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Chapter 4612

When he said this, Nie Hongxue’s face flushed red, and she felt embarrassed and anxious. It was only when Darryl saw it, and now the princess misunderstood it.

Really ashamed.

Embarrassed, Nie Hongxue did not forget to glare at Darryl, blaming him, if he hadn’t barged in, he wouldn’t have been misunderstood.


Seeing Nie Hongxue’s embarrassed expression, Darryl scratched his head in embarrassment, and then said, “Yes, princess, this is a complete misunderstanding.”

Then, Darryl explained the situation just now.

So this is ah.

Knowing the situation, Princess Yiyi nodded suddenly, and then saw Darryl’s embarrassing appearance, she couldn’t help pursing her lips and laughing.

In the next second, Princess Yiyi pulled Nie Hongxue aside and whispered, “Sister Hongxue, I suddenly think you and Mr. Darryl are very compatible, or…”

Speaking of which, the princess and Nie Hongxue have known each other for five years. During these five years, Nie Hongxue has been closely guarding the princess, almost inseparable, so in the heart of the princess, she has always been regarded as her own sister.

Nie Hongxue is now over twenty-five years old, and according to the customs of the Hu people, the marriage period has passed.

Therefore, Princess Yiyi has always been looking for men who are both civil and military for her, but Nie Hongxue has never liked the rudeness of barbarian men.

At this time, seeing that Darryl and Nie Hongxue stood together very well, and Darryl was not a Hu people, Princess Yiyi suddenly had a flash of inspiration and was ready to lead a red line for them.

You must know that Darryl helped the King of Shaoyang to defend Qizhou City before, and repelled Ji Beiye’s army of hundreds of thousands.

Such characters are naturally worthy of Sister Hongxue.


At this moment, upon hearing Princess Yiyi’s proposal, Nie Hongxue’s delicate face turned red, and she whispered, “Princess…you…what are you talking about? It’s impossible for me and him…”

Holy shit!

Their voices were very small, but Darryl could hear them clearly and was stunned at the time.

What is the princess doing? Do you want to match me and Nie Hongxue?

Isn’t this a bit of a joke…


At this time, seeing Nie Hongxue’s reaction, Princess Yiyi couldn’t help covering her mouth and laughing: “Sister Hongxue, if you don’t want to, why are you blushing?”

“You said…” Nie Hongxue’s face turned even redder, and then she glanced at Darryl subconsciously.

To be honest, in Nie Hongxue’s mind at first, Darryl was a liar, but after contacting him for a few days, he realized that this man was unfathomable, changed his previous views, and felt a little more admiration in his heart.

It’s just…Nie Hongxue never thought of marrying him, but now hearing the palace master’s proposal, her heart suddenly became chaotic…

I go…

At this moment, Darryl was stunned when he saw Nie Hongxue’s shy look.

I really did not expect that this Nie Hongxue was always like an iceberg, but at this time, her shy appearance was so charming…


Nie Hongxue was originally shy, but when she noticed Darryl’s gaze, her face turned even redder, and she immediately shouted, “Aren’t you going out yet?”

“Okay, okay, get out…”

Darryl reacted and smiled at Princess Yiyi: “Princess, I’m waiting outside now.” Then he walked out quickly.

ten minutes later.

After Nie Hongxue changed her clothes, she went to the bedroom with the princess, and at the same time, she also invited Darryl over.

Because of what happened just now, Nie Hongxue’s mood has not yet calmed down, and when she sees Darryl again, her expression is still unnatural. Darryl had a calm expression on his face.


At this moment, Princess Yiyi asked curiously, “What happened after you were taken away, and how did you escape?”


Darryl took a deep breath and explained the situation in detail.

“This Nuriha!”

Upon learning of the situation, Princess Yiyi’s pretty face changed, and she was furious at the time: “He is secretly connected with the Assassin Organization, it’s really hateful.”

