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Chapter 461

After retiring from the court, the two little eunuchs took the imperial decree and went to Raquel’s residence.

In the imperial decree, there are only a few words: to make Bessie princess Yuruo and marry Mateo, the prime minister of Xicang Continent.


the other side!

Earth round continent, Ouyang Mansion!

Oliver’s injury has basically stabilized, and there is no life worry.

at this time. In the hall, the three brothers Darryl were sitting together.

“Darryl, since the adoptive father is all right, it should not be too late, let’s leave for the Apocalypse Continent.” Lorenzo said.

When the voice fell, Peter couldn’t wait to answer the words: “Yes. Let’s three brothers, step down the Mingjiao, and avenge Lily! Kill them all without leaving!”


Darryl clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and nodded. The thought of Lily’s tragic death made her heart feel uncomfortable.

The three brothers got up and they wanted to go out.

At this moment, a maid of the Ouyang family suddenly walked in, bowed respectfully, and said softly: “Master, there is a disciple of Fuyao Palace outside the door, saying that there is something important to see.”

Fuyao Palace?

Darryl was stunned and waved his hand: “Let her come in.”


The maid turned and went out, and after a while, she brought in a young woman.

This young woman was wearing a long white dress with floral patterns embroidered on her clothes, which was the symbol of Fuyao Palace.

When she arrived, the female disciple said respectfully to Darryl: “Sect Master Yue, my little palace master has ordered me to come to you, here is a letter from my little palace master, please take a look.”

When the voice fell, she handed over a letter.

“What’s wrong with the little fairy?” Darryl couldn’t help asking, and took the letter.

The female disciple said politely: “Said the Little Palace Master. You will know when you open the letter.”

With that, the female disciple stepped aside.

Peter came over and whispered: “Darryl, it’s not a love letter from the little fairy.”

A year ago, Fuyao Palace came to support Donghai City during the battle against the Star Reaching Tower.

Peter still remembers the beauty of the seven fairies.

The seven fairies, each of them is beautiful and beautiful, each has its own merits, really is a goddess!

Even Krista and Elsa looked at the letter with curiosity.

“Fcuk, you kid, don’t talk nonsense, what kind of love letter…” Darryl was embarrassed, and quickly opened the letter. There was a beautiful handwriting on it, and there was a faint fragrance on the paper, with only three rows of words. :

“Darryl, I am Er Qing. I haven’t seen you for so long. Are you okay? More than a year has passed. I remembered that we were in Donghai City together and resisted the Apocalypse army, as if it happened yesterday…”

“Darryl, I… I want to beg you for one thing. Six months ago, I accidentally got a copy of [Fringed Sutra]. I practiced this secret book, but I was backlashed by the Yin Qi… The eldest sister said, only Only those with pure Yang internal power can help me disperse.”

“So, can you come to Fuyao Palace…I am waiting for you in the secret room of Fuyao Palace.”

Seeing these few lines, Darryl let out a sigh of relief.

I wanted to go to Mingjiao for revenge, but something happened to the little fairy. Although revenge is important, Lily is gone, revenge is fine anytime. Now Xiaoxian women are at stake. I can’t die without saving myself.

Fuyao Palace contributed a lot to defending Donghai City.

After the Battle of the Star Tower, the little fairy also sent two scriptures. Darryl’s impression of her was really good. Now she is in trouble. Of course you have to help.

It seems we have to go to Fuyao Palace first.

Lorenzo on one side, after reading this letter, also said to Darryl: “Darryl, or you should save the little fairy first. Life is at stake, and revenge is a matter of two days later.”

Although she was not familiar with the Seven Fairies, she remembered the scene of their Seven Sisters fighting against Xing Yao. Lorenzo is also a deep admiration.


Seeing that they all said this, Darryl took a deep breath and nodded: “Okay, then I will go to Fuyao Palace first, and I will be back in at most one day. Brother Wen, Peter, you must first gather the Huaguoshan and Changshengdian disciples. When I return from Fuyao Palace, we will kill Mingjiao!”

Talking. Darryl looked at Elsa with a complex expression on his face: “Elsa, you and Krista, just stay here first and help me take care of my foster father for a day.”

“My son…you are careful along the way.” Krista said unwillingly.

I have been with Darryl for more than a year, and haven’t separated much yet.

Darryl smiled slightly and wiped Krista’s mind: “Don’t worry, the son is going to save people, not fighting, it’s okay.”

