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Chapter 4582

If I can capture one of them alive and show it on the Golden Temple, I can see what those people who are dissatisfied with me, dare to say anything… At that time, it will be logical to sit on the throne.


Excited in his heart, Nuliha waved his hand and shouted impatiently: “Hurry up and surround these fiery temple wolves, do you see the one who has just grown up? I’ll catch it alive later, catch it alive…”

“Yes, General!”

Hearing the order, a thousand elite soldiers responded in unison, then quickly rushed up and surrounded the few fiery wolves.

“Ow, ooh!”

Faced with this situation, several fiery wolves immediately became vigilant, looking at the enemies several times in front of them, all of them were not afraid, and let out a loud roar.

The fire temple wolf is the overlord on the grassland. At this time, several fire temple wolves roared together, and the powerful aura that erupted caused a trace of fear in the hearts of the elite soldiers present.


Under such circumstances, many people secretly swallowed their saliva and the soles of their feet became weak. Everyone looked at me, I looked at you, and didn’t dare to take another half step for a while.

Mad, what a bunch of idiots.

Seeing this situation, Nuliha couldn’t help but scolded secretly, and shouted again: “What are you panicking about, it’s just these few heads, quickly flush them away, and everything will be solved.”

Hearing these words, the elite soldiers regained their morale one by one.


In the next second, someone shouted, a thousand elite soldiers were divided into a dozen groups, and they quickly rushed towards a few fire wolves.

Speaking of which, the fire wolves are the totems worshiped by the Hu people, these elite soldiers were originally a little resistant, but just now Nuliha said that the purpose of this visit was to capture them alive, not to bring these fire wolves back. Killing, therefore, one by one also has no worries.

“Ow, ooh!”

In the face of this situation, several fiery wolves howled again, and then one by one, they rose into the air and charged towards the soldiers. These fiery wolves were ferocious.

“Gene Era”

bang bang bang…

In the blink of an eye, several fiery sideburns rushed into the crowd, and the two sides fought fiercely.

Because of Nuliha’s order, the elite soldiers did not kill the killer, but cooperated with each other in the group, separated several fire wolves, and trapped them in a small area.

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, Nuliha was very excited, nodded with satisfaction, and said, “Okay, well done, that’s it…” When he said this, Nuliha stared at the fire that just became an adult. Sideburns, the mood is urgent.

I saw that the fire-tempered wolf that just came of age was surrounded by dozens of elite soldiers, and his fierceness was stimulated. He kept using his fangs and claws to try to break out, but they were all blocked.

The same is true for the other fire wolves. They tried several times to break through, but they all failed. Although their fangs and claws were sharp, the elite soldiers brought by Nuliha were all dressed in black iron armor and had sharp fangs. Claws do no harm to them at all.


At this time, Nuriha saw that the time was almost up, and shouted: “Capture this young adult, after capturing it alive, quickly evacuate!”

When saying this, Nuliha said to the newly-adulted fiery sideburn wolf: “I’m sorry, this general didn’t mean to offend, but don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, when I sit on the throne, I’ll put you on the line Put it back.”


The newly-adult Fire Sideburned Wolf seemed to understand Nuliha’s words quite well. At that time, his eyes became blood red, and he raised his head and let out a roar.

Immediately, the fiery temple wolf opened its bloody mouth and spewed out a blazing flame, heading straight for the elite soldiers in front of him.


This raging flame, which was more than ten meters long, instantly enveloped the dozen or so elite soldiers in front of them. These elite soldiers had no time to react. They let out a scream on the spot and fell to the ground, rolling in pain, trying to put out the fire. Burned alive.


Seeing this scene, the smile on Nuliha’s face froze. According to legend, the fire temple wolf will attack with flames, but few people have seen it. I didn’t expect the rumor to be true.

Chapter 4583

“Roar, roar, roar…”

At this moment, several other fiery temple wolves also roared, and then, one by one, they spit flames out of their mouths and erupted toward the surrounding soldiers.


