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Chapter 4572

When saying this, Xing Tiance concealed his inner shock.

Back then, when Xing Tiance followed the little emperor’s whereabouts all the way to Qizhou City, he heard someone say that Ji Beiye’s army had been blocked by a mysterious man named Darryl in the first two attacks.

Not only that, when the little emperor escaped from the imperial capital and went to Xuangu Pass, this person named Darryl escorted him all the way.

According to rumors, this man named Darryl is not only powerful, but also a god. Because of that defeat, Ji Beiye and Nuliha had a gap, and finally the two sides parted ways.

When he heard this, Xing Tiance had incomparable admiration and admiration for this ‘Darryl’ in his heart, but he never thought that he would meet this master here at this time.


Feeling Xing Tiance’s surprise, Darryl nodded and said, “I am Darryl!”

At the same time as the answer, Darryl was also muttering in his heart, this person was so shocked when he heard my name, does he know me?


Hearing the answer, Xing Tiance was inexplicably excited, but he still asked cautiously, “Is that the one who helped King Shaoyang and defeated Ji Beiye’s army?”


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and smiled very humbly: “It was just a little effort at that time, nothing to worry about.”

At this moment, Xing Tiance no longer doubted, and immediately bowed deeply to Darryl, unable to hide his excitement: “It really is Mr. Yue, I have offended you a lot just now, and I hope you forgive me.”

At this time, Xing Tiance no longer doubted Darryl’s identity. After all, that jade ring is something of the royal family, it cannot be faked.

He is loyal to the royal family. Darryl has protected the little emperor all the way before, and he is a great benefactor to him.


Now it was Darryl’s turn to be stunned, and he quickly waved his hand and said: “Your Excellency is too polite, dare to ask who is Your Excellency?” When he spoke, Darryl had already guessed that the assassin in front of him might be related to the Dayan royal family, just his specific identity. Can’t guess for a while.

“Alas! Ashamed to say!”

At this moment, Xing Tiance let out a long sigh, bowed his head and smiled bitterly: “To tell the truth from Mr. Yue, my name is Xing Tiance, and I am the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Palace of the Dayan Dynasty.”

“When the traitor Ji Beiye led the army to attack the imperial capital, I led my subordinates to resist desperately, but they were outnumbered, and my subordinates died and wounded, and I was seriously injured, and finally fell into the moat. Fortunately, the sky protects me. It should be… Later, I learned that your Majesty had gone to Qizhou City, so I followed him all the way, but Qizhou City was broken by Ji Beiye…”

When he said this, Xing Tiance looked ashamed.


Hearing about the situation, Darryl was also secretly surprised. He had only been gone for a few days before Qizhou City was breached? Didn’t the Shaoyang King pass down several methods of defeating the enemy at that time?

Thinking to himself, Darryl couldn’t help but ask: “How did Qizhou City get breached?”

Speaking of which, Darryl doesn’t belong here, and he doesn’t want to participate too much in the wars here. He just shared weal and woe with the little emperor before, and he was considered a friend in adversity, and King Shaoyang was also a wise man. In this case, I learned that Qizhou City was destroyed, so Darryl couldn’t help but ask.


In the face of Darryl’s inquiry, Xing Tiance sighed lightly, thought for a while, and said politely: “I hadn’t arrived at Qizhou City at that time, and I don’t know the specific situation, but I just heard that Ji Beiye lacked the help of the Hu people. , failed several times.”

“Afterwards, Ji Beiye invited a mysterious man. The mysterious man was very powerful. In a lighthearted way, he cracked the formation of King Shaoyang…”

Mysterious man?

Hearing this, Darryl was shocked, and the figure of the God King Haotian suddenly appeared in his mind.

On this continent, there are very few formations that I passed on to King Shaoyang, and it seems that it should be Haotian.

“Mr. Yue!”

At this moment, Xing Tiance saw Darryl’s expression was different, and couldn’t help but ask: “Do you know that mysterious person, sir?”

Darryl nodded with a complicated tone: “Know!”

Xing Tiance suddenly became interested and continued to ask, “Where is that person?”

Chapter 4573

Ha ha….

Seeing Xing Tiance’s urgent expression, Darryl smiled wryly, shook his head and said, “The other party’s origin is far beyond your imagination, so you can’t tell for a while.”