When the voice fell, Darryl turned and walked out of the hall.


the other side.

Fuyao Palace, in the Great Hall of Hundred Flowers.

Hu Sanyang sat there with a thorn, and several maids knelt there, holding a tray with wine and fruit on the tray.

In Fuyao Palace before. Men are of low status.

Now, after Hu Sanyang took control of power, everything changed.

By Hu Sanyang’s side, several beautiful-looking female disciples. He is serving him attentively, some pinching his feet, some pounding his back and rubbing his shoulders, so to speak. Hu Sanyang has become the emperor of the land here.


These days, it really makes people reluctant to think about it.

Hu Sanyang squinted his eyes, his face full of intoxication and enjoyment. The letter sent to Darryl just now was sent by him. Just want to draw Darryl over. Quickly after the division!


At this moment, a maid walked over, stopped in front of Hu Sanyang, respectfully said: “Head, night is approaching, it’s time to turn over the sign.”

After that, the maid presented a delicate plate. Inside the plate, there were seven jade plaques with the names of the seven fairies including Bai Shengshui and Er Qing written on the jade plaque.

At this time, the jade card was literally facing down, the order was disrupted, and Hu Sanyang selected it.

“Haha… yes yes… the flop, the flop!” Hu Sanyang sat up happily, with a wicked smile on his face.

The flop came from Hu Sanyang.

After the Seven Fairies were controlled by him, Hu Sanyang came up with this bad idea. Flip the sign every night and sleep with whoever finds it.

Seven fairies change one every day a week.


I am so blessed!

Today is the first day of the flop.

Hu Sanyang laughed, and quickly flipped up a jade card.

I saw three words written on the jade plate!

It is the second fairy, Felipe Xu!

“The Second Palace Master, okay, okay, take her to my room, haha.” Hu Sanyang laughed and drank a glass of wine.

A few minutes later, Hu Sanyang couldn’t wait to return to the bedroom. As soon as I entered the door, I saw only the second fairy Felipe, sitting on the bed, already spotted on the acupuncture points, unable to move.

“Yeah, beautiful, hahaha, I’m here.” Hu Sanyang looked up and down and said with a smile.


At the moment when the voice fell, Hu Sanyang couldn’t help swallowing.

Chapter 462

“Get out of here!”

Seeing Hu Sanyang coming in with a wicked smile, Felipe was frightened and angry. At that time, the Seven Fairies drank Hu Sanyang’s wine, but she couldn’t use her inner strength. So at this time, Felipe was not only hit by the acupuncture points, but also had no internal strength at all. Obviously speaking, the momentum is insufficient, and there is no deterrence at all.

“Get out?”

Hu Sanyang approached slowly and looked at her with a smile: “I said the second fairy, did you make a mistake? This is my bedroom. Now I am the master of Fuyao Palace, why should I get out? Today I flipped your sign. , There is no reason to get out?”

As he said, Hu Sanyang’s smile grew thicker: “I specially made jade medals for your seven sisters, and whoever gets my love every night will be turned over to you. You should be honored to be turned over to you on the first day. Haha!”


Flip the brand!

Hearing this, Felipe’s delicate body trembled: “Hu Sanyang, you are a shameless scum, a villain who is inferior to a beast. You will not end well.”

His seven sisters, the master of the palace, were going to be so humiliated by Hu Sanyang.

Instead of living in such shame, it’s better to just die!

But at this time, she was clicked on the acupoint, and she couldn’t even commit suicide!

Hu Sanyang smiled evilly, looked up and down Felipe, and instantly rushed forward.

I don’t know how long it took. After the rain, Hu Sanyang put on his clothes happily, and his mood was unspeakable.

Felipe curled up on the corner of the bed, his face was full of tears, and his eyes were full of resentment!

“Haha, beauty, don’t cry so sadly.” Hu Sanyang walked over with a smile and lifted Felipe’s chin.

“Go away, go away…” Felipe gritted her teeth, her eyes full of resentment: “Hu Sanyang, I will cut you a thousand times sooner or later! A thousand times!”


Hu Sanyang’s face was taken aback, and he slapped him violently before hearing Felipe’s whisper, exquisite face. Showing bright red five-fingerprints.

“You are no longer the palace master, why do you pretend to be noble?” Hu Sanyang scolded coldly.

This woman is really ignorant of current affairs and shameless!


At this moment, a timid voice sounded outside the door.

I saw a female disciple who opened the door and lowered her head, standing there with a panic expression.

