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Chapter 4616

“Ha ha!”

Just when Yan Luobing was thinking about this, Nuliha’s laughter sounded outside the door: “My chief beauty, here I come!”

Hearing Nuliha’s voice, Yan Luobing’s pretty face changed.

At this time, several soldiers at the door also hurriedly salute: “General!”


Nuliha nodded with a deep expression on his face: “Okay, you all go down, and no one should come near here without my order.” When he said this, Nuliha looked at Yan Luobing on the windowsill, concealing his disbelief. Live the excitement.

Such a stunning beauty must be amazing.

“Yes, General!”

Hearing the order, several soldiers quickly responded and left quickly.

In an instant, inside and outside the room, only Nuliha and Yan Luobing were left.


At this moment, Nuli laughed evilly and walked slowly to Yan Luobing: “Beauty, can’t you wait? But it’s not too late for me to come now, haha…”

“I didn’t expect that we have been working together for so long for three years. I just found out that you are actually a daughter, tsk tsk… It’s such a pity to wear a mask all day long.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, as long as you serve me well, be my woman, and protect your prosperity and wealth in the future.”

When the last word fell, Nuliha untied the ropes of Yan Luobing’s hands and feet, Nuliha clearly felt that Yan Luobing in front of him was very weak and did not pose a threat to himself at all.


At this moment, Yan Luobing said with an expressionless face: “General thinks too much. Since I have entered the killer’s business, I will never marry a man in my life, much less serve a man.”

When he said this, Yan Luobing’s eyes were as cold as water, and he didn’t even look at Nuliha.

Mad, also pretend to be arrogant to me.

Nuliha frowned, scolded inwardly, and said with a smile: “Being the leader of the killer, although majestic, but too dangerous, I can’t guarantee that I will die one day. Is it not good to be my general’s wife and enjoy the glory and wealth? “

The last word fell, and Nuliha couldn’t help but grab Yan Luobing’s jade hand.


At this moment, Yan Luobing’s pretty face changed, and she quickly hid aside: “General, please respect yourself.”


Nuliha narrowed his eyes slightly: “I’m never self-respecting in front of beautiful women, but then again, your cold look is even more charming, hehe, I’m going to appoint you tonight.”

The voice fell, and Nuriha’s right hand flashed out.

Yan Luobing was already weak, and this time he couldn’t dodge at all, and his wrist was tightly grasped.


At this time, Nuliha was very proud: “No one of the women I liked can escape from my palm. From the look of you, it seems that you have not experienced the matter of men and women, but it doesn’t matter, I will slow down in a while. teach you slowly…”

Nuliha said with a smile, and slowly put her mouth up.


At this moment, Yan Luobing was so ashamed and angry that she struggled hard, and at the same time shouted: “Go away, don’t touch me…” After all, she is the leader of Wuyinmen, not an ordinary woman. Although she is weak, she is jealous and angry at this time. I don’t know where the strength came from, but I broke free from Nuliha’s hand.


At this moment, Nuliha was completely impatient, his face suddenly gloomy, and then he slapped him fiercely, and heard a clear sound, Yan Luobing’s delicate body softened and fell to the ground.

Nuliha followed closely, grabbed the black robe on her body, tore it to pieces, and said coldly, “Ma De, play with me? I think you’re tired of living…”

Realizing that he could not escape the devil’s arrest, Yan Luobing suddenly felt despair in his heart.

In despair, Yan Luobing was also full of resentment.


It’s all Darryl, it’s not that he pretended to be himself and deceived Nuliha. Those subordinates of Zongtan would not die tragically, nor would they be arrested, nor would they be humiliated by Nuliha.

At this moment, Yan Luobing slowly closed his eyes, and at the same time as tears fell, he secretly swore in his heart.

Darryl, you made me so miserable, even if I die, I will not let you go.

“General, it’s not good!”

