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Chapter 4586


At the same time, seeing that Darryl was safe and sound, the surrounding wolves, all looking at him closely, were amazed.

This human is not afraid of fire…

Ha ha….

Feeling the astonishment of these fiery wolves, Darryl showed a smile, and then used animal language, and said to the head wolf in front of him: “You misunderstood, I am not an enemy, but your friend!”

As soon as these words came out, the Fire Temple Wolf present was even more shocked.

This… this human being can speak our language?

At the same time, seeing Darryl muttering, not knowing what to say, Nie Hongxue hid behind, her delicate face full of doubts.

I can’t understand a word of what he said.


Finally, the head wolf reacted, let out a howl, and then looked at Darryl in a complicated way: “Who are you? How can you understand our language? Besides, why are you not afraid of fire?”

When asked, the head wolf’s eyes were full of vigilance.

At the same time, the surrounding fire wolves also looked at Darryl with hostility in their eyes.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and said slowly, “I’m not from the Hu people, but I came to check the situation.”

Hearing this, the head wolf looked up and down at Darryl, and the hostility in his eyes was a little less. The dress, words and deeds of the person in front of him were indeed very different from those of the Hu people.

“What happened just now?” Darryl asked.

The alpha wolf said angrily: “The abominable Hu people just took away our companions.”

“Ow, ooh…”

As soon as the voice fell, the other fiery temple wolves around roared up to the sky to express the anger in their hearts.

I see…

Hearing this, Darryl nodded suddenly, it seems that Nie Hongxue guessed right just now, Nuliha really wants to make a fuss on the fire side wolf…


At this moment, Nie Hongxue couldn’t hold back her curiosity any longer, and slowly walked over and said, “You….what are you doing?” As he said that, he watched the fiery sideburns around him vigilantly, secretly surprised in his heart.

Nie Hongxue was very puzzled at first, but after watching for a while, he realized that Darryl was communicating with these wolves.

After understanding this, Nie Hongxue was even more shocked. At this moment, I can’t find any words to describe Darryl, this man is omnipotent…

“Ow, ooh…”

Seeing Nie Hongxue approaching, all the fiery sideburns present instantly became vigilant and let out bursts of howls.

Faced with this situation, Nie Hongxue couldn’t tell how nervous she was, so she quickly stood up. At that time, her legs felt weak and she could hardly stand still.

“Sword Comes”

The fire temple wolf is the totem of the Hu people, and its strength is strong. It is said that a fire temple wolf is capable of fighting tigers and leopards, and so many people will gather together in front of them, and the aura formed is too terrifying, even Nie Hongxue is inevitably nervous.

“Don’t be impulsive!”

Seeing this, Darryl quickly explained: “This is my friend, my own.”

With that said, Darryl said to Nie Hongxue, “I’m communicating with them. It turns out that Nuliha led the elite soldiers and kidnapped one of their companions.”


Even though Nie Hongxue was mentally prepared, she was still stunned when she heard Darryl say it in person, and couldn’t help but say, “Can you really communicate with them?”

Darryl smiled: “I know a little animal language, and it’s not unusual to be able to communicate with them.”

Beast language?

Hearing this, Nie Hongxue was stunned for a moment. She didn’t have time to think about it at the time. After she regained her senses, she said ruthlessly, “This Nuliha is indeed sinister and despicable, and he didn’t even let the totems of the Hu people be spared.”

After speaking, Nie Hongxue said, “What should I do next?”

Darryl smiled slightly: “Naturally, it is to persuade the wolves to help us.”

Immediately, Darryl looked back at the head wolf and said, “What are you going to do?”


The head wolf roared and said fiercely: “Rescue my companions, I will not let those hateful barbarians go.”

The voice fell, and the surrounding fire wolves also howled.


Darryl nodded silently, and said slowly, “I respect your superiority, and your companions will naturally be rescued, but if you bring the wolves and confront them head-on, I advise you to think twice.”

Chapter 4587

“The barbarian general was called Nuliha just now, and now he controls the entire royal court. There are hundreds of thousands of troops under his command. Although you have a lot of companions if you really want to fight head-on, what do you think you have the chance of winning?”

After saying the last sentence, Darryl looked at the head wolf seriously.

“What do you mean?”

The head wolf thought for a while, stared at Darryl, and was very unhappy: “You want me to swallow my voice?”

Darryl shook his head: “Of course not. To deal with people like Nuliha, you will naturally have to use extraordinary methods. If you believe me, just do as I say…”

In the next two minutes, Darryl explained his plan in detail.

The head wolf listened quietly, without interruption, and waited until Darryl finished talking about the plan, and then said, “Why do you want to help us?”

Ha ha!

Darryl smiled slightly and replied, “I help you for Princess Yiyi of the Hu people. He is completely different from Nuliha who stole your companions just now. He is a kind-hearted person who advocates peace…”

Afterward, Darryl explained what happened to Princess Yiyi.

After learning about the situation, the alpha wolf suddenly understood, and then agreed: “Okay, I will believe you once.” Then, the alpha wolf roared and signaled the surrounding fire wolves to back away.

Afterward, the head wolf and Darryl agreed on the details and left with the pack of wolves.


In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred fiery wolves walked cleanly.


Seeing this situation, Nie Hongxue was shocked, Darryl just said a few words, and the wolves withdrew.

If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who can believe it?

Under the shock, Nie Hongxue couldn’t help but say, “What did you tell them?”

Darryl showed a smile: “I didn’t say much, just persuaded them to help the princess. The condition is that we help them save their companions.”

Saying that, Darryl looked at the sky: “It’s getting late, let’s go back quickly.” The voice fell, and Darryl slowly walked out of the valley.


Nie Hongxue complied and followed closely behind her while looking at Darryl’s back, thoughtfully.

Speaking of which, Nie Hongxue didn’t take Darryl seriously at first, thinking that he was just a liar who hides his identity.


the other side.

Nuliha took his elite soldiers and quickly returned to the general’s mansion.

“Show me the fiery sideburn wolf, what went wrong, I looked at your heads.”

“Also, this matter must not be leaked out.”

After entering the general’s mansion, Nuliha ordered and went straight to the hall, feeling indescribably happy at this time.

Ha ha…

With this fiery sideburn, he will have the right to speak and ascend to the throne, just around the corner.

Thinking to himself, Nuriha sat on a chair and sipped tea slowly.


At this moment, a personal guard walked over quickly and said with a complicated expression: “The leader of Wuyinmen is here.”


Wuyinmen is the killer organization that Xing Tiance joined. The main altar is in the Hu people, and its followers are all over the place. It is the largest mysterious organization in the area of ​​the Hu people.

Of course, the most mysterious is the leader of Wuyinmen.

According to rumors, the leader of Wuyinmen came from the bitterly cold land in the extreme north of the grassland. His strength was unfathomable, his whereabouts were erratic, and he wore a bronze evil ghost mask all year round.

Wuyinmen has been established for several years, but no one has ever really seen its appearance.

However, to others, the leader of the Wuyinmen is mysterious and terrifying, but to Nuliha, who holds a lot of troops, the other party is just the leader of a killer organization.


Hearing the personal guard’s words at this time, Nuliha’s face sank, and he couldn’t help scolding: “He still has the face to see me?” Two days ago, Nuliha ordered someone to send five thousand taels of gold to Wuyinmen , and let them assassinate the princess secretly.

But in the end, the princess was alive and well, and nothing happened.

This made Nuliha very annoyed. He couldn’t do this well, and he dared to call it the number one killer organization.

“Invite him to the study!”

The next second, Nuliha put down the teacup and instructed lightly, “Don’t let anyone find out.”

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