Hu Sanyang’s face was green and he turned his head and stared at the female disciple: “Who let you in? Do you want to die?”

When he said this, Hu Sanyang was full of evil spirits.


The female disciple trembled all over, and hurriedly knelt on the ground, squatting and saying: “The head is forgiving, yes… it is Darryl who is here.”

She didn’t want to push the door to come in either, but she had yelled several times outside the door just now, and Hu Sanyang didn’t even hear it.

Hu Sanyang specially explained before that if Darryl comes, he must report as soon as possible. That’s why she opened the door and entered.


This kid has come?

A gleam of light flashed in Hu Sanyang’s eyes, and he asked, “Where is Darryl now?”

The female disciple hurriedly said, “According to the master’s plan, he has been led into the secret room.”

“Good! Well done!”

A smile appeared on Hu Sanyang’s face, and he tilted his head and smiled at Felipe: “Beauty, wait for me. I’ll be there when I go.”

When the voice fell, Hu Sanyang strode out of the room.


He…he brought Darryl over?

At this moment, Felipe was lying there, her heart trembled secretly, indescribably shocked.

When they were locked up with a few sisters before, they were still discussing how to release the news and let Darryl come to rescue them.

After all, Fuyao Palace had been away from the world for thousands of years. Among the rivers and lakes, the only friend I knew was Darryl.

Now Darryl was attracted by Hu Sanyang.

If he is also caught.

That Fuyao Palace was completely finished.

Thinking of this, Felipe couldn’t say anxiously.


the other side.

After Darryl arrived at Fuyao Palace, he was led by a female disciple into a remote path. The disciple said that the little fairy was waiting for him in the secret room.

Through a dark corridor. Darryl was taken to a cave.

“Sect Master Yue, this is the secret room of my Fuyao Palace. The Little Palace Master of my house is waiting for you inside. Please go in directly.” said the female disciple. The eyes did not meet Darryl, and there was a hint of panic that was not easily detectable.


This place is so dark and damp, it’s not like a secret room for cultivation.

Muttered in his heart, Darryl still walked in.


However, what he never dreamed of was that the moment he entered the cave, a huge cage suddenly fell from the top of his head with lightning speed!


The incident was abrupt. Darryl didn’t have time to react at all, and was immediately covered in it!

After a loud noise, the surrounding dust was filled with smoke, and when Darryl came back to his senses, he was immediately stunned. The cage that covers him is extremely important, and each of the iron bars on it is as thick as an arm. Glowing with a cold black luster.

“What does this mean?!” Darryl was shocked and looked back at the female disciple, but the female disciple had long since disappeared.


Darryl let out a long sigh of relief, and the rolling internal force instantly gathered in his hand, slapped his palm on the iron cage!

But under this palm, the iron cage didn’t move at all!

“Darryl, don’t waste your energy.”

At this moment, only a cold voice was heard, and then, a middle-aged man appeared in Darryl’s line of sight. This person is dressed in a black robe, and his face is full of pride and bitterness.

Who is it if it’s not Hu Sanyang? !

“Hu Sanyang?!”

At the moment he spoke, Darryl’s heart was also secretly shaken.

He clearly noticed that Hu Sanyang’s internal force fluctuated extremely strongly!

How could this be?

Hasn’t his heart been broken. Can’t you cultivate in this life? !

And… Is the letter written by the little fairy fake?

Darryl frowned, his eyes met Hu Sanyang.

At this time, Hu Sanyang also came step by step. Can’t hide the inner resentment, fists clenched!

“Darryl, I didn’t expect it. One day, you will still be planted in my hands.” Hu Sanyang’s eyes were cold and cold: “The letter from the little fairy. I asked someone to write it for the purpose of drawing you over, and This cage is also specially prepared for you.”

Speaking of which. Hu Sanyang’s eyes were extremely cold: “When you killed my Kunlun, I secretly swore that you would cut your three brothers a thousand times. I have waited for this day. I have been waiting for a whole year!”


Darryl looked at Hu Sanyang coldly: “Where are the Seven Fairies.”

The situation in front of him was obvious, and Hu Sanyang took control of Fuyao Palace. With his sinister style, the reason why he could control Fuyao Palace should be that he poisoned the Seven Fairies.

Hu Sanyang smiled triumphantly: “Seven fairies, haha, they are all alive. Back then, the great palace master found nine days of yin and yang grass and helped me renew my heart. How can I be willing to kill them? Of course I want to. Spoil them well.”

