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Chapter 4618

In the eyes of these soldiers, the Fire Temple Wolf is a totem beast, and they must not be harmed in turn.

Because they couldn’t fight back subconsciously, many soldiers were either bitten to death or buried in flames.

On the hillside 100 meters away from the west of the camp, there were two figures quietly dormant there, closely observing the situation of the camp.

This is a man and a woman, the man is cold and handsome, the woman is s3xy and charming, and there is a bit of coldness between the eyebrows.

It was Darryl and Nie Hongxue.

Yes, the wolves’ raid on the camp was planned by Darryl. After learning about the princess’ plan last night, Darryl decided to suppress Nuliha’s morale, so he secretly contacted the Huomen wolves and let them They came to raid the camp.

Speaking of which, Darryl originally came by himself, but Nie Hongxue accidentally learned that if he had to follow, Darryl had no choice but to let her go.

Ha ha….

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help showing a smile when he looked at the situation in front of the camp, and said with emotion: “Wolf is indeed the most united beast. There are so many fiery wolves, enough for Nuliha to have a headache.”

The current situation is even better than expected, can you be unhappy?


When the words fell, Nie Hongxue nodded and said in agreement, “Yes, these fiery wolves cooperate so well. Speaking of which, the fiery wolves are the totems of the Hu people, and these soldiers have concerns, which is why they are so embarrassed. .”

Saying that, Nie Hongxue thought of something, and turned her head to look at Darryl: “Darryl, is it difficult to learn the animal language you use to communicate with Fire Temple Wolf?” At this moment, Nie Hongxue’s eyes were full of anticipation.

“It’s okay, it’s not difficult.”

Darryl showed a smile and replied slowly: “It mainly depends on one’s talent. If you have talent, it will be easy, but if you don’t have talent, it will be difficult.”

Later, Darryl looked at her: “Do you want to learn?”


Nie Hongxue nodded instinctively.

It’s incredible that this animal language can communicate with the fire temple wolf, even the cold-hearted Nie Hongxue,

Seeing her nodding, Darryl smiled even more seriously, and said solemnly: “Speaking of which, this animal language is not a peerless secret book, but the inheritance is extremely strict, and two conditions must be met before it can be taught to others… “

When he said this, Darryl’s face was deep, but there was a hint of cunning in his eyes.

two conditions?

Nie Hongxue did not notice the strangeness in Darryl’s tone at all, and couldn’t help but ask, “What conditions?”

Darryl touched the stubble on his chin and said slowly, “The first one is that you need to formally worship your teacher and perform a kowtow ceremony.” As he spoke, he secretly observed Nie Hongxue’s reaction.

“All Worlds”

What? Still, want to apprentice?

At this moment, Nie Hongxue’s delicate body shook, and her delicate face suddenly became complicated. Just learn a beast language, but also pay tribute to the teacher? This is too troublesome.

In fact, there was no teacher and salute at all. Darryl deliberately made it up to make fun of her.


At this moment, Nie Hongxue felt depressed in her heart and couldn’t help but ask, “What about the second condition?” The first condition is a bit difficult, but the second one should be easier.

Ha ha….

Seeing her look of anticipation, Darryl secretly laughed in his heart, and then coughed lightly, making a very embarrassed look: “The second one… It’s also a bit difficult if it’s a family… ..”

After speaking, Darryl looked at Nie Hongxue with a half-smile.

“Family…” Nie Hongxue subconsciously repeated a sentence before she could react at first.


In the next second, Nie Hongxue understood something, her delicate face suddenly blushed, and she couldn’t help but glared at Darryl. He said that he wanted to become a family. Didn’t he say that he wanted me to marry him?

When she thought about how Princess Yiyi had been in the bedroom before, Nie Hongxue’s face turned even redder, and her heart was also inexplicably flustered like a deer.

I go!

At this moment, when Darryl saw Nie Hongxue blushing shyly, he was stunned for a while, and couldn’t help but admire secretly.