Seeing that Yan Luobing was about to be humiliated, at this critical moment, a soldier shouted outside, with a panicky tone: “It’s not good!”

Chapter 4617

When shouting, the soldier’s tone was flustered, and his forehead was covered in cold sweat.


Nuliha was furious, and his face was dark at the time. When he was about to enjoy the queen’s gentleness a few days ago, he was interrupted at a critical moment.

In anger, Nuliha loosened Yan Luobing’s clothes, walked to the door angrily, and yelled at the soldier: “Do you want to die? I said just now that no one is allowed to come in to disturb him.”


The last word fell, and Nuriha’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, and he quickly drew his long knife and was about to look at the soldier’s neck.

Seeing this, the soldier was terrified, slumped on the ground on the spot, and stammered: “General, spare your life, spare your life… This subordinate didn’t intend to disturb… It was something that happened to the camp outside the royal court. ..”

When he said this, the soldier’s face was ashen, and he almost wet his pants.

What? Did something happen to the camp?

Hearing this, Nuliha frowned, immediately withdrew his sword, and said coldly, “What happened to the camp?” It was absolutely impossible to bring all of them with him, so Nuliha stationed the main force in the grassland camp south of Wang Ting.

The main force of the camp is Nuliha’s last support, and there must be no accident.


Seeing that Nuliha had collected the long sword, the soldier swallowed his saliva and said cautiously, “Reporting to the general, half an hour ago, the camp was suddenly attacked by the fire wolves. Ten…”

“Many soldiers were bitten to death, and many were injured. Now the camp is almost in chaos…” At the end of the story, the soldier wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and his expression was indescribably complicated.

You must know that the fire wolf is the totem of the Hu people, and it is the supreme beast of the gods. As long as the Hu people see it, they must be courteous and respectful. Because of this, the camp was attacked by the fire wolf, and many soldiers were not easy to fight back. Caused countless casualties…


At this moment, Yan Luobing couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and couldn’t help muttering inwardly.

Nuliha’s camp was attacked by the fire wolves. It’s really good, the sky has eyes. The Fire Temple Wolf is the totem of the Hu people, with the supreme status, and suddenly raided the camp, which shows that Nuliha has done a lot of bad things in recent years, and even God can’t stand it, so he sent the Fire Temple Wolf to punish him.

At this time, Yan Luobing didn’t know yet, but the truth was that Nuliha had caught a newly-graduated fire-sideburn wolf two days ago, which caused the anger of the wolves, so they attacked his camp.

How could this be?

At the same time, when Nuliha heard the report, his brain was buzzing, and his heart was inexplicably nervous.

Is this the retribution for catching the fire wolf?

After all, Nuliha is also a Hu people. Influenced by the customs of the Hu people for thousands of years, he is also a little bit in awe of the fire temple wolf in his heart. When he learned about the situation at this time, he couldn’t help but feel a little panic.


After being stunned for more than ten seconds, Nuliha finally reacted, tidied up his clothes, and ordered: “Take someone with me to the camp. In addition, send someone to watch this woman, and you must not let her run away.”

After speaking, Nuliha squeezed out a smile and teased at Yan Luobing: “Beauty, I’m going to do something, wait for me here, haha…”

The last word fell, and Nuriha laughed, turned and left quickly.


Looking at Nuliha’s triumphant departure, Yan Luobing gritted her teeth in hatred, but she was still secretly relieved, Nuliha was entangled in the camp, and her reputation was temporarily preserved.

But you can’t sit still and find a way to escape from here.


the other side.

In the camp in the grassland south of the royal court.

At this time, it was just dawn. In the past, the camp was the quietest time, but this time it was chaos. I saw more than a hundred fiery wolves, each in groups of ten, constantly raiding back and forth in the camp, biting anyone they saw.

During this period, these fire wolves spewed flames from time to time, igniting the camp tents.


For a time, the entire camp was filled with flames, and many soldiers panicked and fled.

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