Chapter 463

Hu Sanyang’s gaze was full of joking: “The Seven Fairies are also women, and of course someone will have to hurt them. I will love them well. By the way, for your current virtue, don’t think about the Seven Fairies. Think about yourself.”

Speaking of this, Hu Sanyang stepped forward and looked at Darryl with a smile: “Don’t worry, although you were caught by me, I won’t let you be lonely. Waiting for tomorrow. I will use the same method. Peter and Lorenzo were also attracted. And your parents, don’t even want to run away! If you destroy my Kunlun, I will make you pay back ten times!”

At this moment, Hu Sanyang’s smile disappeared and his eyes were blood red!

“Hu Sanyang!”

Darryl was furious, ran his internal force again, and slapped his hand on the cage.


With this palm, Darryl almost used all his strength. Only a loud noise was heard, almost shattering a person’s eardrums! However, this cage is still undamaged!

Seeing this situation, Hu Sanyang laughed loudly: “Darryl, you don’t have to work in vain. This cage is made of ten thousand years of fine iron, and it is extremely hard. Not to mention that you are now at the first stage of Wu Huang, even the fifth stage of Wu Huang. Shake.”

Hu Sanyang spoke more and more proudly, his eyes filled with playful abuse: “Don’t worry, I will not kill you right away, but will torture you slowly. I will torture you completely, and I can only vent my torture. The hate of the heart. And your brothers and your parents, who will borrow your light, can’t survive! By the way, you and the little fairies have an unusual relationship, but it’s a pity that the Seven Fairies will soon become my woman, are you? Heartache? Hahaha…you…”


However, before Hu Sanyang’s voice fell, he only felt that his voice was blocked, looking at Darryl inconceivably!

I saw the corner of Darryl’s mouth with a smile, a horrible aura, bursting out of him, raging toward the surroundings!


A group of white flames leaped out of Darryl’s palm. The white flame seemed to have no temperature at all, but the surrounding air was all burned!

Bailian is cold!

“You…” Hu Sanyang was stunned. In the next instant, Darryl raised his hand, and the white lotus jumped out with cold fire and attached directly to the cage.

laugh! laugh!

Just in the blink of an eye, this extremely hard cage unexpectedly began to melt a little bit!


This…. What kind of fire is this? It can even dissolve ten thousand years of fine iron!

Seeing this scene, Hu Sanyang’s face changed drastically, a panic arose in his heart, and his body couldn’t stop shaking!

At this time, Hu Sanyang’s smile disappeared completely, and his entire heart was completely occupied by fear!

How did he know that this white lotus was cold and fierce, but the world’s most unusual fire!

Although Wannian Hantie is extremely hard, it is not worth mentioning in front of Bailian’s cold fire!

“Hu Sanyang.” A cold voice came from Darryl’s mouth: “I was able to kill you Kunlun back then, and I can kill you today.”


When the voice fell, Bai Lian burned with cold fire, and the whole big cage. Melt completely into a pile of molten iron!

Hu Sanyang buzzed his head, before he had time to think, he turned and ran!

Now, how can he have the slightest fighting spirit? With the strength of this Wuhuang Emperor Darryl, even Ten Thousand Years of Fine Iron couldn’t trap him, how could he be his opponent?

“Want to run?”

Darryl snorted coldly, took a blood-drinking sword in his hand, and chased after him!

Hu Sanyang ran all the way to the White Flower Hall, and he was relieved. In the main hall, there is a secret path. The seven fairies are locked here. This secret path is intricate and complicated, and those who are not familiar with this secret path will absolutely lose their way after entering. As long as he entered the secret road, Darryl couldn’t hold himself!


Hu Sanyang flashed his body and ran into the hall. In the middle of this hall, there is a two-meter-high vase.

Hu Sanyang ran over and twisted the mouth of the vase vigorously.


At this moment, a loud noise came, and a gap suddenly cracked on the wall not far away! Entrance to the secret room. Slowly emerge! Hu Sanyang was chased all the way by Darryl, and he was afraid. But after getting into the secret room, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hu Sanyang!” Darryl quickly followed him. As a result, after entering the secret room, Darryl was not familiar with the terrain. Hu Sanyang disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Boom!” Darryl clenched his fist, slammed his fist on the wall, and his whole heart was clenched.

Hu Sanyang ran away, and he will definitely be a confidant in the future! This person is really bad, letting him go is equivalent to letting the tiger go back to the mountain!