The origins of himself and the Haotian God King are too shocking, so it is better not to say.

Xing Tiance is a smart person, so it is not easy to ask questions after seeing Darryl say so.


At this moment, Darryl thought of something, and asked Xing Tiance, “Since you are looking for the little emperor, why did you come to the place of the Hu people?”


Xing Tiance took a deep breath, his expression became solemn, and slowly said: “Mr. Dissatisfaction, when I learned that Qizhou City was broken, I decided to follow the whereabouts of His Majesty and King Shaoyang, but on the way I met a group of Hu soldiers disguised as mountain people. .”

“And it was the Hu people’s general Nuliha who led these soldiers. I saw them sneaking, so I followed them secretly all the way, and finally learned that they were surveying the terrain around Qizhou City to prepare for the next invasion. “

“As the commander-in-chief of the forbidden army, how can I let them succeed? In the end, I followed them all the way to the land of the barbarians.”

When talking about this, Xing Tiance smiled bitterly: “After several attempts, I sneaked into the General’s Mansion to steal the blueprints, but the General’s Mansion was heavily guarded, and my strength had not fully recovered, so I had to hide for the time being.”

“Afterwards, a killer organization secretly recruited people here. In order to hide my identity, I made a petition to join in. Yesterday, the organization received an order to assassinate the Huren princess, so I was sent here.”

I see!

Hearing this, Darryl suddenly nodded, and at the same time nodded in approval.

This Xing Tiance is loyal and admirable.


Just when Darryl was sighing, Xing Tiance sighed softly and said in a bitter tone: “I wanted to kill the princess, after causing civil strife among the Hu people, I would find an opportunity to slaughter Nanuliha, and then summon the blueprint to leave, but why? I never thought that the female bodyguard beside the princess was not weak enough to cause my assassination failure.”

“But fortunately, this female bodyguard is powerful, but she is inexperienced in the rivers and lakes, and finally fell into my hands.”

When he finished the last sentence, Xing Tiance was very angry.

Although he succeeded in subduing Nie Hongxue, he failed to assassinate the princess. After all, tonight’s action was a failure.


Darryl nodded silently, then looked at Xing Tiance and said: “Nuliha is sinister and despicable, everyone will kill him, it makes sense for you to kill him, but the princess of the Hu people, you don’t know each other, you are just to organize the task Assassination seems to be inappropriate.”

When he said this, the appearance of Princess Yiyi appeared in Darryl’s mind. She was young and moving, and she treated people kindly. If she was assassinated, it would be a pity.

Moreover, before on the grassland, she and I didn’t know each other, but she cared all the way, and even brought a doctor to heal her injuries.


Hearing Darryl’s doubts, Xing Tiance suddenly became excited: “The Hu people and Ji Beiye are in a tangle, attacking the imperial capital, causing His Majesty to be displaced, this is a savage thief, if I kill that princess, it will definitely set back the spirit of the Hu people, what’s the matter? Can’t you?”

When the last word fell, Xing Tiance’s eyes were full of determination.

Ha ha…

Seeing the impassioned expression on his face, Darryl couldn’t help laughing, shook his head and said: “Commander Xing, I admire your loyalty to protect the country, but you are too paranoid, Nuliha led the army to cooperate with Ji Beiye is really hateful, but No matter what ethnicity, there are bad people and good people.”

“I know a little bit about Princess Yiyi. She is virtuous and kind-hearted. If you assassinate her, it would be unjust.”

Hearing these words, Xing Tiance was stunned: “Huh?”

Darryl showed a smile, and then told what happened to him. At the end, Darryl said with emotion: “I wanted to escape from here at that time, but I didn’t know that when I met this kind-hearted Princess Yiyi, once she cared for me Prepare to arrive, and take me into the bedroom, invite a doctor to treat…”


Knowing this, Xing Tiance was silent for a moment, and finally said ashamed: “In this way, I am reckless.”

Saying that, Xing Tiance clenched his fists and said ruthlessly: “That Nuliha is really abominable. He even captured Mr. and tried to get Mr.’s formation technique. If this thief is not eliminated, it will definitely become a big problem for my day-yan’s confidant.”

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