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Chapter 4650


Darryl shot quickly, but Yan Luobing didn’t react at all. Suddenly, her body trembled, and she couldn’t move.

“You…” Yan Luobing was furious and shouted, “What do you want to do?”

Darryl looked at her with a playful face: “Why do you always look like you are bitter and hated? It’s so late, and we are husband and wife again. Of course, I am sleeping with my wife in my arms.”

When the words fell, Darryl hugged Yan Luobing onto the bed.


At this moment, Darryl felt a burst of aroma coming, and couldn’t help feeling secretly in his heart.

I have to say that although Yan Luobing is cold, her facial features are exquisite and beautiful, and her figure is also very good. Thinking of helping her eradicate the hidden disease before and saving her again during the day, but she was not grateful at all, Darryl thought about taking care of her.


At this time, Yan Luobing, because the acupoint was taped, had no room for struggle. At that time, he was ashamed and angry, and kept scolding: “You bastard, please solve the acupoint for me.”

“I tell you, if you dare to touch me, I will kill you.”


Hearing this, Darryl was not angry at all, but said with a smile: “Threat me, okay, I have to touch you today, you may not know, I am the most difficult person to eat soft or hard. No one else can provoke me.”

Yes, Darryl said that on purpose and didn’t really want to sleep with her.

shameless bastard….

Seeing the rogue on Darryl’s face, Yan Luobing was so anxious that she bit her lip so hard that she was about to bleed.

Ha ha…

Seeing her appearance, Darryl pretended to think for a while, and said slowly: “It’s boring to cry. Forget it, I won’t tease you anymore, but if you really want me to be on the ground, you have to agree to a condition.”

Yan Luobing frowned and said angrily, “What are the conditions?”

“Hehe!” Darryl smirked, and deliberately approached a little and said: “Call me a good husband, and I am happy, I will listen to you, how?”

Yan Luobing was prepared in her heart, knowing that Darryl would definitely come up with excessive reasons, and when she heard this, her delicate face instantly flushed red.

This bastard, she knew she was not at ease.

Thinking to himself, Yan Luobing said angrily, “You…you get out!”

“Haha!” Darryl giggled: “Where do you want me to go? Go beside you?”

“Shameless!” Yan Luobing was furious.

Darryl didn’t answer any more, just looked at her with such a smile.

For a while, Yan Luobing bit her lip and fell into a deep entanglement. This Darryl’s words are counted, and if he doesn’t scream later, he will definitely lie down with me.

But…the leader of his dignified killer organization, he really wants to sleep in the same bed with him. When the news spreads, how will you face those subordinates in the future?

However, how can those two words be pronounced?

At this time, Darryl lay lazily beside her with a cynical look on his face. He smiled and said, “Madam, are you screaming? If you don’t, I’ll lie here and sleep.”


Yan Luobing stomped his feet in anger.

This Darryl is really a scoundrel. At this time, Yan Luobing only hated that when he caught Darryl, he didn’t kill him directly, but now let him humiliate him instead.

For a while, Yan Luobing was angry and hated, staring at Darryl coldly.

Facing her murderous gaze, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and stretched out at the time: “Oh, it’s really hard to wait for you to call me Xiang Gong. Since you don’t call me, then I’ll fall asleep.”

When the voice fell, Darryl pretended to slowly close his eyes.

“You…you’re not allowed to sleep…”

Seeing that he really wanted to sleep in the same bed with her, Yan Luobing was completely anxious and almost blurted out: “I…my name is…Xianggong…”

“Fairy Wood”

When the last two words fell, her face was flushed red, like a fiery red sunset, indescribably charming.

“Oh, madam is good.”

Hearing her finally shouting out, Darryl laughed and immediately got up from the bed.

“You…” Yan Luobing was both ashamed and angry. She never dreamed that she would actually shout those two words, and then she said, “Don’t get out of bed yet!”

“Okay, go to sleep.” Darryl nodded with a smile, first unblocked Yan Luobing’s acupuncture points, then spread the quilt on the ground, and fell asleep happily.

Chapter 4651

Darryl was not afraid that Yan Luobing would run away in the middle of the night. After all, her strength had not recovered, and this was the palace again, which was heavily guarded.

