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Chapter 4628


Seeing that the people present loved Princess Yiyi so much, Nuliha on the side was a little anxious.

This princess is still young, but she is quite able to win people’s hearts.

No, I am the protagonist today, and she must not be allowed to dominate the audience.

Thinking to himself, Nuliha squeezed out a smile, walked out, and said to Princess Yiyi: “Princess is right, the sky will definitely bless us Hu people, it’s just…”

After speaking, Nuliha turned his head: “It’s just that there are some things, it’s not just talking about it. Today’s Dayan Dynasty has declined, and Ji Beiye’s army is sweeping the Quartet to wipe out the remnants of the royal family. I believe it won’t take long., he will be in complete control of the situation.”

“Above the Sky”

“At that time, Ji Beiye will definitely turn his head to deal with our Hu people, so we must take precautions in advance.”

Ha ha…

Hearing these words, Darryl smiled secretly.

This Nuliha, seeing that the people love the princess so much, is anxious….


At the same time, Princess Yiyi breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Nuliha indifferently: “I naturally know about these situations, Ji Beiye rebelled and rebelled, and he was a big traitor. He launched a war, causing countless people in Dayan to be displaced, and sooner or later they will be punished. .”

Saying that, Princess Yiyi’s eyes flickered, and she added a sentence: “Any time, as long as it is a chaotic minister and a thief, it will not end well.”

Obviously, the last sentence is talking about Ji Beiye on the surface, but also implicitly warns Nuliha.

Seeing this scene, Darryl nodded in approval.

What the princess said was beautiful.


Nuliha is not stupid either. Hearing what the princess said, his face suddenly sank, but it was inconvenient to attack on such occasions, so he had to force a smile and said: “The princess is right.

After speaking, Nuliha turned his head: “Da Yan is in a mess, we can’t keep doing nothing, but the most important thing now is to elect a new Wang Khan, so that we can unite as one to deal with foreign enemies.”

When he said this, Nuriha had a serious look on his face, no doubt.

Is it finally time to show the fox’s tail?

At this moment, Darryl smiled inwardly, looked at Xing Tiance next to him, and continued to watch the changes.

“General Nouriha is right.”

At this moment, Princess Yiyi nodded approvingly, her delicate face did not fluctuate at all, she looked at Nuliha and said, “In the opinion of a general, who should inherit the throne?”

When speaking, Princess Yiyi was very calm.

Speaking of which, Princess Yiyi is still young, because of her kind-heartedness, she has never been interested in doing her best since she was a child, and she has always been held in the hands of Wang Khan who loves her. She has never encountered the situation in front of her. .

But with Darryl’s secret help in the past few days, Princess Yiyi’s mind has matured. At this time, facing Nuliha, her heart is still like water.


Nuliha didn’t expect Princess Yiyi to be so calm, she was stunned when she asked her back, but she quickly reacted and said with a smile: “Now the whole continent is in turmoil, the new Wang Khan must be A person with both civil and military skills, otherwise, once Ji Beiye’s army attacked, everything would be over.”

While speaking, Nuliha secretly winked at the lieutenant beside him.

The lieutenant understood what he knew, and came out quickly and said loudly: “Now we Hu people, who have the ability to be Wang Khan, only General Nuliha. When Wang Khan was assassinated, it was the general who stabilized the situation and Wang Ting did not break out into chaos.”

Later, the lieutenant glanced at Princess Yiyi and said meaningfully: “Although the princess is from an orthodox royal family, she is a woman after all, and she has no military skills, so it is difficult to convince the public.”

The lieutenant at this time, because he relied on Nuliha, was not nervous at all when he said these words.

After all, in today’s Hu people, as long as anyone with discernment knows that Princess Yiyi has a noble status, she does not have any prestige. The real power is in the hands of Nuliha.

The Hu people advocate force and have always respected the strong. In this case, the new king Khan is naturally Nuliha to take over.