Darryl sighed, but this secret road was full of bifurcations. Now that Hu Sanyang has been lost, it is estimated that he has run away long ago.

Darryl felt helpless. Had to give up chasing Hu Sanyang. He wanted to go back the same way and leave this secret room. As a result, the moment he turned his head, Darryl was stunned.

D*mn, I can’t find the way back!

It’s over…

Darryl’s head was stunned, what can we do? This secret room is intricate and complex, like a maze. Is it possible to be trapped here all the time?

No, I have to find a way to get out and kill Mingjiao. Revenge Xuaner.

Darryl’s heart was numb, just like a headless fly, spinning around in the secret room, looking for an exit.

On the other side, in a side hall of Fuyao Palace.

A girl is sitting there cultivating.

This girl is not very old, but she is so long that she can be noticed at a glance even in the crowd.

It is Hu Sanyang’s daughter, Hu Ling’er.

The shelves beside her are full of treasures of heaven and earth. I am afraid that any cultivator will be jealous when seeing these genius treasures!

After Hu Sanyang took control of Fuyao Palace, he collected all the elixir of Fuyao Palace for his daughter to take to improve his strength.


At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly opened, and then, Hu Sanyang in a cold sweat. Get in quickly.

Hu Ling’er opened his eyes and couldn’t help saying: “Father! What’s wrong with you? Why are you sweating…”


Hu Sanyang walked over quickly and grabbed his daughter’s hand without too much nonsense: “Quick, let’s go quickly.”

“Father. Where are we going…” Hu Ling’er was a little confused, wondering: “Why are you leaving?”

Hu Ling’er at this time didn’t know what happened.

Hu Sanyang was too anxious: “Ling’er, don’t ask so much, hurry up!”

“Father…you. Can you wait for Ling’er, Ling’er go get Yuxiao.” Hu Ling’er whispered.

Hu Linger has a jade flute, which was given to her by Hu Sanyang on her fifth birthday.

Hu Linger’s flute is also very nice. This jade flute is her favorite thing. Even sleep at night, put it on your pillow.

“Go get it quickly, Dad will wait for you.” Hu Sanyang was already anxious, but he still touched Ling’er’s hair.

He was sinister and cunning all his life, and he was kind to his daughter. He could not refuse any request from his daughter.

Hu Ling’er nodded, walked quickly to the next room, took out Yu Xiao and put it in his clothes.

“Hurry up.”

Hu Sanyang grabbed his daughter and left here quickly.

When he ran to the Baihua Hall, Hu Sanyang took out a torch, lit it, and threw it directly into the hall.


At this moment, the White Flower Hall was burning!

“Darryl, wait to be burned alive.” Hu Sanyang’s face showed a bit of hideousness. After controlling Fuyao Palace, Hu Sanyang made several plans to kill Darryl.

Hu Sanyang thought before, that the ten thousand years fine iron cage might not be able to hold Darryl. So he has deployed a layer of kerosene in Fuyao Palace.

Once Darryl escaped from the cage, he led Darryl to the secret room, then lit a torch and burned him alive.

To be honest, although Hu Sanyang made this plan, he never thought that Darryl could really break the iron cage! You know, that is Wannian Jingtie!

Now, in order to kill Darryl, I can only burn Fuyao Palace on fire!

Seeing the raging fire, Hu Sanyang felt painful. Not only Fuyao Palace was destroyed by the fire, but the six fairies were still in the secret room.

Darryl, it’s worth your death, there are six fairies to accompany you.

Chapter 464

the other side!

In the secret road, Darryl didn’t know how long he had been turning around, but he couldn’t find an exit, and he was anxious.


How big is this secret room, you can’t be trapped here for a lifetime.

Darryl’s heart was numb, but at this moment, he could only hear a few small voices not far away. It seems to be the voice of a woman.

Is there someone in this secret room? Darryl was overjoyed. Follow the voice to find it.

After walking for nearly a minute, turning around seven or eight places, finally reached a stone room.

This stone room does not have a door, but is enclosed by iron bars.

Standing in front of the iron fence, Darryl was stunned.

I saw six fairies, including Bai Shengshui and Er Qing, sitting around the iron fence. It’s just that each of them is extremely weak, completely devoid of the temperament and prestige of the past.

“Little wife!” Darryl called out instinctively. Happily walked over.