Saying that, Princess Yiyi glanced at Darryl, her eyes couldn’t hide the praise: “However, Mr. Darryl is really smart, he can control the assassin leader, and then use the power of the assassin organization to deal with Nuliha, just It’s a pity that Nuri has a big life…”

Chapter 4613


At the same time, Nie Hongxue also took a deep breath and looked at Darryl subconsciously, her heart was extremely complicated.

As the personal bodyguard beside the princess, Nie Hongxue knew Wang Ting’s situation well and even knew that Wuyinmen, a killer organization, was powerful and could kill without blinking an eye.

And this Darryl, after being captured by such a powerful killer organization, can not only escape, but also subdue the assassin leader in turn, and use the power of the assassin organization to deal with Nuliha…

Simply incredible.

But thinking about it carefully, this man can do anything unexpectedly, and it doesn’t seem so strange to be able to escape from the Assassin Organization.

Ha ha!

Hearing the princess’ praise at this time, Darryl smiled humbly: “Princess Liao praised.”

Saying that Darryl thought of something, and asked curiously, “I heard the princess say just now that she wants to convene various leaders in the Golden Palace. Does the princess have a plan to deal with Nuliha?”


Princess Yiyi breathed a sigh of relief and replied, “Tomorrow is the ‘moon worship festival’ of our Hu people. At that time, all leaders will gather in the Golden Palace. I have discussed it with the queen. At that time, the queen will expose Nuliha in public. true face.”

Speaking of this, Princess Yiyi’s delicate face could not hide her anger: “Nuriha, this bastard, slandered the queen, and secretly took the queen to his general’s mansion, trying to be rude, I will never forgive him.”

When the last word fell, Princess Yiyi’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Speaking of which, Princess Yiyi was originally a gentle and carefree person, but after these few days, her mind has also become tough, because she knew in her heart that if the traitor Nuliha is not eliminated for a day, the entire Hu people will be destroyed. There will be no peace.


At this moment, Darryl smiled bitterly.

The princess and the queen are still too naive.

Especially the queen, when Nuliha took her to the general’s mansion and attempted to defile her, it was indeed a heinous crime, but…she had no evidence and no conclusive evidence, so she couldn’t help Nuliha at all.

Even if the Queen said it in public on the day of the Moon Festival, few of the leaders would believe it. After all, Nuliha had won people’s hearts during this period of time, and those leaders would have been bought by Nuliha long ago.

At that time, the queen is afraid that she will not be able to bring down Nuliha, but will be self-defeating. After all, she was convicted of ‘murdering Wang Khan’ before she was put in prison, and suddenly appeared in the golden hall, making it clear that she was fleeing. prison….

Forget it, fortunately, you met me.

Thinking of this, Darryl smiled at Princess Yiyi and said, “That’s fine. When the time comes, let’s settle the account with Nuliha.” When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of confidence.

If it were to rely on the princess and the queen alone, this plan would definitely fail, but Darryl had already arranged everything a day ago to ensure that nothing could go wrong.

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Hearing Darryl’s words, Princess Yiyi nodded, biting her red lips tightly at that time: “On the day of the Moon Festival, I must pay Nuliha’s blood and blood.”

When she said this, Princess Yiyi couldn’t help shedding tears when she thought of Wang Khan’s tragic death.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was inconvenienced to wait any longer, and immediately handed over his hands: “It’s getting late, the princess should rest early, and I will retire first.”

“Okay, Mr. Darryl have a good rest.”


On the other side, in the Hidden Gate Secret Base.

bang bang bang….

Under Nuliha’s command, the killers in the hall were quickly wiped out. At this time, dozens of soldiers, all holding a log, were slamming against the wall on the north side of the hall.

An hour ago, Darryl kicked the broken vase and fled, but Nuliha couldn’t find the opening mechanism. He was very angry at the time and finally ordered his subordinates to forcibly break the wall.


I don’t know how many times I hit it, cracks appeared in the wall, and finally, a roar came out, and a big hole appeared.

At this moment, seeing the passage behind the big hole and the inner room inside, Nuliha’s mouth twitched a bit, and he waved his hand violently: “Search for me!”

“Yes, General!”

Hearing the order, the soldiers present responded in unison, then rushed in and searched carefully.

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