Of course, more importantly, this deputy was picked up by Nuliha, and naturally, he wanted to help him speak.

Chapter 4629


At this moment, the deputy general’s voice fell, and the entire Moon Worship Altar was in an uproar.

Whether it was the leader present or the people around the Moon Worship Altar, their expressions changed and there was a lot of discussions.

“This lieutenant is really bold, and even proposed to let Nuliha succeed the throne.”

“That’s right, although Nuliha has great military exploits, he is not a royal family, so how can he be a king Khan?”

“It’s just bullshit…”

The surrounding discussions kept coming, and Nuriha’s face was indifferent, not panicked at all.

He knew that many people would be dissatisfied, but he didn’t panic at all, because he had already made a plan, and he would convince these people in a while.


Seeing the situation in front of him, Darryl couldn’t help but chuckle.

In order to compete for the throne, this Nuliha is already in a hurry. He even secretly instructed his subordinates to say it in public. He is so thick-skinned that no one can match it.

“Above the Sky”

At the same time, Nie Hongxue’s delicate face was instantly covered with frost.

This traitor is really ambitious, and just after the sacrifice, he can’t wait to snatch the throne.


At this moment, Nuliha shouted angrily, pretending to be very angry, and said to the lieutenant: “How can you say such a rebellious remark? I, Nuliha, have been loyal to the royal family all my life, and the murderer who assassinated Wang Khan. I haven’t caught it yet, how can I succeed to the throne?”

When he said this, Nuliha looked angry, but his heart was at ease.

Ha ha…

It is inevitable to win the throne today, but it is still necessary to pretend.

“General!” In the face of the anger, the lieutenant looked terrified but said seriously: “The last general said this for the sake of our Hu people. Now our Hu people have no leader, only you can stabilize the situation.”

The lieutenant at this time did not panic at all, because this was all negotiated with Nuliha in advance.

Seeing this, Princess Yiyi did not speak, but quietly watched them act.


At this time, Nuliha still looked embarrassed: “Let me think about this matter…”

Saying so, Nuliha looked at the lieutenant’s eyes with a hint of approval. This deputy general played well, and when he sits on the throne, he must be promoted well.

The lieutenant said with a straight face: “General, don’t delay, I believe the princess will support it for the sake of the overall situation.”

Speaking, the lieutenant pretended to think of something, suddenly stood up and said loudly: “General, it’s not that the last general is stubborn, but the general’s succession to the throne is the arrangement of heaven.”

“Really?” Nuriha said excitedly.


The lieutenant nodded vigorously, then looked around, and shouted at everyone present: “Two days ago, a fiery wolf came to the camp. When he got to the general’s tent, he didn’t leave, and he stayed by the general’s side after that.”

“Everyone, the Fire Temple Wolf is the totem divine beast of our Hu people. Now the divine beast has taken the initiative to come to the general’s side. What does this mean? It proves that the general is the chosen one.”


Hearing these words, the people and leaders present were in an uproar again.

“Is there such a thing?”

“If it’s true, it’s God’s will.”

“However, I heard last night that Nuriha’s camp was attacked by the Fire Temple Wolves… The death was heavy…”

The discussion around, you and I came, Nuriha’s face was calm, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, the real good show, it is time to play.

Thinking of this, Nuliha cleared his throat, made a humble look, and said slowly: “Yes, two days ago, a fire wolf did come to my tent, and has been with me since then.”

After speaking, Nuliha said with emotion: “When I think about it now, I am still flattered. Maybe heaven sees my military achievements, so I sent a beast to protect me. Seriously, how can I Nuliha and De, from now on, I will We must do our best to protect the Hu people, and we will never give up.”

The last word fell, and Nuliha knelt on the ground and bowed to the sky.

Ha ha…

Seeing this, Darryl laughed secretly, this Nuliha can really act, I don’t know, I really thought he was a hero with loyalty and courage.

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