Unexpectedly, that Hu Sanyang trapped the Seven Fairies here, and was hit by mistake by himself! It’s just.. Why isn’t the second fairy here?

“Darryl!” The little fairy reacted first and looked up. Just in time to meet Darryl’s gaze, he immediately felt happy: “You, why are you here…”

After the battle of the Star-Catching Tower, the little fairy gave Darryl two scriptures, and since then, the two have not seen each other.

The little fairy bit her lip tightly, counting the time, it has been more than a year since we met last time, and now the little fairy saw Darryl again, somehow she couldn’t be overjoyed in her heart.

Darryl walked to the iron fence and said with a smile: “I was attracted by Hu Sanyang. He borrowed your name and wrote me a letter to ambush me. The conspiracy failed. I just chased him all the way. Here…”

Hu Sanyang, ba5tard!

Too despicable and shameless!

Hearing this, the little fairy bit her lip and whispered: “Hu Sanyang, a white-eyed wolf. After living in my palace for a year, he will avenge his revenge. If it falls on my hands, I will definitely not spare him!”

This Hu Sanyang not only avenged revenge, trapped several of his sisters here, but also used himself to deceive Darryl, which is really disgusting!

At this time, Bai Shengshui was also filled with righteous indignation.

“Yes, Hu Sanyang must not be let go!”

“When we regain our strength, we must kill him.”

Darryl smiled and said nothing. He just looked at Er Qing and said with a smile: “Little wife, I haven’t seen you for more than a year, do you miss me…”

Among the seven fairies, this little fairy is the most interesting.

I don’t know why, as soon as Darryl saw her, he wanted to tease.


Hearing this, the little fairy turned red and stomped angrily: “You…you promised me before, you won’t call me that again…”

A few white holy waters. His face was also reddened, unspeakably shy and speechless.

When is this Darryl, he is still in the mood to make a joke.

Seeing the reaction of Fairy Six, Darryl was so happy, he smiled and nodded: “Okay, no joke.”

When the voice fell, Darryl held the bloody sword tightly and waved it lightly.


The lock on the iron door snapped.

Darryl clearly felt that the Seven Fairies had been poisoned and her internal strength had been sealed. Otherwise, this ordinary iron gate would not trap them at all.

The iron gate opened, and the six fairies came out gracefully, Darryl only felt a scent of fragrance rushing over his face, and the whole person was going to be intoxicated.

“Darryl. You just said that you chased Hu Sanyang all the way, did you catch him?” At this time, the little fairy couldn’t help asking first.


At the same time, several eyes of Bai Shengshui. Also gathered tightly on Darryl.

When it comes to Hu Sanyang, the six fairies gritted their teeth with hatred, wishing to slash him a thousand times!

Darryl scratched his head and smiled bitterly: “Hu Sanyang is too cunning. I ran into this secret road. I was not familiar with the terrain, so I let him run in the end.”


People ran away?

The six fairies looked at each other.

Bai Shengshui whispered: “Darryl, you are the strength of Emperor Wu now. You are so much higher than Hu Sanyang, how can you let him run away? You are too stupid, right.”

When the voice fell, the faces of the six fairies also showed a trace of disappointment.

“My wife, I’m not stupid.. Although my rank is higher than Hu Sanyang, he ran into this secret room in a few seconds.” Darryl shook his head: “Who knows this secret room. It’s the same as the labyrinth… “

“You, pay attention to your words.” Bai Shengshui’s delicate body trembled, and no one dared to call himself that way!

As the great palace master, she is the most majestic among the seven fairies! Suddenly Darryl called her eldest wife, she only felt ashamed and angry.

Seeing her shy look, Darryl couldn’t help laughing. I was about to tease her again, only to see a puff of smoke, suddenly pouring into the secret path!


At the same time, the entire chamber ignited a raging fire!

“What caused the fire…” Bai Shengshui’s pretty face changed, and he exclaimed.

I saw a fire swept over it, but in just a few seconds, the surrounding seemed to be a sea of ​​fire!

At this moment, the six fairies panicked.

“How could it catch fire?”

“Hu Sanyang must have done it.”

“Our internal strength hasn’t recovered yet, what should we do?”

Talking in panic. The six fairies stomped anxiously.

At this time, the little fairy flashed her eyes and pointed to the water tank next to her: “There is water here, let’s put out the fire.”

That’s right. There is a jar of water not far away. Hu Sanyang trapped the Seven Fairies in the secret room, and naturally put some water next to him. This jar of water was for the Seven Fairies to drink.