Seeing this, Nuliha’s face changed greatly, and he hurriedly shouted: “Fastback.”

Hearing Nuliha’s order, the elite soldiers reacted quickly and were ready to retreat, but no matter how fast they were, they couldn’t be faster than the flames.


In the blink of an eye, many soldiers were shrouded in flames and let out a miserable howl. The last one fell into the flames. In less than ten seconds, more than a hundred elite soldiers died in the sea of ​​​​fire.


Seeing this scene, the remaining elite soldiers couldn’t help but gasp, their faces turned pale, and their eyes couldn’t hide their fear.

Is this the strength of the Fire Temple Wolf?

so horrible…


At the same time, Nuliha couldn’t help but scold secretly, and then shouted at the remaining elite soldiers: “Everyone, don’t panic…”

Before the words were finished, a soldier captain couldn’t help but said: “General, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter… This fiery sideburn is our totem, if we do this, yes… we will receive retribution. .”

For a while, the others also spoke up.

“Yeah, General, the burning of so many people just now seems to be God’s punishment for us…”

“Remove General…”

Everyone said a word to me, and I said a word, and everyone’s face was full of panic. At this time, they didn’t have the courage to continue fighting. Just want to leave quickly.

“shut up!”

After listening to the persuasion of the subordinates, Nuliha couldn’t listen at all. At that time, he looked ferocious and howled wildly: “Whoever dares to say retreat will definitely be executed.”

When speaking, Nuliha’s face was extremely gloomy, and his heart was extremely annoyed.

After finally finding the whereabouts of the fire wolf, how can you give up so easily? Besides, I have already damaged so many people. If I just leave like this, where will I put my face in the future?


When the last word fell, Nuliha pulled out his long knife and shouted, “Give it all to me. Today, no matter what, I will catch a fire wolf and go back.”

Feeling the anger of Nuliha, the elite soldiers did not dare to disobey.


At this moment, a fiery temple wolf locked on Nuliha tightly, let out a roar, and a huge figure rose into the sky, heading straight for Nuliha.

It is the leader of these fire wolves.

The IQ of Huobianlang is not low. At this time, seeing Nuliha commanding everyone, he knew that he was the leader, and he decisively launched an attack at this time.


At the moment of rushing into the air, the fiery temple wolf opened its mouth wide and spewed out a flame of flame at Nuliha.

Faced with this situation, Nuliha looked solemn. He didn’t have time to think about it at the time, so he quickly exerted his strength and raised his hand to deploy a protective film in front of him.


In the next second, the flames erupted and hit the protective film fiercely. At that time, Nuliha only felt a powerful force coming, and the surrounding heat wave rose, and the whole person trembled and was directly shocked back ten steps.

Mad, as expected of a fire wolf, the power of this flame is really strong.

After stabilizing the figure, Nuliha’s face was shocked, and his eyes were fixed on the alpha wolf in front of him.

The alpha wolf stared at Nuliha, and his eyes flashed with complexity. He didn’t seem to expect that the human being in front of him was so powerful that he could block his own flame attack.


The next second, the alpha wolf reacted and let out a roar again, and the huge figure rushed towards Nuliha like lightning.

The alpha wolf knows very well that there are too many enemies. Only by killing the leader in front of him can he and his companions rush out of a way to survive. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.

“Well come!”

Nuriha took a deep breath, shouted, and clenched his long sword to meet him. In the blink of an eye, he was in a fierce battle with the alpha wolf.

Seeing that Nuliha made his own move, and there were still some hesitant elite soldiers around, he no longer hesitated at this time, revitalized his morale, cooperated with each other, and besieged the other fire wolves again.

bang bang bang…

In the blink of an eye, Nuriha and Alpha Wolf fought fiercely for more than a dozen rounds. During the period, Nuriha discovered that after the Fire Temple Wolf casts the flame attack, it takes about a few minutes to re-accumulate the power of the flame.

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