This Nie Hongxue usually has a cold look, but she didn’t expect her shy look to be so charming.

Chapter 4619


Sensing Darryl’s eyes, Nie Hongxue realized that she had been tricked. At that time, she was ashamed and angry: “Did you trick me on purpose?” When the voice fell, Nie Hongxue raised her jade hand to hit Darryl.

Darryl sighed, and quickly hid to the side, making a very innocent look: “You are a bit unreasonable, why am I brushing you?”

“When I learned this animal language before, I did apprentice.”

“Shut up!” Nie Hongxue blushed and scolded in a low voice, “You’re just kidding me…don’t think I don’t know.”

Da da da….

The two were making trouble when they heard the sound of hooves coming from the direction of the camp not far away.

In an instant, Darryl and Nie Hongxue hurriedly stopped, turned their heads to look at them, and saw a team of dozens of people rushing in. The uniform silver armor was the general’s guards.

The one at the head, with a burly stature and an anxious face, was Nuliha.


Seeing that it was Nuliha, Nie Hongxue’s delicate face instantly became cold, and her eyes also showed a strong killing intent. This traitor, who sent people to assassinate the princess again and again, really wanted to kill him immediately.

Darryl also put away his smile and stared at Nuliha: “It’s finally here.” The camp was messed up, this Nuliha must be vomiting blood.

At this time, Nuliha had already arrived at the camp with dozens of personal guards.


At this moment, Nuliha looked around, his face instantly gloomy, and his heart was full of anger.

He clearly saw that the barracks of the hundreds of thousands of troops were full of fires at this time. Countless soldiers were killed, wounded, and those who were lucky to survive.

So vulnerable, how could it look like the most elite troops of the Hu people?

“Trash, it’s all trash!”

Frightened, Nuliha’s face was covered with black lines, and he couldn’t help cursing a few words, and then shouting at the soldiers who were fleeing around: “What are you panicking about? All together, hurry up!”

Although Nuliha was very annoyed, he also knew in his heart that the situation was urgent and measures had to be taken as soon as possible, otherwise, the casualties would be even greater.

“It’s the general!”

“Here comes the general.”

Hearing Nuliha’s words, the soldiers who were still fleeing around cheered up, and then quickly gathered in the middle of the camp according to Nuliha’s order.


Seeing this scene, Darryl, who was hiding on the hillside in the distance, couldn’t help but secretly exclaimed: “I can’t tell, this Nuliha is quite capable of commanding troops. Gather.”

“Fairy Wood”

Darryl spoke these words from the bottom of his heart.

Speaking of which, Nuliha does have the talent to command the army, but unfortunately, this man has a bad mind and rebellion. Although he is a talent, he has become a big problem for the Hu people.

Hearing Darryl’s words, Nie Hongxue couldn’t help but snorted softly, “Even if he is talented, he is still a scoundrel. This kind of scum will be punished by everyone.”


At this moment, Nouriha commanded in the main camp: “Set up the formation, the soldiers in the front row raise their shields, and the soldiers in the rear row assassinate with long spears. Be sure to annihilate these wolves…”


Hearing this order, the soldiers present were shocked.

Does the general want to annihilate all these fiery sideburns?

Go crazy.

Soon, some soldiers in the crowd reacted and couldn’t help but say: “General, these are all fire wolves. The totems of our Hu people are divine beasts. If we kill them, we will be punished by the sky…”

The voice fell, and the other soldiers nodded in agreement.

“A bunch of idiots!”

Faced with this situation, Nuliha frowned and scolded: “These fiery wolves were totems before, and they can be worthy of your respect, but now they are killing you, do you want to stretch your neck to them?”

“Deploy quickly, or the military order will deal with it.”

The last sentence, Nuliha almost roared out, no doubt.


Hearing these words, many soldiers took a deep breath, and then quickly deployed, using shields and spears to deal with the fiery sideburns in front of them.

Although many soldiers are still unrelenting, they also know that Nuliha is right. Although belief is important, it is not as important as life.

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