Darryl shook his head: “Such a big fire. This tank of water is useless at all.”

“Huh?” The little fairy was anxious: “What…what can I do?”

Yes, such a big fire, a tank of water is useless at all. And inside the secret room at this time. The smoke was billowing, and it was impossible to tell the direction. Although Fairy Six was familiar with this secret room, the passage was blocked by the smoke at this time, and there was no way to find an exit!

At this time, the fire is almost burning, if you have been trapped here, you can’t escape!

“This is how to do..”

“Yeah.. What to do.. We have to go out and find Hu Sanyang to get revenge…”

“Darryl, you have a lot of ideas, think of a way..”

The fairies looked at each other and couldn’t help but look towards Darryl.

Seeing their anxious look, Darryl laughed and said: “Don’t be afraid, my wives, there is me.”

“You…” The little fairy was very angry: “When is it, you are still so serious, a wife at a mouthful. Seeing that the fire is burning!”

Darryl laughed, did not speak, just waved his big hand, and saw a protective film, which instantly emerged, isolating the flame.

Darryl’s current strength was already at the level of Emperor Wu. With a protective film at hand, this flame can be blocked.


Seeing this scene, the six fairies secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at Darryl with joy. With him, there is no need to be afraid of the fire!

Chapter 465

In the end, Darryl laughed and frightened them deliberately: “I said the six palace masters, don’t be happy too early. Although my protective film can stop the fire, it won’t last long.”

Seeing the panic of the six fairies, Darryl couldn’t help teasing them.

Upon hearing this, the Six Fairies panicked again. None of them doubted Darryl’s words.

“What can I do then!” the little fairy stamped her foot.

Yes, the protective film consumes internal energy, and the little fairy doesn’t know. How long can Darryl’s internal strength maintain this protective film.

When Darryl fell into the crater, Elsa also put on a protective film, and that protective film lasted for more than a year. That was because the aura under the crater was strong enough for Elsa to maintain.

Now that Darryl is in the secret road, the protective film will disappear if his internal strength is exhausted!

Look at the six fairies looking nervous. Darryl was overjoyed, pretending to be flustered: “Quick, you hurry up and pour water on your body, get yourself wet first, don’t get burned. I will think of a way!”

Bai Shengshui and Er Qing nodded suddenly, and then walked quickly to the water tank.

“Yes, yes, Darryl is right.”

“First get the clothes wet, cover your mouth, even if you don’t get burnt, don’t get smoked.”

Wow! Wow! Wow!

While talking, the six fairies gathered around the water tank and started splashing water with each other.

In a blink of an eye, every fairy body was drenched, and the perfect curve was suddenly revealed in front of Darryl’s eyes.

Darryl stood there, looked at it with a smile, and was happy in his heart.


I have to say that these six fairies really have their own merits, and each of them can be called the best.

Especially at this time, the long skirts on their bodies are tightly attached to their bodies, and the exquisite and concave curves are undoubtedly revealed. Any man will be unable to stand it when they see it.

The master of the palace is a cold-blooded elder sister.

The three fairies, the four fairies, and the five fairies belong to the charming and charming type.

As for the six fairies and the little fairies, they are cute and playful types.

These six get together. It’s really a fairy going down to earth, a top visual feast properly.

At this moment, Darryl only looked dazzled, and his heart was beautiful to the extreme.


Just when Darryl was secretly admiring, the little fairy walked up wet, and gently asked, “Have you figured out a way?”

She clearly sensed Darryl’s unbridled gaze.

But the little fairy is not in the mood to care about this anymore.

The situation is critical now, so it’s important to save your life first.

At the same time, several Bai Shengshui also looked over, looking forward to each other.

At this moment, the surrounding fire became more and more intense, and the entire Fuyao Palace turned into a sea of ​​flames.

Only the one in front of me, the place covered by the protective film, is the last safe place.

But Darryl just said that this protective film can’t last too long.

Darryl showed a slight smile, very calm and composed: “Of course there is a way, otherwise how to be your boss?”


The little fairy groaned: “When is it all, are you still in the mood to say this, you…”

As a result, the little fairy trembled before she finished her voice! The sound stopped abruptly!

I saw Darryl in front of me, his right hand slowly raised!


In the next second, a terrifying aura erupted from Darryl’s body, followed immediately. A group of white flames suddenly condensed!

