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Chapter 4632


Hearing these wolf howls, everyone present was agitated, and their eyes were also looking towards the hillside.

Especially Nuliha, his heart was shocked at that time, and he followed the eyes of everyone. When he saw it, his mind was buzzing and blank.

I saw that there were a lot of fiery wolves on the hillside, more than a hundred of them.


For a time, in addition to panic, Nuliha was also a little surprised.

How did these fiery wolves find the Moon Worship Altar?

At this time, Nuliha didn’t know that it was Darryl’s plan for the wolves to find this place.

Just when Nuliha’s mind was in chaos, the surrounding of the Moon Worship Altar completely exploded, and there were bursts of exclamations from the crowd of people.


“Fire temple wolves, my God, there are so many fire temple wolves.”

“so much…..”

In the exclamations, many people were completely stunned. Although they were far away, the terrifying aura of so many fiery wolves gathered together still made many people’s legs go weak, and many people were paralyzed on the spot. Sitting on the ground, his face turned pale.

For these Hu people, the Fire Temple Wolf is a totem beast, with a high status and uncertain whereabouts. Some people have never seen the Fire Temple Wolf in their entire lives, but seeing so many at this time, the shock in their hearts can be imagined.


At this moment, Darryl pretended to exaggerate and shouted, pointing at Nuliha: “Nuliha, you arrested the fire sideburn wolf privately, which angered the wolves, and now they have come over, you still haven’t. admit?”

When he said this, Darryl looked serious, but his eyes flashed with slyness.

To be honest, with Nie Hongxue and Xing Tiance there, Darryl originally had many ways to assassinate Nuliha, but it was too cheap for him. The best punishment for him was to announce the truth to the public. Princess Yiyi could also succeeded to the throne logically.


Nuliha was a little flustered at first, and when he heard Darryl’s words, he was almost speechless: “How dare you talk nonsense? Once my Nuliha is loyal to the Hu people, how can I disrespect the totem beasts?”

When the words fell, the lieutenant also shouted angrily at Darryl: “The fiery temple wolf beside Wang Khan was sent by the heavens, why are you talking nonsense again and again?”

Ha ha!

Darryl chuckled lightly: “What’s the truth, we’ll find out later.”

“Ow, ooh!”

At this moment, the wolves on the hillside let out a wolf howl again, the howl reaching the sky, shocking the soul.

Hearing the howls of wolves, the people around the altar of the Moon were both shocked and frightened. Many people were so frightened that they slumped on the ground and urinated their pants. .

“I Have a Scroll of Ghosts and Gods”

“Don’t panic everyone!”

Seeing this scene, Darryl shouted loudly at the people: “The fire wolves are totem beasts of the Hu people. They have clear grievances and will only attack their own enemies, and will not hurt the innocent.”

Speaking of this, Darryl looked at Nuliha with a half-smiling smile: “Yes, Nuliha!”


Hearing this, many people calmed down and stopped. Yes, the fiery sideburn only protects the Hu people, how can it hurt people indiscriminately?

Thinking of this, everyone’s eyes converged on Nuliha, waiting for his answer.


At this moment, under the attention of the public, Nuliha tried his best to calm himself, and responded coldly to Darryl: “Of course, the fire sideburn will not hurt people, especially the barbarians.”

Saying that, Nuliha looked around with a proud expression: “I won’t hurt the king of the Hu people.”

Nuliha is not stupid. He knows the current situation. The most important thing is to establish prestige. If the current affairs are not handled well, it will be difficult to convince the people to rule the Hu people in the future.

Hearing his explanation, Darryl sneered secretly, and immediately said: “Really? How to explain the current situation?”


Nuliha’s face was gloomy, and his heart was very annoyed.

At this time, Nuliha wanted to kill Darryl immediately, but with so many people around, he held back for the time being, and immediately thought about it, and said coldly: “Does this need to be said? Today, I am Nuliha. Heaven’s arrangement, succession to the throne, these fiery sideburns are naturally here to cheer.”

