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Chapter 4600

Ha ha…

Seeing that her answer was so uncertain, Darryl sneered again, and then said seriously: “Since there is no problem, then… let’s start.”

At this time, Yan Luobing was in a mess and nodded subconsciously.

Seeing her nodding, Darryl said to the two pros: “You two, one will find me some clean cotton cloth, and the other will bring me a jar of spirits.”

Not loud, but unmistakable.

These two people have been against themselves again and again, how can they be worthy of them if they don’t command them?


Hearing Darryl’s words, the expressions of the two cronies changed and they were furious. This man was just a prisoner, and if he dared to point fingers at himself, he was really courting death.


Seeing them standing still, Darryl couldn’t help urging: “What are you doing? Cotton cloth and spirits are used to sterilize silver needles. If you don’t want your leader to have an accident, just obediently prepare.”

Hearing this, the two cronies were very suffocated, but they still obeyed obediently.

Soon, cotton cloth and spirits were brought over. Darryl immediately disinfected the ‘soul chasing needles’, and then said to Yan Luobing, “Boss, it’s alright!”


Yan Luobing nodded, seemingly calm on the surface, but panicked in her heart. After thinking about it at the time, she said to the two pros: “You two go out first.”

Although identity exposure is unavoidable, it cannot be made known to subordinates.

As for Darryl, he is just a prisoner. When he is really cured, he will first cut off his tongue and send it to Nuliha, so that he will not be afraid of talking nonsense.

What the hell!

At this moment, feeling the killing intent in Yan Luobing’s eyes, Darryl’s heart was shocked.

This woman will not be exposed because of her identity as a woman, so she will kill me later.

At the same time, the two cronies were also full of doubts.

“Leader, let’s just stand by.”

“Yeah, if this person has bad intentions, we can respond in time.”

When they said this, the faces of the two cronies were full of flattery. This was a good opportunity for performance, how could they miss it? However, they didn’t know that this time the flattery was on the horse’s leg.

“To shut up!”

Yan Luobing was already in an irritable mood. Seeing them say something to me, she was even more annoyed, and immediately reprimanded: “Let you go out, why is there so much nonsense? After you go out, spread the word to other people, without my order, who will it be? You are not allowed to come in, or you will be severely punished.”

“Yes Yes!”

Seeing Yan Luobing’s anger, the two cronies did not dare to neglect it, they quickly responded, and retreated. But they were both suspicious.

What happened to the leader today? Always inexplicably angry, completely unpredictable.

However, there were doubts in their hearts, and the two cronies did not dare to ask more questions, and quickly walked out of the hall.

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help laughing secretly. This leader is really interesting. In order to hide his identity, he doesn’t even trust his own subordinates.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl secretly sighed, took a step forward, and said to Yan Luobing: “Please take off your clothes, the leader, we’re about to start.”


Yan Luobing took a deep breath, and after a struggle in her heart, she said, “Turn your head away.”

Darryl smiled secretly, nodded immediately, and turned around.

I heard a rustling sound, and half a minute later, I heard Yan Luobing’s indifferent voice: “Okay, you can give needles.”

small book booth

“it is good!”

Darryl responded and turned his head. Although he was already prepared, he was still stunned after taking a look.

Seeing that Yan Luobing’s back was facing Darryl at this time, the black robe still on her body, but her smooth back was exposed. Even if she was very careful, her graceful curves were still faintly revealed.

Yan Luobing didn’t take off the mask on her face, but from Darryl’s point of view, she could see some general outlines of her profile…


For a time, Darryl was a little fascinated, and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

I can’t see that this leader is not only a woman but also has an extraordinary demeanor, a country, and a city.

It’s just a pity that I can’t see her full face…

“Don’t look around!”

Just when Darryl was fascinated by it, Yan Luo’s cold voice sounded: “I’m digging out your eyeballs while looking around, hurry up and apply the needle!”

Chapter 4601

Although she turned her back to Darryl, with her keen intuition, she could also guess what Darryl looked like at this time.

uh… murderous.

Hearing the scolding, Darryl immediately calmed down and smiled at the time: “The leader is majestic, how dare I look around?” After saying that, he picked up a needle and quickly stabbed the acupoint on Yan Luobing’s back. superior.

With this needle, Darryl was quick and accurate.


At that time, Yan Luobing didn’t react at all, only felt a piercing pain, and couldn’t help but let out a low groan. At the same time, his heart was also filled with anger.

This acupuncture method is so painful. Could it be true as the two cronies said, this person is not helping me treat the hidden disease at all, but wants to assassinate me?

Thinking about it, Yan Luobing was about to pull out the long knife beside him to cut Darryl, but at this moment, the pain in his back disappeared quickly, replaced by an indescribable smoothness.

This feels so good…

For a while, Yan Luobing sighed inwardly, and at the same time resisted the urge to shoot.

Hearing Yan Luobing’s low murmur, Darryl felt that his bones were brittle, and his voice was so nice.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl continued to apply needles.

Every time the acupuncture was administered, Yan Luobing would feel unbearable pain, but this pain was fleeting, and as the number of injections increased, Yan Luobing felt that the meridians in his body were also affected. Getting smoother and more comfortable.

After the thirteenth needle was given, Yan Luobing felt extremely relaxed, as if he had changed to another person.

“All right!”

At this time, Darryl wiped the sweat off his forehead and said with a smile: “The thirteen needles have been applied, and the leader’s hidden disease has been eradicated. However, these needles will take a while to be pulled out, so please wait for the leader.”

At this time, Yan Luobing was dripping with perspiration, and her expression was indescribably seductive. After listening to Darryl’s words, she nodded silently.

But in my heart, I was shocked beyond words.

This person is really amazing. His meridians are reversed, which is rare in the world. I don’t know how many famous doctors are helpless, but this Darryl was cured with only a few needles.

It’s like a miracle doctor reincarnated…

At the same time shock, Yan Luobing was somewhat shy.

As the leader of the Wuyinmen, I am pure and clean. No one has known my female identity for several years, but just now, he looked at my back.

Although it was just the back, it was unacceptable to Yan Luobing, who was extremely conservative.


Just when Yan Luobing was tangled in his heart, Darryl said with a smile: “We said just now that if I can eradicate your hidden disease, we will exchange a condition. The leader keeps his word, and he should not regret it.”

Hearing this, Yan Luobing’s eyes flickered, and she said lightly, “Okay, you say the conditions.”

“The leader is really happy, my condition is very simple, that is, let me go,” Darryl said without thinking.

Darryl knew that the other party would definitely not let him go, so he just wanted to see Yan Luobing’s reaction.


At this moment, Yan Luobing refused without thinking: “We Wuyinmen have nothing to say. We have promised Nuliha before that we want to hand you over to him, how can we let you go?”

With that said, Yan Luobing turned his words: “However, I can guarantee your safety. If Nuliha really wants to kill you, I will send someone to save you secretly.”

Speaking of which, with Yan Luobing’s personality, he didn’t want to talk nonsense with Darryl.

But no matter what, just now, Darryl helped him cure his hidden disease. More importantly, the thirteen silver needles on his back have not been pulled out. In this case, Yan Luobing had to deal with Darryl. .

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Darryl smiled secretly, this woman is not stupid, she didn’t pull out the silver needle on her body, and she didn’t dare to rush me.

Thinking to himself, Darryl decided to tease her, pretending to be very unhappy and saying: “Boss, you are wrong, we have no grievance and no enmity, you arrested me, I saved your life just now, but you want to I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to give me to Nuliha and put me in danger…”

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