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Chapter 4646

Seeing his unassuming look, Yan Luobing didn’t bother to ask anymore.


At this moment, Wei Dongxun lifted the boulder for five or six seconds, but he couldn’t hold it any longer. He smashed the boulder to the ground with a loose hand, and let out a roar.

At this time, Wei Dongxun’s eyes were bloodshot, and he couldn’t hide his tiredness. He had almost exhausted all of his strength when he lifted the heavy boulder just now, and he was still able to stand at this time, which was already very good.

However, Wei Dongxun did not have the slightest pride in his heart, instead, it was a little complicated.

Speaking of which, Wei Dongxun originally wanted to covertly waterproof it, but he had already lifted the boulder just now, and he couldn’t release the water if he wanted to. When Darryl couldn’t win, what should he do with his woman?


Just when Wei Dongxun was thinking about this, the guards around him quickly surrounded him, complimenting him.

“Lead the divine power.”

“It was really eye-opening just now.”

clap clap clap….

At the same time, Darryl couldn’t help but clapped his hands and walked over to Wei Dongxun and said, “Commander Wei is really amazing. It seems that I have to win this match, I’m afraid it won’t be easy.”


Hearing Darryl’s praise, Wei Dongxun smiled bitterly and said humbly, “Mr. Darryl is too praised.”

At the same time, the surrounding guards looked at Darryl with extremely complicated expressions. The commander lifted the boulder over his head just now. It was difficult for Mr. Darryl to lift it, and he was afraid it would be difficult to win.

“All right!”

Just when everyone was thinking about it secretly, Darryl moved his hands and feet and said to Wei Dongxun: “Commander Wei’s performance just now was really wonderful. Now it’s my turn.”


Hearing this, the surrounding guards were shocked.

Mr. Darryl….isn’t it crazy?

In the current situation, there is no need to compare at all. Commander Wei has raised his head above his head, and he will definitely win. No matter how he compares, he will lose.

At the same time, Wei Dongxun also had a complicated face, just because he didn’t secretly release water just now, and said to Darryl in a complicated tone: “Mr. Darryl…you…do you really want to continue the competition?”

At this time, Wei Dongxun was very nervous and regretful at the same time.

He was not afraid that Darryl would lose, but he was afraid that Darryl would hurt himself when he waited to move the stone, which would be troublesome. After all, Mr. Darryl was a celebrity beside the Queen.

If I had known this earlier, I should not have agreed to the competition from the beginning.

Ha ha!

Hearing Wei Dongxun’s words, Darryl smiled slightly and waved his hand: “Of course, we will continue the comparison. Men have to keep their word, and Commander Wei doesn’t have to worry about me getting hurt.”

“Don’t forget, it was discussed with the giant stone before.”

The voice fell, and Darryl strode to the boulder.


Seeing Darryl insisting on the comparison, everyone around couldn’t help but sigh.

At this time, Darryl took advantage of everyone’s inattention, and quietly smeared Shi Qingsan on the boulder, and shouted in a pretentious manner: “Big stone, ah boulder, you promised me just now that you can’t hurt me.”

Hearing this, everyone laughed bitterly.

In order to save people, Mr. Darryl will not have mental problems, and he has been communicating with Shishi all the time…


Just when everyone was secretly helpless, they heard Darryl scream, hugged the boulder tightly with both hands, and hugged it abruptly, then dragged the bottom with one hand and lifted the boulder above his head.


Seeing this scene, both Wei Dongxun and the guards present were shocked and dumbfounded.

This… so easy to lift?

And one-handed…

How on earth did he do it?

Especially Wei Dongxun, watching Darryl closely at this moment, his mind buzzing, almost blank.

how can that be?

Wei Dongxun lifted the boulder just now, and even how heavy the boulder was. With his strength, it was a miracle that he could lift it above his head, but Darryl, who was in front of him, could lift it with one hand.

No one would believe it if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes.


At the same time, Yan Luobing also trembled, looking at Darryl, completely stunned.

What kind of loose powder he made just now is really amazing. Such a huge stone was lifted up by him with ease. Although this man speaks in a glib manner, he has to admit that he is really capable.

