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Chapter 4590


When they arrived, dozens of guards took a deep breath when they saw the situation in front of them, and their anger rose up one by one.

“Bold assassin, catch it quickly!”

“Do you think of this as your own back garden? Come here if you want. You will be splattered with blood on the spot today.”

Under the roar, dozens of guards pulled out their long knives, rushed up, and fought with several assassins. In their opinion, their numbers are dominant, and it is more than enough to deal with a few assassins.

However, they were wrong.

bang bang bang…

In the fierce battle, I saw a few assassins, their figures were like ghosts, and the figures kept moving back and forth in the crowd. The long sword in his hand burst into a cold light, and the move was fierce and fierce. In less than ten seconds, it was More than a dozen guards fell into a pool of blood.

What the hell!

Seeing this situation, Darryl was secretly shocked, and at the same time a little anxious.

Obviously, the last time the assassination failed, the other party did not give up. These assassins are so powerful that these guards can’t stop them, and their strength has not recovered, I am afraid they can’t help.

At the same time, Princess Yiyi also panicked, her delicate face was full of tension, and the several maids guarding her were even more frightened and trembling, almost unable to stand.

“Don’t be afraid, princess, I am here.”

At this moment, Nie Hongxue bit her lip tightly, with determination in her eyes: “I won’t let them hurt you.”


The voice fell, and Nie Hongxue’s strength exploded, pulling out his long sword and heading toward several assassins.

Seeing this, Princess Yiyi’s body trembled, and she couldn’t help shouting, “Sister Hongxue, don’t…” The opponent was so strong that Sister Hongxue might not be able to stop her alone.

In a hurry, Princess Yiyi wanted to call Nie Hongxue back, but it was too late.

At this time, Darryl was standing beside Princess Yiyi, and his expression was extremely solemn. Although Nie Hongxue was powerful, he was afraid that he could not stop the other five masters.

Gotta figure out a way…

Anxious, Darryl saw a few shivering maids behind him, and his inspiration suddenly moved. He pointed to a maid who was about the same size as the princess and said, “Quick, change clothes with the princess, quick…”

Now that the situation is critical, Darryl can’t help, so he wants the maid to pretend to be a princess and divert the attention of the assassins.

Hearing Darryl’s words, the maid was stunned for a moment, then she understood and quickly changed into Princess Yiyi’s gauze. Although she was very nervous, it was her duty to protect the princess.

After changing, Darryl said to Princess Yiyi: “Princess, hurry up and hide.”

“it is good….”

At this time, Princess Yiyi was in a mess, and she had no idea at all. She nodded immediately and hid in the soft curtain under her gesture of Darryl.

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Seeing her hiding, Darryl didn’t have time to think, grabbed the maid’s hand, and jumped out directly from the window sill on one side.

The moment he jumped out, he saw a black shadow in the shadow outside.

What Darryl saw was really Xing Tiance.

After discussing with Darryl before, Xing Tiance had been hiding near the palace, secretly protecting the safety of Princess Yiyi. As soon as he heard the movement, he rushed over immediately.


At this time, seeing Darryl pulling a woman and rushing out, Xing Tiance thought it was a princess and hurried up to meet him.

Without waiting for him to approach, Darryl said quickly: “The princess is inside, you go in and protect, this is fake, I will divert the attention of those people.”

When he said this, Darryl was not as anxious as before.

The real princess is hidden, and Xing Tiance is by her side, so it should be foolproof.

“it is good!”

Hearing this, Xing Tiance responded and quickly rushed into the bedroom.

Darryl didn’t stop, pulled the maid, and quickly rushed to the back wing, while running, pretending to shout: “Quick, go this way.”


At this time, several assassins had already suppressed Nie Hongxue, and they were about to rush into the bedroom. Hearing Darryl’s cry suddenly, he immediately looked over.

The next second, seeing the gauze on the maid, several assassins mistakenly thought it was a princess, and were shocked.

“Oops, the princess escaped.”

“Come on!”

Chapter 4591

Under the exclamation, several assassins broke out one after another and quickly chased Darryl.

At this time, they didn’t know that Darryl was carrying a maid, the real Princess Yiyi, who was still hiding in the bedroom.


Seeing several assassins chasing after him, Darryl took a deep breath and was inexplicably excited.

Although these assassins are strong, their IQs are not very good. Such a simple ‘stealing the sky’ will deceive them.

However, the maid who followed Darryl was so frightened that Hua Rong turned pale, and her voice trembled: “They are chasing, what should Mr. Darryl do?”

While speaking, the maid’s legs were weak and she could barely walk.

“Don’t panic!”

Darryl comforted: “You continue to pretend to be a princess to attract their attention, I’ll keep you all right.”

While they were talking, the two had already arrived at the wing room. At that time, Darryl didn’t hesitate at all, just pushed the door and rushed out.

“The Age of Rebirth”


The moment he entered the room, Darryl asked the maid to hide in the corner, then pulled the table, chairs, and benches in the room, and quickly placed them at the door according to the rules.

Yes, Darryl deployed a simple formation.

Due to the limited number of tables, chairs and stools, it was impossible to deploy a cumbersome and advanced formation, so Darryl deployed a medium-sized Three-Absolute Formation.


As soon as it was arranged, a few assassins arrived at the door and saw the desks, chairs, and stools in front of them, and the assassin at the head did not realize that something was wrong and broke indirectly.


However, after entering, the assassin was immediately blinded, and he was surprised to find that the chair and stool in front of him seemed to be alive, no matter how he moved forward, it would block in front of him.

In the end, the assassin turned around and finally retreated outside the door.

“What are you doing out here?”

“This kid is alone, what’s there to be afraid of?”

Seeing him withdraw, the other assassins couldn’t help but speak.

Listening to his companion’s words, the assassin said complicatedly: “These tables and chairs are a little weird.”


Several companions glanced at each other, did not take it to heart, and rushed in one after another. However, to their astonishment, as soon as they entered, the scene in front of them changed, and the surrounding tables, chairs and stools seemed to be alive and kept in front of them.

The last few people had no choice, and finally, all retreated outside the door.

“Mad, it’s really weird.”

“what ‘s wrong?”

After exiting, several assassins frowned, puzzled and annoyed at the same time.

The princess is inside, but she can only watch…

Ha ha…

Seeing this situation, Darryl showed a smile and felt extremely happy. How are these guys with high strength? Wasn’t it blocked in the end?

Speaking of which, the space in the room is too small, and the tables, chairs, and stools are limited, so the three unique formations deployed by Darryl are medium formations, which can only block the enemy, but cannot trap the enemy, but for the current situation, it is enough.

Mr. Moonwind is amazing…

At this moment, the maid hiding inside was a little nervous, but when she saw the scene in front of her, she was shocked.

Just relying on a few chairs and stools to block these powerful assassins is simply incredible. If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, who would believe it?


At this time, several assassins were blocked from the outside, each with a gloomy expression, and the anger in his heart rose.

The dignified top killer was blocked by a few chairs and stools. When the news spread, wouldn’t he be laughed at? Besides, before coming here, the leader repeatedly warned that the assassination of the princess tonight must not fail again.

Finally, the leading assassin thought of a way, his eyes flickering coldly: “Ignite, burn them to death.” Since they can’t rush in, setting the fire is the best way.


Hearing this, the other assassins nodded one after another, then dipped a wooden stick with kerosene, set it on fire, and threw it in.

Because of the kerosene, after the tables, chairs, and stools were stained, they immediately burned.


Seeing this situation, Darryl’s expression changed greatly. These assassins are not very stupid, they even know how to attack with fire. This is trouble.

At the same time, the maid trembled and became nervous again.

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