surrounding guards were all shocked. After hearing his words, they all gathered up their courage, let out a howl, and rushed up.


Faced with this situation, Xing Tiance was furious, waving his long sword and shouting: “If you don’t want to die, come on.”

When the words fell, Xing Tiance’s long sword drew a lot of cold light and stabbed several guards.

“Pfft, puff!”

However, while stabbing several guards, Xing Tiance also suffered several stab wounds.

That is to say, Nie Hongxue found an opportunity, raised her jade hand, and slapped Xing Tiance’s back with a palm.


Hearing a dull sound, Xing Tiance staggered back, his face turned pale, and he couldn’t hide his weakness.

Seeing that there were more and more guards around, Xing Tiance knew that today’s assassination must have failed, and immediately looked at Princess Yiyi in the bedroom unwillingly, waving the long sword frantically, and a sword shadow burst out.

At the moment when several sword shadows condensed out, the surrounding air was suddenly torn apart, and the power was extremely powerful.


Taking this opportunity, Xing Tiance rose into the sky and headed towards the night sky in the distance.

Chapter 4569

“Want to run?” Nie Hongxue let out a tender voice, clenched her sword tightly, and chased after him. In the blink of an eye, the two figures disappeared into the vast darkness.


On the other side, in the secret passage.

I don’t know how long it took, the medicinal power in the queen finally dissipated, she fell softly to the side, and fell asleep.

Darryl sat next to him, his mood was indescribably complicated.

Alas, I was thinking of leaving here, but somehow I have a relationship with the queen…

Feeling depressed in his heart, Darryl suddenly felt a killing intent coming from the side!


I saw that the queen did not know when she woke up. At this time, there was still a trace of blush on the beautiful face, and her eyes were fixed on Darryl, with endless shame and killing intent.

Feeling the queen’s gaze, Darryl was startled but soon calmed down.

What happened just now was the initiative of the queen, why are you panicking?

“You thief, you…”

Finally, the queen bit her lip tightly, her eyes full of shame and anger, and said coldly: “You ruin my innocence, I, I will kill you!”

At this time, the unspeakable resentment in the queen’s heart, she thought she had escaped from Nuliha’s clutches, but she did not expect that she would be defiled by this strange man in the end.

Her own dignified queen of the Hu people loses her chastity like this, which is even more uncomfortable than killing her!


Feeling the Queen’s anger, Darryl smiled bitterly and said slowly: “Have you forgotten that the drug in your body just took the initiative to do so? At that time, I discouraged you, but you didn’t listen at all.”

“Besides, I rescued you from Nuliha before, which can be regarded as saving your life. If you want to kill me now, is it revenge for your kindness?”

When he was talking, Darryl couldn’t help but looked up and down at the queen, admiring secretly in his heart.

I have to say that this queen is worthy of being Wang Khan’s woman, she is really superb, her figure and appearance are perfect.


Hearing this, the queen was very angry, but she had nothing to refute.

Because Darryl said it well, the situation just now was indeed his own initiative…

It’s just that Wang Han’s body was not cold, but he couldn’t keep his chastity, and now Wang Ting is tightly controlled by Nuliha, how can I turn the situation around as a woman? Better to die.

Thinking about it, the queen’s face showed a bit of determination, and then she thought about hitting the stone wall next to her.


Seeing this situation, Darryl was taken aback, and quickly grabbed the queen and stopped him: “How could the queen commit suicide like this?” Darryl was very emotional when he spoke.

Unexpectedly, this queen seems to be weak, but her character is so strong.


The queen was so embarrassed that she struggled and said: “You let me go, I am innocent and humiliated by you, and it is meaningless to live.” As she spoke, tears could not help flowing down.


Hearing this, Darryl’s mood became complicated, he sighed secretly, and comforted: “The queen is really going to die, can you think about Princess Yiyi, she just returned to the palace, and she was assassinated.”

“You’re dead, do you want her to face a wealthy wolf-like Nuliha alone?”


Hearing this, the queen’s delicate body trembled and calmed down instantly, yes, she died, what should Yiyi do? Although she is not her own, she is undoubtedly her own.

The next second, the queen looked at Darryl closely: “Isn’t Yiyi being controlled by Nuliha? Also, how do you know she was assassinated?”

When asked, the queen’s eyes were full of urgency.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and said slowly: “To be honest, I escaped from the princess’s bedroom before.” After speaking, Darryl explained how he was caught by Nuliha, how he took him to the Hu people, and The experience of the past few days is described in detail.

Speaking of which, Darryl wanted to hide it, but he had tarnished the queen’s chastity just now. Although it was an unintentional loss, she felt a little guilty. More importantly, now that Princess Yiyi is alone, she can continue to help the queen.

“That’s it… That bas*** Nuliha actually lied to me and said that he has controlled Yiyi.” Knowing the situation, the queen was very angry, and then looked at Darryl in a complicated way: “I didn’t expect that you were also under Nuliha. caught.”

Darryl nodded and asked: “Since this secret road leads to the inside of the Golden Palace, it should also connect to the outside of the royal court. Please also ask the queen to show me a way and let me leave.”

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