“Bai Lian Leng Huo… It turned out to be Bai Lian Leng Huo!” At this moment, Bai Shengshui reacted, and Jiao body couldn’t help shaking!

She was very knowledgeable, and she could immediately see that what Darryl held was the number one fire in the world, Bai Lian Lenghuo!


At this moment, Darryl raised his hand, and the white lotus whistled, floating in the air! Keep spinning!

Suddenly, the surrounding fire was madly sucked into the cold fire of Bailian!

At the beginning, under the volcanic cave, Bailian was able to absorb magma in cold fire. Now this ordinary flame, of course, will be absorbed by the cold fire of Bailian.

call! call! call!

In less than half a minute, nothing left of Bailian’s cold fire in this sea of ​​flames!

This…is this the power of Bailian’s cold fire? !

The six fairies looked at each other, seeing the shock in each other’s eyes!

Rumor has it that the cold fire of the white lotus will swallow other flames,

I thought it was just a rumor. It turned out to be true! The world’s first different fire, since ancient times, no one has ever owned it! This Darryl… this man… really is… unfathomable!

I don’t know how long it took, Six Fairy Tranquility finally reacted, and said angrily: “Darryl!”

She bit her lip. She was ashamed and angry: “Since you have the white lotus cold fire, why didn’t you take it out long ago? Let us splash each other! You, you did it on purpose!”

When he said this, Bai Shengshui couldn’t express his anger.

That’s right!

Hearing this, Er Qing also reacted with suspicious eyes.

“Darryl, are you deliberately correct?”

The six immortals said each sentence, and Darryl laughed and said: “Palace masters, you really misunderstood me. How could I do it on purpose? I have Bailian’s cold fire, I forgot just now. ..”

“Your mouth is really not credible!” Wen Jing whispered.

“Yeah, you…when can you be a little serious…” the little fairy couldn’t help but speak.

This Darryl, from the first time he saw him, he hadn’t been serious.

“Okay, okay, let’s leave here soon.” Darryl quickly changed the subject and said with a big smile.

At this time, the fire had been extinguished, and the dense smoke in the secret room had disappeared. His sight was bright, and he could see the road ahead clearly. Bai Shengshui glared at Darryl and walked towards the exit first.

After a while, Six Fairies and Darryl walked out of this secret room and came to the White Flower Hall.

Hu Sanyang’s fire burned the White Flower Hall clean.

The Hundred Flowers Hall at this time is already in ruins!

“Hu Sanyang, I’m raising the palace, and you don’t share the sky with you!” Bai Shengshui whispered with tears in his eyes, and his voice was low!

The Great Hall of Hundred Flowers, which stood here for thousands of years, is now finished, all finished, all burned out!

The little fairy also had red eyes, and her body trembled again and again!

“Okay, okay, don’t feel bad.” Darryl laughed, looked around and said: “Let’s do it, you beg me. I will send someone to rebuild a Hundred Flowers Hall for you, and it will be more beautiful than before. How?”

Dafeng Company is now the leading real estate industry. Build a Hundred Flowers Hall. Although the cost is relatively large, there is no problem at all.

“Darryl, can you really help us rebuild…” the little fairy asked innocently as she stepped forward.

“Haha, it is naturally true. But you have to beg me.” Darryl looked at her and couldn’t help teasing.

As a result, Darryl’s voice just fell, and only a loud noise was heard, which suddenly came!


This loud noise, as if the sky and the earth were cracking! Obviously something exploded. A violent impact suddenly struck!

“Be careful!”

Darryl’s eyes were quick, and with a big wave, he hugged the six fairies! Resist this impact!

“What exploded?!” Darryl asked in a low voice.

At the moment of speaking, there was another loud noise!

“It seems to be… Xianniang Pavilion…” The little fairy bit her lip and replied: “In front of our White Flower Hall, there is an underground palace that specializes in storing fine wine. The wine jar exploded…”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

At the moment of speaking, there were more than ten popping sounds again!

The six fairies were hugged by Darryl and were not injured, but at this time, their faces were also extremely blushing.

Finally, the explosion lasted for three or four minutes, and finally stopped. Darryl released them now.

“Darryl, you…” Wen Jing blushed, didn’t dare to look at Darryl, and whispered softly: “How can you take advantage? You can’t put a protective film to protect us, do you have to hug us? .. hug us…”

Darryl laughed and was about to speak, but at this moment, he only heard the little fairy cry.

“Look at it! What is that!” The little fairy exclaimed, pointing not far away.

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