This time, Darryl slept very peacefully.


Early the next morning, Darryl slowly woke up, and the moment he opened his eyes, he saw Yan Luobing woke up at an unknown time, sitting there, looking at himself with a complicated expression.

In fact, last night, Yan Luobing hadn’t slept much, and he had been hesitating in his mind, how to deal with Darryl. Several times I wanted to kill Darryl while he was sleeping, but in the end he held back.

Although this Darryl is hateful, at every critical moment, he always makes people look up to him… Moreover, he also saved himself.


At this time, Darryl greeted with a smile: “Wake up so early?”

Seeing his smiling face, Yan Luobing snorted coldly and ignored it.

Hit a soft nail, Darryl is not angry, quickly put away the quilt, and then called the maid outside to wash, after breakfast, take Yan Luobing to the Golden Palace to see Queen Yiyi.

When he arrived, he saw that Xing Tiance was already waiting.

It’s him?

At this moment, Yan Luobing’s eyes sank when he saw Xing Tiance, his delicate face couldn’t hide the killing intent. It was this traitor who failed to assassinate the princess for the first time, disrupting all his plans.

At this time, Yan Luobing really wanted to kill Xing Tiance, but he didn’t recover his strength, plus this was the Golden Palace, surrounded by guards, so he held back.


Feeling Yan Luobing’s killing intent, Xing Tiance was secretly suspicious.

Why does this beautiful woman seem to have a grudge against me? keep staring at me?

Although Xing Tiance stayed at Wuyinmen for more than ten days, every time she saw Yan Luobing, she wore a bronze mask and had never seen her true face, so she couldn’t recognize her at this time.

In doubt, Xing Tiance came over and whispered to Darryl: “Mr. Darryl, this is…”

Ha ha!

Darryl smiled slightly and introduced, “This is my wife.”

“Madam?” Xing Tiance was stunned for a moment, a little confused for a while, why had he never heard that he had a wife?

However, Xing Tiance didn’t ask much about the other party’s family affairs, and immediately nodded at Yan Luobing: “Hello, Madam.”

At this time, Yan Luobing, even though there was a lot of anger in his heart, could only suppress it temporarily and nodded as a response.


At this moment, Darryl took a step forward and said to Queen Yiyi: “Now that the situation has stabilized, please also ask the Queen not to forget the previous agreement and write a covenant in person, so that Commander Xing can take it to Dayan and give it to Dayan. Emperor Yan.”

Yes, yesterday Darryl held back and did not leave, just to do this.


At this moment, Xing Tiance also looked at Queen Yiyi closely, his eyes full of urgency.

With this covenant, His Majesty doesn’t have to worry about troubles at the border, and then he can deal with the traitor Ji Beiye wholeheartedly.

“Of course!”

Queen Yiyi smiled lightly, nodded and said, “What I said, it will naturally count. Without Mr. Darryl, I wouldn’t be this queen.”

As he spoke, he instructed the maid next to him to prepare a pen, ink, paper and inkstone.

Soon everything was ready, and Queen Yiyi wrote the covenant in her own hand and handed it over to Xing Tiance.

When he got the covenant, Xing Tiance was very excited, knelt down and saluted: “Thank you Queen, I believe that your Majesty will be very happy to see the covenant.”


Princess Yiyi nodded, raised her hand and said, “Get up, don’t be too polite.”

Xing Tiance responded, stood up slowly, looked at Darryl and said, “I’m going back to Dayan soon, Mr. Darryl, do you want to come with me?”

“You go first, I have to be late.” Darryl thought for a while and said.

Yan Luobing glared at Xing Tiance just now, and Darryl could see it, he would definitely not be able to go together, or else something would definitely happen. After all, with Yan Luobing’s personality, he would not let Xing Tiance go.

“All right!”

Hearing this, Xing Tiance’s eyes flashed a trace of disappointment, and then he took out a jade decree from his body and handed it to Darryl: “Sir, this jade is for you to keep. Although I work in the palace, I know that there are many people in the world. Young friend, if one day you run into trouble in the arena, you can show the jade order, maybe it can help you at a critical moment.”

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