Chapter 4647

At this time, Darryl had already lifted the boulder for nearly a minute with one hand, while Wei Dongxun had raised both hands just now and stayed on top of his head for only a few seconds…


For a time, the whole garden was silent, and a drop of a needle could be heard clearly. Everyone stared at Darryl blankly, as if they had seen a monster. They were so shocked that they were speechless.

Seeing everyone’s expressions, Darryl smiled secretly, quietly wiped off the stone smeared on the boulder, and then let go.


The boulder landed heavily, and a roar erupted, and the entire General’s Mansion seemed to vibrate.

Darryl clapped his hands, smiled at Wei Dongxun and said, “Commander Wei, let it go.”


Wei Dongxun took a deep breath and responded with admiration: “Sir is really amazing.” This huge boulder can only be forced into a moment when he bursts with all his strength, and Mr. Darryl, who is in front of him, can lift it for so long. .

However, Mr. Darryl is not very strong and cannot be born with divine power.

As for communicating with the stone, it’s even more nonsense… Could it be, what’s the trick?

Thinking to himself, Wei Dongxun walked over slowly and looked at Darryl up and down: “Mr. Darryl’s power is unparalleled, I sigh, I lost this competition.”

With that said, Wei Dongxun couldn’t help but ask, “Dare to ask, sir, what’s your trick to lifting the boulder just now?”

Ha ha!

Seeing Wei Dongxun’s sincere expression, Darryl couldn’t bear to hide it, and immediately nodded with a smile: “Of course there is a trick.” After saying that, he stepped forward and quietly opened his palm, which still had Shi Qingsan powder on it.

Seeing these white powders, Wei Dongxun was stunned for a moment, puzzled: “This is…”

Before he could finish his question, Darryl explained in a low voice, “This is called Shi Qingsan. I entered the room just now to refine it. As long as I put it on the stone, the stone will become lighter…”

At the end, Darryl looked humble: “Commander Wei is amazing. I am naturally not an opponent, but in order to save my woman, I can only use some small means. I hope the commander will not take offense.”

If it was someone else, Darryl would never tell the truth.

But Wei Dongxun is different. He has an honest personality and is loyal to Princess Yiyi. Darryl really doesn’t want him to lose inexplicably.

That’s right.

At this moment, upon hearing Darryl’s explanation, Wei Dongxun suddenly realized, and immediately laughed and said, “Mr.

Knowing that Darryl had played tricks in secret, Wei Dongxun was not angry, but because of Darryl’s frankness, he felt more admiration in his heart.


At this moment, the surrounding guards also slowed down and cheered one by one.

“Win, Mr. Darryl won.”

“It’s unbelievable. The huge boulder weighing thousands of pounds was lifted up with one hand so easily.”

“Such divine power is unheard of.”

The surrounding admiration kept coming, Darryl did not feel proud, but smiled slightly and said to Wei Dongxun: “Commander Wei, the competition is over, this woman…”

Before he could finish speaking, Wei Dongxun smiled honestly: “Sir, you’re polite, since you won, you have the final say. Speaking of which, I was a bit abrupt just now.”

“Fairy Wood”

While speaking, Wei Dongxun nodded politely at Yan Luobing: “Madam was shocked just now.”

Until this time, Wei Dongxun still believed that Yan Luobing was really Darryl’s woman.


Faced with such a misunderstanding, Yan Luobing was ashamed and angry, but it was not easy to show it on the surface, so she had to nod at Wei Dongxun as a courtesy.

But at the same time, as she was shy, Yan Luobing couldn’t help but look at Darryl, her heart also fell into contemplation.

This Darryl, as if there is nothing he can’t do, how many secrets does he have?

After half an hour.

After the inspection of the General’s Mansion was completed, Darryl and Wei Dongxun returned to the Golden Palace together and returned to the Queen. Yan Luobing was Darryl’s woman, so she would naturally follow.

Soon after arriving at the Golden Palace, I saw Queen Yiyi in a gorgeous robe, sitting on the throne, her delicate face was less immature than before but calmer.

Obviously, the experience of this period has made Queen Yiyi grow a lot.

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