Chapter 4633


The voice fell, and the lieutenant next to him quickly echoed: “For thousands of years, once the wise king of the Hu people has ascended the throne, a vision will occur. Recently, so many fiery wolves have come to witness Wang Khan’s succession to the throne, which shows Wang Khan’s succession. A great king.”

Having said that, the lieutenant stared at Darryl: “And you, you have offended Wang Khan several times and uttered outrageous remarks. You deserve to die.”

I have to say that Nuliha and the lieutenant sang together, and what they said was a real thing. Many leaders and people present believed it and nodded silently.


At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help scolding secretly, this Nuliha can really make up.

Thinking to himself, Darryl laughed, looked at the lieutenant and said, “According to you, Nuliha is really the chosen person, destined to be Wang Khan?”

The lieutenant snorted coldly and nodded his head as a matter of course: “Of course, can’t your eyes be blind?”

Ha ha…

Darryl laughed and turned his eyes to Nuliha: “Since you said that these fiery temple wolves are here to cheer for you, they will also respect you.”

“Well, in front of everyone, go around the wolves, and let us see the majesty of your king.”


When the words fell, whether it was the leaders or the people around them, they all looked at Nuliha, waiting for his response.

Princess Yiyi and Nie Hongxue snickered secretly.

Darryl’s move was too damaging. Let Nuliha go to the wolves for a circle, and he might as well kill him directly.

Faced with this situation, Nuriha’s face changed instantly, with anger and panic. These fiery wolves are obviously here for revenge, haven’t they been torn to shreds in the past?

The panicked colleague, the anger in Nuliha’s heart, is also rushing up.

This guard is really getting more and more presumptuous, if there are not so many people present, I really want to kill him immediately.


At this time, the lieutenant reacted, pointed at Darryl, and shouted: “How noble is Wang Khan, how can he enter the wolf pack alone? I think you have a good heart.”

“Ha ha!”

Hearing this, Darryl chuckled lightly: “Wang Khan’s status is naturally respected, don’t tell me the Huobilang doesn’t respect it? Listening to your words, the dignified Hu people’s totem beasts are not as important as Wang Khan’s, so what’s your motive? “

The last word fell, and there was a lot of discussions around.


In the face of Darryl’s rebuttal, the lieutenant’s face flushed and he was speechless for a while.

Because what Darryl said was right, the Fire Temple Wolf was a totem beast, and it was worshipped by the entire Hu people, even if Wang Khan saw it, he had to respect it.

And what the lieutenant said just now, obviously Wang Khan’s status is higher than that of Huobianlang, which completely violated the customs and etiquette.

“Ow, ooh…”

At this moment, the wolves on the hillside howled again.

The reason why the wolves have not launched an attack is that they are worried about the fire wolf beside Nuliha. You must know that there is a strong induction between the fire wolves. At this time, the wolves can feel that the captured Fire Temple Wolf, was forcibly taken medicine, if it is rashly attacked, I am afraid it will backfire.

In this case, the wolves kept howling, trying to wake up the fiery wolves beside Nuliha.


Finally, under the constant calls of the wolves, the fiery sideburned wolf beside Nuliha finally regained consciousness, raised his head and let out bursts of howls in response, while constantly swinging his body, trying to break free from the rope.


Faced with the situation, Nuliha couldn’t calm down anymore, clutching the rope tightly in his hand, while whispering: “Don’t scream, be honest.”

However, the more he reprimanded, the more fiercely the Fire Temple Wolf resisted.

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help laughing, this Nuliha plan is about to be revealed, let’s see how you can pretend…

Thinking to himself, Darryl gestured towards Nie Hongxue.

Nie Hongxue understood, took a step forward, and said coldly to Nuliha: “Nuriha, you don’t have to pretend, this fiery sideburn wolf was caught by you, and the wolves on the hillside are also looking for revenge on you, what? The chosen person is completely made up by you.”

The voice fell, and Princess Yiyi also came out.

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